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Night of the Intruder

Author: Anon
Publish Date : Jun 1, 2006
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Joy leaned back against the wall and reveled in the tactile sensations all over her body: his hands and face enjoying her many wonders, and the feel of the ropes, restricting her movements and making her body totally vulnerable to his every whim.

* * * * * * *

Joy sat at her desk and stared at the two stacks of order logs piled before her, one on each side of her keyboard. The stack on the left contained orders she'd already entered that day, and the one on the right contained those yet to be entered.

The stack on the right was still much larger.

She sighed and looked at the clock: five minutes past seven. Everyone else had gone home for the night except her boss, whom she could hear rummaging through a file cabinet in his office. Two hard workers, working late. Joy sighed again as she looked at the work still to be done. She'd told Carl that she'd for sure have them done that day, and now she was regretting those words. Her fingers returned to the keyboard, and she got as far as the quantity ordered when her boss called to her from down the hall.

"Joy, could you come here I need a favor of you."

"Okay, just a minute!" Oh great, what else is he going to ask me to do now She finished entering the data for that customer, and transferred the sheet of paper from the right stack to the left. Then she rolled her chair back from her desk and got up.

Joy was eager to go home, because she was feeling quite horny!

She strode down the hall and knocked on Carl's closed door. She heard what sounded like some kind of box being dropped onto his desk, then he answered her knock. "Come on in!"

Joy opened the door and entered. Her boss was seated in his large and very comfortable-looking chair at his huge L-shaped desk. Papers, books, magazines, and other assorted items of importance to the company were scattered all over it. A Compaq 386 and a printer sat nestled amidst the turmoil on one end. On top of one pile of magazines sat a pink cardboard box.

"Yes" Joy sat down in a chair next to the door, and waited expectantly. Her boss simply looked at her for a moment, then spoke.

"You know, Joy, you have been working very hard lately, and I really appreciate your staying late all week to help get our backlog of orders into the system. Thank you very much!" Joy blushed and smiled shyly. It had indeed been a busy week! "You're welcome. I'm sorry I didn't get all of that stack entered like I sai-"

"That's all right, don't worry! Might as well go home now. Heck, I'm out of here myself very shortly. But before you leave, could you spare a moment to give me your opinion on something"

Joy nodded.

"I bought something for my wife today, and I just wanted to know if you think I made a good selection. I'm really not much of an expert on this sort of thing." He indicated the pink box with his hand. Joy got up, walked to the desk, and picked it up. Whatever it was, it was very light!

"Go ahead and open it."

Joy slid her fingers into the seam, pulled the top flap open, and peered at the contents. She sucked in her breath slowly as her whole body tingled. Surrounded by a red velvety packing material, the delicate silk lingerie looked heavenly.

"Do you think it's nice"

"Oooh yes, Carl, I think you made a fine choice! Your wife is really going to love it, I bet." Something tugged at a cord inside her head. Hadn't she overheard Julie recently mentioning that Carl and his wife had separated Perhaps this was part of the "patching-up" process.

"Are you going to give it to her tonight" Joy looked at the soft lace again, and imagined her own body barely concealed by its nearly transparent patterns as some lucky man gazed at her wide-eyed and drooling. The heat rose rapidly within her.

"I'd like to, but I can't yet -- she's out of town on business." His voice was tinged with disappointment, and a kind of longing. His eyes were locked on Joy.

"That's too bad -- you and she could have alot of fun tonight." She smiled, and Carl chuckled. "Yep, sure could have."

Joy's fingers slid into the box and felt the smooth sensuous fabric. She imagined it covering her skin, the top part lifting her breasts up and hiding her sensitive nipples, and the bottom part soaring above her sexy hips and plunging down between her legs, rubbing slightly against her vagina as she moved her hips seductively. Oooooooh...

"Do you want to see what it looks like on me"

Her horny mind had taken control of her mouth before her logical mind could react. She blushed and grinned sheepishly at her now wide-eyed boss, and continued to run her fingers through the soft fabric.

"Uh, er, well yes! If y-you want to, that is..."

"Oh I DO want to. Be right back!" Joy turned and strode quickly out of the office and down the hall toward the lady's room, clasping the box to her side. She entered the restroom, and put the box down next to the sink. Joy looked at herself in the mirror. Then she smiled, and began to expose succulent flesh.

Her boobs swung to and fro as she bent down and pulled the stockings over her legs. They enclosed her thighs in what seemed like a soft caress, frozen in time. She pulled the panties on, enjoying the feel of the thin strap gently squeezing her hips. Then she covered her breasts with the bra and fastened it behind her back. Lastly she pulled on the long silk gloves.

Joy looked in the mirror. A heart-poundingly sexy figure smiled back at her. The black lace accented every luscious curve perfectly, and revealed much while still leaving something to one's horny imagination. She ran her hands slowly up her sides, and then up over her head, while watching her image in the mirror. No matter how she moved, it looked SO sexy. Joy felt so hot now...

She turned, and left the lady's room. She stood in the hallway now, and she smiled as she wondered how many times before a lady had been in this building wearing something like she was wearing now. (Or less!) She hoped she was the first. Oooooh... She walked slowly down the hall toward Carl's office. Passing an office to her right, she imagined its daytime occupant being there now, seeing this sexy apparition floating by his doorway. Would he just be able to sit there, or would he jump up and head out into the hall for another look Mmmmm maybe more than just a look! She entered Carl's office, and closed the door behind her.

Her boss stared at her luscious body.

Joy put her hands behind her head, lifting her chest and making her boobs strain against the bra. Her nipples poked through the fabric, beckoning any lookers to come over and touch them. She turned to her left, then to her right, letting Carl see her from different angles. She lowered her arms, and put her hands on her thighs. Then she wrapped her arms underneath her bra, and pressed her breasts up high with her forearms. Carl watched all this with obvious pleasure.

"You look beautiful in it," he finally managed to say.

"Mmmmmm thank you," Joy said throatily. She put one foot up on a chair and bent over her raised thigh, rubbing it tenderly with both hands. The air conditioner clicked on somewhere nearby, and soon cool air blew over her body from a vent right above her. Her skin broke out in goosebumps, and her nipples hardened. "Oooooh I better move away from the vent..." She walked over to the big desk, right across from her lust-filled boss, and struck another sexy pose.

Carl's hands were rubbing the surface of the desk, and Joy could hear his breathing become heavier. She knew that she was committed to making this night HIS night, one he would never forget, and she was so happy. And so HOT...

"I think you made a very good selection. It feels so nice. So soft." She caressed her body, just a few feet in front of him. Her hands pressed inward at the sides of her bra, and the beautiful titflesh welled up in the center, above the top of the bra. "SO soft..." One hand caressed a sexy thigh as the other rubbed her stomach, and then her pussy. The fabric there stretched as she rubbed, becoming a little narrower and allowing more pubic hair to be visible. Joy "ooooh"ed softly, and sucked her breath in sharply, as the fabric rubbed against her sensitive pussy lips.

Carl clutched at objects on the desk. One hand squeezed the stuffed Opus which stood guard when the boss was not around. His hips moved to and fro in the chair, and his hard cock rubbed tightly against his underwear.

Joy put her hands on the desk, stood on her toes, and leaned forward. Her chest drew within a few feet of her boss's face, and his head drifted forward as if pushed by some gentle, invisible force. When his lips were less than an inch away, she pulled back, smiled, and wagged a finger at him. "Mmmmm you're a naughty boy aren't you" He looked at her pleadingly, then that look of pure lust returned as Joy continued to move about erotically before him.

Joy's horniness level seemed to increase exponentially as her body drew closer and closer to Carl. She pushed papers aside to clear a spot on the desk, and climbed up on it. She stood on her knees and played with her boobs, and Carl slowly slid his chair forward so he could be closer to the succulent body on his desk. Joy lifted her arms and shook her chest from side to side, just inches in front of his face. She rubbed her belly and thighs and hips and fingered her pussy, at one point pushing the fabric aside a little bit to reveal even more.

He just HAD to touch that inviting flesh... He reached forward and put his hands lightly on her sexy hips. Joy lowered herself until her rump was resting on her lower legs, and spread her legs just a bit. Carl caressed the smooth fabric that covered her thighs, and then his hands slid up to feel the exposed flesh between the tops of the stockings and the strap of the panties. His thumbs felt the edges of her pussy hairs as he rubbed and squeezed her smooth skin.

"Oooooh do you like how I feel" Carl nodded, his eyes bobbing up and down as they scanned her thighs and hips and stomach and chest.

"I'd like you to feel me all over."

"I'd love to feel you all over."


Joy could not remember ever feeling so good. Her boss's hands caressed so tenderly, stroked her skin so wonderfully. She thought it was one of life's greatest gifts that something like this existed which could feel so good to both people involved. She hoped the sensations would last for hours and hours...

Carl's hands slid around Joy's hips and up her sides. He pulled his chair in even closer, and as he caressed her shoulders, his face moved to within an inch of her chest. Joy slid her hands up his arms and gently rubbed his neck and the sides of his face. Carl stuck his tongue out and let it touch a bit of exposed breastflesh. Warm. Soft. His tongue tasted more, flicking back and forth. He pulled her shoulders forward, and her chest pressed against his lips. Then he could not hold back any more. His hands went around her back, feeling for the clasp. With a quick movement the bra was loosened, and he pulled it downward with his lips. Joy's hands slid to the back of Carl's head as he pressed his face into her chest and hungrily devoured the scrumptuous flesh.

Licking and nibbling, he went after her hard nipples like someone consumed with one burning passion. Joy's whole body writhed, and she pressed his head against her more tightly. His hands came around to the sides of her chest, and pressed her boobs together to provide more flesh to bury his face in. He pulled his head back and just watched with great pleasure as he squeezed and kneaded her boobs with his hands, and then his lips and tongue dove in for more. Joy removed one of her silk gloves, held it at each end behind his head, and rubbed his head with it as he continued to feast on her.

Joy no longer had any desire to go home.

Carl looked up at Joy's face, his chin still between her breasts. She smiled. "Do you think I am doing a good job of modeling your new purchase"

"Ooooooh yesMMMPHH..." He began to kiss and lick her chest and neck and shoulders all over. Joy sighed and moaned with pleasure, and her hands reached underneath the back of his shirt and up, to massage his bare back.

She was sliding around the smooth surface of the desk now, and papers and magazines were pushed over the edges and onto the floor. The perpetrators of this increased mess hardly noticed or cared. Joy leaned back on her elbows as Carl's tongue licked at every square inch of exposed skin. His hands pulled her stockings off as he munched on her belly and waist. Then those lusty greedy hands went after her panties. He pulled them down her legs as his tongue followed right behind, tasting sexy thighs and legs and even feet. Then he flung the panties on the floor, and stood up to observe the writhing mass of hot passion on his desk.

Joy was experiencing absolute sexual bliss. The awareness and feel of her totally naked body, exposed to this very horny man and the cool air of the office, had elevated her to a level of passion and sexual desire she had never felt before. Her tasty body was so vulnerable to his every erotic whim! It continued to undulate and writhe as she waited with incredible eagerness for whatever her boss chose to do next.

Carl removed his already-loosened tie, and flung it away. He unbuttoned his shirt quickly, very eager to feel his bare chest pressed against hers. Soon his pants and underwear joined his shirt and tie on the floor. He put his hands on either side of Joy's supple legs, and slid them upward. They came close to each other and slid right along each side of her pussy, just barely grazing the lips. He got up on the desk, and his body lowered toward hers as his hands continued up her body. They gave her breasts another good squeeze, and then they traveled across her shoulders and up her neck to the sides of her face. He settled his body on top of hers gently, keeping most of the weight on his elbows. Her boobs pressed deliciously against his chest, and he closed his eyes for a moment and sighed with the sensation. Her whole body felt so warm and soft against his. He kissed her neck and chin and cheeks. Then his lips found hers.

Joy had never kissed a man so passionately in her life. Only now did she learn the true power of the tongue. Carl's slid deeply into her mouth, probing and tasting her gums and lips and tongue. They curled and twisted around each other, and Joy sent her tongue on a deep counterattack. The two writhing bodies rubbed and ground against each other as they kissed with increasing fervor. His hands were all over her body again, rubbing and squeezing and caressing everything within reach. His hard cock rubbed against her waist and pussy and inner thighs.

It was quite some time before their lips parted. Carl held Joy tight against him and gazed into her eyes. They were both practically in a new uncharted state of mind, a knowledge that anything was possible, and a desire to experience as much of it as they could. They both wanted this to last for a long long time. There was no need to hurry. They just gazed into each other's eyes and smiled and spoke of hot sexy things, sizzling erotic possibilities to explore, as their bodies pressed against each other and exchanged heat energy.

They whispered and chuckled and giggled and grinned as wild ideas flew back and forth. They settled on one they both thought had wonderfully erotic possibilities. Then they began to kiss again. This kiss lasted even longer than the first.

Then, reluctantly, but with excited anticipation of the fun to come, their bodies separated and they got up off the desk. Carl dressed, and Joy giggled as she watched him stuff his hard cock into his underwear. She sat down in his big executive chair, still naked and oh so very horny. When he finished dressing, he told Joy, "oooooh you look so tasty! Don't go anywhere, I'll be back in a minute." She winked at him seductively and blew him a kiss. He looked at her a moment longer with burning desire, then turned and left the office, closing the door behind him.

Joy sat in the big chair, tweaking a nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. She looked at the papers which covered Carl's desk, and her eyes fell on a mess of doodles which covered a sheet next to the phone. Amidst the spirals and squiggles and strange faces were hot sexy caricatures: a hand squeezing a breast, two lovers in a tight embrace, a guy's tongue licking a girl's pussy, and others. Ooooooh, thought Joy, this guy is hot ALL the time! She looked at his erotic art and continued to caress her body.

Some minutes went by, then the door opened and Carl reentered the room, carrying another cardboard box. He set it down on the desk as Joy got up from the chair and stood next to him, making sure that her body was touching his in as many places as possible. Carl reached into the box and pulled out a T-shirt and OP shorts. "I hope these fit you okay, they've been in the trunk of my car for who knows how long!" He handed them to Joy. She slowly put on the shorts, rubbing her body against Carl in the process. The shorts were rather tight, and the T-shirt was especially so! Carl watched hungrily as she pulled it on. Her chest really strained the fabric, and the bottom of the shirt did not quite cover her navel. Joy thought that if she arched her back and lifted her boobs up, they'd probably tear right through the shirt! Mmmmmmm... She stepped up behind him, and wrapped her arms around him as her chest pressed against his back. Carl could not resist turning around in her arms and giving her a LONG hug and kiss.

About ten minutes later, Carl was alone in the room. The lights were off. He sat in his chair, counting silently to one hundred. Then he got up, took some items from the box, and stuffed them in his pockets. Flashlight in hand, he made his way to the door, opened it, and stepped out into the hall.

The whole building was dark. The beam of Carl's flashlight played along the walls and floor. He felt SO horny, and looked eagerly forward to finding that luscious body. He smiled as he savored the hot sexy possibilities...

The boss had just pulled up to his company late in the evening to do some last-minute preparations for a meeting tomorrow. He'd been walking to the front door when he noticed that the red light on the alarm panel just inside the glass door was not shining. In addition, a green light was blinking, indicating that one or more motion sensors inside the building were picking up movement.

An unauthorized visitor was in the building, someone who'd known the alarm code. Someone perhaps now in the process of stealing confidential company secrets! But fearless Carl would put a stop to this...

And so the fantasy began.

Carl crept silently along the hallway, flashlight in one hand and a battery-powered squirtgun in the other. He listened for telltale sounds that would give away the intruder's location, but so far could not hear anything...

There! A faint sound, coming from somewhere on the other side of the building -- probably the manufacturing area. He entered the kitchen area, passed through the dining room, and entered another hallway. He stopped to listen. No sounds could be heard except those emitted by the cooling fans of some computers in a nearby lab. He made his way slowly toward Manufacturing.

Joy was having the time of her life: slinking around in the darkness, wearing these super-tight clothes that did little to hide her sensuous curves. She tiptoed quietly behind a huge Amistar pick-and-place machine, and leaned against it. Ooooh! The metal felt cold. She pressed a breast against it, and the coldness made the nipple instantly harden. She did the same with her other breast, then let her fingers fondle her firm nipples through the stretched fabric of the T-shirt.

Carl put his ear up to the door of Manufacturing and listened. He thought he'd heard a noise, but he was not sure where it had come from. There was nothing but silence now. He turned the knob, and pushed the big heavy door slowly open. The hinges squeaked.

Joy's head turned in the direction of the faint squeak coming from downstairs. Oooooh he's coming! Coming to feast on her body and play with her boobs and and kiss her until her lips fell off and suck all the juices out of her hot pussy... She had to hide deeper, protect herself from danger. She walked slowly away from the machine on tip-toes, trying not to make the floorboards of the recently installed second-story balcony offices squeak. Her penlight cast a very faint glow in front of her, providing a bare minimum illumination without advertising her whereabouts.

Carl wound his away around pieces of machinery in various stages of assembly. He flashed his light all about, searching behind cabinets, underneath lab benches, between shelf units. No sign of the intruder. His throbbing cock rammed against his pants as he thought of what he would do when he FOUND the intruder...

Joy descended a stairway she'd never even seen before as quietly as she could, and found herself facing an enormous slab of granite. Used as an ultra-flat and stable work table for precision machining, it was at least ten feet long by maybe eight feet wide. It sat in a metal frame like the frame of a bed, and there was about a foot or so of space underneath it, just enough room for her. She slid underneath it on her back, and pushed herself along the concrete floor until she was up against a wall. She turned off the penlight, and a curtain of darkness settled over everything. Her chest pressed against the cold granite. The thought of all that weight poised above her, perhaps TONS, was amazingly erotic!

Carl definitely heard a noise that time! The squeak of a stair step somewhere. The intruder was upstairs. He made his way quickly to the stairway and ascended. There were few places the intruder could go from here. The intruder would soon know the wrath of a VERY HORNY high company official!

He flashed his light into the new accounting offices. No sign of anybody there. Especially a SEXY body. He crept up to a closet, and yanked the door open, expecting to see Joy throw up her arms in surrender (which would make her boobs REALLY stretch the shirt, mmmmmm...) But no such luck. Just piles and piles of plotter paper. He closed the door and headed back down the short hallway. He was about to give up on the upstairs area when he noticed the other stairway nearly hidden behind a desk.

Joy could hear him opening the closet upstairs. Ooooh he's so close now, and probably sooooo horny! She arched her back and pressed her boobs even harder against the granite as her fingers caressed her thighs and reached up inside the tight shorts to fondle her pussy. She imagined the thoughts running through her pursuer's mind, and smiled. Then she saw a flash of light from the stairway.

Carl descended the steps slowly. The intruder HAD to be down here, and he better not take any chances! His gun was held at the ready. No one would get away with confidential company information... He reached the bottom and entered the workshop. Metalworking equipment filled the room, and the smell of metal and oil permeated the dank air. Long high metal shelves ran along one wall, with plenty of gaps where someone could hide. An enormous milling machine offered more hiding spaces, and there was a doorway leading to the foreman's office, a walled-in cube next to a huge granite table.

He scanned the shelves with his flashlight, then headed for the foreman's office. A quick look turned up no sign of Joyflesh, and he emerged from the office and sat down on the granite slab to think. Where could the intruder be hiding He slowly ran the beam of the flashlight around the room. And then a big grin spread across his face, and his cock hardened again.

One of Joy's hands was inside her shorts, the other was up inside her shirt, and her body was undulating with the pleasures her hands were giving her, when she was hit by the flashlight beam. She looked in its direction and saw only the brilliant light, moving slowly back and forth, scanning her whole body. Then it dropped on the floor, still illuminating her, and a grunting animal came sliding in toward her.

The animal's hands landed on her stomach and began to paw at her all over. "Aha! I got you!!" He slid up next to her and slid one hand between the granite and her chest. "Oooooh you are one SEXY intruder! I think I will wait and have some fun with you before calling the police. Now do as I say and you won't be harmed."

Joy tried to get away, scrambling quickly away from her captor. Her sexy legs kicked at the hands that clutched at them.

"POW! POW!!" Clackclackclackclack Joy's body was struck by a pulsating stream of water. Carl watched with great horniness as her shirt became wet and began to stick to her body. She emerged from the end of the table and got up, with Carl right behind. He reached up and let loose another round of gunfire, and Joy backed up against the wall, between two metal shelf units.

Her shirt was drenched now, and her areole were now just as visible as her erect nipples. It was a wet T-shirt lover's hottest dream, and Carl's face plunged into the wet warmth. His hands spread her arms out, pinning her against the wall as he enjoyed her boobs yet again. Her sexy hips gyrated with the sensations, and then Carl reached into his pocket and brought out some rope. He reached up and tied a piece loosely around her wrist, and bound it to a corner of one shelf unit. He did the same with her other wrist, and then slowly dropped to his knees, dragging his face down her chest and stomach as he went. He bound her ankles as he had done to her wrists. Then he stepped back and observed his captive as she struggled against her bonds.

"So you thought you could prowl unchecked through this company and steal our secrets huh With anyone else I would just call that cops and have you hauled away, but in YOUR case, I've decided to take the law into my own hands!" With that he approached her again. He put his hands on her hips and felt her smooth flesh as he pressed his crotch against hers. Then he took hold of the bottom front of her shirt, and pulled outward with each hand.


The shirt tore all the way up, and her boobs bounced out. He put his hands around them, and just looked at how they moved and changed shape so deliciously as he played with them. Then his tongue alighted on one nipple and began to flick back and forth. Her skin was still moist from the squirtgun, and he pulled the hand towel from his coat pocket and toweled her off, enjoying every curve and crevice the towel passed over. Then he slowly unzipped those tight shorts, and slid them down her silky legs.

Joy leaned back against the wall and reveled in the tactile sensations all over her body: his hands and face enjoying her many wonders, and the feel of the ropes, restricting her movements and making her body totally vulnerable to his every whim. She could not escape his horny desires. And did not want to!

He now stood before her naked, and his big hard cock jabbed at her crotch as he pressed his chest against hers. His hands slid outward along her arms, and their bodies rubbed together as his tongue slid all over her neck and face. Then it traveled downward, spiraling around her chest and in between those luscious mounds, visiting both peaks, and then continuing downward. His hands slid down her sides as he licked and kissed her stomach all over, and then her hips and thighs. Her hips slowly gyrated as his tongue drew nearer to her pussy. When he got there, her hands jerked against the ropes.

He lapped at her pussy, tickling the lips and tasting her flowing juices. Then his tongue slid in between the lips and forced its way into her. "Uhhh!" she moaned sharply as he penetrated deeper and his lips touched hers. His tongue wiggled around inside and then withdrew. He licked at the lips some more, and then plunged even deeper inside the second time. His hands clutched at her hips as his tongue was squeezed by the walls of her love channel. Her pubic hairs tickled his lips as his tongue powered into her. His tongue withdrew again, and he slid it quickly up her body, between her breasts, and jabbed it in her mouth.

Joy could taste the sweetness of her juices on his tongue. Their lips ground together as their tongues danced with each other. His cock rubbed against her pussy, making her fiery hot! She pulled at the ropes and her body bucked forward, and then his body pushed hers back against the wall. His arms wrapped around her and hugged her tight as they continued to kiss. He was leaning against her now, their bodies pressed tightly together. His hands slid out along her arms again, and gripped her wrists. Joy moved her crotch in and out, grinding it against his throbbing member. It felt so incredible!

He reached over with both hands, and freed one of her wrists. Her hand rested on his shoulder as he reached the other way and freed her other arm. She reached around behind his head and pulled his lips against hers again.

Carl slid down her body again, and undid the ropes at her feet. Then he put one arm behind her legs, and lifted her up. She put one hand around his cock and squeezed it as he carried her over to the granite slab.

They did not notice the unforgiving hardness of the surface at all as they embraced tightly and rolled over and over, kissing and kissing and kissing...

Their stomachs ground together as Joy pivoted on top of Carl, and then she found herself face-to-head with his big cock. She put her hands around the base and stroked his balls just as she felt his tongue lap at her pussy. Her own tongue darted forward and took a swipe at this love muscle before her. It bounced backwards like a punching bag, and quickly sprung forward for more. She stabbed at it with her tongue, and then curled one hand around it. Mmmmmm I wonder how sensitive the head is.... Her tongue lightly teased it. She felt his body buck underneath her, and his tongue plunged into her vagina. That made her tongue press down hard on his cock, and his body quivered again. Joy curled her tongue around his member and spiraled her way up it. Then she kissed the head with her lips.

Then she took him in her mouth.

Her lips parted, and his cock slid inside. First just a little way, her tongue dancing around on the head. Then she closed her lips around it and took it in deep. Her cheeks pulled inward as she sucked and feasted on his penis, like a kid eating a Bomb Pop. Wet slurping noises could be heard coming from both ends of this writhing mass of hot flesh.

Carl's tongue plunged really deep, and his cock popped out of her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy. She gripped his cock with one hand and began to stroke it. Now it was HE who was moaning! She slid forward, and pressed his dick into her chest. She moved it back and forth across one nipple like a windshield wiper. She pressed it hard into one boob, seeing how far in it could go. She shook her chest back and forth, and her boobs smacked against Carl's cock and bobbed it from side to side. Then she took it into her mouth again and sucked on it harder than before.

Carl's body lunged beneath her as he cried out "oooooUUUHH!!"

Joy's mouth filled with steaming hot cum.

She let his cock pop out, and stroked at it as cum shot out all over her chest. She smeared it around with one hand as she yanked on his tool with the other. His hands clutched tightly at her buttocks. The stream of cum slowed to a trickle as his flaming member began to grow limp.

She pivoted around on him again, and pressed her sticky chest against his. They panted heavily, regaining their breaths. Then they kissed again.

Four hours later, the metal shop foreman arrived at work. He went into his office, picked up a long roll, and brought it out to the table. He unrolled it there and began to make various changes to the blueprint with a pencil, while leaning on his other hand. When he got up again, he found a little bit of sticky stuff on that hand. He looked at it curiously for a moment, then wiped it on his pants and carried the roll back into his office.

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