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Author: Anon
Published: 14-Sep-04 Revised/Updated 12-Jun-17
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I was young and innocent, well, not literally innocent, but at least I was young. I have been told that one could not conceive of a late teen not being a virgin, so I won't delude you, I wasn't, but my few experiences with aggressive, inexperienced, self-centered, clumsy boys has not given me much respect or enthusiasm for the actual physical act of love.

* * * * * * *

Anyway, I once had this date with this arty sort of guy. I was interested in acting and he was "into the movies." It all started "innocently" enough. We were invited to some friends of his for a party. These were people I had never met before, but they were great. It was the most beautiful bunch of people I have ever seen. They all seemed to be in the movie business in some sort of way. Anyway, we each went our separate ways and I got pretty bombed with both the attention I got and the strong drinks they served. Since I don't drink too much it was a puzzle to see that I was the only one getting drunk, but it was fun. Then my friend passed by and said he had to leave, but would be back in a few hours to pick me up. From then on everything kind of got fuzzy.

The next thing I can remember was being lead, or carried was more like it, down to the basement. It seemed to be laid out like a movie studio with several cameras, lights and other stuff. Everything seemed to be focus toward one corner, with a four- poster bed! How strange!

It was soon after that I discovered that I was to be a principal in a porn flick. Now I am no innocent, but I hadn't agreed to be any part of this.

Well, when I see that things are inevitable, I think, maybe I should relax and enjoy it. It was a clean nice place. All of the participants, both male and female, had seemed nice. I was impressed with the looks of both the men and women. As I said, they were all, well, beautiful!

They matched me up with this gorgeous hunk, Sam. He seemed nice enough. In fact, under different circumstances I might have sort looked forward to this.

The apparent story line, if you could call it that, was that there was to be a fucking contest. There were going to be four couples who would screw one right after the other, then the winning team would be picked.

Everyone changed into some sexy and very skimpy robes, no underwear. I was still in no condition to fight the superior man power so I could not really prevent them from taking my clothes off. They did try to do it gently, however.

The set was simple, but strange. The room was fairly large, but it had to be to accommodate the four couples, the director, cameraman and a few and sundry others. There was the silk- sheeted bed with many pillows, but no covers, and some chairs lined up in front of it. In the corner behind the bed was a steel post with several rings on it. I could only guess what that was for.

They started filming at the directors command. Then at an unintelligible command, the door flew open and couple of guys brought in this giant. He must have been nearly seven feet tall and solidly built, but he was obviously a little freakish as his struggles were very uncoordinated. They tied him to the pole.

One of the girls, apparently on clue rushed over to him and really felt him up before the camera. Either that guy was a good actor or he was really embarrassed. He fought to loose himself harder when she went over then when he was brought it. His face was beet red, but it wasn't all from exertion, the growing bulge in his pants attested to that.

The director motioned to Sam to get ready, we were apparently first. A couple of the gals came over to me and carried me to the bed. I tried as hard as I could to struggle, as I still wasn't exactly sure what was going on. I really did try to get free, but they were amazingly strong and knew how to hold me so I couldn't really do anything.

They stripped off my clothes and tied me spread-eagle on the bed. Sam came over to the bed and leaned over. "OK, Babe, here we go."

He leered as he slowly parted his robe. A huge pulsing cock stood right out and stared me right in the face. As I said. I am no novice, but it was the biggest I had seen. It must have been eight inches long and about an inch and a half across. "This could have been fun," I thought, but I sure wished they would have let us prepare properly. Sam practically dove on me.

With Sam's full weight on me I struggled to free myself. Most of the struggling was to get my face away from his awful leer. After a few real mushy kisses he slipped his hands down my side and groped for my nipples. Surprisingly, the were upright and hard. During all of this I had forgotten the audience, but then I was preoccupied with other things. Sam was surprisingly gentle I noted with relief. In fact his touch was nice and warm and really nice when he bent down and took my whole areola into his mouth. That was something that I always enjoyed, but none of my men-friends seemed to like. He rolled his tongue all around really getting to all the erotic places. He went from one to the other like a child trying to decide between a vanilla or chocolate ice cream cone. He really couldn't seem to make up his mind and I sure didn't care if he ever did.

When I thought I would scream in ecstasy, which, no doubt, would have delighted the director, he yelled to Sam, "Get on with it, we don't have all day!"

Sam obediently slid down until be had his head between my out stretched legs. With a few quick stabs with his tongue he found my erect clit and taught it a thing or two. Boy, was this great. After many (it seemed) delicious minutes feeling his expertness raise me to dizzying heights, I involuntarily arched my back. As I did, my heart stopped, well, not really, but it sure did a double-take. They had that poor guy in the corner, complete naked. He had this a monstrous cock just hanging there at half staff. His eyes had about bulged out of their sockets staring at us. But I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful penis, magnificent or stupendous, were more appropriate words. Already it was over a foot long and easily two inched across. Sam looked like a piker compared to him. My, my, who was going to get him, but at that moment the director again yelled for Sam to hurry up.

Sam then came back up and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips as he grabbed by buttocks in his hands. He was kind of kneeling over me with his erect dick throbbing above my cunt. My efforts at struggling to free myself had sort of subsided, now my laboring was more to assist progress. I desperately wanted to reach around Sam with my arms and legs and bring him into me, but I was still tied. He grabbed his pulsing stanchion, successfully fighting its periodic jerks, and pointed it towards my welcoming hot box. He just probed around the entrance for a few moments, flicking my clit every time it jerked up. Then he forced it lower and found the hot moist path to my very soul. He forced it in a fraction and stopped. I jerked myself and lodged it another several inches.

Then, for no apparent reason, the director yelled, "That's it, Sam! Alice, finish him off!" I felt the bed rock as one of the other girls hopped on next to me. She slid herself under Sam and grabbed his erect rod.

Sam was off in an instant. They clinched right next to me and as the camera came in close we could all watch as Sam's vein- studded cock quickly found Alice's drenched cunt. In veritable slow motion, his magnificent penis sunk from view into the shaven crevice. Oh, how I wanted that, but I was high and dry (well, not quite literally). The juices flowed as they began that age- old rhythm called fucking by some and love-making by others. To them it was the former, but it sure looked like fun.

Alice must have been hot to trot already as she was really working herself into a frenzy. The camera came in real close to show the course of the sturdy dick as it sunk deep into Alice's cunt and then emerged nearly all of the way. Sam sure had a long stroke. It was hard to bear, knowing that could have been me taking that cock in me. But now the slushing was being done by another. Nonetheless, I was rising nearly as fast as she was.

"Hurry, I am almost cumming, please hurry." No faked script for this gal, nor for Sam as his breathing became labored and the grunts of their efforts very audible. With one final splendid thrust he dove into the hot pussy with his all and collapsed in Alice's arms. Only the gentle rhythmic pulsing of their hips continued as the cum began flowing out of Alice and into the bed. The camera caught everything.

In just a short time, on cue from the director, they both extracted themselves from the entanglement of arms and legs, etc., and got up. I was agonizingly close to cumming myself, but there was nothing to get me quite across the edge. As he pulled his still erect and dripping dick out with a delightful squishy noise, the ever-present director yelled, "Next!"

I struggled to break free so I could grab that still stiff rod for myself or escape, I didn't know which, but to no avail. I still didn't know what the hell was going on.

However, in my squirmings I did notice, with fascination, that the guy in the corner had a most magnificent hard-on now. It was a full three inches across, 16 inches long bundle of veins and arteries, poised for action. It shimmered in the glaring light. Oooh, what I would give for a little of that.

My attention was diverted by the next couple, George and Gloria, hopping on the bed. George was another one of these wonderfully-hung studs, with a big and hard cock ready for action. Gloria, a lovely girl, had already lathered herself with K-Y, as she hunkered over into the all-fours position.

The George grabbed his big red cock in both hands, the way I would have if I had been able, and tried to find the appropriate orifice. The director yelled, "Not the ass, do it the regular way." She was trying to look nonchalant, but could not quite cover up the excitement of what was to come. The camera could not see her face, but I could and relished as the pretty face became beautiful as the big moment arrived.

I did not need to watch the progress of George's probing to know where he was. All I had to do was watch Gloria's face. First a pained expression, then a smile, then a start, then the eyes closed for an instant and a beatific smile crept over her face. He had found home. She had a catch in her breath as I noticed George give an involuntary jerk with his hips.

They were mated. Gloria's eyes rolled up into their sockets as George slowly immersed his stallion penis into her juicy cunt. But she recoiled as he sought to remove it. She reached back with both hands to steady it in place. She wasn't going to let this one get away like I did. George clutched at her pendulous breasts that were hanging just a few inches from my face, allowing her free rein with his dick. She was all over it, touching and feeling the total expanse of it.

As I scrunched over to get a better view of the rear entry action I again noticed the poor guy in the corner. He was still bug-eyed at the actions going before him, but he was also being fawned over by another one of the girls. Judy had squatted down in front of him gently caressing his immensely swollen prick. She appeared to be tracing each of the severely distended veins from his pubic hair to the now-glistening head. Although his eyes never left George and Gloria, he definitely knew that Judy was there. He was desperately trying to extricate himself from his lashings, whether to escape or join the action, I could not tell. His struggles were heroic. If I was Judy, I would hop right on that cock and you would never see it again.

About that time I heard the simultaneous gasps of orgasm escape the nearby couple. I wrenched my eyes away from the lovely corner scene to see Gloria flop head first onto the bed, dragging a still-buried George along with her. His penis must have been unmercifully wrenched, but he never flinched. Again the steady trickle of bodily fluids escaping between the two flowed over the bed. Some even made its way to me as in my own ecstacy I attempted to slide into it. Again my struggle to join the couple were thwarted by my tethers.

But the director continued to bark his orders. He told one of the girls to help Noah, apparently, that was the guy in the corner. Alice sidled over to him and took his mighty staff, pulled it down as far as she could and let it go. It sprung up in a mighty arc and oscillated for some time. She then ran her hands delicately around the various nooks and crannies and then bend down to follow the traces with her tongue. Noah's eyes rolled back into his head as he let out a tremendous groan. I couldn't believe it, but his gigantic dork had grown some more, not so much longer as bigger around. Alice could just barely get both hands around it, but it was nearly impossible for her to control it as it jerked around in response to his struggles and its own actions, I guess.

I was brought back to reality () by another couple climbing onto the bed. "My god," I thought, "I can't take anymore of this. Here I am ready and willing and able, but they don't even know it."

Greg lay down next to me, as Judy smilingly whispered to me, "Eat your heart out." Greg's cock, as expected, was raring to go, all nine inches of it. This would be interesting as Judy didn't look a day over 18 or an inch over 4-10. She didn't appear to be unversed, however. Grabbing Greg's thingus, she opened her mouth and swallowed nearly half his shaft. She began moving up and down covering his member totally with her saliva. Greg moaned, indicating that it didn't feel half bad. I sure didn't know how it felt to him, but it felt good to me just to watch. But how much more could I take

Deeper and deeper Judy urged Greg's dick. He grimaced as he apparently felt his cock crash into the back of her throat, but Judy seemed to enjoy it. She kept banging her throat harder and harder. The thrill was overtaking him as he grunted, "I am ready to explode."

As the pressure mounted she began to rub his balls softly, almost as if she didn't believe him. With a deep groan he began to flood her juicy little mouth with gobs of his hot cum. Each spurt packed with incredible power. She swallowed loudly, agreeing with the taste. "Mmmmmm, hmmmmmm," she kept moaning. But it was too much for her as the viscous seminal fluid began to flow out of her mouth. Greg's cock was super slippery as his own sperm covered the full length of the shaft.

Judy took the cock out of her mouth, a thick string of cum still connected the hard, pulsating head to her lower lip. "That was so good," she gurgled with her mouth still full. His cock was still straight up in the air and it looked even longer and thicker as it gleamed. There was a puddle of it on the bed. Judy carefully scooped up some of the thick stuff in her hands and inserted it in her already slippery juice box.

She then positioned herself over Greg and placed his plum- sized head against her genital lips. "God, it's so big," she said as she maneuvered the cream-covered rod to somehow get it in.

Then with a long grunt as if she was having a BM she forced the rock-hard head in. "Ooooh, maaaaa gooood!!!" she gasped as she began to move up and down very slowly. Her eyes closed in delight as she just sort of rocked gently up and down, steadily working his cock deeper.

"Oh, yeah, I love it," she said. She started really moving up and down as the last of his steel-hard shaft was absorbed in her sweet box. Biting her upper lip, she groaned, "Ooooooooooo yeah, this is what I needed."

"Let me fuck you, just like that," she said as she began to pick up speed. "Don't move. Oh, it feels incredible." Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened as she continued to hammer away at his swelling swollen shaft. Alternating from a quick succession of quick strokes and slow long strokes his facial expression showed he obviously had another eruption coming on.

Coming up on one of her long strokes she pulled his cock out of her love box just enough to maintain his head just outside as she began to rub the slippery knob back and forth between her labia and over her pink little clit. Then she slowly put it back into her succulent cunt.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she let herself slip over Greg's bloated, towering penis. Then she stopped. After a few seconds she began to gyrate her hips. Slowly she added the in and out strokes again.

"Uh, uh, uh ,uh, uh, oooh, uh, uh," she moaned with each inward stroke. "Oh, god, Oh, god. Oh, yes. I feel it. Oh, fuck, me. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me," she whimpered between each forceful thrust. He surely was about to explode in her. I wondered how much longer they could last, as I had just about had it, myself.

Then, "I'm coming," he cried. "Oh, yeah," she replied, "Come baby, flood me with your love."

Those words were apparently what did it. He exploded inside of her. "Ooooooo, give it all to me. Empty yourself inside of me. It feels so hot and slippery," she cried. "I want you to go even deeper inside of me." His balls quivered with each burst.

"Oh, god, I think I'm coming," she erupted, "Oh yes, I'm coming, oh, oh, yes, oh, please don't stop, please don't stop, fuck me, please fuck me." But he was finished.

She screamed as she drew closer to her blissful pinnacle as she continued to thrust on him. "AAAAH, OOOOOH!, OH GOD!, OH GOD!, OH YES!, AH, AH, AH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as her love box spasmed around his still jerking penis and her juices flowed. "Oh yes, oh, that felt so incredibly delicious."

They both collapsed, along with me, for I had been rigid as Greg's cock, myself.

After a few minutes we all sort of recovered. What next. Anything else would be anti-climactic (pardon the pun). Greg and Judy slowly and reluctantly disjoined and got up. Judy gave me a reassuring smile and patted my shoulder. The real word gradually came back to me. I could vaguely see the director and camera men and a few of the "stars" still sitting there rapt. The only noise was the bed creaking as Greg finally got off, the whirring of the camera, a cough in the back somewhere and a low, very low moan. The last was odd, I had never heard anything like it, it was almost unearthly. But one thing you had to say about it, it was mournful. Although still in a sexual "high" and virtually starving for relief, I could not help, but try to find the source, as if I didn't know already. There it was, that poor guy in the corner. He was slumped over being totally supported by his bindings. Well, he wasn't totally slumped over, his magnificent cock was flaming red and standing straight out throbbing up and down about two inches at a time. One of the girls was still hanging around his neck with one hand and stroking his immense penis with the other. It must have been a full eighteen inches now, the size was amazing. It was four inches across if it was an inch. Even from where I lay, all trussed up, too, I could see that he was in agony, not unlike mine, come to think of it. How could they do it

Totally fascinated by the scene, I barely heard the director tell all of the women to leave. This was accomplished not without protest. I expected them to release me and let me go, too, but either they forgot or had other things in mind.

Then I looked down at myself. There I was all pink and white, stretched out on the bed. My tennis ball-sized breasts each crowned with a little pink nipple, proudly erect. My smooth white legs, my inner thighs, gently curved to meet at, what felt like my very soul, my crotch, where the silky pubic hairs nestled all around my passionately rising mons. The virginal labia swollen like never before and my clitoris, although hidden from my view, was stoutly erect, hungering for human contact. And the moistness oozing out of my vagina, down my crack to mingle with the other bodily secretions already present.

I desperately wanted to close my legs so I was not so exposed, yet I really wanted to put my hands down there and ease the, seemingly, unquenchable fire in my clitoris. I actually even hoped that they would allow one of those magnificent men to cover me and relieve me of my frustrations. But, I guess it was not to be for they came over and untied me. Then, as someone draped a sheet over me, I was told to just lie there and relax for a little bit.

I rolled over, oblivious to the observers and placed my hand on my mons. With a trembling finger I sought my little bud. At last, if no one else was going to do it I would. My hand darted from my clit to my oozing vagina. The crack, long off limits to my probing hands, felt moist, warm and inviting. "Mmmm... That feels good!" I moaned softly.

But my concentration was cut short by a loud roar. I started, and looked up. They had freed the Noah! He tore loose from the remainder of his bindings like they were mere threads. One of his hands, a enormous beefy thing grabbed his own tool, the other he flung up to his face. The he looked down at himself, as if in disbelief. Could it be he had never seen himself erect before I decided not to stay around and see.

I then knew what was the next activity! I was off of the bed in a flash heading for the door, but this guy was quick as well as big. He ran after me, clearing the bed, as I looked back in horror, in a single leap. With one of his beefy hands he had me by the shoulder. His other arm wrapped itself around my middle and I was off of the ground. My 92 pounds didn't faze him one bit. It one swift, flowing motion he threw me back on the bed. I was so stunned that I lay there for a brief instant as he towered over me. He let out another horrendous roar, but it didn't seem appropriate with his sad, melancholy eyes.

He didn't seem to know what to do then, but I couldn't take my eyes off of his. They were so pleading. Slowly, very slowly, I sat up, never blinking. I had two choices, run or stay. Something deep down told me to run, but my actions were dictated by the condition of my body, not logic.

As I sat up, I slowly reached out to touch this magnificent stallion cock. Only then did I take my eyes off of his eyes and look down to what I had, or rather tried to have, in my hand. Not only was it too large for me to really hold with one hand, but it was alive!

This was the Staff of Life, truly. It was unquestionably a giant, a flaming red giant. The shaft was laced with gigantic veins wandering this way and that, seemingly without purpose, but I knew better. Not only did the entire cock jerk up and down on a regular basis, but each vein that studded the jumbo shaft seemed to throb like an idling race car. I brought the other hand up to try to quell its independent spirit. If this was to be mine, I must have some semblance of control. With all of my strength I seemed to be able to hold him to small twitches. But its strength amazed and fascinated me. I proceeded to trace its enormous expanse with my fingers, forgetting that this was not a dismembered member. After thoroughly memorizing the shaft I hesitated and crept towards the tremendous glans. Although the shaft had been virtually as hard as a piece of steel, the glans, so rosy and shinning before me, was just firm, soft and firm. I could gentle squeeze it and it would yield a little. The one eye appeared to tear just for me as it stared at me.

As I finished tracing the glans around I decided to check out the loosely hanging testicles. They hung nearly six inches below the ever-present and attentive dick, in a soft loose bag of skin. I had never felt balls before, so it was a puzzle when I had trouble grasping them. They felt like tennis balls made of gelatin. They were pliable and soft, yet turgid.

I must have spent a long time just playing with the enormous equipment presented to me before I remembered that they were part of a real live person. I looked up. Staring down at me were two large sad eyes. Then the eyes rolled back into his head, he released a low moan of ecstacy and leaned over me. He gentle, but firmly, laid me back on the bed and began to trace my whole body with his huge rough hands. It was just too much for me. Not only could I not stand those scratchy hands, but I need no preliminaries. I was ready! I think he was, too.

I reached up and put my hands around his neck. He paused. I whispered, "Fuck me, you big horse!" He did not seem to understand my request, but he did get on the bed, down on all fours over me. The bed protested, but stayed up.

The scene must have seemed ludicrous. This giant, dark, hairy ox-of-a-man on all fours covering this petit blonde virginal-looking girl. I extracted my legs from between his and reached up to get them around his waste. At the same time I pulled myself up by my arms to hug him around the neck (I sure didn't want to get kissed by him).

He still didn't know what to do, but he was shaking like a leaf. The moans and groans spewed from his lips like water over a dam. Of course, I was shaking a bit myself, but I wasn't going to let this moment get away.

Then he seemed to remember what he had seen, for the continued to hold his stance and reach down with one hand to again grasp his unbelievable staff. He started trying to waggle it around to find a place to put it, but I could see I was going to have to help a little. I pulled myself up higher with my legs until I just felt the touch of his hot and, by now, sweaty penis. The instant I touched him, he froze. Then he got up on his knees with me trailing along. He sort of stood there on his knees, moaning and sweating. The with his free hand, the other one was trying to control the antics of his gigantic, flailing stanchion, he reached around my back and pulled me closer to him. I could then feel that he had begun rocking his hips, slowly, yes, definitely making actual fucking strokes, but he was missing the point as I kind of sitting on top of his dick. The motions were graciously received by me as my clitoris was being royally stimulated. This was better than riding a horse.

Gradually, his motions became heavier and more intense. He was working up a great lather pumping with his muscular haunches supporting that majestic and imposing rod. I wasn't sure, but what he didn't think that this was all there was to it, but I didn't think I wanted to be masturbated with that splendid gorgeous penis right there!

As I tried to talk Noah into waiting, I did what I could to back away from his steadily stroking penis. His motions were not really under his own control, but he obviously thought I was trying to get away, as he gripped be harder, almost too hard. But, thank goodness, nature took its course and his pelvic thrusts became longer and longer.

Just at the right moment I pushed mightily away from him and dropped a fraction of an inch. That was a mistake, as his return thrust caught me full. He actually tried to stuff all eighteen inches of that four inch monster in my tight little vagina at one time. Needless to say it didn't fit. I cried out in sheer terror, thinking he was going to rip me in two. Whether it was that or the fact the very tip of him stupendous penis had found home, I don't know. He was transfixed. He stopped, looked down at us, looked up, grunted and removed his steadying hand. Very gentle he reached both hands back to my gracefully rounded, pure white bottom and held each buttock in his palm.

His rock-hard cock, lodged against my involuntarily tightly closed vagina, sent bolts of electricity shooting through me. This was it. I moaned loudly and thrust my hips towards this dauntless scepter to hasten his entrance. Now the man knew instinctively the time had come for some serious work. He rotated his hips so that his penis kind of slid around my labia. My juices had never stopped flowing, thank goodness, so this was the perfect opportunity to lubricate his glans for the mad charge ahead. Again he placed his rigid cock's head on the now yearning opening. My continued thrusting gradually forced the tip of his head to disappear inside my virginal cunt. There was a momentary twinge of pain, but that was more than offset by a marvelous full feeling. "A real man, at last, a real man," I thought. Not one of those wimpy little geeks. This is what woman was made for.

Now the man began to move again. With some hesitation or trepidation, I didn't know, nor care, I could feel his hips move a short ways in, then out. But I moved with him. He was firmly lodged, but it was going to take some effort to proceed further. I had serious doubts how long he was going to last, as he had been putting up with a pretty suggestive show for a very long time. Personally, I had cum several time, but I was more than ready for more. Would he be

His moans became more pronounced as the determined humping of his haunches increased in intensity. Still no progress, but the stimulation I was getting was heading me for another climax anyway.

His pelvic stabs had begun as strokes, maybe, a few inches long, but as he appeared to gather courage and confidence they grew longer and slower. Slowly I felt his magnificent dick creep in deeper by a fraction of an inch. Then more.

But before his thrusts could bear much more fruit he seemed to lose control. His strokes approached six, then eight or ten inches or maybe more. All I could do was ride with them. I didn't think I could have taken it if I had been on the bed.

Then with an unearthly moan he came. The initial shot of semen seemed to penetrate my very soul, a hot searing flood of cum followed. Was this his first time I wondered. Everything about this guy was superlative. He just kept cumming and cumming. I reached down to feel his balls to see if I could detect the end, but they were just as full as before. Maybe I couldn't tell that way.

Although I took his out-pouring with great pleasure, I had hoped for more, I wanted another climax from this stud of the first water. Oh, ye of little faith.

After his momentous flood I expected his to pull out and leave the way guys do, but he apparently wasn't through with me. He leaned over and gently laid me down on the bed, still enlodged and still hard as steel. With a grunt of satisfaction he began his ministerings to me again. The stallion wanted to take me for another ride!

With utter elation I grasped him around the neck again, re- clutched his full loins and waited for the onslaught. Again he started gently, with his short strokes. I tried to extract him on his up stroke so he would have momentum on his down, to no avail, I was stuck and just rode with him as he went up.

The frustration at only being able to invade a few inches sent the man into a frenzy. His still pulsing penis was poised to fully penetrate my body. His horse-stabs grew longer.

Then a wondrous thing happened. He moved in me again. The added lubrication of his cum, assisted us where my meager oilings would not suffice. His pelvic motions definitely were bearing fruit.

As he poured his whole being into each monstrous stab, I slowly, juicily and with obvious relish, absorbed more and more of the incredible staff.

His plunges had met my involuntary resistance. Mentally, I tried to open as wide as possible, I wanted his whole being inside of me. After an amazingly short time however, the resistance lessened.

It was the final lunge at the end of a superb foot-inch stroke that did the trick. We both emitted muffled cries when his immense penis finally thrust home. Together we froze in seemingly amazement. I just had time to catch my breath when he began again. This time I didn't have to ride with him, I could go "against" him. He filled me to the hilt.

His flailing thrusts were rewarded with the delicious, lubricated sliding of his gorgeous vein-studded, flaming penis in my creamy pink vagina. Although my delicate pink clitoris was seemingly waiving in the breeze of his motions, I could care less.

Once again this superb stallion-of-a-man found renewed energy. Giving a cry of pleasure and he redoubled his efforts. As the fantastic, scintillating penis slipped deeper into me, I arched my back and groaned, "My god!" Over and over he drove his glorious penis deeper into me and with each stroke both of us grunted in unison. As his strokes approached ten inches in length the penetration by his spectacular organ was very nearly complete.

And then, with a huge flash, the world exploded. With one magnificent plunge the man came with a heart-wrenching shriek. My response was not muffled this time. As he struggled to unload his wad into me my whole body stiffened and once again I went into a spasmodic orgasm. His testicles boiled up and erupted their contents inside of me until I could practically taste it. I never had a chance to wonder where it all came from, and surely didn't care, as long as I was the recipient. All I know is that his hot sticky semen continued to spew and spurt inside of me for what seemed like eternity.

Now all we had to do was wait for the jury to count the ballots, for Noah and I had already voted.

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