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Make A Deal

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Author: Anon
Published: 23-Feb-06
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The thought of being with a woman again was also tempting me to explore this fantasy. It had been almost 5 years since I had been with another woman. Greg had been talking about a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. I wanted to go to Cancun. The next time he brought up the threesome, I was ready. I told him that if he took me to Cancun, I would arrange a threesome.

* * * * * * *

My husband Greg and I always make deals. In fact he bribed me to send in the details of our threesome adventure that happened in December 2004. Greg and I got married in 2002 in Las Vegas. Greg used to work in the same building that I do.

Greg is a very good looking guy. My girlfriends were immediately jealous when we started dating. He takes pride in staying in shape and he makes me want to be a better woman.

Based on the way I was raised it's a wonder I am not totally frigid. I don't ever remember seeing my parents naked. They were careful to lock their bedroom door and I never heard them having sex or can even recall any open affection. Nudity was taboo so was any discussion of sex. I remember that I first learned about sex when I was around 12 years old from a neighborhood boy. We used to play "show me yours and I'll show you mine" in his crawlspace. It was the first time I had ever seen a penis. He asked me to touch it and I was fascinated that it got so hard. My girlfriends filled in the gaps about the differences between boys and girls. I remember being so appalled at the thought that my parents having sex. I couldn't imagine that they could do such a thing. There were times when I wanted to ask my mother questions about sex, but I was shy and there never seemed to be the right opportunity.

Once I was in high school, my girlfriend Janet showed me some magazines that she discovered hidden in her dad's closet. I spent the night at her house a couple of times a month and she would sneak the magazines into her room and we would look at them late at night under the faint light of a flashlight. The magazines were hardcore pornography. Pictures of women spread wide open with their fingers inside their pussies, or engaged in intercourse with exceptionally well endowed men. I thought back to the time that I used to get naked with the boy in the neighborhood and remember that his erect penis was about the size of my middle finger, while the pictures of the men in the porno magazines with erections that were as long as a soda bottle and as big around as my wrist. Jan and I talked about how painful it would be to have something so large inside of our privates. We never used the term "pussy".

I first learned to masturbate from Janet. After looking at the magazines we talked about how warm we got and how our privates got wet. Janet showed me how she rubbed herself, she called it her twat. I had my first orgasm after watching Janet put her own hand inside her pajamas and finger herself.

Sometime later, Janet invited me to stay over one weekend. She had told me that her dad had gotten a new magazine and she wanted to show me. I was curious to see what it was. We had to wait until her parents and brother went to sleep. Her bedroom door didn't have a lock, so we always waited until it was really late before we got down on our stomachs on the floor between her bed and the wall, pulled a blanket up over our heads and pulled the magazine out from under her mattress. I asked Janet if she was worried that her dad would discover that she had taken the magazines, and she said he had so many that he wouldn't notice and besides he would just blame her older brother.

When I saw the cover on the magazine I realized immediately what I was going to see on the inside. Two very sexy topless women were engaged in a passionate kiss while their hands cupped each other's breasts. Janet started to turn the pages one at a time. She had the advantage of knowing exactly what we were going to see. There were dozens pictures of the same two women undressing each other, kissing, caressing, touching and sucking each other's breasts. My breathing got heavy as I realized that with more than half the pictures yet to be revealed, the women were going to end up licking each other.

I had seen pictures of male and female oral sex in other magazines Janet showed me. I was now masturbating regularly and I had tasted my fingers after doing so. I knew what my pussy tasted like and I liked it. The pictures in the magazine were printed on glossy paper. They were crisp and clear and taken from a close vantage. They were like photographs. The woman licked and ate each other out in every imaginable position. I had taken over the job of turning the pages because Janet had moved her hand down between her legs and began to rub her twat.

We later talked about how badly each of us wanted to touch the other. I had thought about it on several other occasions when I had slept over. But this night were laying side by side, our faces were inches apart. Jan's eyes were closed and she was close to orgasm. I looked at the last page of pictures by myself. Jan rolled over on her back and with her free hand touched the side of my face. I took this as my cue to kiss her. I had never French kissed anyone before, but I seemed to know exactly how to do it. Our tongues entwined and my hands slipped under her silky pajama top. My fingers glided over her erect nipples. Jan removed her hand from her soaked pussy and I could feel her wet finger slide across my nipple. I could smell the familiar scent of her feminine secretions. We followed the action of the magazine like a script. No words, just sighs and deep throaty moans and ecstasy. Things were a little uneasy between us for a few days afterwards. We wondered if we were lesbians. I was sure that I wasn't, because most of my fantasies involved boys and an animalistic craving to have a cock inside of me. Jan and I told each other that this was a secret that we would never tell and we agreed that we shouldn't do it again. I avoided sleepovers for awhile.

Eventually we did get together and have sex three more times. A part-time job and a boyfriend soon got in the way of my intimate friendship with Jan. Later that summer her dad got transferred to Chicago and sadly we eventually lost touch. When Greg and I met and started dating the subject of sexuality eventually came up. I readily admitted that I was bisexual. Greg wasn't the first man who I dated who seemed to be turned on by the fact that I was bisexual. One encounter doesn't necessarily make you bisexual. By the time I met Greg, I had actually been with two other women.

A year later when Greg and I got married in Vegas I talked him into taking me to a strip club. I am turned on by attractive women and the idea of going to a strip club has always intrigued and fascinated me. Greg has been to strip clubs with his buddies and he filled me in on the etiquette of strip clubs in the cab on the way there. Greg always asks about details of my bisexual encounters so we made one of our "deals". I told him that if he would take me to a nice club and let me pick out a girl to do a lap dance for me, I would come back to our hotel room and tell him the nitty gritty details of one of my bisexual encounters and let him cum in my mouth. I really don't mind letting Greg cum in my mouth, but I pretend not to like it, and some things like this are reserved as special treats to be earned or traded for. It's a fun game that we both enjoy.

At the club, I became immediately drawn to a petite redheaded stripper named Kim. She was a bit older than most of the other girls and had a naughty look that I really like. She was dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl, complete with the plaid skirt and white socks and black patent shoes. Her skirt was a lot shorter than the standard issue type and she wasn't wearing panties. She noticed me watching her, and when she took her turn on the stage, I walked up to insert a ten dollar bill in her lace garter. She pulled me close and pressed my face between her bare breasts. I asked her ear to come join us when she finished her routine. The pounding music, lights and atmosphere was intoxicating. Far better than I had imagined it would be. Kim walked over to our table and took a seat next to me and asked us if we wanted to take her to a private VIP area. Hell yes I do! Kim took my hand and Greg followed behind us like a bewildered puppy dog.

Before Greg explained the rules of strip clubs, I assumed that you could do just about anything with the strippers if you had enough money. The disappointing reality is that you aren't supposed to touch the girls. They can touch you, but you can't touch them. Greg explained that most places have to deal with local law enforcement which would shut them down if they didn't enforce strict no touching rules, and besides the girls make enough money just grinding against the guys pants. No wonder these guys go home so horny. I reclined on a couch and Greg took a seat across from us so that he could watch. Kim stood in front of me and unbuttoned her white blouse and tossed it onto the couch next to me. She leaned over and pulled my face between her breasts. She slid her nipples across my lips and lifted her skirt to show me her pussy which was covered with a neatly groomed patch of soft red pubic hair. She touched my nipples through my blouse and her long hair fall down across my face. She was so sexy and so confident. The music was too loud for us to talk but we smiled at each other and I knew that she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

Greg was so excited that he wanted to fuck me in the back of the cab on the way back to our room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Once we were back in our room he threw me down onto the bed and began to rip my clothes off. He reminded me of my promise. I had never given him details of my bisexual encounters, other than the names of the women and my relationship to them. He had tried to get me to tell him details in the past. I told him that he would only get to hear about one encounter and he could pick the one he wanted to hear about. Did he want to hear about Janet, my first encounter at age 15, Mrs. Kroll an older neighbor who seduced me when I was 17, or Connie a girl I met in college when I was 19 Greg decided that he wanted to know about my first experience. I was completely naked by now and laying on my back on the edge of the bed. Greg reminded me of the rest of our deal. As I lay on my back and told the story in graphic detail, he stood by the side of the bed stroking his cock. He kept touching it to my mouth and I would occasionally lick the swollen head of his cock.

As the story unfolded, Greg paced himself to time his ejaculation with the climax of my story. His stroking became harder and faster and I knew he was very close. I asked him if he wanted to cum on my face. He begged me to open my mouth and I intentionally closed my lips tightly, denying his desire to shove his cock down my throat. He took his free hand and used his fingers to force my lips open. I pretended to struggle and pull away. He pressed the head of his cock between my lips and grabbed the back of my head. I kept my teeth clenched to prevent his cock from entering my mouth. Greg groaned as he began to convulse and his cock jerked and his balls drew up tightly as a thick hot stream of sticky sperm flowed across my teeth and ran out of both corners of my mouth. He used his cock to spread the creamy fluid across my lips, chin and cheek. He pulled my hair and told me to open my mouth. I finally obliged and took him into the back of my throat, fighting the urge to gag while he continued to pump and shoot sperm into my mouth and down my throat. It was the perfect end to a perfect and most memorable day.

Following our wedding, Greg started to regularly suggest that we have a threesome with another woman. He brought up the subject at least once a week. Greg now works on the other side of town, but he emails me a couple of times a day. He started emailing me links of personal ads of women who advertised on adult dating websites that they were interested in a threesome or bisexual encounter. Some of the ads were very interesting and I begin to think about how to make Greg earn this special treat.

The thought of being with a woman again was also tempting me to explore this fantasy. It had been almost 5 years since I had been with another woman. Greg had been talking about a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. I wanted to go to Cancun. The next time he brought up the threesome, I was ready. I told him that if he took me to Cancun, I would arrange a threesome within 1 month of us coming home. He didn't even hesitate. We shook on it and it was a deal.

Prior to leaving for our vacation, I contacted five of the best prospects of the personal ads. I sent along a picture of me and Greg and an honest explanation of what we were looking for. I didn't tell Greg what I was doing. A week before our vacation I got an interesting email from a young woman who has the same first name as me. Denise works downtown and we agreed to meet for lunch. Denise is married and has wanted to have a bisexual experience since she was a teen. She was looking for someone who was experienced. She had not planned to have a threesome, but she was open to the possibility. We had lunch at a place that we both regularly go to with coworkers for lunch. Neither of us remembered seeing each other before. We seemed to hit it off right away. It was like we were old friends. Denise explained that her husband would not approve of what she was planning to do. She was envious of the honesty and openness I had with Greg. We were mutually attracted to each other and agreed to take it further when I returned from my vacation.

At this point I still hadn't told Greg about Denise. I was able to check my email from our hotel in Cancun. Denise had emailed me and said how much she had been thinking about being with me and how anxious she was to make her fantasy a reality. I promised that we would fulfill the fantasy as soon as we got back home. I told her to meet us at a hotel near the airport an hour after our flight landed. She agreed. I told her I would call her cell phone when we landed to make sure everything was still on.

Greg was confused and a little cranky when I suggested a detour before going home. Greg was anxious to pick up our dog from the boarding kennel. I had no choice but to let him in on the secret. I told Greg that this might not go the way he wanted. Denise didn't seem interested in having sex with another man and seemed only to be interested in sex with me. I told him that he needed to let things take their course and not be disappointed if he just ended up watching. He understood and said that he would be happy just to watch the two of us together.

I sent Greg to get a room while I waited for Denise in the bar. Greg said he saw Denise walk past him in the lobby and he was thrilled when he saw the sexy woman head toward the bar and he realized that must be her. When Greg returned to the bar Denise and I were already enjoying a couple of Pina Coladas. Denise was nervous, but Greg was so charming that he put her at ease and they actually begin to flirt with each other.

After a couple of rounds of drinks, I suggested that we take the party to our room. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea. We took the elevator to the second floor. As soon as the door closed on the elevator, I turned to Denise and kissed her with an open mouth. Greg looked on with amazement. I took Denise by the hand as we walked to the end of the long hall to our room. Greg fumbled with the card to open the door. After the third attempt, I took it from him and did it myself. Once inside the room I resumed kissing Denise while Greg took a position in a chair near the window. I walked Denise backwards toward the bed while still kissing her. Our hands began to mutually explore each other. I helped Denise out of her jeans and looked up to notice that Greg had already unzipped his pants and was stroking his hard cock. Denise had previously explained that she needed me to take control. As our lovemaking progressed she became more relaxed and less submissive. She whispered in my ear that she wanted Greg to fuck her. I pushed her head down between my legs while I motioned for Greg to take a position behind her. I had already brought her to an orgasm with mouth, but this was the first time that she had explored my pussy with her mouth. Women know instinctively how to please each other. She flicked her tongue across my "twat" while parting my lips with her fingers and sliding them inside me to firmly massage my g-spot. She sighed loudly and I assumed that Greg's cock must have just penetrated her shaved pussy.

Greg started out slowly but the force and speed of his thrusting quickly progressed. With each thrust Denise's head was driven forcibly into my crotch. If I wasn't so aroused it might have been painful. Some of Greg's deep thrusts brought on a whimper from Denise. Her whimpers just made him fuck her harder and he began to talk dirty. "Eat that pussy baby" he commanded. "You wanted to eat some pussy, well there it is. Now just lick that fucking pussy!" He sensed her need to be dominated. I took his cue and began to talk to her in the same way. I spread my legs wider and grasp her by the back of the head and pulled her so tightly into my pussy that she struggled to breath. I told her to fuck me with her tongue and looked down to see her whole face covered with my juices. She looked up at me and smiled to assure me that she loved this. I moved my hands down onto her shoulders and pushed her back toward Greg each time he thrust his cock inside her. I imagined how sore her pussy was going to be the next day. We carried on for almost three hours before collapsing in a heap in the middle of the king sized bed.

Since that first encounter with Denise, we have gotten together two other times. Greg has been after me for a month to write about this experience. He finally made me a deal that I couldn't refuse. He said that this July we will go back to Cancun and take Denise with us.

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