Jason and Liz

Author: Anon
Published: Feb 10, 2006
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Things were going ok, Jason kept up his studies but was neglecting his sexual needs and it didn't help late at night when he'd hear the moans and bed bouncing in his fathers room. Jason didn't think too much of the girlfriend Lizzy, she wasn't that great looking but did have a nice set of tits on her they had to be about a D cup and she had a nice round ass too.

Jason was a 19yr old know it all, who had been kicked out of both his parents homes a few times. No one knew what he would end up to be, he didn't complete highschool and couldn't keep a job either. He had finally started to make a turn around and was doing home schooling but his current living condition with his party animal friends didn't allow him to study the way he needed to so he was left with no choice but to bed his parents for yet another chance to be able to stay with them.

His mother wanted nothing to do with the idea, she had a new man living with her and didn't want the problems in her new found happiness so Jason was forced to go to his dad. At first his dad was very hesitant but eventually gave in hoping that this would be the time his son finally succeeded.. His father lived in a 2 bedroom apartment so things were a bit cramped, especially cause his girlfriend was coming over a lot and planned on moving in too within a couple weeks.

Things were going ok, Jason kept up his studies but was neglecting his sexual needs and it didn't help late at night when he'd hear the moans and bed bouncing in his fathers room. Jason didn't think too much of the girlfriend Lizzy, she wasn't that great looking but did have a nice set of tits on her they had to be about a D cup and she had a nice round ass too. Jason often masturbate during his dad's sex sessions because he had gone without for about 6 months so the need was getting very annoying to him.

Jasons dad worked at the local factory doing shift work and it was his turn to do a month of the late shifts, leaving Jason and Lizzy home alone til dawn. Lizzy often commented on how safe she felt knowing there was another man in the house so she didn't have to feel scared or alone. Often she'd steal a peak at Jason checking him out from top to bottom, usually causing herself to get wet. A week had gone by since the night shift had started and Lizzy was really starting to feel neglected and couldn't ignore her desire for a younger guy. The two were sitting at the table eating their dinner when Lizzy couldn't resist anymore and she reached under the table and began to rub Jasons leg causing him to jump and say "what are you doing" Lizzy's face turned a couple shades of red and then replied "I've noticed that you had muscular legs and wanted to feel them, Im sorry". Jason sat back down still not knowing how to respond so he just didn't say anything to her for the rest of the night. Lizzy came home from work the next night with a very sore shoulder and laid on the couch trying to make it feel better, but it didn't help too much.

After a couple hours she felt she couldn't handle it anymore and got the nerve to ask Jason if he would rub her shoulders for her in exchange for her doing a bit of his homework for him. Jason reluctantly agreed and began to rub her shoulders nice and gently with Lizzy assuring him that he was doing a great job. Suddenly she leans back without warning forcing Jasons hands to land right on top of her swollen nipples, Jason knew she wanted more then just a shoulder rub and he was ready for some too so he began to play with her nipples, squeezing and rubbing them with his fingers. Lizzy breathing got a bit deeper and then she tilted her head allowing Jason to kiss her neck which he did, he ran his tongue up and down her neck gently sucking on her ear lobes. Lizzy could feel Jasons growing cock in her back but ignored it wanting to see how big it would actually get.

The couch was a bit too small for the 2 so they decided to go down to the floor once there Lizzy removed Jasons shirt and the her own exposing her large firm breasts with nice pink nipples, Jason couldn't control himself he had to suck on them so he took one then the other in his mouth teasing them with his stiff tongue. Lizzy began to unzip his pants allowing his 9 inch cock to go free, she gasped when she seen how long and how thing it was and it got her even more eager to have it deep inside her. But first she needed to have it in her mouth at first she wasn't sure how she would manage that but figured it out quickly, she paid very close attention to the head twirling her tongue down the shaft sucking hard on the way back up. Jason damn near blew everything in her mouth but held off for a few more minutes until she began to play near his ass and balls while going nuts on his dick with her mouth and finally he filled her mouth with his sweet cum.

Jason wasn't one for eating out a girl because he didn't like the taste so he only used his fingers on her at first. He loved the looks of her soaking wet pussy and forgot how sexy it was to be with a girl who shaved. Her clit grew very large at the slightest touch of his finger tips that she begged him to give her oral sex, even pushing his head down to her sopping pussy, "please I need you to taste me, I want to cum in your mouth now" Jason felt obligated and granted her wish. He spread her lips apart and began to suck on her clit and nibbling it a bit too, Lizzy began to moan very deeply Jason was also inserting 2 of his fingers deep into her cavern loving how tight she felt and how dripping wet she was, he didn't mind the taste either. Jason was enjoying himself almost as much as Lizzy, he was really getting into it and began to feel himself getting hard again. He started to feel Lizzy stiffen up and her pussy lips begin to pulsate as her sweet juices began to fill his mouth.

Jason took no time mounting her slowly sliding his huge cock into her, giving her the deep thrusts she was dreaming of, the two moaned and Lizzy soaked the floor yet again over and over again spewing out everything she had. Jason began to pound her harder feeling his explosion drawing very near and in the last second he pulled out and sprayed up her body with his load. Lizzy took her hands and rubbed her breasts with the cum tasting it with her fingers. Both laid back and too deep cleansing breaths and then went to get cleaned up.

This continued nearly every night. Jason would join Lizzy in his fathers bed and they would have their fun there, not concerned at all with what his father might think of their little fling they were having while he was away.

Jason was getting bored of their usual locations and decided after dinner he was going to surprise Lizzy with a nice hard fuck right on top of the dinning room table. He began by sliding his fingers in her while she sat to eat and then he coaxed her to get up making her think they were going to the couch but instead he leans her back onto the table causing her to lay completely on top of it. He ate her for a few minutes until she came and he was hard and ready to fuck. He put his cock inside her and placed her legs on his shoulders and began fucking the hell out of her making the whole table shake. As always he pulled out and made sure every drop went all over her body.

The month was over and Jasons dad was going to be home during the nights so Lizzy and Jason could no longer have their little escapades so often but did manage to sneak one in every now and then.

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