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The Citation

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Author: TinyT
Published: 15-Aug-06
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"Sir," she said in a controlled and level tone of voice, "please put your penis back in your pants and step out of the car." Her right hand rested on the butt of the gun at her side. "I'm sorry, Officer Edwards, I..." "Do it now." She cut me off sternly, her hand tightening on the gun. I knew she meant business.

* * * * * * *

"Damn!" The patrol car's blue and red flashers loomed large in my rear- view mirror: I had been caught. I pulled into the parking lot of a large mall simply because traffic on the street was too heavy. I held on to a faint hope that the patrol car would keep going, but no luck it pulled in right behind me. For the first time I got a good look at the officer behind the wheel. Auburn hair and hazel eyes -- the kind that could melt ice cubes and start fires!

"If I have to get a ticket at least it will come from a good looking lady," I muttered out loud.

When she stepped from the patrol car I received a double surprise: not only did she have a stunning looking face, but she filled her uniform magnificently! She was very shapely and looked like she could handle herself in any situation from a street brawl to the bedroom. Looking at her walk as she approached my car, I felt that familiar warmth and stir- ring in the most private parts of my body.

"What the hell, John" I said to myself, "Let's have a little fun." As she approached I noticed the absence of a wedding ring, something I al- ways look for on good-looking women. Not that a wedding ring really mades a difference -- just a different approach required, that's all! I rolled down my window and waited.

She stood cautiously about three feet from my door. I put both hands on the steering wheel to let her know I meant no harm, and I looked up into those deep, hazel eyes with a big grin on my face...

"I hope you realize," I said good-naturedly, "this has completely destroyed any possiblity of a meaningful relationship between us."

Her eyes widened slightly in surprise, radiating a twinkle that promised a great sense of humor. A wide smile came shortly after, and she hid it with her hand. "Excuse me," she said in a silky voice that failed to hide her amusement. "I'll be right back. Please stay where you are." She returned to her patrol car and got in. I could see her laughing in my rearview mirror, aided by the lights in her car and the lights in the parking lot. Officer K. Edwards had a sense of humor all right and I was determined to test it to the limit!

While she sat in the patrol car, I unzipped my slacks and fished out my semihard cock. The mere sight of the way she filled her uniform made me tingle all over! A few sensual strokes and my cock stood up in my lap like a submarine's periscope looking for something to torpedo. A quick check of the rearview showed me she was returning, her countenance com- posed and meaning business.

"May I have your driver's license, registra... Oh Shit!" She had seen the periscope. I no longer saw humor in those gorgeous eyes -- had I carried my little joke too far!

"Sir," she said in a controlled and level tone of voice, "please put your penis back in your pants and step out of the car." Her right hand rested on the butt of the gun at her side. "I'm sorry, Officer Edwards, I..." "Do it now." She cut me off sternly, her hand tightening on the gun. I knew she meant business. I was sorry I had gone as far as I did and was more than a little embarrassed and frightened. I stuffed my cock back in my pants as best I could while she watched, and then got out of the car.

"Face the car, put your feet apart, lean against the car with your hands on the roof." "Oh, come on, officer. I was only..."

"Please DO IT, sir."

I was really scared now, and the fear only made my now aching cock even harder. I assumed the position she requested, my heart thudding in my chest, pumping even more blood into my already stiff shaft. She pulled my feet further away from my car with her own, forcing my weight onto my hands and setting me off balance.

Beginning at my ankles she frisked me, moving slowly upward, first on the outside, then the inside of my legs. When she reached my crotch, she pushed gently upward on my testicles, then moved her hand firmly along the length of my now throbbing cock. I felt a bead of warm liquid ooze from the tip.

"I suppose you think this is funny." She seemed just a little out of breath, but her voice still had that silky, sensual tone laced with authority. "N-no, officer." I was really frightened now. "I can't help it -- something about you really turns me on." Her hand left the bulge of my crotch and continued expertly exploring the upper regions of my body. "Put your left hand behind you back, please." Her manner was professional and all business. I felt the cold chrome steel of the handcuff close around my wrist. "Now your right hand, please." She finished cuffing me, turned me around and leaned me against the car.

"Aw, c'mon officer, you're not really going to..."

"Shut up or I'll gag you too!" Her voice was even and low. It had lost that sensual silkiness. She meant what she said! "You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

I couldn't believe I had been so stupid, exposing myself to a cop. She finished Mirandizing me and locked up my car. "I'm taking you to the station for booking. The charge is indecent exposure." She led me to the patrol car, opened the rear door, and helped me in. SHIT! Nine o'clock at night and I'm on my way to jail for flashing my cock at a cop!!

She glanced back at me in the rear view mirror from time to time. I couldn't swear to it, but I thought I saw that sparkle in her eyes again -- like a predator cat toying with it's victim just before the kill. "Look on the bright side" she said, that silkiness back in her voice, "I'm not going to give you a ticket." "I don't suppose you'd be willing to forget about my, shall we say, stupidity back there, would you" "Not a chance! You're going to pay for this one, mister." "John," I informed her in a withering voice. "Listen, I didn't mean any disrespect, Officer Edwards....may I ask you your first name"

"Sure" she said evenly, "you can ask." "What is your first name officer" "Patrolwoman Edwards, badge 6973" she said. "Now button it up creep, we're almost there." This is it, I thought. My life ruined and all because I had to have a little fun....shit shit shit...

She pulled the patrol car into the driveway of what looked like a deser- ted building across the street from the police station. "Hey" I said, "isn't that the police station across the street" "That's the new sta- tion, this is the old station. We use the old station as a holding area. You're not getting booked until morning. Give you a chance to cool off." "But Officer...." "I told you to button it! One more word and you get a gag...I mean it!" She pulled to a stop at the rear of the building and helped me out. I thought it rather strange there were no lights in the parking lot, and none on in the building. She led me in to the building, her flashlight leading the way.

"Hey, wait a second! Where are you ..."

"Shut up!" she said, and took us to the basement and a long row of deserted cells. She stopped in front of one of the cells and removed the handcuffs. I turned around to see the barrel of her revolver aimed at the center of my chest.

"Now back up, slowly, into the cell." The gun barrel didn't waiver an inch. I backed in slowly.


"What" I couldn't believe what I'd heard. "I'm not stripping for you or anyone else. I want to make a phone call." She cocked the revolver and aimed it lower. "Strip or I'll give you a .38 caliber vasectomy, you son-of-a-bitch." I hurredly stripped down to my undershorts and socks and stood there like an adolescent at his first dance. My hardon had long since vanished. All I felt now was a slight nausea and weakness in my knees.

"Take it all off" she said evenly. I did as she commanded, first the socks and then, hesitantly, the underwear. I cupped my hands in front of my private parts. "A little shy" she asked, smiling. "You were anxi- ous enough to show it to me a little while ago."

"Look Patrolwoman Edwards" I said weakly, "that was a mistake and I'm sorry." "The name's Kate" she said with her silky voice. "Now lie down on your back." Her revolver was still aimed at my shriveled privates as she indicated the cell's bunk with her other hand. I stretched out on the bunk. "Here" she said tossing the handcuffs at me, "put the chain through the bars on the bunk and cuff both hands." When I had done that, she produced a pair of plastic strip ties and bound my feet. There I was, lying naked and spread-eagled before this stunning cop. My heart was pounding!

She came to the side of the bunk and sat down next to me. She put the barrel of her revolver under my limp cock and lifted it. The coldness of the steel sent shivers throught my body. "Pathetic looking little thing" she said, laughing. "What's the matter, stud, can't get it up"

I moaned in embarrassment. She got up and hung the heavy wool blanket from the other bunk across the cell window, then lit a large candle that had been in the sink. A warm glow of light and eerie shadows filled the cell. She stood in the center of the cell, put her gun in its holster, removed the belt, and tossed it on the empty bunk. Slowly, she reached behind her head and did something with her hair. It fell across her shoulders, flashing like deep burning embers in the candlelight.

"I'll make you a deal," she said, standing with her legs slightly apart, hands on her hips. "If I'm happy with you in the morning, you go free. If not, you go to jail."

My mouth fell open in astonishment and I could feel the hydraulic sys- tem in my loins begin to pump blood into my limp meat. "Huh" was all I could manage.

"Either that," she purred with that silky voice, "or I take you across the street and book you right now. What'll it be A night of pleasure, or a police record"

"What do I have to do to make you happy"

"It's really very simple. Until six tomorrow morning, you are going to be my slave. If you do everthing, EVERYTHING I tell you to do, and don't complain about anything...I'll be happy and you'll be free. Fail to comply just once, or complain the slightest bit... and I book you as a pervert. Deal"

"I-I'll give it a try, Kate. May I call you Kate"

"You may. Now for the rules. You may make any sounds of passion you wish and as loud as you wish. No one will hear us. You may not touch me unless I give you my permission. I will do with you whatever I please and you will not complain. That's all there is to it."

"O-okay" I said timidly, "I'll try."

She unbuttoned the blouse of her uniform and removed it. Her ample breasts, trapped by her bra, swelled in the middle like two gently rolling hills. She reached behind her and set them free, tossing her bra on the empty bunk with her blouse. Those lovely mounds bounced down, happy to be set free. She cupped them, lifting them slightly and looking from them to me. "Do you like my breasts, slave" Frantically trying to remember the rules she had outlined, I replied, "Yes, Kate, they're magnificent." I certainly didn't have to make that up... they were truly amazing!

She approached me slowly, still cupping those beautiful globes. When she was right next to me, she leaned over and put one of her erect nipples about a half inch from my lips. My cock had come fully awake now and was standing at attention. I wanted to take that succulent nipple in my mouth, taste its sweetness and nibble on it... ooooohh my cock was beginning to pulsate! "May I take your nipple in my mouth, Kate"

"NO!" she said, a huskiness in her silky voice, her breathing deeper and a little faster. She closed the distance between her nipple and my lips, pushing it lightly against my mouth. My loins were screaming at my lips and teeth to open up and take that hard little bud inside. My mind kept my mouth tightly shut. After what seemed like centuries, she stood up. "You've passed my little test, slave. Do you want to suck on my nipple"

"Oh yes, Kate, please, I beg you, put your nipple in my mouth." At that moment I wasn't acting or playing a slave game. My entire being ached to taste her!

"Very well" she purred seductively, "you're a good slave and deserve a reward. The better you are, the more rewards you shall receive." She leaned over me again. I parted my hungry lips and raised my head to meet her descending nipple. She held it just out of reach. I couldn't help myself. A little boy's whimpering sounds escaped my throat in anticipation. "Please, oh please, Kate" I whimpered, "I'll do anything you say, ANYTHING, just let me taste your nipple."

"I know you will, darling" she whispered, "I know you will." She lowered her hard nipple to my parted lips. I closed them around it and slowly traced a path around its base with my tongue. Her eyes closed and a soft moan came out of her. She pushed harder with her breast and I opened my mouth wider to take all she wanted to give. "Yessss slave! Suck my breast!" Her breathing was heavier now. I captured her nipple in my teeth and began nibbling from the base, working my way to the tip, then flicked, licked and sucked, then began nibbling again. Her moaning be- came louder and more yearning. Withough warning she stood up, pulling her breast from my mouth with a wet popping sound. I groaned in frustration and disappointment.

"Something wrong, slave" Her eyes flashed mischievously at mine, the sparkle had returned. "Do you want to suck on my nipple some more" she asked teasingly. "You aren't complaining, are you"

"No, mistress Kate, I'm not complaining. It's just that your nipples are so sweet and firm. I could nibble and suck on them for hours." "Perhaps later" she said, moving back to the center of the cell. "Right now I want you to see the rest of what you may or may not get to experi- ence tonight."

She kicked her shoes off and flipped them onto the other bunk. Slowly, she unfastened the waistband of her slacks and lowered the zipper. My pulse quickened and my rigid cock began waving wildly in the air, its spasms completely beyond my control. My eyes were riveted on the juncture of her thighs as she continued to lower the zipper with one hand, the other holding the waistband together. As the zipper reached its lowest point, she turned her back to me. To say she was a master tease would be an understatement! I had no doubt she was serious when she told me I may or may not get to partake of her luscious charms. It became my fervent hope that she would be a compassionate mistress and allow me to become lost in ecstasy within the wondrous curves of her body.

She lowered her slacks from her waist to the top of her hips, looked back over her shoulder at me, blew me a sensuous kiss, then threw her head back and laughed teasingly. She began undulating her hips in a slow, circular motion. With each rotation she pushed the slacks lower and lower. After what seemed an eternity, I could see the lacy waist- band of her panties, black against the creamy smooth flesh of her lower back. She wasn't wearing pantyhose. Still lower the slacks went, driving me crazy with desire, until her entire buttocks were exposed, sheathed in filmy, black lace bikini panties. Her ass cheeks rotated against one another beneath the lace of her panties as she continued to undulate her hips. It was almost more than I could bear. I wanted to scream out, "Fuck me, Kate! Oh, please, slide your hot pussy down over my cock! I want to be inside you!" But I dared not for fear that it would land me across the street in a real cell! So I simply lay there, watching, my heart pounding in my chest, my cock throbbing mercilessly.

She stopped undulating her hips and simply let her slacks fall down around her ankles. Her bare legs were smooth and shapely and held promises of wondrous delights. Slowly, she bent over at the waist without bending her knees. As she bent, the fabric of her panties tightened across her cheeks and the juncture between. Covered only by a thin strip of lace, her hidden pussy raised my blood to the boiling point. As she lifted first one leg, then the other to step out of her slacks, her pussy also shifted, first to one side, then the other. She was watching me now from between her legs, her upside-down smile seeming somehow angelic and demonic at the same time.

She raised her hand between her legs and began moving her middle finger up and down the lace that covered her charms. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. I could barely hear it over the whimpering sounds I was making. She moved the lace aside, exposing the deliriously luscious lips of her moist pussy. As I watched, hypnotized, her finger slowly vanished between those lips.

"Oh God! Kate" I moaned, "you're driving me..." I became silent, re- membering the "no complaint" rule.

She stopped, her finger buried deep in her pussy. Her eyes opened wide, staring at me upside down from between her long, shapely legs. "You may continue, slave. Don't be afraid" she purred.

"...CRAZY!" I shouted in pure animal lust. She jumped slightly at my shout, but kept her finger buried deep within her. I had never wanted a woman as badly as I wanted her at that moment.

"Oh God, please mistress..." Tears of frustration were streaming down my face, my body arched off the bed, my hips thrust into the air. "Let me ram my cock deep inside your pussy! GOD! IT HURTS... I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING TO BURST...I WANT YOU SO BADLY!" I was squirming all over the bunk, breathing heavily and moaning loudly.

"It hurts" She asked, her finger now moving slowly in and out of her wet pussy, making me delirious with lust. "Is that a complaint, slave" "N-no, no mistress!" I replied quickly with gasping breath. "It's a good hurt! A wonderful hurt!" "That's better" she purred, slowly re- moving her finger from her pussy. She stood up straight, turned sensually and came toward me, her pubic mound pushing at the lace, undulating, teasing.

She sat on the bunk next to me. "We'll have to do something about that hurt" she said. She took my throbbing, pulsating, aching cock in her hand and closed her fingers loosely around it. Then she ran the finger that had been buried deep in her wet pussy under my nose. As she did this, she squeezed my cock with her other hand. The sweet smell of her juices invaded my brain, short-circuiting millions of neuro-switches. Her scent and the squeezing pressure of her hand on my cock was too much! My balls tightened involuntarily and a stream of hot, creamy cum erupted from the head of my cock and flowed over her hand. I tried to pump against her hand with my hips to release more of my pent-up fluid, but she released her grip on my hot cock immediately. It jerked a few times on its own, pumping liquid from the tip with each spasm. I could feel it hot against my skin as it worked its way down my shaft toward my balls. I wanted to scream in frustration, wanted to rape this hot cop bitch who held me captive, wanted to stab her to death with my hot throbbing cock! All I did was whimper "Oh God, Kate...Oh God...Oh my God..."

"Does it feel better now" she asked and laughed a deep, animal laugh. She slowly licked my cum from her hand. "You taste delicious, slave" she purred. "I'll have to have more....but later." Then she bent down, lowering her lips to mine, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. I could taste my own salty juices in her mouth and could smell the musky scent of my cum on her breath. My mind began to slip. I was driven slowly to the brink of sexual insanity by this taunting, teasing police officer!

She broke the kiss long before I wanted her to. I closed my eyes and savored the kiss, commiting it to memory forever. Opening my eyes again, I looked down my body and saw her face in the vicinity of my still hard cock.

"Oh, look" she whispered sensually, "you've spilled some of your sweet cum." I could feel her hot breath on my cock and balls as she spoke. "Would my slave like me to clean him up" she asked teasingly. "Y-yesssss, please do." There was an aching, genuinely urgent tone in my voice. "Do you think you deserve to be cleaned Do you think you've been a good slave, darling John" Her voice was teasing, taunting, driving me wild with desire and a deep, yawning urge to bury my hot cock into any opening she might offer.

"I've tried to be good, Mistress." I said timidly, not looking at her. As much as I tried to hold on to my masculinity, I failed. I really had become this incredibly sexy vixen's slave! At that moment I knew I would do anything she asked. I'd do it gladly if it provided opportuni- ties to sample her charms. Every nerve ending in my body was on a razor's edge. Her slightest touch, anywhere on my body, sent waves of tingles and gooseflesh racing throughout my entire body and soul.

"Look at me, slave" she commanded.

I looked into her sparkling hazel eyes and became lost in a place I never wanted to escape from. I felt as if I were falling into two transparent pools of hazel colored liquid. If she didn't speak soon, I would drown. At the last possible second her voice pulled me out of her liquid eyes, saving me from being trapped there for eternity.

"Yes" she said slowly, "you have been a good slave, an obedient and tasty slave. You have earned another reward. I will let it be one of your own choosing. How would you like to be cleaned up slave"

My mind raced with the possibilities. I wanted my cock deep in her in- viting pussy. I also wanted to feel it slide deep into her mouth. I wanted to stuff its entire, throbbing length into her ass, too. And of course between those mouthwatering tits! I was so consumed with desire for this creature, I couldn't speak.

"Quickly, slave" she purred, "what part of your Mistress do you want me to clean your beautiful cock and balls with"

"It's not a slave's place to choose, Mistress." It was as if someone else had spoken with my voice. I'd been given the chance to let my cock explore any part of this luscious body I desired and I actually said it wasn't my place to choose!

"Ahhh, my sweet, sexy John slave." She was using that silky voice of hers. "You are indeed the perfect slave. You pass each test I give you." With that she lowered her head and cleaned the cum from my cock and balls with her luxuriously thick auburn hair. She wrapped my rigid cock in it and slowly moved it from the base of my shaft to the tip of its head. It was like pushing my cock through a silken tube. The sensation was so intense that I nearly came again. I gasped from the pure pleasure of it. I had never imagined, in my wildest fantasies, that a woman's hair could feel so good! When she finally finished cleaning me and lifted her head, I could see streaks of her hair stuck wetly together with my creamy cum.

"We're going to have some fun now, slave." She left the bunk and bent over a carry bag she had brought with her. Again she bent at the waist, knees straight, giving me a direct view of her glorious pussy trapped beneath her lacy panties. She took her time rummaging through the bag, all the while shifting her weight from one leg to the other. The movement beneath her panties was driving me even deeper into the depths of sexual desire -- and she knew it!

At long last she stood up and turned to face me. In one hand she held a small, penis-shaped vibrator, and in the other was a string of ten wooden beads, each a quarter of an inch in diameter and spaced two inches apart on the string. I had heard stories of the beads and how they were used, but I had never experienced it. My blood raced at the thought. She approached slowly, her hips undulating, her weapons in her hands, a wide smile on her face. She laid her weapons at the foot of the bed between my legs. Then she removed the pillow from beneath my head.

"Lift your ass" she commanded.

I obeyed. She doubled the pillow and placed it beneath my ass. "Relax," she said. I tried.

She retrieved her weapons and positioned herself between my legs, then switched on the vibrator and put its tip at the base of my scrotum and moved it slowly upward. The sensations made my cock jump and wobble uncontrollably. After a few minutes she moved it to the base of my cock and held it there. She lowered her head then, and I could feel her warm, wet tongue licking my ass and poking at my hole. Moaning sounds were coming from deep within her as she continued to lubricate my asshole with her warm saliva.

I jerked my hips upward and tightened my ass muscles when she attempted to insert the first wooden bead. She raised her head and stared at me with those bewitching eyes. "Relax, John" she commanded softly, com- passionately, sensually. "Your Mistress wants you to feel pleasure, not pain." "Oh God." was all I could manage to moan.

She lowered her head again. I loosened my muscles as best I could and felt the first of ten beads being pushed gently into my ass by this wild- ly erotic animal that held me captive. "Oooooooh GOD!" I moaned, and with each of the ten beads she inserted, I repeated that exclamation.

"How do you feel" she asked when she had completed her task. "Full" I said, "it feels so, so strange." I was breathing heavily. "Don't worry, John. Just relax your muscles, you'll enjoy it so much more." With all the effort I could manage, I concentrated on relaxing. As I became more and more relaxed, that strange feeling left me and I felt less full. The sensation actually became pleasant. "Yes, John. That's much better," she purred soothingly.

She put the buzzing vibrator back on my scrotum and rotated it in tiny circles. Her other hand grasped my throbbing shaft and held it steady. Then she lowered her head and probed the tiny opening in the head of my cock with her hot tongue. Indescribable sensations shot down the length of my tortured cock and raced throught my body like an avalanche!

"I'm going to make you cum in my mouth." She said, moving her head away from my eager cock. "But I promise you one thing, you'll experience ecstasy you never thought possible before you do!"

I had already experienced ecstasy of the magnitude she described and she hadn't really done anything to me, yet. All of her, her body, her eyes, her voice, her taunting and teasing were driving me insane with passion. I wanted to deposit a hot load of liquid deep within her luscious body, and I didn't care where!

My hips jerked spasmodically when I felt the hot wetness of her mouth close around the head of my cock. She was still working the vibrator in tight circles on my scrotum, her other hand rhythmically squeezing my shaft. Her tongue began moving back and forth across the opening in my cock, slowly at first, then faster and faster. In a desperate effort to get more of myself inside her, I pushed upward. She immediately stopped all activity and sat upright, staring at me with her hypnotic eyes. My steel hard cock was left bobbing in the air like a drunken sailor, the skin on its head hot, purple and tight in anticipation.

"Oooooh GOD! Kate, Mistress .... please, don't torture me this way. I don't know how much longer I can stand it!" My head tossed from side to side as I spoke. The pressure of the hot fluids trapped inside my body was becoming painful. I felt if I didn't cum soon I would explode, flooding the insides of my own body with juices.

"Don't" She asked with authority. "Did my slave actually say DON'T to me" She laughed a wicked little laugh, "Dear slave, you don't understand, do you You are my slave, I am your Mistress. I will decide what I will and will not do, not you. Your only purpose for existing tonight is to make me happy. Do you understand"

"Y-yes, Kate." I said sheepishly, "I will do as you say, its just that you're driving me crazy .... I can't help it, I just want to feel all of me deep inside you."

"Let me hear you beg for it slave." She said tauntingly, eyes flashing. Then she licked the underside of my throbbing shaft from base to tip. "OH GOD!" I moaned, my body jerking in response to her tongue. "You are the perfect Mistress." I was gasping for breath, barely getting the words out. "You are fair in your punishment and compassionate in your judgement. Please, Mistress, I beg of you, have compassion for this unworthy servant .... I exist only to give you pleasure .... ummmmm please, allow my fevered and eager cock to explore the depths of your throat ... Oh God, Kate, allow this pitiful slave to provide you with a warm drink of sweet juices to soothe your burning throat .... please, Kate, I only want to please you ....."

"Oooooh slave!" She purred, her eyes softening with compassion and just a hint of eagerness. "You have begged so eloquently, how can I possibly refuse Besides, I am anxious to taste your cum again. I have decided to grant your request." She put the vibrator back on my scrotum and quickly slid her hot mouth down the full length of my tormented cock, enclosing it in a moist, velvety sheath that clung to the contours of my shaft and head like a glove. "Aaaaagggghhhh!" I moaned as the head of my pulsing tube came to rest at the back of her throat, her soft lips applying scintillating pressure on the base of my shaft, her silken tongue moving back and forth on the underside of my cock. Her tongue was picking up and transmitting the tingling vibration from the machine pressing against my balls.

"OH MY GOD! I-I CAN'T STAND IT ... IT FEELS SOOOOO WONDERFUL!" I was moaning and whimpering now, buried to the hilt in her tight throat. I thought I was going to die!

She began a slow, steady up and down movement with her head, animal sounds of her own mingling with mine. My burning cock slid out to the head then back into that tight sheath to the base of her throat. Faster and faster she moved my head tossing from side to side eyes squeezed tightly shut sparks of sexual fire exploding in my brain and showering my entire body with hot pin pricks of sensual sensation her head continued moving up and down... The pleasure she and the vibrator were giving went far past the concept of "normal"! So intense was the pleasure, it bordered on the threshold of pain. The mechanism in my body that triggers orgasm was frozen solid. I was lost in a galaxy of pleasure and pain, and without orgasm there could be no way out!

I could not be sure how long she kept it up. But, if she kept doing what she was doing I knew the exhilarating intensity of sensation would never let me cum. She must have read my mind or my cock or both because she slowed her pace and began working her magic mouth on the head only, her free hand gripping my shaft and jacking me off in perfect time with her mouth. As suddenly as she had shifted technique, a whole different wave of sensations rolled in and crashed over my tingling body. The first warnings of a 10.2 earthquake began rocking my body, its epicenter at my throbbing cock. The major quake shot throughout my body. Stream after stream of hot cum rocketed into her hungry mouth.

"OOOOOOH SHIIIIIT!" I screamed, thrusting my hips off the pillow. She took all of the first load, moaning and making animal sounds, then she grabbed the string sticking out of my ass and pulled the first wooden bead across my prostate. "OH! OH! OOOOOH MY GOD!" I was screaming in surprise as an aftershock coursed through my cock, producing a second orgasm and a second flood of hot liquid. Kate captured it in her mouth and gulped it down. Another pull on the string, another aftershock, another orgasm, more cum than I ever thought I was capable of producing. My eyes were wide open, not seeing .... my body arched off the pillow .... frozen like a statue .... my mouth wide and working .... no sound coming out .... Still another bead exploded my insides with sensation, draining me of fluid and still her mouth worked feverishly on my erupting cock, sucking out the creamy liquid, tongue swirling, urging me to produce more!

I came eleven times in the space of two minutes. It seemed like an eternity, each bead working its magic on my prostate, each pass producing an intense, cum gushing orgasm! After the last orgasm my body remained frozen in that arched position, the head of my drained cock still trapped in her mouth, still pulsating with frequent, nonorgasmic after- shocks. She slowly inserted the vibrator in my ass, and my entire body began to shudder and collapsed on the bed, quivering and shaking out of control. I was gasping for breath, trying to gain control of my body. Oh fuck it! I thought and gave myself to the sensations controlling me.

"Oooooh slave! You have given me a wonderful treat .... my thirst is quenched! But my pussy and my ass need a drink, too!"

"Noooooo.... " I protested weakly. My mind was telling me my body was exhausted, drained, used up.

"Yessss," she purred, "but not until you've rested." She took a wash- cloth from her bag and held it under cold water from the sink. She wrung it out and, lifting my limp cock delicately with her fingers, placed the cool, damp cloth on my feverish balls. Then she released my cock and pulled the remainder of the cloth over it. "Aaaaahhh," I sighed, my breathing beginning to return to normal. "That feels wonderful."

She reached back into her bag of goodies and pulled out a banana. Sitting beside me on the bunk, she peeled it slowly. Everything she did had an air of sensuality. She tossed the peel in the corner and held the fruit up delicately in front of my face. "We must have nourishment," she said, and moved the end of the banana toward her parted lips. She licked it from midway to the tip and let the end slip slowly into her mouth. In the deepest, most remote places of my being, I felt a weak sexual stir- ring begin again.

"Ummmmm." She sighed, biting off the tip of the fruit. I watched in fascination as she chewed and then swallowed it. "It's good slave, but not as delicious as you!" She laid the banana on my chest and took her panties off, teasingly, sensually. The sight of her full, beautiful bush made my heart skip a beat. I couldn't take my eyes away from it.

"You like my pussy slave" She asked tauntingly. She spread pink, and that inviting clit lay nestled in her flesh like a precious cultured pearl. Further down the entrance to paradise lay invitingly open. "Would you like to fuck me slave" Her eyes were sparkling again and she began slowly rotating her hips, teasing me with her waiting pink flesh. "Would you like to put your cock deep in my hot, wet pussy, slave"

"OH GOD YES!" My eyes were wide, my throat dry, the sexual stirring I felt moments before becoming a tornado of destructive passion and yearn- ing. I felt my balls moving inside my sack and my limp meat was begin- ning to stiffen again.

"Perhaps .... perhaps not!" She laughed deep in her throat, fanning the fires she had started deep within me. She turned the banana around and placed the unbitten end against the entrance to paradise. Leaning back slightly, she pushed the fruit slowly into her pussy. I watched in a hypnotic trance as the fruit slid inch by agonizing inch into her moist opening. After pushing it almost all the way in, she withdrew it, then pushed it in again, then withdrew it all the way.

She brought the fruit toward my face, her woman scent mixed with the smell of the banana making my mouth water. I opened my mouth wide in anticipation of this delightful treat. She did not disappoint me. I took a big bite, savoring the mixed flavors. She fed me the rest of the most delicious fruit I'd ever tasted. I knew deep inside I'd never be able to look at a banana again without reliving these moments!

She returned to her goodie bag again, and took out a can of whipped cream. Shaking the can, she spread her legs once again and sprayed her entire bush with the fluffy white topping. "Time for dessert." She put one knee on each side of my head, her cream soaked pussy hovering above my mouth. "Bon apetite," she said, and lowered that savory treat to my mouth.

I did not have to be told what to do next! Starting at the entrance to paradise, I licked the cream from her treasures. She rocked her hips back and forth to help me, breathing heavily, moaning and sighing. I licked and slurped and sucked the delicious stuff from between her pussy lips, from the sides of her legs and her bush. Another food I would never look at in quite the same way again! As the sweet treat vanished, I concentrated my efforts on her clit. She pressed harder against my mouth, rocking faster and moaning louder.

"Ummmmm .... yes slave." She sighed, breathing faster. "Eat my pussy, Ooooooh ... take my clit in your teeth, that's it .... Oh God Yes! Bite it yes yes YEESSSSS .... a little harder .... Oooooh Yeah .... now put your tongue in my hole .... Oooooooo Ummmmmmm .... yes slave!" She was rocking faster and moving her sweet wet pussy side to side as she played with her nipples, rolling them back and forth between her fingers. Her head was thrown back and she began whimpering and moaning louder. The fire that had begun in my loins was now raging out of control, and it soon spread to other parts of my body. My cock had once again become hard as steel.

"Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh slave!" she began to scream in ecstasy. I could feel her thighs quivering against the sides of my head as she moved her pussy ever faster across my tongue. She was grinding that magnificent cunt down into my mouth now, and each time her clit came over my tongue, her thighs jerked and I tried to capture that elusive bud and suck on it, but nothing would stop the rocking, grinding motion she had begun with her hips. "YES YES YES YES!" she chanted, rocking still faster. "OOOH GOD! OOOH GOD! OOOOOOOOO YEEEEESSSSS!" She was breath- ing wildly now, her chest heaving with the labor. Those yummy thighs began jerking uncontrollably. Her hands moved from her breasts to my head. Taking twin handfuls of my hair, she pulled my face harder into her soaking wet crotch. Suddenly she stopped rocking, her entire body quivering, and then she ground her pussy into my face in tiny rotating circles, pulling my face still harder into her crotch with her hands. I captured her throbbing clit and closed my lips around it, applying all the suction I could manage and, at the same time, nibbled and flicked it with my tongue.

The quivering in her body became a shudder, and a loud shrieking scream tore from her throat. Her hips were grinding in small circles hard against my face forcing her hot, wet pussy even tighter to my hungry mouth. Kate was climbing to the peak of an orgasmic mountain and I was doing all I could to help her reach the top! At the peak of her orgasm she ceased all movement, except for her clit. I could feel it pulsating in my mouth and continued to nibble and run my tongue roughly across its tip. Then the scream coming from her throat was cut off, the shuddering in her body became a heaving of all her muscles, her clit still pulsating, throbbing in climax! She was holding her breath. Her muscles ceased heaving and tensed like those of a predator cat ready to pounce. Still her clit throbbed and pulsated between my lips. We were frozen in time like models for a still-life artist.

She had reached the peak of the orgasmic mountain and was taking her sweet time, enjoying the sensations at the top. Finally, she began to descend the other side as she finished the scream, and her chest began heaving again desperately, sucking in life giving oxygen. Those sexy hips began rocking back and forth wildly again and her clit continued to throb as it swept past my tongue. She was taking a roller-coaster ride, and all I could do was hang on and take the ride with her!

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, all her movement began to slow. The closer she got to the base of the mountain, the slower she moved. Sigh after deep, satisfied sigh came out of her. Her hips slowed to a halt, her clit resting directly on my tongue. It was no longer throbbing. I licked it gently, and she began purring like a cat and ran her fingers through my hair, soothing the places she had pulled so hard just moments before.

"Ummmmmmmmm" She sighed dreamily. "John, that was wonderful." The masterful tone in her voice had been replaced by the voice of a soft, sensual woman who had set out on an adventure in mountain climbing, had succeeded and was now relaxing in front of a cozy fire in a snowed-in lodge. "God! Your mouth is fantastic, lover." She sighed heavily in contentment. "Unghflnnnfggh" I replied, her pussy still resting sweetly on my mouth. "Oops, sorry!" She laughed, and climbed off my face. She stretched out next to me on the bunk, her body pressing close to mine, her fingers making little curls with the hair on my chest. She was looking dreamily into my eyes, her own eyes soft and feeling. They had lost the sparkle of the Mistress who held me captive and took on the look of the eyes of a captured dove.

She ran her hand down my chest and across my stomach to my cock. She stroked its head gently with her fingers, then gripped it and squeezed lightly sending shivers through my body. As she squeezed my cock she moved her face close to mine, her eyes searching mine. She lowered her lips to mine in a long, passionate, deep french .... her tongue seeking out mine and playing tag with it .... little moaning sounds coming from her throat. "Oh God!" She said, her lips still on mine, speaking directly into my mouth, "I want your hard beautiful cock in my pussy. I want to feel it fill me. I want it to explode inside of me and flood me with your hot, wonderful cum." She moaned a long, sensual moan into my mouth. I could feel the vibrations of it on my lips. Her hand began squeezing my cock tighter and moving slowly up and down the shaft. She let it move down my cock to my balls and began massaging them gently, cupping them, scratching the bottom of my sack with her nails, gently squeezing them. She pressed her mouth tighter against mine and resumed the passionate kiss of seconds before, all the while doing miraculous things to my genitals with her talented fingers.

"Ooooooh." She purred, "Do you want to fuck me, John Do you want to feel yourself deep inside me" Her breathing was becoming more rapid as was my own. "Do you want to feel my pussy squeeze your beautiful cock until you can't stand it anymore Do you want to feel your hot cum spurt deep inside me Oh God .... PLEASE TELL ME!!!"

"Ooooooh Kate I want it badly..." I was becoming rapidly consumed with the flaming desire to bury my cock deep inside her. "Oh God Yes!" She moaned "SO DO I!", got the whipped cream can, and began shaking it. When it was ready she put the nozzle at the base of my rigid cock and made a complete circle of the sweet cream from the base of my cock to the top. It looked like I had a tall whipped cream MX missile protruding from my body.

"Ooooooh," she sighed. "Just looking at that makes my pussy hungry!" She positioned herself over my whipped cream cock, one leg on each side of my hips, facing me. Slowly, she lowered herself until the creamy head of my swollen cock barely touched her pussy lips. She was breathing heavily now, looking down between her legs to position her juicy pussy just right. When the head of my cock was in just the right position, she lowered her hips a little more, forcing the head of my cock between the hungry, waiting lips of her unbelievably hot cunt. She locked onto my eyes with her own. I held my breath in anticipation, afraid to move for fear she would revert to her former Mistress self and stop.

"Oooooh God! I've been waiting for this all night!" She paused there and hovered over me, just the head of my cock inside her. I wanted to scream and thrust upward, wanted to shout "ME TOO! SIT DOWN FOR GOD'S SAKE! COVER MY COCK WITH YOUR HOT PUSSY!" But I didn't. I just held my breath hoping she would slide down my waiting pole.

I didn't have to wait too long. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y she allowed my cock to slip into her hot, hungry pussy. I wanted to thrust, I wanted to scream, I WANTED TO BURY IT TO THE HILT! The whipped cream was beginning to melt from the heat of our bodies. I could feel it sliding down my cock, over my balls and into the crack of my ass. It was exciting, using the whipped cream for a lubricant. Not that her pussy needed lubricating, it was soaking wet all on its own! Still, the thought was erotic and more than just a little stimulating.

My cock was about a fourth of the way in, and she was squirming and panting and whimpering. Her thighs were beginning to shake from the strain of lowering herself so slowly and from anticipation. "Ummmmmm... God that feels great!" she purred, still moving slowly down my rigid cock. One third the way in now... We were both moaning and panting... Half way in... She began to chant "Ooooh Baby! Ooooh Baby! Ooooh Baby!" Two-thirds of my throbbing cock was now out of sight, concealed within the walls of her tight love tunnel.

I couldn't contain myself any longer .... "OH GOD, KATE! PLEASE, BURY MY COCK ALL THE WAY! I CAN'T STAND IT .... OOOOHHHH MY GOD!" Apparently she couldn't stand it any longer either. Without further delay, her hips slid downward until her buttocks made contact with my skin.

"OH!" She squealed with delight. "Ummmmmmmm, that's wonderful," she purred, sitting absolutely still, my cock completely and totally buried inside her. At the moment she sat down on my cock, the breath escaped my lungs and I shouted .... "HOLY SHIT! OOOOH GOD YESSSS!" Still motionless on top of me, she began rhythmically contracting and relaxing the muscles inside her hungry pussy. Each time she contracted those wonderful muscles, squeezing my cock, I would tighten my sphincter and expand the head of my cock to its fullest size. We played expand and contract for what seemed like hours, our eyes locked on one another, just feeling the sensations and being "one" with each other.

"Oooohhh slave," She whispered sexily "you have a very talented cock. Does it like being in my pussy"

"Yes yes, Mistress! It wants to please you and fill you with its hot load of white liquid."

"My pussy can hardly wait!" She began rocking back and forth with her hips. The motion bent my rigid pole back and forth, moving it only slightly inside her. Her head was back and she cupped her breasts with her hands, squeezing them as she continued to rock back and forth on my burning cock.

After awhile, she leaned forward, pressing her breasts against my hairy and heaving chest. Her lips found mine and we kissed passionately. I longed for my hands to be free so I could fondle her breasts and grab her ass. While she lay on my chest, I began a slow thrusting motion with my hips, driving my cock slowly in and out of the hot, velvety tunnel that held it prisoner. She began moaning softly into my mouth and I into hers, our tongues still locked in a battle for dominance.

As I thrust in and out of her hot pussy, she began moving her hips from side to side. Her motion combined with mine caused my thrusting cock to scrape one side lining of her tight love tunnel, then the other. It was a completely new sensation to me and it was bringing me to the base of my own orgasmic mountain!

"Ahhhh yes, fuck me baby!" She moaned into my mouth. "Ram that hard cock into me .... deeper, Oooooh yes, that's it .... it feels so wonder- ful I want you to push it all the way through me!" The way she moaned those words of passions directly into my mouth was helping me, pushing me to the first ledge of my mountain. The silky wet walls of her pussy worked wonders on the sensitive head of my pulsing cock!

"God, baby, you're sooo good! So tight .... so hot .... so wet!" I breathed the words into her mouth. She put her hands on my chest and pushed herself to an upright position and, using the muscles in her legs, began lifting herself up and down on my rigid cock. Faster and faster she went, like a novice rider on a galloping horse. With each bounce, my throbbing meat was jerked up and down, sending waves of incredible pleasure coarsing throughout me. She whimpered, and I sighed "OH GOD! OH GOD!" Faster and faster she bounced, tossing her head from side to side, beginning a low volume chant of "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" It became louder the faster she moved. She was moving at a furious pace now, and with each downward plunge she made, little bits of whipped cream splashed out from between us, covering my chest and her inner thighs.

"OOOOOHHHH GOD YES!" She screamed, reaching a quick and violent orgasm that made her body shudder. As she came, I began thrusting my hips up- ward and letting them fall, then up again, lifting her weight, helping her fuck herself into oblivion. "CUM CUM CUM .... YES YES YES .... OOOH OOOH OOOH" she was screaming as orgasmic sensations raced through her body.

When her orgasm subsided, she slowed her pace until she came to a stop, sitting on my still rock-hard cock. My hips were squirming beneath her in passion, my own moaning and whimpering becoming louder: "Ohhhhh noooo, please, don't stop now ..... Oh God ...."

"Don't worry, lover, we're not through yet." She purred. Then she stretched her legs out in front of her and rotated her body so her back was to my face, while never once coming close to losing the cock buried deep in her hot pussy. The sensation of her turning sent a chill through my entire body!

She reached down between my legs and began raking her fingernails along the underside of my balls. "OOOOOHHHH SHIIIIT!" I cried out in total surprise at both what she was doing and the sensations it caused. Her knees under her once again, she began that slow up and down movement with her body. Every few strokes she would pause with my cock almost all the way out, then move her hips from side to side and slowly slide back down over my hard and hot cock, all the while scratching and squeezing and massaging my balls gently, seductively. My breathing became more rapid as I quickly approached the second ledge on my orgasmic mountain! I felt lost on that mountain and was thankful to have a guide like her showing me the way to the top!

"Yes baby, fill me with that hot cock of yours!" She moaned, "I love it deep inside me .... Ooooh yes, it fills me up soooo much .... I want your cum to wash every bit of my pussy .... I want to feel it splashing hot against my walls .... I want to hear you moan as your cum gushes out of your hot cock and floods deep into me .... Ummmmmm!" Her words were making my cock even harder than it was .... I didn't know how that could be possible but it was happening. I had feeling I get when I know I'm going to last a long time. For the time being I was lost in the sensual, tingling feelings her hot pussy was imparting to my cock.

She worked her body feverishly on my erect pole, speeding up her pace, then slowing down, shifting positions slightly, each time bringing me to new heights of ecstasy, and all the while stroking, scratching and squeezing my balls. In the next half hour she came twice, each more powerful than the one before. With each orgasm her fingernails dug into the flesh of my thighs and her screams of passion pierced the very essence of my soul. Tiny beads of sweat had broken out on her body, and her breathing was becoming labored. Still she continued, working her wet pussy all over my throbbing hot cock.

As she was approaching her fourth orgasm, her buildup to it was so raw, so animalistic that my balls began to tingle wildly: the first warning that I was approaching the peak of my mountain. She pumped so hard and so fast, and squeezed my cock with her pussy so tightly I began to go insane with passion. With each foot of height I gained on my upward climb, she matched me in intensity and abandonment. We both began grunting and moaning, pounding our genitals together mercilessly. My legs began to go numb as the tingling spread throughout my body. I could feel my balls swell slightly prior to releasing their heavy load.

At that instant I thought it would be impossible for either of us to get any more wild than we were. I was wrong! As we approached orgasm, her hand pulled my ball sack gently, and the other drew blood from my thigh. We were both screaming between labored breaths, our bodies writhing wildly, trying to tear one another apart with pure animal lust.

As my heavy balls exploded their load through my seminal vesicles, I thrust upward with all my strength, burying my spurting cock deeper into her greedy pussy than it had ever been. She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure and ground her hips downward, impaling her pulsating pussy even further on my exploding cock.

It's hard to describe the sounds, the sensations, the movements of our bodies and the punishment we inflicted on one another during our simultaneous orgasm. I only know her screams of passion were equal to my own, the intensity of her orgasm matched by mine and the pure animal lust that flooded over us was shared equally. I don't know how long we were lost in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy. It just seemed to go on and on! I felt as if every ounce of fluid was being sucked from my entire body by her gripping, hungry pussy. My balls were so drained they began to ache and still our bodies were tangled and thrusting in an animalistic frenzy, each attempting to best the other. I wanted to be lost in this wild abandon forever.

I'm not sure quite how it ended. All I remember is our bodies collapsing in an exhausted heap. My cock was still deep within her but there was no feeling, no sensation. Her fabulous pussy had literally stripped the nerve endings from my body and devoured them.

There was more deliriously sensual sex between us that night. We came again and again. She used the beads on me twice more that I can remem- ber... it might have been more! I never dreamed I could cum so many times in such a short span of time, but her body and imagination did things to me that had never been done before.

I remember at about three in the morning she released me from my bonds. We experimented with every imaginable position. Before we were finished my cock had explored every possible opening in her body and deposited its creamy cargo within them all.

At six o'clock a travel alarm in her goody bag went off. At the time we lay exhausted in one another's arms, caressing and frenching deeply, passionately. "Oh damn." She muttered at the sound of the alarm and got up to turn it off. "Well, John, slave, lover. Your sentence has been carried out and I hereby set you free."

We dressed in silence. She in her uniform, me in my levis and sweat shirt. I didn't want this wild sexual animal to walk out of my life, but I didn't know what to say.

"Would you like to come home with me I'll make you a great breakfast." She must have read my mind. "I'd love to, Kate." I said softly. She took me to my car, and I followed her home.

As she put her key in the front door it swung open, and a stunning bru- nette stood in the doorway. "John," Kate said, "I'd like you to meet my roommate Kimberly."

"Hi, Kimberly." I said, my hand on Kate's ass.

"Oooooh Hi John." She purred, her deep green eyes sparkling with sexual energy. Kate gave me a seductive little wink, a huge smile on her face.

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