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Truth or Dare

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Author: ScriBer
Published: 13-Feb-06 Revised/Updated 11-Jul-17
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She slowly slid her panties aside. She took her leg down from the counter and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. She leaned over and got another long look at her pussy...

* * * * * * *

Chapter 1

Brooke began another long day. She knew she had a problem, but she didnt know how it could be solved. Her problem: she was horny at all the wrong times. She hadn't told anyone about it, and she didn't plan to. She would have to find a solution on her own. She was sitting in her last period class, the day having gone by without any major incidents. The class was watching a movie about cells in Biology. She was starting to fall asleep when she noticed a slight movement next to her. She turned her head a small bit and out of the corner of her eye she saw the girl next to her rubbing her hand up and down in her crotch.

The girl was wearing blue jeans and and tank top and her hard nipples were clearly evident. This would be a hot topic to gossip about tonight. If only she could remember the girl's name. She was quite pretty, but very quiet. Brooke felt a stirring in her crotch from watching this girl masturbate. Oh no, she thought, now I'm going to be horny for the rest of the period. The girl had her zipper down and her hand was inside of her jeans. Brooke could see the shape of her hand through the fabric, moving at a steady pace. Brooke felt her panties getting damp. The girl lowered her head and watched her hand as she masturbated.

Brooke turned her head more to get a better view. The girl had her jeans unbuttoned and Brooke could see her yellow panties (very wet) and a clearer shape of her hand moving in and out of her pussy. Brooke caught a whiff of the girl's odor, and took it in deeply. Brooke then wondered why she had done such a thing, after all she wasn't a lesbian, what interest did she have in what girls smell like This aroused more questions in her mind, but she didn't answer them. She could only watch as the girl went faster and faster, and then quivered as an orgasm wracked her body. The girl quickly zipped her jeans up, and looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the erotic spectacle. Brooke looked away, and then remembered that they were in a classroom. The girl didn't get caught, Brooke thought, amazed. In a few minutes the class let out and Brooke rode the bus home, wet panties and all.

The moment Brooke got through the front door, she raced upstairs to change her panties. As soon as that was done with, she called her best friend Jamie to tell her about the girl.

"Hi Jen, its me."

"Hi Brooke, what's going on"

"Well I have an interesting story to tell. It happened to me in Biology."

"What happened"

Brooke related the events to Jen. At the other end of the line, Jamie began to get turned by Brooke's story. At first she didn't believe her friend, but it sounded more and more convincing as she went on.

"Do you know who it was" Jamie asked.

"No...she's real quiet, but very pretty. Short, dark brown hair. About 5'3" or 5'4". Today she was wearing jeans and a tank top."

"I know who you're talking about, but I can't put a name to the face. So she really did it"

"Yes, and she didn't get caught either."

"I wish I were that lucky. Whenever I even try to do it in the shower my brother walks in and ruins the mood."

"You masturbate!"

"Yes, don't you"


"Oh. Sorry I said anything."

"No, its ok. Tell me about it."

"Well, as you might have guessed, it feels very good....and what else do you want me to say"

"Where have you done it"

"Just about everywhere. In the shower, on my bed, in the living room, on the phone---"

"On the phone With who"

"A few people. I masturbated once while I was on the phone with you, once."

"When How come I never heard it"

"It was a few weeks ago and I had just come back from Steve's house. We had been making out and he slipped his hands up my shirt and I got very aroused. I came back home, and you called right when I was naked and ready to go. While you were talking I masturbated, and said a few words every once in a while. When I had an orgasm I grunted, but I just told you I dropped the phone."

"Wow! You had better stop now."


"I'm starting to get wet again."

"You were wet earlier"

"When I was watching the girl masturbate, " Brooke confessed.

"You naughty girl. Its going to be hell for you tonight."


"Because you don't masturbate." Brooke laughed and said a few more things before concluding the conversation. Brooke thought maybe a shower would help her cool off. It had before. But not much. She stripped out of her jeans and peeled her shirt off. She noticed that she had been sweating a little bit. She grabbed another pair of panties, a clean pair of shorts, and a t-shirt, and headed toward her own bathroom.

She was a few feet away from the bathroom when she tripped over the chair to her desk. She whimpered a little, but got up and noticed her toe was bleeding. She went into the bathroom and put her leg up on the counter in front of the mirror, so she could see the other side of her toe better. Brooke was looking for blemishes in her toe, when her vision strayed, and she noticed that she had a very clear view of her vagina in the mirror. At that moment she forgot all about her toe. She slid her hand up her leg until it was right next to her pussy. She slowly slid her panties aside. She took her leg down from the counter and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. She leaned over and got another long look at her pussy.

This was the first time she had ever looked at it in great detail. She began to slowly probe around, daintily touching everything. She approached her clitoris, and touched it lightly. She jumped when she did, surprised by the feeling it caused. She did it again and again, until she finally stopped. She turned the shower on, sweating more now, and started rinsing her hair. Brooke noticed her nipples were hard, and the desire to touch them was over powering. Brooke resisted though, although she desperately wanted to. She also wanted to touch her pussy again and again, but she didn't. She was too afraid of the shame she might inflict upon herself. The more she thought about masturbating the hornier she was, the harder it was to resist. She finished washing up and turned the water off. She dried off quickly, being careful to avoid her vagina and breasts. She didn't put her new pair of panties on because she knew that if she did, she would have to change into a new pair before she went to bed.

Brooke passed the remaining hours before bed contemplating masturbation. She weighed the pros and cons several times, and even laid down and started sliding her hand down her shorts before she was disturbed by her sister, who wanted to use her computer. Her sister asked why it smelled weird in her room and Brooke simply replied, "I'm using a new shampoo." After her sister was finished, Brooke got ready for bed. She changed into her nightshirt, took her shorts off, and put her panties on. She switched off her lights, but had a hard time sleeping because of all the sexual energy that had built up inside of her. Her hand moved toward her crotch, and when it arrived it began to move up and down along her vagina. As her pussy took hold of her, she started to hump up and down on her hand, and it didn't take long until she was 'oooh'ing and 'ahhh'ing. Brooke had her first orgasm and moaned so loud that her sister, Betsy, came over to see what was going on. She was still shaking when her sister knocked on her door.

"Brooke, are you ok"

"Y-y-yes, I'm fine."

"Why were you moaning"

"I just stubbed my toe."

"Oh, ok, see you in the morning."

"Good night, sis." Brooke climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep, exhausted.

Chapter 2

Brooke woke up late, and was still tired from the night before. She got dressed slowly, but didn't have time to eat breakfast, so she just grabbed an apple on the way out the door. She was glad today was Friday, because that meant that she would get to see her friends after school instead of going straight home. She slept almost straight through her first three classes. She wanted to get some rest so she would be able to stay awake in Biology, thinking that the girl would masturbate again, and that maybe she could too.

Brooke managed to stay awake through lunch and the rest of her classes, and as Biology neared, she could feel the arousal building inside of her. She even felt a little trickle of wetness in her panties as she thought more about the girl. Then Biology came and Brooke discovered they had a substitute teacher, which definitely meant a movie for them. Suddenly, about five minutes into the movie, the girl asked to use the bathroom. Brooke was stunned. How dare she masturbate there, she thought. Although there was no real evidence to prove that she was going to masturbate, Brooke felt certain that the girl was.

She was feeling bold and asked to use the restroom too. As she was walking down the hall towards the bathrooms, Brooke felt the wetness spread, and hoped that she didn't get wet enough to show through her pants. She would look and see in the bathroom. As she approached the door to the bathroom, she didn't hear anything. She hoped that the girl had come to this bathroom, but even if she didn't, it gave Brooke a good opportunity to see if her wetness was showing. She walked in and saw a pair of feet under one stall. They were the only pair. She walked quietly, hoping that, if it was the girl, she wouldn't disturb her. She opened the door to the stall next to the pair of feet. A little stirring, but otherwise still. Brooke pulled down her pants and panties and sat down. She looked down. She was very wet and her white panties were almost translucent. Suddenly she could hear heavy breathing next door. She knew it was the girl. Brooke sat very still. Then a meek moan came from the girl. Brooke knocked on the wall.

"Are you ok"

"Oh! You scared me!"

"Sorry, are you ok"

"Yes, I-I-I just..." Her voice trailed off.

"Its ok, I know what you were doing."

"You do"

"Yes, I saw you in class yesterday."

"You did I'm sorry, I didn't think anyone was watching." The girl confessed.

"No, its ok, it was fun to watch. What's your name"

"Alison. What's yours"

"Brooke. You know, you made me so horny I had to masturbate last night."

"Is that good"

"Yes, I really liked doing it. It was my first time."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I must say I didn't think anyone was watching. I'm very embarassed."

"Don't be. Hey, why are we sitting here I need to fix my make up. Come on out." Brooke pulled her pants up and walked out of the stall. Alison came out a minute later, her fly down and her shirt buttoned one button off.

"Your fly's down and your shirt's buttoned wrong," Brooke informed her.

"Oh, thanks," Alison said, her face reddening. She zipped up her fly, and unbuttoned her shirt. Brooke snuck a glance at her breasts, noticing they were even smaller than her 36B size. Alison caught her glance and said: "Yeah, I wish they were bigger. Look, I'm still wearing my first bra from when I was 12. Its sort of embarassing. I even stuff sometimes. See" Alison pulled her bra down, exposing two small balls of tissue. She pulled them away and pitched them into the trash can. Alison is right, Brooke thought, her breasts were small. Her 11-year-old sister had bigger breasts (not by much though).

"Do you think anyone will notice" Alison asked, referring to the tissues.

"Probably not, no one will say anything if they do notice." Alison's nipples started to stiffen.

"Wow, its cold! Look at my nipples!" Alison exclaimed. Alison pulled her bra up, but her nipples were still evident.

"I can't go back to class with my nipples poking out!"

"I'll wait with you," Brooke volunteered.

"Soooo.....what size bra do you wear" Alison asked.


"Boy I would kill for that size."

"Have you ever masturbated in class before"

"No, that was the first time. It was fun."

"Looked like it. How long have you been masturbating"

"Since I was 12--3 years."

"That long"

"I was at home, sitting in my panties, doing homework. I had an itch on my leg and I reached down to scratch it with my pencil and I hit my clit with my pencil. I kept pressing with it and had my first orgasm. The rest is history." Both girls were getting wet.

"Good story. I just had mine while I was humping my bed."

"I bet it was good though, wasn't it"

"Oh, yes. My sister checked on me since I was moaning. What are you doing after school today"

"Going home, why"

"If you wanted you could come over to my house with my friend Jamie and me."

"I'd like to but...." Alison thought that she would be too horny after school to even think let alone go over to someone's house. She knew that she could go over to Brooke's house, but she wouldn't be very good company until she relieved herself.

"But what"

"I don't know either of you very well."

"Oh, that's ok, we'd love to have another person to talk to. It gets boring with just the same two people every time."

"Well....ok! I'll come."

"Good, one of my friends can drop us off at my house. Just meet us out back in the student parking lot back by the fence."


"How are your nipples"

"Better, thanks."

"I guess we'd better get back to class then."

"Ok, I guess we can talk more later."

"Right. You go first and I'll come a minute or two later."

"Ok. Bye for now." Alison walked out. Brooke felt better now that she met Alison, and talked with her. She hoped Jamie wouldn't mind that she had invited Alison. Brooke noticed that her panties were relatively dry, and she felt better. She headed back to class, already anxious for it to be over so she would have a chance to talk to Alison (and Jamie) about masturbation some more.

Chapter 3

Jamie thanked their ride and then shut the door. The girls waved as the car pulled away. Brooke pulled her key from her pocket. She opened the door and all three girls went upstairs. Brooke shut the door to her room and locked it. They set down their backpacks.

"Did you hear about Sarah and Gina" Jamie asked.

"No, what happened" Brooke responded.

"They were caught masturbating together by Gina's younger sister."

"Really" Brooke asked, stunned. Jamie nodded. The three girls gossiped for a while and then the interesting conversation got started. They started talking about what really turned them on. Then it evolved into truth or dare.

"Truth or dare" Jamie directed her question toward Alison.


"What turns you on the absolute most I mean so you're soaking your panties."

"Masturbating when someone's watching or when its an unusual place."

"Like school" Brooke interjected.


"Truth or dare" Brooke asked Jamie.


"What's the most unusual place you've ever masturbated" "Well I swore I'd never tell anyone this but.....on the way to California.....I masturbated on the plane. I was soooo horny and I went into the bathroom and the turbulence only made it better. Oh great now look what you've done!" Jamie had worn a skirt that day. She spread her legs and her skirt rode up, revealing a wet spot on her panties.

"Jamie!" Brooke exclaimed. "What ARE you doing" Jamie turned red and closed her legs. "Do it again and I'll wrestle you down!" Jamie's legs began to ease open, inviting Brooke to pin her down. Brooke sprang on top of Jamie easily pinning her. Jamie struggled to free herself, but to no avail. The girls laughed.

"That'll teach you to spread your legs." Brooke said triumphantly. She climbed off of Jamie and straightened herself up. Alison noticed that she was extremely wet now; from talking about masturbating, from Jamie's little show, and from not masturbating all day.

"Truth or dare" Alison asked Jamie.


"You're sure"


"Ok....take off your clothes." Jamie's mouth dropped open, but she began stripping. First her sweater, then her skirt, her bra, and her panties. She sat there naked.

"Truth or dare" Jamie asked Alison.


"Are you horny"

"Yes." All the girls smiled at this, knowing that all 3 were horny.

"Truth or dare" Brooke smiled at Jamie.

"Oh, what the hell--dare."

"Masturbate." Jamie's eyes got wide, but her hand drifted down to her crotch as she closed her eyes. She stuck one finger in easily and used her thumb to rub her clit. She slid a second in and began to pump, slowly at first, then faster. Alison looked down and wasn't surprised to see her crotch was soaked. She looked over at Brooke who had her hand inside her pants. Alison cupped her crotch and rubbed. She pressed hard. She grabbed and kneaded her pussy. Jamie moaned and began to quiver. Brooke squeezed her eyes tight and squeaked. Alison felt her orgasm coming. She was so wet that it dripped down to her ass. She raised her hips up and came. She flooded her panties with more fluid and came again. All 3 girls lay back, exhausted.

When Brooke came out of her daze, she remember where she was. She quickly sat up. She looked at Jamie, who was languidly fingering her self, and then her gaze shifted to Alison, whose jeans had turned a darker color of blue around her crotch. The room was extremely humid and smelled very musky. Brooke tapped Jamie on the leg and she pulled her fingers from her pussy and wiped them on her side. Alison sat up, too.

"Brooke" Alison asked, "Do you have some panties I could wear I think I'm pretty wet." All three girls looked down at her crotch and laughed.

"I'll get you some, and I'll see if I can't find you some pants or something too," Brooke said. Jamie began putting her clothes back on. She left her panties off, and for good reason; she was quite wet also. Alison unbuttoned her jeans, lifted her hips up and pulled them, along with her panties, off. Brooke was going through her drawers and found a pair of panties and some short shorts and threw them at Alison. Alison was relatively dry so she slid the panties and shorts on. Alison's head felt clearer since she masturbated. Brooke stripped out of her pants and panties and changed them. She was almost as wet as Alison had been.

"Let's continue the game," Brooke said. "Truth or dare, Alison"


"Have you ever put anything besides a finger inside of your pussy while masturbating"

"Just a marker, nothing exciting. Truth or dare, Jamie"

Jamie smiled and said, "Dare."

"Go sit in the bathroom naked until Brooke's sister sees you."

Jamie started laughing and then undressing. She headed for the bathroom. After a minute Brooke said: "I'll bet Jamie's masturbating again."

"Probably," Alison responded. "She sure is good at it though. Sexy thing too."

"I get the urge to masturbate just from thinking about her doing it. And she did it on an airplane! Can you imagine"

Sure enough, Jamie was masturbating. She was doing it in front of the same mirror that Brooke had looked at herself in the day before.

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