The UPS Guy

Author: Amybbwred
Published: Dec 23, 2007
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I pulled hubby's meaty cock out of his pants as I continued, feeling it hardening in my hands. "He came by pretty early this morning. I was still in my nightgown when he came to the door. You know, the short, sheer lacy white one you got for me last month"

Hubby had just come home from a long day at work, fixed himself a drink and settled down on the couch. I cuddled up close to him.

"How was your day" he asked.

"Pretty quiet," I said, "you did get a package in today. It's pretty heavy, whatever it is."

"Hmm...must be those parts I ordered. About time they came in".

"Well I had to get the UPS guy to bring it into the back room. There was no way I could've handled it by myself" I said as I began moving my hand under my hubby's shirt and rubbing his hairy chest.

"That was nice of him," my hubby replied, "I hope you gave him a good tip."

"Oh, well, I guess you could say that." I replied as I began unbuckling hubby's belt. He smiled at me softly. He knew where this was going.

I pulled hubby's meaty cock out of his pants as I continued, feeling it hardening in my hands. "He came by pretty early this morning. I was still in my nightgown when he came to the door. You know, the short, sheer lacy white one you got for me last month"

"Mmmm..." my husband moaned as I worked his cock, "He must've gotten quite an eyeful."

"Oh yes," I continued, "and with the cool morning air my nipples hardened up almost right away. I know he could see that through that thin fabric. He was staring hard at my big titties. Anyway when I saw how big the box was I asked him to bring it in for me. He didn't hesitate at all. After he brought it into the back and sat it on the floor, I bent over too see who it was from. I wasn't even thinking about how short my nightie was until I felt the fabric pull up over my ass when I bent over."

"So he got to see that beautiful ass of yours" my husband asked softly. Hubby's cock was now rock hard and I was rubbing his precum all over the head.

"Oh yes, he could see everything I'm afraid. When I turned back around I saw the look on his face and a huge bulge in his pants. I felt so bad for teasing him like that. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't just let him leave like that, but I knew it would be wrong to fuck him. Finally I decided to offer him a handjob. I figured that would be harmless enough, and I didn't think you'd be too mad."

"You jerked him off" my hubby asked, breathing hard as I slowly stroked his big cock slowly.

" Well I just had to do something. I mean I was the one who got him in that state. So I kneeled down in front of him and undid his pants. His cock was so big and hard and hot. I've never seen a cock that big in real life before. I was stroking it with both hands, and um....I'm afraid I got carried away. Well, you know how much I love to suck cock..." Just to emphasize the point, I gave my hubby's cock a long deep suck.

"Ooooh, yes..." he said.

"His dick was so big and it felt so good in my hands, I just had to feel it in my mouth. I started by slowly licking it up and down. I could tell he was really enjoying it. He was moaning louder and his cock was twitching in my hands. It felt so good in my mouth. I had to really stretch my jaw to fit around around it. It was so wonderful, I was swirling my tongue around it while I pulled it all the way down to my throat."

"Mmmm..." my hubby moaned, "did you let him cum in your mouth" I could tell by his reaction that he was getting close, so I slowed the pace of my strokes.

"Well, see, sucking his cock just had me so turned on. My pussy had gotten so hot and wet. I had been rubbing my clit while I was sucking him, and I wanted to cum so bad. His cock was just so big and hard. It felt so good in my mouth, and my cunt was aching for cock. I just had to have him inside me."

"You let him fuck you" Hubby asked.

"I sat him down right there where you're sitting now, and then I climbed on top of him like this." I said as I moved on top of my husband and slid his prick deep into my quim. "He was sucking on my big titties while I rode that big beautiful cock of his up and down."

Hubby took my hint and pulled one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and licking it as I rode his dick. "His big cock filled me up so really stretched my tight little pussy. It seemed like I could feel it all the way back to my throat. I ground against his cock until I came all over it. I came so good and hard over that huge cock, I totally lost control. I guess my pulsing cunt made him loose control too, because the next thing I knew he was filling my pussy up with his hot cum. It felt so good with that big cock pulsing and shooting it's load in me I just couldn't stop it."

"He came in your pussy" hubby asked excitedly. I knew he was close to cumming, so bounced faster on his cock while I told him what I knew would push him over the edge.

"Mmmm...yes. He filled my cunt up with his hot cum. That's why I'm still so wet. That's his cum your cock is sliding around in." Hubby was just about to cum when I leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear "He's black and he's huge and he fucked the shit out of me."

Hubby lost control at that point as slid my pussy up and down his cock. When I got off his cum was pouring out of my pussy.

"Thank you baby," he said. "That was a wonderful story." He gave me a long slow kiss.

He never even suspects at all that I might not be making these up.

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