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Sandi's Erotic Adventures - Chapter 4


Author: Scribe10
Contact: scribe10@yahoo.com
Published: 13-Nov-17

The fourth chapter of "Sandi's Erotic Adventures - A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years" Three episodes that consolidated my interest in all things sexual - You can read the first chapter here.

* * * * * * *

Chapter Four - Discovering an Unexpected Side of Sir DB.

(Early May 1987). Sir DB.

For my fifth formal appraisal the senior partner told me he'd like to do it on Saturday morning.

"Give you a bit of lunch somewhere afterwards," he said.

I was surprised, not only by his unexpected and uncharacteristic display of sociability, but also because my previous four formal appraisals had been very stiff and conventional affairs, taking place in his office during the normal working day. Even my colleagues in the office agreed it seemed a very uncharacteristic arrangement, someone commenting that I should feel honoured. Maybe it was simply that at the end of my fifth period of training important decisions about the future direction of my career had to be made. That being so, maybe Sir DB wanted the serious nature of the appraisal to be lightened afterwards by a meal, a meal I wasn't looking forward to! The dry and ultra serious senior partner, a guy rarely seen to smile, wasn't likely to be an entertaining host but I suppose I would have to put up with his company.

Kishor, citing a new relationship, had ceased visiting me a couple of weeks earlier and Pravin wasn't due this weekend so at least a Saturday at the office wouldn't impinge too much on my social and sexual life. Still, it was a nuisance I thought to myself during the tube journey.

The tall imposing figure of Sir DB was waiting at the door when I arrived at the office and ushered me inside with barely a greeting, beyond mentioning that I was late.

My appraisal took place in his office and ever a stickler for protocol Sir DB meticulously went through every aspect of my work, not only the last four month segment, but also the previous four segments as well, eventually commending me on my exemplary performance in all aspects of legal work.

"Though I couldn't say the same about your personal conduct," he finished off.

I looked at him quizzically, wondering what on earth he meant. Sir DB seemed ill at ease now and when he spoke it was in short rushed comments, to the effect that my morals left a lot to be desired.

"Or lack of morals I should say."

I asked what he meant and Sir DB explained that having noticed certain things in his office weren't as they should be he questioned the cleaning supervisor whether they had a new cleaner. On hearing it was still the same team he hit on the idea of installing a hidden camera to ascertain what was going on.

"Look at the box files behind you. The one in the middle of the row has a false back and once you know, the camera is really quite easy to see."

I felt myself growing warm as I turned to look. The wall opposite his desk contained some shelves which held, amongst other legal books and documents, a row of box files. Indeed, the one he indicated did look different from the others, although I wouldn't have seen the camera if he hadn't pointed it out.

Turning back towards Sir DB my face felt on fire as the import of his speech about my morals became apparent.

"Let's see what the camera revealed to my innocent eyes shall we?" he said. "I must admit to experiencing a profound shock to witness your behaviour with not one, but two couriers on this very desk. My desk!" his final words practically a shout.

I'd noticed a television and video player on a table by the door when we entered and though I'd never seen the equipment there before had thought nothing of it. Sir DB now placed two chairs facing the screen before switching both television and video player on.

Sitting beside Sir DB watching the video proved to be the most embarrassing and nerve racking experience of my life. Though the picture quality wasn't great my features were clearly recognisable as I enjoyed myself with first Liam and then, after Sir DB pressed fast forward for a minute or so, Tim.

"In all there are four incidents of your lewd behaviour recorded on tape, two with each man. You have the morals of an alley cat young lady and disgust me."

I remained silent, deeply embarrassed and wondering what he intended doing with his 'evidence'.

"You must admit Miss H***** that your behaviour is appalling for someone with aspirations of rising in our profession."

My silence continuing, the senior partner went on, "It seems to me that you lack the benefit of an authoritative father figure in your life at the moment and are in need of discipline to get you back on track, young lady."

Standing, Sir DB moved his chair to the centre of the room and sitting down commented, "My desk will carry memories of your disgusting and repulsive behaviour whenever I'm working here now. I need to punish you to help erase the images."

Despite his haughty demeanour I could tell Sir DB was feeling nervous as avoiding eye contact he told me to drape myself over his lap. Feeling nervous myself I did as Sir DB said and the guy seeming to relax a bit.

"You need a good spanking to teach you the error of your ways," he said. "First though I need to remove a layer of padding."

He pulled my long pleated skirt up and over my bottom, his breath coming in short gasps, and then yanked my tights down.

With his hand resting on my panties clad bottom Sir DB told me he didn't really want to punish me but had no choice but to teach me a lesson for abusing his desk.

'Yes, right' I thought cynically as he began spanking me.

Not for long though.

"Still too much padding," he grunted, his voice hoarse.

My panties were yanked down and the spanking resumed. Breathing heavily Sir DB walloped my backside with the palm of his hand, spreading the slaps between each cheek, and sometimes hitting the tops of my thighs for a change.

It seemed to go on for an age and my backside was stinging by the time the spanking ceased.

"Your bottom and thighs are bright red," he told me with quavering voice. "It's a pity you made me do that."

His hand was resting on my bottom, slowly caressing the stinging flesh, until he impulsively pushed it between my thighs. He caught his breath before breathing out noisily as his fingers penetrated me.

"You're very wet," he stuttered. "Can see why the men are attracted to you."

Calling me a harlot Sir DB was fingering me at a rapid, almost frantic pace and I knew this little episode wouldn't end with just the spanking. Suddenly though his fingers were removed and I felt both hands on my bottom. He pulled the cheeks apart and held them thus, breathing stertorously as he studied my anus. We remained like that for some time as he studied me closely.

"Quick, on your knees," he suddenly urged.

I knelt on the thick pile carpet and found his standing over me, flies undone with penis and balls exposed.

"Lick my balls," he commanded, quickly averting his eyes when I glanced up at him.

As I licked the crinkly folds of flesh he told me I was a very naughty girl. However, when I sucked his balls into my mouth his words died away. Suddenly the senior partner pushed me full length on the carpet and feverishly yanked my tights and panties right off. With my skirt bunched up high Sir DB moved on top of me. Without thinking I flung my legs wide and he drove his penis into me.

"I didn't want to do this but you've provoked me to it. You're an out-and-out harlot Sandra."

With that he began fucking me. 'Hypocrite' I thought, clinging to the guy, my body responding automatically to his thrusting penis.

When it was over Sir DB readjusted his clothing, looking his usual stern and serious self. Having removed my skirt to try to smooth the creases out I needed the loo.

"Use my private one. Can't have you traipsing half naked through the offices."

I hadn't known there was a toilet attached to his office until Sir DB showed me the partially concealed door. His demeanour suddenly changing again, Sir DB babbled that he wanted to watch and followed me inside. Feeling uncertain and confused by his presence I nevertheless sat down on the loo.

"No, not like that. Stand on the edge of the toilet bowl and then squat so I can see fully," he babbled, his eyes everywhere but on mine.

Despite feeling embarrassed I was desperate to pee by this time so with his assistance climbed onto the toilet and squatted. The flow began almost immediately and the excited senior partner knelt and placing his hands on my knees, parted them further. With his eyes glued to the stream of urine streaming from my body Sir DB was almost apoplectic with excitement. In his overwrought state Sir DB was muttering incoherently, his face actually between my legs at one point in his eagerness to watch me peeing.

Once I'd finished though he couldn't get rid of me quick enough. Saying I was an evil harlot to have driven him to do the things he'd done, Sir DB told me to, "Dress and get out; you've sullied my office with your filthy ways long enough."

At least I didn't have to endure a boring lunch with him, after all.

During the remainder of the weekend I thought a great deal about my experiences with the senior partner and the unexpected side of him thus revealed.

During Monday afternoon I had cause to visit the senior partner's office with papers needing his signature. Though unable to look me in the eye at first, Sir DB seemed his usual pompous self but no longer feeling in awe of the guy I perched nonchalantly on his desk.

"What do you think you're doing? Stand up immediately," he said, his eyes on my legs.

I remained where I was and as he hurriedly completed his check of the documents, said quietly, "We know each other too intimately for me to feel intimated by your reputation any longer."

"Get out," he snapped, pushing the signed documents towards me.

Ignoring them I told Sir DB I needed the loo, wondering if I'd unconsciously timed my visit to ensure a full bladder.

"Your private one is so much better appointed than the general office toilets I'll use that."

I slipped from his desk and walked towards the partially concealed door, and feeling in control of the situation called over my shoulder, "Coming?"

Sir DB quickly followed me inside saying I was a very naughty girl. I removed my dress, tights and panties before climbing onto the toilet bowl unaided. Squatting, I began urinating, amused to see his reaction. Sir DB was grovelling on the floor, a gibbering wreck of a guy, as he stared hungrily between my thighs.

When I'd finished he helped me down rather forcefully, muttering, "On your hands and knees."

I simply did as he said without a murmur, aware Sir DB was undoing his trousers so knew exactly what was coming. I felt his hands on my back then, shaking fingers undoing my bra. He threw it aside leaving me completely naked on his toilet floor.

Driving his penis into me Sir DB lunged over to grab my swaying breasts.

"I don't want to see your face you temptress, you Jezebel."

His words were practically a snarl as he began fucking me.

When it was over Sir DB insisted on spanking me, saying I deserved it for leading him astray.

"You're a very naughty girl," he muttered from time to time while spanking me.

Emerging from his private loo a little later I found Sir DB seated at his desk as though nothing had happened. He ignored me as I made my exit and I didn't see the guy again for several days. On the Friday though I was told by the office manager that there would be a late courier and Sir DB wanted to brief me about it.

This time I knocked on the senior partner's door before entering as other members of staff were in the vicinity who would have thought it odd if I'd simply walked straight in.

After telling me about the expected courier Sir DB went on to say, "Probably be one of your lovers so I'm sure you won't mind staying on for him."

"Is the camera still there?"

"No," he replied in quavering voice, and avoiding eye contact told me he'd be returning to the office himself when the cleaners had left.

"Why? Do you want to watch," I teased, my suspicions aroused.

Continuing to avoid eye contact Sir DB told me he'd remain out of sight in the wash room.

"Just do all the things you normally do with the courier," he said. "Now get out."

Later, Sir DB left the offices along with the rest of the staff but must have hung about somewhere in the vicinity because he returned directly the cleaners had gone. He didn't say a word but looking very sheepish Sir DB disappeared inside his private toilet.

The courier turned out to be Liam. He didn't seem unduly surprised when I took him straight to the senior partner's office instead of the preliminaries taking place in the general office. Liam probably appreciated it actually because he was always in a rush to go afterwards and this would save a bit of time.

Anyway, we had sex and if Liam thought I was a bit preoccupied he didn't mention it. In fact I could think of little but the beady eyes of Sir DB watching our intimacies from his hiding place.

As expected Liam dressed speedily afterwards and remarking only that I didn't seem in any hurry to put the objects back on the desk, made his departure.

Immediately Liam had gone Sir DB emerged from the toilet, naked from the waist down, his erection leaving no doubt as to his intention.

"Face down over the desk you dirty bitch, same as you were for him."

With a sense of the inevitable I did as instructed and after urging me to spread my legs more with a fierce slap to my buttocks, he drove into me. Calling me a filthy little slut Sir DB began fucking me and for once his comment struck home. After all, about ten minutes earlier Liam's penis had been inside me and now the senior partners was there instead!

Continuing to call me an evil bitch and wicked seductress, Sir DB fucked me with rapid penis thrusts. He was leaning over my back having seized my breast in his hands and it seemed as if I was literally pinned down to the desk by the weight of his body as he fucked me.

Sir DB kept his penis buried inside me when he came, muttering that I was a whore to have taken two men so quickly. Ignoring my comment that I'd had little choice he withdrew telling me to stay where I was. As expected Sir DB began spanking me; to assuage his own sense of guilt I surmised though of course he blamed me for everything that had happened.

"You've sinned to the flesh girl," he snapped, suddenly sounding all religious. "I need to cure your carnal desires and rid you of lust."

He was spanking me harder and harder by this time and my screams were echoing around his office. Why was he so angry I wondered. Was he angry at losing control of himself and taking it out on me? Perhaps to calm his own guilt feelings Sir DB needed to put all the blame for everything that happened onto me, that way he could continue doing what he wanted, venting his lust on my body while hiding from any sense of wrong doing he might have had.

"Clean my desk and put everything back as it should be before you leave," he ordered, as usual avoiding all eye contact as he exited his office.

Sir DB was absent from the office for two weeks and it was the beginning of June before I was summoned to his office. Ensuring that his office door was tightly closed and speaking in little more than a whisper, Sir DB told me I needed taking in hand.

"A weekly punishment session to teach you self control should do the trick," he said, as ever avoiding eye contact. "You need discipline to get your loose morals back on track."

He told me I was to stay behind each Monday evening and study the texts he would give me, which turned out to be religious pamphlets published by a puritanical sect of which I assumed he was a member. Sir DB would return when the cleaners had left, to complete my training he said, and I knew what form that would take!

From then until the end of my training with the firm I spent most Monday evenings with Sir DB in his office, always receiving a spanking, occasionally after he'd fucked me but mostly before.

One thing that came out of all this though was that it consolidated the realization of the power my body had over men. To see the distinguished Sir DB reduced to a quivering, muttering, even grovelling and abject creature certainly excited me. As did the spankings if the truth were known!

(September 1987). Jon S.

The first thing I did on returning to the family home from London was look for a flat. My parents assumed I would live at home but I had other ideas and wanted my own space.

I looked at a few flats in town and eventually found a part furnished one which at first seemed ideal. It was just the state of the lounge carpet, which had a copious amount of what seemed to be chewing gum marks and sundry other stains, that put me off. Even the letting agent agreed that the carpet let the place down.

"I'd take the flat like a shot if it wasn't for the state of the carpet," I told him. "Couldn't you persuade the owners to replace it."

Squatting down, I pointed out the various blotches despoiling the carpet and dropping down likewise the letting agent agreed the carpet needed replacing but doubted the owners would agree to the expense.

I was wearing a figure hugging blue dress and with the hemline inevitably riding up my thighs when squatting I saw the letting agent eyeing my legs.

"I'd be really grateful if you could persuade them," I smiled sweetly and turning to face him, parted my legs slightly in the process. "Couldn't you turn on the charm for me?" I pouted.

The letting agent was a quietly spoken, good looking guy in his late thirties, dressed in suit and tie despite the hot late summer weather.

Having extracted his promise to do his best about the carpet, we parted company.

A few days later the letting agent rang, sounding excited as he told me the carpet had been replaced. Could I meet him that evening to see if it met with my approval. Luckily my parents were out for the evening and I could borrow my mother's car; my father was in the process of buying me a brand new car, partly as a reward for successfully completing my studies but also because I would need one for my new job.

I dressed in the same figure hugging blue dress but this time with some of the sexy lingerie I kept in a locked suitcase. I had made the excuse that it wouldn't be worthwhile to unpack completely as I'd soon be moving out again when asked about the locked suitcase. The truth is that I didn't want my rather prudish mother to see the large collection of sexy underwear Pravin and his brother had given me.

Both brothers had been very generous in giving me presents, mostly money as other gifts might have been difficult to explain to my parents who would have wondered how I could have afforded them. Same with the sexy underwear, although another reason for concealment was the thought of their disapproval. Both parents being straight laced, invariably avoided any mention of sex or sexuality.

The new carpet looked great and kneeling for a closer inspection I told the letting agent so.

"I hoped you'd be pleased with it," he said.

"I'm very grateful for all your efforts on my behalf," I told him, sitting on the carpet and stretching my legs out in front. "I'll definitely take the flat now."

Jon, for that was his name, looked a little tense as he knelt and asked how grateful I was, on a scale of 1 to 10.

"Oh 10! You've been absolutely marvellous to put yourself to so much trouble for me," I gushed.

Moving closer he babbled about how attractive I was and then putting his hands on my shoulders pushed me backwards full length on the carpet. He was partly on top of me then, his hands running frantically, almost desperately or so it seemed, over my body.

"Yes! I knew you were wearing stockings," he shouted with an air of triumph, his fingers tracing the outline of a suspender.

I smiled up at the guy who finding he wasn't repulsed pushed a hand up underneath my dress, saying he'd thought me a sexy attractive girl from the moment we met.

"Thought you might be up for it!" he finished off, his hand on the flesh above my stocking top.

"Let me take my dress off to save it from creasing."

Jon sat upright on the carpet and watched as I pulled the dress off over my head. As I draped it over the back of a chair Jon told me how much he liked my choice of underwear. Pravin's choice actually of course.

"My wife refuses to wear stockings and suspenders so it's great to see you in them."

Following my lead Jon took his suit off and hung it up carefully. Then he removed his tie, shirt and finally underpants eliciting a squeal of excitement to break from my lips on seeing his penis. Jon was very well-endowed!

"I'll award your penis 10 as well," I told Jon, grabbing his penis as he stood over me.

With Jon straddling me I sat on the carpet licking the tip of his gorgeous penis. Soon transferring my attention to Jon's balls I licked them all over before sucking them into my mouth, one at a time.

"Oh yes," he cried. "Suck me off."

Turning my attention back to his penis I again licked all around the glans prepuce before taking it into my mouth. Jon thrust in and out of my mouth while I licked and sucked, soon tasting drops of pre cum on my tongue. Suddenly torrents of hot cream spurted down my throat and I'm proud to say I managed to swallow every last drop, even licking the final globules of white cream which oozed from Jon's penis.

"Hmm, that was good!" he cried before kissing me passionately and probably tasting his own semen as his tongue probed my mouth.

"I think I'd better take my stockings off or they'll be ruined, the state you're in."

Jon watched with eager eyes while I undid my suspenders and peeled the stockings off. Deciding I might as well take my undies off while I was at it I undid and removed my bra. Jon laughed knowingly as I slipped out of my panties.

"What?" I asked.

"Couldn't wait to get your knickers off. I knew you were hot for it. You want my cock as much as I want your cunt."

Well I couldn't argue with that so settling back down on the carpet I took Jon's hand and pressed it between my thighs.

"There it is then," I told him, feeling wanton.

He began fingering me, kissing and licking my nipples for good measure and I was soon purring with pleasure. My hand located his penis and found it already erect again. He was moving then, down to my feet, and after sucking each of my big toes he pushed my legs further apart to study what was on offer.

"Your cunt is beautiful," he told me eventually, after lengthy scrutiny. "The lips are pouting and winking at me."

His face moved closer, and feeling the first flick of his tongue on my cunt I cried, "Yes, yes."

Jon was brilliant at oral sex and I just lay on the carpet, legs spread really wide as I enjoyed the feel of his tongue. He licked and probed, nibbling and tonguing my clitoris to drive me wild. I writhed and yelled as a wave of orgasms racked my body and coming back down to earth heard myself shout, "Fuck me, fuck me now. Give me that big cock!"

He slid on top of me whispering, "Your cunt tastes delicious."

His penis was nudging at my entrance and running my hands down Jon's back I seized his buttocks, pulling at them as his penis slowly penetrated me.

"Oh yes, it feels good!" I cried as he fucked me with steady, but very deep thrusts.

My fingers were digging into Jon's buttocks as I tried to pull him ever deeper inside myself. Slowing his penis thrusts to almost, but not quite, a standstill Jon grinned down at me and said knowingly, "I thought you were a sexy, sensual girl the moment I clapped eyes on you and I was right. Have you a boyfriend?"

"Not at the moment," I told him, really loving the feel of his big penis moving very slowly in and out of me.

"But you have had, perhaps lots? You seem very experienced, lot more so than my wife anyway."

I remained silent, continuing to stroke his slowly undulating backside.

"Go on tell me," he pestered. "You're obviously a girl who likes cock so how many have you had before mine?"

"Eight," I murmured. "But yours is the biggest, I love it!"

Excited by my words Jon resumed his thrusts, fucking me faster and faster until he came, grunting and groaning as he emptied his balls into my depths.

After I moved into the flat Jon became a regular visitor, having sex with me two or three times a week, until just before Christmas when guilt feelings about being unfaithful to his wife kicked in and his visits stopped.

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