How I got my Wife to become a Prostitute and Whore

Author: Ben Dover
Published: Oct 14, 2007
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This is absolutely a TRUE story. It happened in the mid 1990's and lasted about 5 years. To start off with I'll give you some information about my wife at that time. Her name is Mary she is about 5 ft. tall with brown eyes and brown hair and she's about 100 lbs. Her measurements are 32A 24 36. She was in her late 30's then.

This is absolutely a TRUE story. It happened in the mid 1990's and lasted about 5 years. To start off with I'll give you some information about my wife at that time. Her name is Mary she is about 5 ft. tall with brown eyes and brown hair and she's about 100 lbs. Her measurements are 32A 24 36. She was in her late 30's then.

When I met her she was divorced and had (3) three children. From what she told me she had her share of boyfriends in the past. She had a normal sex life. Nothing would indicate that she was a slut or a whore. But that was all about to change soon as you will see.

We were married for about five years when this all started. We had a normal sex life just like most couples that were married for five years. We just moved into a new house the year before and were having a great time there. However we had many bills and had a hard time paying for them. We both worked but it just seemed that we never had enough money left over at the end of the month. So this is where the story begins.

We were both members of a very large fitness center in our town. It had thousands of members from all around the area. We both worked out at least four times each week. In this fitness center they had an area with an indoor pool a sauna and a steam room. So after we would workout we would go and relax in that area.

One day I was sitting in the sauna with two other gentlemen. Mary was out by the pool. They didn't know that she was my wife. They both started to talk about her. They were saying how cute she was and what a nice body she has. Then they started to say what they would like to do to her. How they would love to fuck her. That's when I took an interest in there conversation.

They both had there own idea of what they wanted to do to her. One of the guys wanted to fuck Mary up the ass because his wife wouldn't let him do it to her. The other guy wanted to cum in Mary's mouth because his wife wouldn't let him do that to her either. But they both agreed it was only a dream and that would never happen. (You know how guys like to talk when they get together and there is a beautiful looking woman around.)

This is when I had a great idea. If these guys wanted to have sex with Mary then maybe they would be willing to pay her for it. That way they can have there fun and we could make some money from them. So I said to these guys that Mary is my wife and maybe I could help them out but it would cost them. Wow that sounds great to us they told me. They said that they were more than willing to pay her quite well as long as she did what they wanted. So I told them to wait while I talk to Mary. I then left the sauna and went to the pool where she was still. I told Mary how those two guys were watching you and saying how beautiful you look and how much you turn them on. She was so happy to hear this. It made her feel good knowing someone else thought she was beautiful. Then I proceeded to tell her how they also went to fuck her. Well she went wild. How dare they say something like that. What do they think I am. After she cooled down a bit I went on to explain to her my idea about them paying her for sex. Well she went wild again but this time with me. How dare you think I would do something like that. What do you think I'm a prostitute, and a whore. I tried to explain the idea more to her but she wasn't happy with me yet. I said to her that this is a great way for us to get out of debt and pay off all of our bills. Then maybe things would be a lot better for us. Well she still didn't want any part of the idea so I had to go back and tell the guys she had said no. But I did tell them that I would work on her some more during the week. I told them to meet me back at the gym next week and I would let them know if I had any luck.

Well if you wait long enough things sometimes work out your way. It just so happened two days later our car died and now we had to buy a new one or get the old one fixed. For which we didn't have the money. I walk to work so there's no problem for me. But Mary must drive to work. If she couldn't get there then she would lose her job. If Mary lost her job then there goes the house. So I thought this was a great time to bring up the idea of her having sex with those guys for money.

Well this time Mary didn't get mad at all. She thought for a moment and said YES. Boy I was surprised and happy. This sounded too good to be true. I didn't think Mary would ever change her mind because she isn't that type of person to do something like this. I guess when things get very bad you'll do just about anything to survive. I told Mary what they wanted to do to her and the more she did for them the more they would pay her. She said that she understood and would give it a try at least once. If she liked it she would consider more times but if not that would be it. I told her I agree and left it at that. She told me to get in touch with the guys and set it up leaving the details to me.

I went to the gym and met the two guys. When I told them Mary said ok they couldn't believe it. They were so excited. I told them it may only be once unless Mary agrees to more times. So I told them if you pay her well then maybe she will come back for more. We made plans to meet at a local Holiday Inn hotel up the street the next afternoon.

Everything is going great so far. The plan seems to be working to make Mary a prostitute and a whore.

The next day came and Mary seemed a very nervous but excited. She said that it feels like she was going on a first date. Mary was dressed very sexy for them. She had on a very tight white pair of pants with boots and a low cut blouse to show off her small tits a little. We arrived at the Holiday Inn around 3 p.m. they weren't there yet. So Mary and I just sat in the car and waited for them. Mary said she was feeling a little better now that the time is getting closer. She said she also was getting excited because she had never done anything like this before. She never had sex with more than one guy at a time and never did any of the things that they wanted her to do.

A few minutes later here comes a car with the two guys in it. IT'S SHOWTIME. Mary and I get out of our car. Mary looks very sexy standing there. The guys get out of there car and started to walk over to us. Mary checked them out and lets me know that she likes what she sees so far. They are both tall and have rather well built bodies from working out at the gym. One has black hair and the other one has brown hair. They are in their very early 30s we guessed. They are both younger than Mary by several years. We introduced each other. They are John and Tony. Mary told them she has never had sex like this before and she is a little scared about it. They suggested we go inside to the bar and sit down and talk for awhile to get to know each other. Maybe that will help you relax John said to Mary. We talked for about a half hour and Mary was feeling much better. Mary told them she has never had sex with younger men before so don't be disappointed if it isn't everything that they expected. They were very understanding and told Mary just to relax and enjoy herself.

Now we went to the front desk and got our room. The desk clerk looked at us like he knew what we were up to. It seemed like such a long ride up the elevator to our room. Mary got to the door of the room and just stood there sort of scared but excited all in one. John took Mary by the hand and took her into the room. Tony was right behind her. I guess so she wouldn't get away if she changed her mind. Well John and Tony went all out and got a suite for us.

There also was a bottle of champagne in the room. These guys went first class all the way so far. We got four glasses out, filled them up with the champagne and that's when John made a toast. This is to Mary, may we all have some great sex together for many years to come.

(A note from Ben Dover 2006) This had to be a very difficult decision for Mary to make because she is a very shy and bashful person. She is very self-conscious of her appearance. She thinks she is to skinny and her tits are too small. That nobody would want to have sex with her anymore since she is approaching 40 years old. So getting Mary to have sex with other guys was a real surprise for me. I never thought she would do anything like that. But after you read about what Mary does you'll be surprised also.

Well it all started this way.

John and Tony took Mary by the hand and lead her to the middle of the room. John started to kiss Mary on the lips and Tony started to kiss Mary on the neck. This started to put Mary at ease. John then slowly started to unbutton Mary's blouse. He took his time to unbutton her blouse. When John got done unbuttoning the blouse Tony took it off of her and dropped it to the floor. Tony then undid Mary's bra from behind and also dropped it to the floor.

Mary felt very embarrassed standing there with nothing covering her small tits. She tried to cover them up but John stopped her. They both said how beautiful she looked and not to worry. You have a great body John told her. This somehow again put Mary at ease. Tony then took the bottle of champagne and started to pour it all over her tits. John then began to suck on one of Mary's tits while Tony sucked on the other tit. Mary started to moan as she started to enjoy this. They continued to pour more champagne onto Mary's tits and then lick it off.

Mary was getting hotter by the minute. John then reached down and started to undo Mary's belt while Tony kept sucking on Mary's tits. Going very slowly again John then undid the button of her pants. Now he started to pull her zipper down witch made her pants very loose on her. Tony started to pull her pants down to the floor. Mary stepped out of the pants and kicked them out of the way. While Mary was still standing there John and Tony started to kiss her legs. They ran both there hands and tongues up and down her legs. Mary began to moan even louder. Now both the men started to pull her panties down and take them off of her.

Mary was totally nude now and it didn't seem to bother her anymore. She was just enjoying herself to much too really care. Tony spread Mary's legs apart so he could start to lick her pussy while John started to lick her ass. Both there tongues were going full speed by now in and out of her pussy and ass. Mary was in heaven and was moaning even louder than before.

Now here's were it gets interesting.

Tony's time to have fun with Mary

Tony then told Mary to get down on her knees which she did. He told her to open her mouth up wide. For which she did for him. But I don't think she realized just what was going to happen to her next. John reached down and held her head tight with both of his hands. Tony then put a hand on each side of her head and grabbed a full handful of hair. Tony then pulled her head forward with great force and rammed his big cock deep down into her throat causing her to gag. He kept his big cock in her mouth making her gag even more. She started to choke. Tony then took his cock out of her mouth so Mary could catch her breath for a moment. He then rammed his cock even deeper down her throat again. Mary choked even more this time. Mary almost started to vomit but they didn't care. With John holding her head from behind Tony just kept ramming his big cock down her throat over and over again.

Tony had his cock so far down her throat you couldn't see his balls anymore. Mary kept gagging every time he did this to her. Tony kept ramming his cock down her throat for at least the next twenty (20) minutes. From time to time Tony would take his cock out of her mouth and stop for a minute. After all he didn't want to cum to fast. He wanted to enjoy this since his wife wouldn't let him do this to her. After a time Mary wasn't gagging as bad as before. I guess she was getting use to it. It almost looked like Mary was starting to enjoy it. Then I could see that Tony couldn't hold back any longer and he shot his load of cum right down her throat. Mary at first tried to stop Tony but she couldn't push him away since he was to strong for her. Mary then thought she would try and spit the cum out of her mouth but Tony held her mouth shut and made her swallow all of his cum. Mary NEVER would let me cum in her mouth before and she would only lick the end of my cock. Tony is a very lucky man I thought. Mary NEVER let me stick my cock all the way down her throat either like she let Tony do to her. Tony was done for now and it is John's turn to get what he is paying Mary for.

John's time to have fun with Mary

Mary asked the guys if it would be ok for her to go lay down on the bed for awhile and rest because her throat was very sore from Tony ramming his cock down it. They would have no part of this idea. They were ready for more fun even if Mary wasn't. They grabbed Mary by the arms and dragged her over to the coffee table across the room. They forced her to lay face down across the coffee table. Tony then went and got a bag that they brought with them. He took out four pieces of rope from the bag. The tied each of her wrists to the legs of the table. They then took the other two ropes and tied each of her legs to the legs of the table. Now Mary not only couldn't move at all but she was bent over very nicely for John to fuck her up the ass like he wanted to do.

John went over to the bag and took out a tube of cream. He rubbed some onto his cock and he rubbed some more cream onto two of his fingers. John then got down of the floor behind Mary and inserted his two fingers up her ass. Mary let out a loud scream. John kept moving his fingers around inside her ass to make sure she was well lubed up. John then put the head of his cock next to her asshole and started to push it in. John only went in about an inch or so and Mary started to scream again. They could see that Mary was in pain but Tony told John to push his cock in deeper. When John pushed his cock a few more inches into Mary's ass that's when she let out a much louder scream. She was in more pain. She has never done anything like this before so it must have hurt her a lot. (I thought about stopping them from doing anything more to Mary but after all this is what they were paying Mary for. And this is what I wanted Mary to do.) Tony walked across the room and got one of his socks. He walked back to Mary and took the sock and stuck it into her mouth. She was getting much to load and someone in the next rooms may hear her screaming. They didn't want any trouble. So now Mary could scream as much as she wanted to and nobody would hear her. John now pushed his cock all the way into her ass. Mary was in pain but John kept slamming his cock in and out of her ass. John was enjoying this very much you could tell. John like Tony took his time because he didn't want to cum to soon either. John kept fucking away at Mary's ass for a long time. When he couldn't hold back any longer he shot his load into her ass. He kept his cock in her ass until every drop of cum was out of him.

I thought they were done with Mary but they weren't as you will read. These two guys must have talked about what they were wanted to do to Mary before they got to the hotel. Now they are going to do even more things to her. They weren't done with Mary at all.

John got up from behind Mary and started to walk around the table towards her face. Tony then grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head up from the table. Tony made Mary open her mouth up for John. John took his cock and stuck it into her mouth. John then said to Mary now you COCKSUCKER you can get a real good taste of what your ass is like. John kept his cock in her mouth for a few minutes so she could get a good taste. John then pulled his cock out of her mouth. He now made Mary lick his entire cock. Still tied to the table there wasn't much that Mary could do about what Tony and John wanted to do to her.

Tony went to the bag again and took out a dog collar and a leash. He walked over to Mary and put the collar around her neck. Tony then put the leash onto the collar. While John started to undo the ropes around Mary's hands and legs Tony held Mary down onto the table so she couldn't get away yet. When Mary was all untied Tony and John took her off the table and made her get onto her hands and knees like a dog. Tony then pulled on the leash and dragged Mary over to the area where the cum from John dripped out from Mary's ass onto the floor. When Mary got over to the cum Tony grabbed Mary by the head and pushed her face down to John's cum. John then said to Mary to lick up all of my cum from the floor you WHORE. Mary said NO. John told Mary again. Again Mary said NO. Tony went over to the bag and took out a big belt. Tony took the belt and hit Mary as hard as he could on her ass. I guess Mary jumped a foot off the floor with that hit. John again said to Mary to lick up all of my cum from the floor. I was surprised because Mary said NO again. Tony again hit Mary very hard on the ass. Again she jumped. Tony hit Mary several more times with the belt. I guess Mary had enough of being hit with the belt because she took out her tongue and started to lick up John's cum off the floor like a dog.

Mary licked up every drop of his cum. When Mary got done she fell to the floor totally exhausted. After all she was treated very roughly by both John and Tony so Mary just wanted to rest for awhile. I could understand that but both John and Tony had other plans for Mary.

Both John and Tony are going to have fun with Mary now.

John said to Tony lets switch positions. You fuck her up her ass now and I will fuck her in her mouth. How's that sound Tony had a big smile on his face and couldn't wait to start. John told Mary to get off the floor and go to the bed but Mary refused to do so. Mary just stayed on the floor resting. They gave her a second chance to get off the floor on her own but she still just stayed there resting. Tony grabbed the leash and John grabbed a big handful of Mary's hair and they both together pulled her off the floor.

Mary should have gotten up on her own because I know that had to hurt her. They both dragged Mary over to the bed and threw her up on to it. John pulled Mary over to the side of the bed so her head was hanging off the bed upside down. Tony got up on the bed and spread Mary's legs apart. He lifted each of her legs over each of his shoulders. Now they were ready to have their fun with Mary.

John gave Mary a slap on her face and told her to open her mouth up wide. Mary didn't want to get hit anymore so she opened up her mouth for John. John then stuffed his cock all the way down her throat. Surprisingly Mary didn't gag or choke this time at all. Meanwhile Tony was getting ready to fuck Mary up her ass. Tony leaned forward and pushed his cock into Mary's ass as far as his cock would go.

Surprisingly Mary didn't scream at all this time either. I guess Mary was getting use to what they were doing to her. John's cock is now in Mary's mouth and Tony's cock is now in her ass and they just kept fucking away at her and enjoying every moment of it. They knew that their wives wouldn't let them do these things to them like Mary is letting them do to her. So they were going to enjoy this as long as they could. They both lasted for quite awhile until they had to cum. Instead of John making Mary swallow his cum he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load all over her face. Wow what a sight. Mary wouldn't let me do this to her either. He then told Mary to take her hands and rub the cum all over her face. There's a nice facial for you bitch. Meanwhile Tony was ready to shoot his load also. He took his cock out of her ass and shot his load all over her body. Mary was now covered with cum over most of her body. Mary is on the bed motionless just resting from her new ordeal.

I won't go into to much detail but there was a happy ending for all

John and Tony got cleaned up and went home to their wives knowing that they just had the time of their lives.

Mary finally got off the bed and took a shower. It was a very long afternoon and night for her but I truly believe she had a great time. She did things that she had never done before and seemed to enjoy it too. She isn't a shy and bashful woman anymore. She has learned a lot today.

After the way I saw Mary take their cocks up her ass and down her throat I do believe that my sex life is going to be much better also.

When Mary finished getting dressed I handed her an envelope that they left for her. In it were two things. First, was a note thanking Mary for letting them do the things to her that they wanted to do. You are a very beautiful looking woman with a great body. And you are one fantastic lady they continued to say. Not many women would have done those things for us. We just hope that you will consider continuing with this. Second, thing in the envelope were ten one hundred dollar bills ($1,000). When Mary saw the money her eyes lit up. Wow this is great. Mary said that she didn't think they were going to give her that much money but she was very pleased. We sure can use that money she said to me.

After a few days Mary and I went back to the gym. Mary was looking forward to seeing what would happen. Both John and Tony were there. They came right over to us to see if Mary was still interested in having sex. Well Mary it's up to you I said to her. Sure guys I thought it was great. John told Mary that he and Tony told some other guys about her and they also were very interested in having sex with you. That sounds all right to me.

So this is where I will stop this story about how I turned Mary into a Prostitute and a Whore for now. If you liked what you read please let me know and I will pass your comments along to Mary. If you want to hear anything more about Mary please let me know and I will write something. I will say that she continued to have sex with other guys and girls for at least six years.

Ben Dover 2006

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