Finals Study Session

Author: College Coed Sarah
Published: Dec 13, 2006
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The study session for a business Final turns very steamy when Jake and I final let all our stress and tension release on each other.

So Jake and I have known each other for about a year. We met in our Business class and have always flirted. Always innocent until last night. Jake called me and asked if I wanted to study together for our Business Final. I said yes of course becasue he had some of the answers to the test and I needed help studying. I decided that maybe I might spice things up if i wear a sexy bra and thong under my clothes so that I can make Jake squirm a little.

So I put on a black lace bra and thong and walk over to his dorm room. At first things were very innocent but then once Jake got a peak at my thong when i went to pick up something off the floor, I knew I had gotten his attention. His mind was no longer on our Final but on my ass. It got very hot in the room so i decided to take off my sweat shirt. I had a black lace tank on underneath and the look on Jakes face when he saw what i was wearing underneath told me that he wanted me.

I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to take a break. He told me that he thought it was a good idea. So i crawled over onto his bed and asked him if he would like to study "anatomy" instead. He looked at me in shock and just smiled. That told me that he def. wanted to study "anatomy" with me.

I took off my shirt and pants and showed him my tan and tone body. He just smiled and got up and took off his shirt and pants. All our sexual tension was about to be released on each other. I sat on top of him and asked him if he wanted to see what boobs looked like. He laughed and said yes please. So i unhooked my bra and released my 34D boobs and told him that if he felt it would help him understand the body more he should touch them. He did more then that.

He grabbed my tits and started licking all other my nipples. Then he took his tounge and traced it down my stomich. He asked if he was allowed to see what was underneath my thong. I said of course. He then started rubbing my pussy with his hand and removed my underwear for me. He took his hands and grabbed my ass and picked me up off the bed and flipped me on my back. He then started licking me all other my body.

As our mouths met for the first time a spark went off. All the tension between us over the semester was finally being released. It was like we couldn't get enough of each other. I then told him to take his boxers off and show me what he was working with. I was very happy to see that his manhood was perfect. about 8 inches and very thick. Jake is a football player so he is very buff and very tone as soon as he took off those boxers I could see that he looked very good without his clothes on. Just as I had imagined when I had watched him play football.

I then grabbed his dick in my hand and licked the tip of it. He shook with pleasure so I started taking my tounge and slicking all other the shaft. I then stuck it in my mouth and took the whole thing into my mouth. He gasped with pleasure and said "oh my god". I continued to suck his dick for about 3 mins. then I stopped and told him that I was done and I wanted him to show me what he wanted to do to me.

He told me I was a tease but he would be glad to show me. He then flipped me over on my back and slid his hand to my pussy. He stuck in three fingers and started finger fucking me. I have had guys finger me before but Jake Knew exactly where to touch me. I came after about a min. of him fingering me. He then asked me if I wanted to keep going and I told him that i didn't want to beg but if he didn't fuck me soon i was going to be very mad.

He then told me that he wanted this to last for a while and told me to continue with my blow job and then I would get rewarded for my hard work. I said ok and started sucking again. His dick tasted so good in my mouth I just couldn't get enough. After about 5 mins Jake came deep in my mouth. It was so sweet and like no cum I had ever had before.

I then asked him where is my reward. He startled me by flipping me on my back again and asking me if i was ready to get fucked. i said yes of course becasue i could not wait to have his thick dick in my pussy filling me up. He took the tip of his dick and started playing with my pussy with it. I asked him" are you going to make me beg or are you going to fuck me already" He then jamed all 8 inches into me hard. It was the best feeling in the world.

I like it rough and had told him that a number of times. I grabbed my hair in his hand and just pounded his dick into my tight pussy. My pussy started to open up to his dick and I started to feel it fluttry with pleasure. I came for the first time after about 2 mins. He then asked me if i wanted to keep going because he was ready to go all night. He told me his goal was to make me cum at least 5 times if possible. I told him good luck but i was up for it because his dick felt so good in me that I didn't want it to stop.

He had be grap the bedpost of the bed then slammed his dick in my pussy from behind. He started nibbling on my neck and back and made me cum again. He told me that he wasn't done yet and flipped me back on my back. I could feel my toes started to curl becasue the pleasure was so intense. Never have I had such an intense orgaism. Jake continued to fuck me until I did in fact cum 5 times.

Once we were done i could barely move. He kissed me on the head and told me that he had never had a blow job like that before and wanted to repay the person who had given him the best blow job of his life. I laughed and said then I owed him for the best fuck of my life.

We then got dressed and started studying again. I think that sex like that def. takes care of the stressful week of finals. I can't wait for next semester becasue we have another class together and we both agree that study sessions before every test is a must.

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