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Linear Algebra

Author: Kat
Publish Date : May 2, 2006
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She delved beneath the covers, and straddled his sleeping figure. She was not particularly horny but was always willing to keep her word, so she gently reached for the waist of his boxers and lowered them five or six inches. Her wine stained lips wrapped around his restful cock.

* * * * * * *

9:30pm. Tiffany had finished washing her face and returned to her biology textbook and cabernet. As per the usual, she was confident about the test, and utterly inebriated. Alex strolled into the living room and approached the couch.

"Wanna catch a flick" he asked with a bit of sauce.

"Nein. I have to finish studying for the exam."

"It can wait."

She grinned and said, "Fuck off Alex, I'll give you a blowjob later, I'm busy right now."

Her perception and bluntness always managed to catch him off guard. With a sheepish smile he withdrew to their bedroom.

Tiffany had always had an easy time with guys. Her mother was Malaysian born Chinese, and her father was from Portugal. Her features subtly transmuted their genes into a distinctly unusual but undetermined exotic quality. She never put on makeup or particularly coordinated clothing, yet proved to be endlessly fascinating to her male classmates. The incessant smoking, drinking, and illicit drug use did little to dissuade even the most "straight-edge" boys.

Alex was clean. His pores, that is. For whatever reason, she was obsessed with pores. When she lost her virginity in high school, it was to a big hunky quarterback. Actually that's how her friends had described Jay, but all she noticed as he kept thrusting deeper inside her, was a group of enlarged pores in the middle of his nose. She let him shoot his load, and later profess his undying devotion, but then got the fuck home and washed herself thoroughly, exfoliating until her face was red from abrasion

She met Alex last July. He had asked her if she wanted to study with him for physics. His impeccable complexion compelled her to say yes, though later his conspicuous inability to comprehend the most basic of methods to derive formulas proved unnerving. Ultimately it was his skill, or more accurately his willingness to do whatever she liked, that won her over.

As she closed the book, finishing the segment on social monogamy and sexual promiscuity, she ventured back to the bedroom. The place was in his name (almost a given since technically speaking, only married couples where supposed to live together on campus), and he paid the rent, which seemed reasonable enough, considering his parents wealth. She was nice enough to sleep with him, despite the intelligence gap, so she figured they were even.

Making her way to the bed, she found him sleeping. The clock indicated it was 12:36am, but she figured he'd appreciate a little play. She delved beneath the covers, and straddled his sleeping figure. She was not particularly horny but was always willing to keep her word, so she gently reached for the waist of his boxers and lowered them five or six inches. Her wine stained lips wrapped around his restful cock. Sufficient slurping and oscillation evoked a low gasp from him as his penis rapidly grew inside her mouth. She was adept at the fellatio, not by virtue of experience (though she certainly had quite a bit of that), but because of her extensive research during the boredom filled hours at class. The school's wireless network was largely to thank for Alex's fun. Tiffany went through the steps in her mind. First she bobbed her head up and down, then darted her tongue around his glans, all the while massaging his testicles with her hand. Nine minutes of such activity was necessary before his contractions blew several hundred million sperm into her mouth. She felt like placating him, so she swallowed and went to sleep with a slightly unpleasant taste in the back of her mouth.

The next day was reminiscent of them all.

"How did you sleep, Tiff"

"Good. You"

"Good...great even... thanks."

She smiled, but was secretly disappointed that he was such a fucking pushover.


"Yeah... ok" she purred, sparking a tightly rolled joint.

"Mushrooms, jack, and jalapenos"

After a long toke she said affirmatively, "woooooord."

She made it to the bio test with approximately 85 seconds to spare. After briefly settling in, she remembered that the human penis acted as a squeegee, removing competitive sperm from the vagina. The test, which was filled to the brim with indefinite articles, made her yearn for an unpredictable boy, or possibly food. Wait... maybe that was the weed. She couldn't be sure, but she was basically finished anyway, so she raised her hand and turned in the scantron.

"Hey, Tiffany" said a voice.

She looked around outside the auditorium, but didn't see anyone. Caffeine withdrawal was giving her a killer headache so she moved on, but then the voice came again.


"Oh, hey. What's up Kevin"

"Meh, same old. I hope I passed the test."

Kevin could get a hold of virtually any illicit drug or black market commodity. Last year he even snagged a bottle of Absinthe, which according to him had recently been legalized in certain eastern European countries.

"You 'tard" she laughed. "Why didn't you attend class Or buy the fucking books for that matter"

"There are certain things I can't sacrifice for med school... like free time."



She grinned. "Yeah ok."

They emptied their pockets at Starbucks. She asked for an i.v. drip, but the best the cute Hispanic boy could do was a triple espresso. Kevin had a double.

"Jesus Tiffany, you look tired. Don't tell me you were studying again."

"We can't all exploit the campus marketplace."

He smiled. "How's Alex"

"Still studying cinema. Every day he comes home with more words like 'syntagmatic' or 'mese-en-scene'. He still likes The Matrix though."

"Much to learn about snobbery I see."

"And hallucinogens. He won't even watch fear and loathing with me. Not after I brought back the shrooms."

"I'll never get why you're with him."




They started back to campus and Tiffany got a little edgy. The caffeine was kicking in and while her headache subsided, her knees were beginning to constantly rock back and forth at an increasingly fast frequency. Worse than the shakes she thought. Damn caffeine.

Predictably Kevin missed her turn. He lived on campus too, about a half mile from her apartment, and suggested they go there for a little while. Tiffany figured she might score some free stuff and agreed.

"Did you ever read Zarathustra" He asked.

"For what class"


"Then no. I try to keep my recreational reading confined to periodicals involving firearms."

"The fuck"

"Irony, darling."

"Ennui, Tiffany."


"So this guy Nietzsche goes off on the common people, and has a tight rope walker. A fucking TIGHT ROPE WALKER! And he's like 'fuck you, I'm awesome and you little people can't understand my shit'; aptly the book is subtitled 'a book for all and none'."

"Kevin, what the hell are you reading"

"Something paradigmatic"

"Very funny."

He glanced at the clock and said "Hey it's one thirty!" He agilely grabbed two glasses and a bottle of bourbon from the nook by his bookshelf. She almost objected, but then realized she was already inundated with chemicals.

Sipping Kentucky bourbon, he placed his hand on her thigh.


"Kevin, does it ever disturb you that most of the girls you bring here are looking for drugs, and only sleep with you to score a freebie"


"At least you're honest" She said, as his hand reached the top of her thigh, a bifurcation point of sorts.

Kevin was a decent kid. Well read, though abjectly mediocre in school. His pores were a bit larger than she usually preferred, but in the end apathy overwhelmed her, insofar as it can do that sort of thing, and she didn't object to his advances.

He threw on a Japanese film called "Kairo" or something, claiming that despite the scary cover, it was a film about social alienation. It was tough to tell when his finger tips were gently traveling up her arms.

For a moment Alex came to mind. But then she remembered her bio class, and about competing sperm and such, and figured it was just her biological duty to introduce this kind of market based competition to their relationship. Hadn't Alan Greenspan said something about that before

Before she could ponder the matter any more, she felt herself getting wet. His tongue gently caressing the back of her earlobe didn't help her focus.

"Ecstasy" She asked, and quivered all at once.

"Sadly, no. But there's still copious amounts of acid."

This was a turning point for Tiffany. She wasn't a huge fan of acid. The last time she took some with her friends they ended up constructing a huge monolith out of the communal furniture at her dorm. As fun as it sounds, spending the entire next day repositioning the furniture (after the RA found out who was responsible for the art installation) had left a sour taste in her mouth.

His tongue slowly moved up, warming the inside of her ear. Fuck it, she thought, and moved her hand to his wool pants.

Heavy breath filled her right ear.

Suddenly the second movement of Rach's piano concerto number two came on.

"Fuck it's Alex" she said, as his hands continued to travel around her body.

She grabbed her cell before the ring tone had a chance to repeat, already wishing she'd opted for something slightly less beautiful to destroy with repetition.

"Hey kid... No I'm with a friend... yeah Carrie... alright. I think I got an A or an A minus..."

Kevin already had her jeans around her ankles. She giggled a bit.

"Umm...how'd your class go"

"Yeah, what'd she say about Citizen Kane" His tongue was traveling up the inside of her thighs.

Her white underwear was developing a noticeable wet spot. His hands moved up underneath her shirt, grazing her unencumbered breasts.

"No doubt - Rosebud is such a ham-fisted device." She shivered as his breath cooled her nipples.

While the mechanics of Citizen Kane remained a point of interest for her, she didn't want to delve too deeply while fucking Kevin for obvious reasons.

Her shirt was pushed up over her breasts, and her jeans down below her ankles. As usual, she was stunning to behold. Shoulder length jet black hair that just touched the top of her shirt. Warm, elevated breasts the color of light creamy coffee, with mocha accents. Her stomach featured a vertically oriented, almond shaped navel. Well maintained pubic hair, trimmed, not shaved (something she had learned to avoid after several years of incessant itching) framed beautifully her outer labia. If one were inclined to look down, you'd notice her legs, like the rest of her physique, were tastefully toned, making the whole "composition" almost excessively balanced. Were it not for a myriad of chemical dependencies, she'd be a modern day Helen of Troy.

Spreading her knees apart, he ran his tongue up the inside of her inner thigh. When her hips thrust noticeably into the air, he began tracing her outer labia.

"Uhh... that sounds aBOut riGHT."

She was clearly flustered, but Alex was a talkative boy, and getting off the phone was a little challenging.

Each time she started to say something to Alex, Kevin would playfully flick her clit with his tongue. She tried to keep her voice steady, but after one particularly suspicious sentence she lightly smacked Kevin's head, subsequently grinding up against his mouth.

"Ahh, crap... The battery's almost dead. I gotta go babe - love ya." She pressed disconnect and tossed her phone onto the nearby, school supplied love seat. She looked down at Kevin, who was alternately licking her inner labia and swirling his tongue around her clit. "You bastard!"

He laughed.

Kevin slipped a finger into her easily. All his attention had gotten her extremely lubricated. She cooed a bit and he slipped in a second digit. His palm faced upwards, his fingertips gently made contact with the spongy musculature in the anterior portion of her pussy. He slowly began moving his fingers in and out, and resumed licking her clitoral hood.

"ummmmmmmm" she whimpered.

Her abdominal muscles began to seriously contract. He wasn't going to let her come that easily, so he gave her a final lick and stood back up. Tiffany's face betrayed some disappoint, but mostly just animal lust.

Kevin leaned down and kissed her deeply. His mouth tasted like bourbon, with a hint of her tangy fluids. He replaced her hands on his pants.

"You like that, huh" She said, gesturing to the prominent tent in his jeans.

He didn't respond verbally, but moved closer to her.

In a relatively quick motion she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Bending her head closer, she playfully mouthed his cock through the pinstripe olive boxers. She looked up at him attentively as her hand drew out his now fully erect member. His cock was thicker than Alex's but shorter (which wasn't such a bad thing as Alex had an unpleasant tendency of hitting her cervix in certain positions). She wrapped her hand around the base, elevating him by about 40 degrees, and slowly began pumping. Her mouth moved closer. She licked the shaft once or twice just to tease him, and then gently took one of his testicles into her mouth. His soft moans indicated enjoyment, so after 40 seconds or so, she switched to the other testicle, continuing the persistent pumping motion with her practiced left hand.

Once he was sufficiently engorged, she ran her tongue underneath the rim of his glans, paying special attention to his frenulum, the one inch line dividing the bottom of the head of his cock. His hands were now entrenched in her silky black hair, urging her forward. She obliged, engulfing him fully in her mouth. Looking upward, she saw he was transfixed by the image her giving him head. This was a normal thing for her, and she was hardly surprised, as more than a few boys had told her she had beautiful lips (especially when wrapped around their cocks, presumably).

She bobbed her head, making sure to make him feel her tongue when he was 3/4ths of the way out of her mouth. It took about three minutes, until she could taste his precum and hear him trying to stifle his moans. She proved to be as cruel as him, removing him from her mouth and giving him a sassy smile. Kevin was hardly disappointed though, as the prior exercise had left him wanting to get inside her in a bad way. He quickly stumbled over to the coffee table, removing a ribbed condom from the drawer.

As he tore open the package, Tiffany gave him a lustful smile and got up from her seated position. "Umm... what are you into"

"Girls, psychotropic drugs, the green party... umm... Bio... not so much."

"Ass." She laughed, adding "I meant where do you wanna fuck me"

Something came quickly to his mind, but given his sad lack of astroglide he just kissed her deeply again cupping his hands under her ass and carried her over to the sturdy table. After he lowered her to her feet she began to recline on the table but he stopped her after a second, motioning for her to turn around. This is something she would never do with Alex (for aforementioned reasons), but she was really getting into it, so she acquiesced rather easily. She pushed her shirt back down, having little desire to grind her breasts directly into the wood finish, and bent over, gyrating her hips slightly.

She felt his tongue brush her labia again and overwhelm the general area with stimulation. She responded by pushing back against his face. A few seconds later she felt his dick push into her. Despite excessive lubrication, it was still a tight fit and she found herself stretching to accommodate his girth. As he slid fully inside her, she breathed heavily, and while trying to catch her breath, silently rejoiced he wasn't any longer than he was.

As he began moving in and out of her slowly, her mind was filled with one word, "deep."

After a minute or two, he reached a brisk, but steady pace, and slid his right hand around her waist. He rubbed her clit with each stroke, eliciting an encouraging shove from Tiffany. He looked down and watched her vagina grip him fiercely with each stroke, fighting not to let go each time he moved out of her. Tiffany's ass was fucking incredible. The sight was more than any man should have to endure, in his effort to hold on. He thought about closing his eyes, but he just couldn't, not with this obscenely hot creature.

Thankfully, her contractions came quickly. Her pussy tightened around him, and her abs shuddered several times elevating her an inch or two from the table. Needing no further encouragement, he pushed himself deeply inside her and let go. And go. And go. The spasms kept going through his cock, through the entirety of his torso really, until he actually grew concerned it might not ever stop. Maybe her pussy was literally going to extract every last drop of fluid from his body.

Finally he collapsed on top of her, the spasms subsiding, and kissed the back of her neck.

"So linear algebra was it" he said between breaths.

"Yeahhhh" she purred, still grinding her ass into him.

"Need a ride"

"I can walk"

He slowly withdrew from her, observing a rather large volume of seminal fluid in the condom, as well as an impressive amount of lubricant from her cunt.

"Good lord" he laughed.

"I'll say" she said, now facing him, looking down at the object of attention.

They both proceeded to the bathroom, and cleaned up. She took two tabs of acid, and grabbing a few more for later, then headed off to class, fucked in so many different ways

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