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Angel with Gentle Hands

Publish Date : Jan 22, 2008
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Yet another horrible day in hospital doped up on morphine staring at the blank walls unable to comprehend or process the madness and pain around me.

* * * * * * *

Yet another horrible day in hospital, doped up on morphine, staring at the blank walls, unable to comprehend or process the madness and pain around me, constant mood swings, ready to burst into tears, to sob a wretched ocean of tears that no matter how deep would not drown my sins. The only highlight to my day, was a visit from the stunning physiotherapist Jenny, a petite and gorgeous creature with golden fair hair, and eyes of luminous blue. Her eyes, were like a tranquil grotto or lagoon in which I could lose myself, drown myself in her eyes, staring, staring, boring through me, knowing every part of me with those luminous eyes.

Her mouth......so inviting and full, the exotic delight of the bright pink coral of her tongue darting out in a sensual and unconscious movement, so totally oblivious to her effect on me. Her breasts were pert and firm, when she stretched to show me a particular exercise, her tunic would ride up her chest and her breasts would jut out, as if just waiting for my aching touch. It wasnt the painkillers, or the wasted muscles in my legs that made me unsteady on my feet, but rather, this vision of splendid delight. I spent a great deal time devoted to Jenny, in surreptitious moments, masturbating about her, waiting till her appointment came and went, so I could still smell the soap and jasmine off her, her sweet perfume a gentle and lingering reminder of her womanhood.

Whenever she finished the exercises, and left my room, I became nothing more than a paradox, both miserable and delighted at the same time, miserable that the one shining glory in my room was gone, delighted that not only could I revel in her presence, but also that I could start counting down the time till I saw her again.

As the time went on however, I became more and more worried that she knew the depths of my feelings. I was ashamed in case she knew, or found out, a lumbering, trollish brute, with no redeeming features lusting after this gentle angel of mercy It was an abomination, and as I became more guilt-ridden with the depths of my feelings, I became more distant, more reserved and stiff. I no longer stole glances at the supple stretch of her neck, the steady rise and fall of her breasts, like the tide in the fall. In time, I couldn't bear to be around her, and instead felt dirty, ashamed and vile.

Deprived (self-inflicted as it maybe) of the sole salvation in this ghastly purgatory and with the creeping stresses and horrors increasing their haunting melody on me, I became more and more despondent. Having drawn the curtains over so as to at least give me the illusion of some dignity, I silently cried, until the feelings that been lingering for so long in my mind came rushing to the surface all at once.

I buried myself in my pillow and pulled the sheet over my head determined to hide myself away from the world. So lost was I in my own misery that I didn't hear the door to my room gently opening, and it was only when i felt a gentle, firm and tender hand resting on my forearm that I realized someone was in the room. I smelt the perfume and knew it was Jenny, and this only made me worse, making me turn sharply on my hip, looking to shield myself away from her. Now withdrawing the sheet away from me, pulling it away firmly from my hands, she then leant over me, and placing one hand on my cheek gently caressing it, she first softly kissed my forehead, and then moved down to my eyes, kissing my tears away.

I was now in a state of absolute paralysis, expecting myself to be in a dream. But I wasnt.

I opened my eyes, and saw her towering over me, smiling, and searching me with her eyes, scanning and reading every fibre of my being, gazing into my soul, my mind. All this time she gently shushed me, caressing my cheek, ruffling my hair. She took my hand and placed it her on right breast, and I could only gasp at just how unbelievably soft it was. I traced the contours of it with my hand, feeling its supple softness underneath my hand, all the while feeling the blood rush to both my face and my groin, with my ever increasing member slowly buckling under its own weight.

"Jenny....i...i..." I stammered.

"Tony she said, do you think Im blind I see the way you light up when i walk in the room, and the way you follow my walk as I go away. I see how you blush when I talk you, and I know how much you tense when I touch you."

I could feel the steady thump of her heart and how it quickened as I traced her breast, cupping it in one hand and this time touching her cheek, and I could sense her desire, whether out of lust or compassion, matched my own. She loosened the buttons of her NHS uniform, and allowed me a glimpse of the white bra underneath, a prize so inviting. She smiled impishly at this moment, and with a single fluid motion, removed the tunic and her bra in one.

With her breasts so exposed, I wasted no time in devouring them, sucking, grasping, groaning, kneading them in my hands, and all the while her hands are combing through my hair, raking through them, and small, urgent groans and grunts rising from her throat. she jerked my head up with one savage movement, and without a moments hesitation, darted down and swallowed my mouth into hers. I could the kiss first starting slow and hesitant, and blossoming into something much more passionate, I could feel her tongue exploring my mouth, making contact with mines, nudging, prodding and tasting my mouth.

She refused to take off her trousers, instead moving down to the bottom of the bed and gently pulling my hospital gown off me, leaving me exposed and naked before her. This total vulnerability only served to heighten my feelings further, and I could feel my member visibly throbbing in the air. With a look of longing that was the embodiment of all that i felt, she leaned over and took me straight into her mouth, and as my penis entered her soft, pliant and willing mouth, i could feel her tongue running up and down the shaft of my penis, licking and caressing me, tasting me and sucking me, running her mouth up and down that wonderful tightness ever magical on my sensitive skin.

I could not stifle a gasp as she took me deeper and deeper still in her mouth, until she had swallowed my entire member in her mouth, and I could actually feel the contractions and palpations of her throat, as she deep throated me taking my member into her silken and velvet mouth. I could feel all the worries and troubles of the world deserting me, floating away, instead now replaced with the ever rising and sweet feel of an inevitable orgasm.

I closed my eyes, savoring every wondrous second, reveling in the undiluted pleasure I was experiencing, until I felt her hand ever so gently poking my knee. I sat up and looked down, but she hadn't stopped, she simply wanted to see my face as she fellated me, and looked up at me in a sign of utter submission and love, not once breaking the pleasurable tempo she had established. I gingerly placed a hand on her head to guide her bobbing, she instead took both my hands and placed them square on both of her cheeks.

"Jenny"....I said....she looked up, concern clouding her pretty face. "Tony she said, extracting my now sodden member from her mouth, am I hurting you am I too rough"

That concern, that pure and undiluted, genuine concern make me ache even more, and I shook my head.

"Jenny"...I started hesitantly....

"yes Tony"

"Can I...um...."

I made a feeble gesture towards her trousers, which she had still kept on. She gave a trilling, girlish laugh and slid them off, taking her white cotton panties off at the same time. I could only start at wonder at the gorgeous sweet pink pearl of her vagina, which she initially tried to conceal with one tepid hand, and now it was her turn to blush.

All I could muster was a feeble "your beautiful".

She giggled...more hesitantly this time, and let her hand drop, allowing me to explore her rose in all its glory. I inserted one finger, then two, into her vagina, feeling her lips tighten around my digits, and slowly rocked them backwards and forwards. I loved the heat that came from her vagina, as well as the soft carpet of her pubic hair, and i brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted her. Her taste and scent was so very musky, I could smell her sweet aroma, and I knew that I wanted to drink long and hard from that wondrous oasis between her legs. I nudged myself forward, and began to lap away at her vagina, drinking in her secretions, tasting her, feeling her, enjoying the sweet taste of her, and losing myself to her, my Jenny, my one and only, my redeemer, my angel.

Eventually I stopped, and pushed my throbbing and aching member into her, and with one gentle push, I was inside her, actually inside her, penetrating her, and loving her in equal measure, whispering all the while how much I loved her in her ear, savouring the taste of her sweat, exploring the nuances of her mouth with my tongue, ploughing her mercilessly, relentless in my burning desire.

We rocked together, clawing, mewling and grunting, desperately fighting to contain our orgasms, and eventually giving in to the sweet spice, that rising powerlessness, as our legs buckled and strained. I was near to climax, when she said,


I gave her a few more jabs, and withdrew.

Before I could even utter a word, she dropped to her knees, placed her face directly in front of my penis, and began to slowly although steadily increasing her spped, massage it.

"Jenny.....are you sure" I said.

She just beamed up at me.

"Yes Im sure".

She continued to massage my member, and i could feel my self reaching the greatest heights, until I could no longer contain it. I tried to speak but couldnt, words would not form in my mouth, instead, animalistic and guttural grunts escaping my throat as my ejaculate shot out, spraying my beloved in a pearly blanket of semen, covering her hair, her eyes, her face and breasts, all the while she stared at me with the biggest smile on her face.

"I love you Tony." said Jenny.

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