Baby Sitting

Author: teensitter
Published: Feb 16, 2008
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Summer break from school had just started and I had just turned 18. I needed to find some jobs so I could raise money for a car.

Summer break from school had just started and I had just turned 18. I needed to find some jobs so I could raise money for a car.

When I got home from school my mom and Betty from next door were sitting in the kitchen talking. I said hi as I walked in and my mom said she may have found a job I could make some money at. It seemed Betty and her husband were going to take a second honeymoon, whatever that is I thought, and had paid for the hotels, car and everything else that were needed to take their trip, the only thing is the person they had hired to watch their kids had backed out and they did not have time to find someelse they trusted.

Betty had talked my mom into helping with meals for the kids when she wasn't at work but they needed someone to watch them through the day and stay with them at night as they would be staying at home in their own beds. Betty said they would pay me a thousand a week if I would watch them and stay at the house over night. That was all I needed to hear and agreed.

I had babysat there before and I knew Mike, Betty's husband, had great porn because they had left some in the vcr when I babysat one time; it was homemade of him and Betty fucking sucking and Betty taking it in the ass.

They left the next morning and I moved some clothes and other things into the spare bedroom. The kids, Cheri, 19 and Mark, 18 were excited about me watching them and we played in the pool all day and just goofed off. Their bedtime had been set at 10pm by Betty so I had them in bed on time. I let them have about half an hour before I started sneaking down to their parents bedroom to find the porn and maybe a pair of Betty's panties to jackoff in.

As I walked down the hall I noticed Cheri's door was open, I decided to peek in and maybe I would see her tits or panties while she slept . I looked in through the door and saw she was not in her bed. Then I heard some noise coming from Mark's room. I snuck down to his room and his door was open. I could see Cheri bent over his bed but I couldn't she what she was doing. I said "Hey" and she stood up. Mark pulled his sheets up and they both looked scared. I told Cheri to go back to bed and she walked past me through the door. I closed Mark's door and followed her down the hall to her room, this is when I noticed what a nice ass she had. It wiggled as she walked and I felt my dick start to rise.

Cheri got in her bed and when I got close enough to her I could see her lips were purple. I asked her what she had been doing and she hung her head and said she was giving Mark a blowjob. This caught me by surpise and made my dick get hard. I asked her why and she said a friend of hers, Linda, had given her brother Jimmy a blow job and had made this creamy stuff come out the end of his dick and that it tasted really good. Cheri said she wanted to taste it too but Mark had only a little come out, not enough for a real taste.

I knew Linda's brother because we had scouts together and always shared the same tent. We shared it with two other guys and over the years, as teen boys do, we had started talking about sex. That lead to a game called circle jerk. Now normally the way this game is played is guys sit in a circle and pretend to jackoff. Then someone flips the light on and the one truly jacking off is the jerk. Well, we play the game a little different. The four of us sit in a circle, then you reach over and take the dick of the guy to the right and stroke his dick. The first guy to blow his load has to then start sucking and licking on the other three dicks in the circle until everyone blows. It didn't take long playing this game that all the guys had gotten into licking cum and we all liked it. Cheri was was right about Jimmy's cum tasting good and sometimes I would stop over at his house and we would blow each other.

When I looked back at Cheri I saw she was staring at my crouch and I could feel why. My dick was as hard as I could remember and the tent in my sweatpants was starting to hurt as it pushed against the cloth. Cheri asked if she could touch it, what could I say but yes. She placed her hand on the outside of my sweats and started rubbing my cock . I asked if she wanted to touch it without the cloth over it and she said yes. I slide my sweets off and her eyes got big.

She said she never knew a thingy could be so big. She said she had snuck down the hall when she would hear her mom and dad doing it and she didn't think her dad's was that big. By now there was precum running out the end of my dick and my foreskin was sliding back as Cheri stroked my cock. I told her to go ahead and lick the end, she did and I almost came right then. She said mmmmm as she tasted the precum and asked if that was what Linda had tasted. I told her it was some of what she tatsted but not all. I was ready to blow my load and I told Cheri to put the end of my dick in her mouth and to be ready. I took her hand and gave my dick a few strokes with her hand. The first load shot in her mouth. She swollowed fast but a second load shot out and then a third. She couldn't keep up and some cum started running down her chin and down onto her neck. I lifted her nightgown at the neck with one hand and rubbed some of the cum on her tits with my other hand.

Cheri moaned as I rubbed her tits and and her butt started to wiggle. I slide my hand down to her panties and touched her between her legs. Her panties were wet with her pussy cum and she ground her pussy into my hand. I rubbed her pussy more through her panties and she moaned more. I felt her pussy lips part and I rubbed more. I slide my hand through the top of her cotton panties and back down to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy and again the lips parted. I could feel her clit and I started rubbing it. She started to jerk her ass and I felt her legs tighten around my hand. I knew she was cumming. I slide her panties off and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and dove head first into her pussy. I licked and sucked and put my tongue into her pussy hole. She again shot her pussy cum and I caught it all on my tongue and lapped it up.

I had gotten hard again. I took her nightgown off, slide her back up on the bed and the straddled her chest. I started rubbing my dick on her tits. She was moaning again. The precum was all over the end of my dick again and I pulled the foreskin forward then taking her nipple in my hand I slide the foreskin over the nipple until the head of my dick was touching her nipple. I rubbed my dick around like that and her ass was wiggling again. I knew she was about to cum and then she said those magic words, "Put it in my pussy".

I slide off her chest and slide between her legs. I slide my cock up to her pussy hole but she was too tight. I asked her if she had done this before and she said no. I told her it would hurt when I took her cherry. But just having my dickhead against her pussyhole I was ready to blow another load. I took her hand and put it on my dick and she knew to stroke it. It only took a few strokes and another load shot out of my dick and up inside her tight pussy.

She said that felt good having all the stuff shoot in her. She laid there for a few seconds and then my dick started to get smaller. All of a sudden she sholved her pussy down and impaled her self on to my dick. I heard her say ouch as I hit her cherry and it broke. We laid there like that for a few minutes. She started to wiggle her ass again and moving it up and down. My dick started to get hard again. She said for me to fuck her because she wanted me to shoot a load in her pussy.

We started slowly and I could feel her getting wetter and soon we were going at it full steam. I pounded my dick into that tight pussy. It was taking longer than it ever had, I guess because I had cum so much already. This time when I came it wasn't as much as before but she seemed to like it.

We laid there on her bed side by side. Then we looked over at her door and her brother was standing there, eyes wide open, with his dick in his hand stroking away. I told him to come over to the bed. He did and I told him to put his head between his sisters legs and lick and suck her pussy clean. He did and as he did I took his dick in my mouth and gave him his second blowjob of the night.

The three of use did this for the next two weeks every night. I will babysit them anytime their parents ask.

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