My Sexy Neighbor Part I

Author: Sheila
Published: Oct 28, 2006
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Ringing the bell I am shocked when she answers the door in nothing but a flimsy see through housecoat. She grabs my hand and pulls me into the house telling me to have a seat. After I am seated she stands in front of me and just smiles, as I feast my eyes on her titties.

I've watched and admired my neighbor from afar since I first became interested in girls. Her husband is a few years older than she is and away on business a lot. I help her do things around the house just to be near her. Her body is gorgeous to say the least and I've often fantasized what it would feel like to hold those huge titties in my hands. As I finish mowing her yard and put the mower away I hear her calling my name.

"Scott, I need to ask you something." I watch as she makes her way to me her titties jiggling with each step she takes. I know she isn't wearing a bra.

I avert my eyes as I answer, "Yeah Mrs. Johnson, what's up" I know I am growing hard and am glad I wore the baggiest pair of shorts I own.

"Look if your not doing anything after you get cleaned up , could you come over I got you something very special to celebrate your 18th birthday."

"Sure thing, just let me grab a shower and I'll be right over." I answer, adding, "You didn't have to get me anything."

"Great see you in a bit." As she turns and walks away I watch her ass and know I had better get inside quick and take care of my throbbing cock. Since my mom and dad are away for the rest of the summer I strip all my clothes off in the laundry room and off to the shower. I turn the water on and step inside, grabbing my cock I begin working my hand up and down the shaft, thinking about Mrs. Johnson's titties, as I spew my load down the shower drain.

Now that I'm clean and dressed I head over to the Johnson's house. Ringing the bell I am shocked when she answers the door in nothing but a flimsy see through housecoat. She grabs my hand and pulls me into the house telling me to have a seat. After I am seated she stands in front of me and just smiles, as I feast my eyes on her titties.

"Scotty, I know you've wanted me for a long time and I've been waiting for the right moment, and I think your 18th birthday is perfect time for us to get together." She unties her robe and lets it fall to the floor, as she stands in front of me totally naked. "Scotty, have you ever been with a woman before" She asks me.

"Me and my girlfriend broke up last week, but all she ever let me do was some heavy petting." I answer her.

She comes over and sits on my lap turning sideways and slips her arm around my neck. She leans in close to my head and whispers in my ear, "Scott I want you to play with my nipples, I know you want to." She doesn't have to ask me twice. I can feel my cock getting bigger and bigger as I take one of her half dollar sized nipples between my thumb and forefinger and roll it around until its puckered up and as hard as a pebble.

"That's it baby, keep it up, that feels so good sweetie." I pull on her nipple as she moans with pleasure. I quickly latch my mouth onto her hard nipple and suck it hard. "That's it baby I love it when my nipples are sucked." As I continue to suckle on her nipple I let my hand wander down her stomach farther and farther until my hand is resting on top of her pussy. Quickly I jam in a couple of my fingers deep in her pussy. Her juices are flowing free as I work on her pussy with my fingers and continue to suckle on her nipple.

Her hips begin thrusting forward to meet my hand as I continued to finger fuck her. Suddenly she reached down to pull my hand away from her pussy and I reluctantly let go of her nipple to see what was going on.

"You sure know what you're doing Scott I'll give you that." I continued to rub her titties as she said with a big grin, "Now lets get you're clothes off and really have some fun." She stood up and offered her hand to me to help me to my feet. After taking off my shirt she wrapped her arms around my neck letting her titties rub against my bare chest and kissed me hard. As our tongues intertwined she reached into my shorts and grabbed my cock and squeezed hard.

"Lets get those pants off I want to see what you're hiding from me." Getting to her knees she tugged my shorts don to the floor. Again she reached up and pulled my boxers down and my fully erect penis sprang free and was pointing right at her. "Scott your penis is so big I wander what it taste like" She grabbed my cock and began running her hand up and down its shaft. I could feel my orgasm as she licked a few drops of pre cum off the tip of my dick. The next thing I know she pushes me back down on the sofa and begins sucking my dick like crazy. I knew I was cumming when she grabbed my balls in her hand and started squeezing on them. In another minute I exploded in her mouth and she continued sucking every drop until I was dry. Letting go of my dick she smiles up me and says, "We're not done yet stud."

She climbs on top of me and positions her pussy right over my dick. I hold my cock up for her and she lowers herself down onto my pole. As her warm pussy engulfs my cock I throw my head back and moan in pure pleasure. She reaches behind her and gives my balls a good squeeze then says, "Enjoy the ride sweetie." With that said she begins to move up and down on my dick and I watch her big titties as they bounce all over. I reach out and grab a tit in each hand pull hard on her nipples as she continues to ride me. I can feel her pussy begin to contract on my dick and know we'll be cumming soon.

"I just love your titties, your nipples are so puffy and suckable." I say as she continues to ride me. Another few minutes pass and we explode together as she falls forward and buries my face between her titties. We stayed like that for a while with my dick still inside her. When she leaned back I took the opportunity to latch onto one of those big soft titties again. She stayed like that for about ten minutes letting me suck her tit.

"Scotty have you ever fucked anyone in the ass before"

I let go of her titty and answer, "No." Is my reply "Wouldn't that be uncomfortable"

"Not if you do it correctly. I love the feel of a huge cock in my ass, it's so tight, I want you to fuck me in the ass Scotty, would you do that for me" She asks.

"Sure, I'll do whatever you want Mrs. Johnson." I reply.

She gets up letting my dick fall from her pussy in the process and goes into the other room. When she returns she has a jar of Vaseline in her hand. "First you have to get my asshole ready to receive your cock Scotty." She bends over the sofa as I get some lubricant on my fingers. She pulls her ass cheeks wide to allow me better access and I immediately begin to work on her hole. In a while I notice it starts to open up somewhat. I rubbed some of the Vaseline onto the head of my dick and put it up to her tiny opening.

I entered her slowly holding onto her ass cheeks as I did so. When I was fully inside her I started moving in and out slowly.

"Oh your cock feels so good in my ass Scotty, I want you to fuck me good and hard." I began to pick up the pace, "That's it baby, fuck me, fuck me harder, please." I complied with her wishes. Thrusting into her backside so hard my balls were slapping into her ass with each thrust. I drew my hand back and slapped her ass as I continued slamming into her. "Keep slapping my ass Scotty until I cum."

Her ass was bright red when we finally exploded in a massive orgasm together. As I pulled my dick free from her ass I noticed her juices were flowing out of her pussy. I slid my dick up to her pussy and rubbed it around until it was covered in her juices. She turned around licked my dick clean, then collapsed on the sofa. I watch her as she slowly opens her legs wide allowing me an unobstructed view of her swollen pussy.

Quickly I get down on the floor between her legs and begin eating her pussy. I lick her clit letting my tongue tease it then stick my tongue inside her pussy lips. I gently pull and tug on her pussy lips with my teeth then I begin sucking her pussy. It isn't long before she cums in a gush and I suck her dry.

"Scott, that was incredible." She says as she runs her fingers through my hair. " You said you'll be by yourself the rest of the summer right" She asks.

"Yes. They're on a European tour."

"Great we'll be getting together again real soon."

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