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Forbidden Encounter

Author: Kayleigh
Publish Date : Feb 27, 2008
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I couldn't wait any long to get my hands on a co-worker, married or not.

* * * * * * *

It was approximately six months ago when I first set my gaze on a man that I would never forget. The man in question was a coworker of mine and his name was Dave. I could remember the first day of work like it was yesterday. I walked around the office as my new boss introduced me to everyone I would be working with. When I finally came to Dave, reaching my hand out to meet his in a friendly handshake I found myself not wanting to let go. Forcing myself to let go, but not turning my eyes away I gave him a smile and he returned one. Throughout the day I came to realize how amazing Dave was, he had a great sense of humor with a hint of sarcasm just like me. Unfortunately by the end of the day I learned that he was married, damn the luck. It never fails that when I meet a great person they are already taken. This didn't stop me from throwing some innocent flirting his way which was appreciatively returned most of the time. Much of my day was spent day dreaming and fantasizing about me and Dave doing things we shouldn't.

One day I ran into him in an abandoned hallway. The hallway in particular was the one that led to the bathrooms, the bathroom in which you need a key for. I came out of my bathroom just as he was passing the door to go back to the office. I closed the door behind me and noticed I startled him. I apologized and he paused for a minute in front of me and smiled, as he started to walk away again I grabbed his hand, making him stop in his tracks. It took a few seconds for him to realize why he stopped, but eventually he turned his head back to see me smiling at him. He smiles back with a kind of confused look in his eyes, as I pull him closer to me I notice he isn't resisting at all which gets my heart racing more than it already is.

The closer he gets to me the more nervous I get not sure what my next move will be, I had been planning this encounter for a long time and I wanted it to be perfect. I knew that if someone were to enter the hallway at any moment it would not look good for me to have my hands on a co-worker, let alone a married one. Knowing no one else was in the women's restroom I used my free hand to unlock it and both of us slipped into the cold tiled room. The door opened a little too fast and I fell against the adjacent wall, causing Dave to fall against me, his face dangerously close to mine. The door shut loudly behind us and I through a leg up around Dave and pushed my foot against the door to keep it shut, this won't take long. I could feel Dave's body against mine and it felt warm. I saw that Dave was looking down and seemed kind of nervous too so I lifted his chin to look into my eyes and whispered, "I've wanted this for so long, and I know you want it too, don't worry I won't tell."

When the last syllable left my moistened lips, Dave slid his arms around my waist, pulled me even closer against his warm body and went in to kiss me. At the last second he dodged my lips and went for my neck. His wet lips on my neck felt so good that my knees went a little weak but his arms kept me from falling. I ran my fingers through his dark hair and grabbed a handful of his hair, yanking his head back to look into my eyes. My heart raced as I looked over his face ending at his lips, I wanted those lips on mine and I wanted them there now. I let out a deep sigh and forced his mouth to meet mine, kissing him so hard it hurt. I felt his tongue dart into my mouth, wrapping my mouth around it and sucking gently. Dave started to veer his hands towards the front of my skirt, reaching down to go up underneath. He slowly lifted it placing his hand on my hip. Slipping a finger in the side of my underwear and tugging at them, he pulled them down to my knees. I could feel myself already soaking wet but this move put me over the top. I bit my lip as I felt Dave's hand migrate toward my wet spot. With one hand on the small of my back for support, he placed the other hand on my inner thigh and teased me with his soft touch. I reached between us and felt around for the top of his pants. When I found the belt buckle I undid it and continued to unbutton his pants. I could already see a bulge forming in his jeans and couldn't wait to see what I had only been imagining for the past months.

I reached in and pulled out his much hardened cock and took some time to feel every inch of it with my hand. I couldn't believe this was happening, finally. At last Dave moved closer to me, grabbing his dick in his hand and guiding it to my pussy. He teasingly rubbed the head of it around on my clit and down to my hole, where he gently pushed the tip in. A little at a time at first and finally shoved the whole of it in deep, making me quiver and shake. I reached around and placed my hands on his ass, squeezing them and pushing him into me harder. He placed a hand on my already lifted leg and ran it up and down my thigh, thrusting slowly. My breath was getting faster and I already felt close to climaxing. I threw my hands up to his back and dug my fingers into his skin and pulled him to me so his chest was against mine. I could feel his heart beating just as fast mine as I brought my lips to his neck. I made small kisses along his shoulder then migrated my lips to his earlobe, putting it in my mouth and sucking gently then harder, biting it. This made him thrust faster, I could tell he was getting close and so was I. I could feel my juices running down my leg as my orgasm came, I let out a loud moan and dug my nails into Dave's back once more. I felt him go weak and knew that he also came.

We just stood there in each others arms for a few minutes, breathing hard. When our breathing finally subsided, I pried my sticky body off of his and pulled my panties back up. Dave packed himself back into his pants and buttoned them up. We both walked around the corner and looked in to the mirror. I grabbed his hand and looked at our reflection, we both smiled. Our hands fell to our sides; I tidied my hair and clothes and watched him turn to leave. I reached for his hand again and pulled him back around to kiss me one more time. "Thanks," He whispered. "Anytime," I whispered back. I waited a few minutes for him to get back to his desk, then freshened myself up a little more before returning to mine. As I passed his desk on the way to mine I gave him a little smirk and he gave a little nod. I'll never forget that day and I can't wait for our next encounter, soon.

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