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Bailing Out My Husband

Author: Ellie
Publish Date : Oct 29, 2006
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I rushed upstairs as cum was dripping down my thighs and sat in the bath and ran the water. As I pondered what happened I was amazed how quickly it all happened and how easy it was...

* * * * * * *

Where do I begin My husband has showed me your site for months and reads choice stories to me. He thinks he wants to see me with other men. While I know he gets hot from this I know him and once it was done he would either feel remorse or get addicted. I would not enjoy either result. But his fantasy was a wake up call and I did say to myself I have been a little lazy and would spice things up.

So lately I will give him a blow job every now and then in the morning before the kids get up. I even let him cum on my tits. In addition, his new favorite position is when we are in a 69 position and he puts 5 fingers in me and I suck his dick. He tells me how sexy I am now and how much he loves me.

He has stopped asking me to be with other men. Well anyway last night we went out for dinner with two friends and had a ball, some of the talk was about sex and I was getting turned on. My husband had a couple of glasses of wine and a glass of port with his espresso and then we left. As he was driving home I took off my panties and handed them to him. He smelled them and said that a rest area was coming up and he was going to park and fuck me. I dared him and he pulled off and I jumped in the back. He did the same and started to kiss me and then I pulled out his cock and started to give him a great blow job.

He was really into it and so was I. He was fingering my pussy as I gave him great head. I think were both about to cum when a flash light was put against the window and a cop appeared. Another cop was at the door and banged on the window for us to open it.

Things were happening so fast we could not have been there more then 10 minutes and the cops must have been waiting to see what was going on. It appears my husband was driving erratically and they started to follow him and then waited to observe what was going on.

The first cop said that we were being stopped because my husband was driving drunk and now they would add a second charge that we were performing a lewd act in public. He asked for both of our drivers license as he wanted to make sure I was not a prostitute.

As they went back to review the information my husband was real nervous. He said if this made the papers or if he was really drunk and found guilty he could be fired. The cops came back and asked my husband to take a Breathalyzer test, not sure if he was drunk he hesitated. I told them we would never do anything like this again and that I would drive home if they let us go.

I told them what my husband drank and told them he was probably not drunk but did not want to take a chance. They said they would think about it and come back. I must say seeing my husband vulnerable and these two hunks, macho cops act so assertively turned me on. Not to mentioned that 10 minutes ago I was just about to cum.

Well they came back and the cops said OK but also stated that I had to take the breathalyzer test before driving my husband home. The one cop stayed with me while I went into the squad care with the other. Instead of giving me the test he pulled out his cock and said you know the drill you looked good doing it to your husband.

This cop was white and a little older, mid thirties but gorgeous blue eyes and a great shape with short blonde hair. I was taken by surprise and I said what! Even though I really wanted to do it I had some guilt and reservations as I vowed never to cheat on my husband. The cop started to pull up his pants and said fine, your both going to the precinct to be booked I remember how nervous my husband was and said wait.

I stopped him pulled out his Dick and sucked like my life depended on it. His cock was long and skinny, much different then my husbands. As I sucked he said your husbands a very lucky man. He also said swallow every drop I can't anything on my uniform. He came pretty quickly and I swallowed every drop. He smirked at me and said see that wasn't so bad.

As we walked back to the car I was getting really hot again as I thought about what I just did. When we got back to the car the cop said we should have the results in five minutes and if I was not intoxicated we could go.

They both went to the police car and left me with my husband. My husband thanked me and kissed me on the lips. He asked me why my lips were so red and I told him that I had to get my lips around the breathalyzer. He seemed fine and figured we had dodged a bullet and promised never to do anything like this again.

The cops came back and said the test was inconclusive and that I would have to take it again. My husband was startled because he knew I did not drink and told the cops. They started to yell at him and said they were doing us a favor and that if he didn't shut up we would go to the precinct. At that point I told him not to worry and that would take it again.

This time the white cop stayed behind and the black cop took me to do the test. They told my husband that the black cop had more experience. As I walked to the car I was getting so hot I never sucked a black cock before and I was getting hornier by the second. He was much taller than the white cop and had a bald head, very cute with lots of muscles. When we got into the car I went to un-buckle his pants and pulled out his cock. He warned me that he never came from a blow job and would have to fuck me.

I took this as a challenge and began to suck like a champ, to my surprise his cock was much bigger and fatter than my husbands. I licked his balled jerked up and down with my hands and bobbed my head like a champ. I could hardly get my mouth around his cock and the I realized why it was hard for him to cum this way.

After five minutes of licking as much as I could and getting really horny and wet. He then picked my head up pulled my skirt up and had me sit on top of him. Not having my panties on paid off. He said to hurry as my husband might start to suspect something. I got on top and surprisingly was able to take his cock all the way, not right away but after three or four slow tries. Once I got it all a rode like a cowgirl cuming several times. He was not to far behind,after five minutes he held me down and shot load after load in me 6 or seven contractions. He then gave me some napkins and said get yourself together while I get your husband to move to the passengers seat.

He went to the car and told my husband he had good news I passed. He also said I was throwing up from the nerves and would be back in a minute. He asked my husband for the keys and told him to walk around to the passengers seat. Which he did gladly. As I cleaned my self up and his cum started to drip out of me I could not believe how fulfilled I felt. I had just had sex with two cops. Had the biggest cock of my life, came several times and helped my husband at the same time. I even tasted some of the black guys cum as it dripped out and it was delicious.

I walked over to the car and the black cop asked if I felt Okay to drive after throwing up, I said yes. This was great because now my husband felt even more guilty and would not come near me. He said he was sorry a hundred times and that he would never drink and drive or ask me to have sex in public again.

The cops followed us home and beeped when we pulled into the driveway. I was still hot and wanted to fuck my husband but knew I had to take a bath first. I told my husband I still wanted to have a good night but I needed to take a bath to calm down. He understood and asked if he could get me anything. I told him to go have a beer and wait for me to come get him.

I rushed upstairs as cum was dripping down my thighs and sat in the bath and ran the water. As I pondered what happened I was amazed how quickly it all happened and how easy it was. I thought about how the cops knew where I lived and how maybe I could do it again.

As I cleaned myself and daydreamed my husband knocked on the door and asked if I was OK. I said yes and that I would be right out. He was so sorry he kissed me and told me how lucky he was. He then ate my pussy, as he did I fantasized about what just happened and I came a couple of more times.

He was so shook up he could not even get a hard on. Its ironic that I had cum maybe 8, 9 times that night and he was so traumatized that he could not even get it up. I told him it was all right and that I owed him, he said no I will always remember how you got us out of this by getting the cops to let you drive home. He said I love you and we both went to bed. As I dozed off I realized my life had changed forever...

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