Golden Boy Chapter Four

Author: cRaZy
Published: Feb 13, 2006
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Tara kept looking at me as I shot more sperm into her mouth. I pumped her mouth with my cock until I was finished. Small drops of cum could be seen at the corner of her mouth but she licked it up with her tongue. I was breathless and she rushed up to kiss me hard.

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Tara kept silent the entire way home. I was still living in fear of what she might do. Would she tell my father Would she tell Chief Davis I had no clue what this devious sister of mine had in mind.

My parents headed to their room and Tara went to her own room. I decided to go shower up since I still had sticky cum on my thigh. After the shower I walked into my room and it was no longer a surprise that Tara was there waiting for me. She wore her tiny gray cotton shorts and a black baby tee. Her hair was down and hanging loosely.

"Well bro are you ready for your punishment" She asked smiling.

I sighed and held on to the towel around my waist. "Tara, please can we forget about what happened earlier I told you it was an accident."

She nodded. "No it wasn"t. That woman has a complete hold of you and you know it."

I closed the door behind me slowly.

"Lock it," Tara demanded.

I gulped and locked the door. She stood up and had the same pair of handcuffs she had when she made me eat her pussy. She dangled them in the air and laughed softly.

"Ok bro, lay on the bed so I can handcuff you," She ordered.

I knew there was no point in arguing with her. She would tell my father about my affair with his boss" wife and that would be the end of my father"s trust in me. I couldn"t lose that trust. I walked over to my bed and was about to lie down.

"Wait first slip off that towel. I need you to be naked," Tara said playfully.

I let my towel fall off my body and noticed her eyes wandering looking at me naked. I felt my face turning red from embarrassment. The walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me kissing my neck.

"Mmmm so good to see you naked. You"re so hot you know that"

"Tara just hurry up and do what you need to do," I said frustrated.

She moved away and frowned. "Now you don"t tell me what to do."

I looked away. She cupped my chin and made me look at her.

"No apologize to me or else..."

"OK I-I"m sorry," I stuttered.

She smiled and signaled me to lie on the bed. I lied down and she began to handcuff me to the headboard. Luckily I wasn"t hard and I kept hoping to stay that way. Once I was handcuffed, Tara stood over me and slowly began to take her top off. Her beautiful breasts were exposed and I didn"t want to look, but it was as if my eyes had a mind of their own. She touched them softly and moaned. Then she turned around and began to slip off her shorts and panties giving me a gorgeous view of her firm ass. That was what it took to get me hard. I felt my cock hardening and I knew it was too late.

She dropped down to her knees and got between my legs. Her hand grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I tried not to moan but I couldn"t help it. She kept stroking my cock so good. I wanted her to suck me and swallow up my cum once again but I knew there had to be a catch. This was supposed to be a punishment but it felt more like a reward.

I watched as Tara leaned her head down and began to swallow up my cock in her warm mouth. I couldn"t take my eyes off her gorgeous mouth moving up and down on my cock. She felt so damn good and I loved the fact that she had complete power over me.

Her hands grabbed my balls and gently played with them. She kept taking turns sucking my cock and then licking my balls. It was all so hot and I was getting ready to cum. She slipped my cock out of her mouth and looked at me.

"Tell me when you"re about to cum," She whispered.

I licked my lips and nodded enjoying this incredible blowjob my sister was giving me. Her lips were tightly wrapped around my cock putting plenty of suction on it. I felt as if my balls were on fire. I was so ready to explode.

"T-Tara I-I"m going to cum!" I blurted out just as I felt my cum wanting to burst out.

She then took her mouth off my cock and got off the bed leaving me completely full of blue balls! I looked at her with desperate eyes and she just laughed.

"Well you won"t get to cum tonight since you were a bad boy. I"m gonna leave you handcuffed all night long bro until you learn that I mean business."

"Tara you can"t do this. Please! I need to cum!" I begged.

"No sorry."

"God I need to explode please sis! I need you to finish me off!" I found myself pleading without shame.

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Well that"s just too bad. Goodnight." She said and walked out my room leaving me with a full raging hard on.

I couldn"t believe Tara would be so cruel! I was left all night handcuffed without having been able to cum. It was one of the worst nights of my life!

The next morning the sun woke me up as it peered through my window. I looked over at the clock that read 7:00 A.M. I groaned and looked down at my still hard cock. I could feel my cock pounding and needing Tara"s mouth on it.

A few minutes later I heard my bedroom door open slightly. I prayed to God that it wouldn"t be my parents. I saw Tara"s pretty face peaking in the door.

"Good morning. I hope you slept well"

I shot her a dirty look.

"Oh what"s wrong Don"t tell me you"re still pissed about last night bro."

I didn"t answer.

She walked over to me and began to uncuff me. My arms felt weak and so did my body. She quickly looked at my hard on and giggled.

"Looks like you"re still hard. I think it"s time you got what you needed last night," she said leaning down and taking my cock once again in her mouth.

I didn"t want to like it since I was furious with her for leaving me hanging the night before but on the other hand I needed to cum. I needed her to swallow my cum.

Her mouth felt absolutely delicious taking in my morning wood. I just laid back and enjoyed my sister sucking me off. She engulfed every inch of my cock and stroked it with her lips getting it wet with her saliva. I knew it wouldn"t take long before I came. I knew I would cum so hard too.

"Hmmmgghhh," I hummed in ecstasy.

Tara"s eyes found mine and she moved her mouth faster on my throbbing cock. I kept squirming from such intense pleasure and then my balls swelled up and I was ready to shoot my spunk. I grabbed Tara"s head and held it in place as I shot my first load into her mouth.

"Ahhhh sis! I"m cumming! Ooooh fuck yes!"

Tara kept looking at me as I shot more sperm into her mouth. I pumped her mouth with my cock until I was finished. Small drops of cum could be seen at the corner of her mouth but she licked it up with her tongue. I was breathless and she rushed up to kiss me hard.

We began to kiss as she lay on top of my naked body. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to just get her on her back and make love to her but I knew that was wrong. This whole thing was wrong but damnit I wanted her!

She trailed kisses down my neck and chest. Her little body felt so good on top of me. Tara then suddenly got off me.

"I better go now. We have to get ready for church," she said as she began to leave the room.

"Y-yeah OK," I responded. I had almost forgotten about church. Every Sunday morning we went to church and I just kept wondering how I was going to make it in church knowing all the incestuous things I"d been doing and secretly enjoying.

During church I tried hard to concentrate on everything Father Moss was saying but I couldn"t. I just kept staring at Tara. I was feeling different for some reason. I didn"t know why but it was all so confusing. I knew my parents were good people and if they ever found out what I"d been doing with Doreen or Tara, they"d be really ashamed. I didn"t know now which was worse, being with Doreen or being with my own sister.

After church, we headed out to a local café to have breakfast. My parents did most of the talking and Tara and I just sat in silence glancing at once another every now and then. I couldn"t stop looking at her. It felt as if I was a teenager having my first crush.

Once we got home, my parents would be going over to my uncle"s house to go play golf at his country club. When my parents played golf, they"d be gone for hours at times. I decided to call up John so I wouldn"t be left alone with Tara and filled with temptation.

John came over that afternoon and he had told me he wanted to swim in our pool. I didn"t mind I could have used a swim myself since it was scorching hot outside. John hit the water first. I stayed in the kitchen making some mixed drinks.

I was busy serving up the drinks, when I heard Tara"s voice. I looked around but she wasn"t in the kitchen. I peered out the window and there she was in her incredibly sexy white two-piece string bikini! Oh my God!, I thought. She looked so sexy.

I heard her laughing and talking while John seemed to be flirting with her. I felt a slight twinge of jealousy and headed out with the drinks.

"Hey bro, you didn"t tell me your cute friend was coming over," Tara said cheerfully.

I shrugged. "Well I thought you"d be going out today."

She giggled. "Oh yeah right. He"s just so overprotective of me," She told John.

"Well dude you didn"t tell me you had such a pretty sister," John said as I handed him a drink.

I kept a straight face. "Tara I"d give you a drink but you"re a minor," I teased.

"Aww you can give her a drink. You need to loosen up dude," John said.

Tara smiled. "That"s Ok. I"m not much of a drinker. I"m just going to take a quick swim and then work on my tan."

We both watched her splash into the water. She swam so gracefully with her long brown hair all wet and her body doing little turns in the water. I watched John drool over my sister and felt the need to tell him to stop but then again that wasn"t my time or place to do that. She went underwater for a few seconds and came back up smiling at us both.

"Why don"t you both come into the water" She asked giggling.

John didn"t hesitate at all and dived right into the pool with Tara. I felt sick to my stomach knowing that I was actually getting jealous about my best friend and sister having a good time. Tara was flirting with John and I didn"t know whether it was to piss me off or because she actually did like him. Either way my blood was boiling.

They splashed water at one another and I just sat back and drank hoping to get drunk and forget about Tara"s flirting. Every time John moved closer to my sister I felt more enraged. It was crazy. I had to stop feeling this way. She was my sister that was all. My sister with a sexy body and gorgeous face.

I saw Tara glaring up at me every now and then. She probably noticed my fury so she decided to get out of the pool. I noticed John staring at her ass while she stepped out of the pool. Her white bikini didn"t hide much. She was all wet and I felt my cock harden since I could see her dark nipples through her bikini top. The water dripped from her hair and body and she smiled at me.

"Bro you missed a good swim," she said in a flirty tone.

I shrugged. "Looks like you had a good time with John no need for me to get involved."

She was about to speak when John came up from behind. "Damn that was cool. I don"t think I"ve had more fun with a girl than I did today. Aidan you sister is awesome."

She stared at me hoping I"d object but I couldn"t. I knew Tara was amazing. "Well you hear that bro I wish you"d be a little nicer to me."

I scoffed. "Nicer Yeah right after the way you treat me"

John looked confused. "Don"t tell me you both fight"

"Of course we do."

Tara pulled up a lounge chair and sat next to me. "That"s not true. I just like to torture my brother. I love him more than anything."

John had a wicked smile. "Yeah How much do you love each other"

I almost choked on my drink and Tara just laughed softly. "We really love one another if you know what I mean"

John nodded. "No I don"t."

Tara moved closer to me and whispered in my ear. "I want you to kiss me."

I gasped but tried to keep my cool. "What Are you insane This is my friend here. Tara you"re going too far."

"Do it Aidan. Let him watch us kiss. I"m not going to fuck you. I"m just going to make out with you," she whispered back.

"No I won"t."

"Well then I"ll just tell Dad..."

"Fine!" I hissed.

I felt my heart pounding but John didn"t seem to mind. His eyes were full of curiosity. Tara moved close to me and put her arms around my neck. I didn"t move letting her take control once again. She moved her lips towards mine and we slowly began to kiss. Our mouths parted and our tongues danced in each other"s mouths. Tara"s mouth felt so warm and her wet skin was turning me on even more. My hands wandered down to her waist and then back up to her shoulders. It was such a long, wet, and intense kiss that I forgot John was there.

Tara broke our kiss and gave me a sinful grin. We looked over at John who was sitting down in on of the lounge chairs stroking his cock. He quickly put his cock away looking embarrassed and Tara just laughed. I felt myself blushing and quickly stood up hoping my hard on wouldn"t show.

"I-I"m going to get another drink. Anyone want one" I asked nervously.

John shyly nodded. "Y-Yeah I w-want one."

Tara stood up. "I don"t. I"m going to lay here for a bit. I need to get some tan."

I walked into the house my heart racing and my hands shaking. I had no idea how John would view me from now on. He too thought I was the perfect son, and now I had no clue what he would think of me.

When I walked back out to the pool area, Tara was wrapping a towel around her lovely body. She was saying something to John and he had a huge smile on his face. She walked past me and winked at me. I took John his drink and he shot me a wicked look.


"What do you mean what You and your sister... well you know fuck each other"

"No!" I protested. It was the truth. Tara and I had shared oral sex but not intercourse. Although deep down I wanted it.

"Yeah sure I believe you."

I kept trying to protest but John cut me off. "Why didn"t you ever mention how sexy she was to me"

"Oh yeah like I"m going to tell you that my sister is sexy"

"I don"t see why not. I mean you kissed her right in front me. Damn that was hot!"

I kept from trying to smile. I had secretly enjoyed having John watch me kiss my own flesh and blood. "Well it"s a thing we do every now and then. Just don"t go around telling anyone."

"Hey keeping it in the family is all good. I only wish I had a sister now!" John laughed.

"Ok that"s enough. I don"t think we should talk about Tara anymore."

"Why not She and I are going out later on you know."

I gulped my drink. "What"

"Yeah I asked her out. She"s a real cutie."

I felt like punching John out. How could he ask Tara out Didn"t he know I was the only one that she should be after I didn"t say anything just kept quiet.

Later on that night my parents got home and after showering they headed to bed. It was past 9 pm that night and I couldn"t stop thinking about Tara and John going out. I knew why it bothered me so much I just didn"t want to admit it. I had to speak to Tara immediately.

I tiptoed to her room and knocked on the door. She opened the door making my eyes almost pop out of my eye sockets with what she was wearing. It was a short white miniskirt and a black crop top that showed her hard flat belly. Her hair was down and held back by two shiny silver pins. She looked breathtaking.

"Hey bro," she said stepping back to invite me in.

"Tara, be careful with John. He"s got a reputation for sleeping with girls and never calling them again."

She chuckled. "Really Well you know what I don"t give a damn. If he fucks me and dumps me, who cares. I only want him for a quick fuck anyway."

My eyes widened. "You can"t be serious!"

"Yes I am. Why shouldn"t I be Guys do that sort of thing all the time and they are studs, yet when we do it we are sluts No my sweet brother of mine, we girls have needs too."

She was about to go spray perfume on herself and I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me. "You can"t do that Tara."

She pulled herself away from me. "I can do anything I want. I"m in control here. Or have you forgotten that Besides why are you getting all upset, it"s not like you"re my boyfriend or anything."

I sighed and knew it was hopeless to argue with her. "Fine. Do whatever you want. I don"t care."

With that I walked out and went back to my room slamming the door. I felt so infuriated. I wasn"t going to think about Tara and John having sex. No way. I had to keep my mind focused on other things. The question was what

About: The author of "Golden Boy Chapter Four" is cRaZy. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Erotic Stories section.

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