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My Sexual Awakening

Publish Date : Mar 30, 2008
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My sexual awakening happened when I was 18. I had been having nocturnal ejaculations and was confused about them. Most times I would cum in my pajamas while I was sleeping and wake up with this gooey mess all over my genitals. Sometimes I would wake up during a wet dream and be aware of my hard-on, which felt good when I touched it. I hadn't started masturbating yet and was unaware of this practice with adolescent boys.

* * * * * * *

One day I was at my friend Bill's and we were in his clubhouse talking about sex. I told him about my wet dreams and asked if he knew why they happened. He told me that it was because I was becoming a man and my body was producing sperm. He asked if I had ever played with myself and I said no.

l said, let me show you what guys do to relieve sexual tension. He undid his fly and pulled out his penis. It was bigger than mine and the largest I'd ever seen. As he pulled it out it began to grow stiff and get longer and thicker. Bill grasped it with his hand and started to rub it back and forth. It immediately started to grow and throb. He continued to stroke the shaft and made moaning sounds. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be enjoying a good feeling. After several minutes of stroking his penis, Bill let out a loud groan, moved his hips forward and said, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Wit that large globs of white creamy stuff began to shoot out of the end of his penis. He was moaning "that was good, really good". After he was done spurting the stuff, his penis softened and grew smaller.

Wow! what were you doing and what was that stuff, I asked. Bill told me he was jacking off and the stuff was his sperm.

Johnny, he said, you've been missing all the fun of being a man, and it's time you learned how to please yourself. Open your fly and take out your prick, today is the time for you to learn the pleasures of sex. Sheepishly, I unfastened my fly and pulled out my small penis and was embarrassed about it's size compared to Bill's. Don worry about it, Johnny, it will grow larger the more you beat it off. Exposing myself caused me to get an erection and soon I had a throbbing hard-on. Put your hand around it, Bill told me, and start rubbing it as i did mine. Okay, I said, here goes. As I stroked a most pleasurable feeling surged within it and I began stroking faster to increase the pleasure. Soon I was groaning with pleasure as I approached my first orgasm. It was an incredible feeling and I was really enjoying it. Suddenly, something happened. I lunged my hips forward, grunted loudly and watched my prick explode sending glob after glob of white creamy stuff out the end. When the feeling subsided, my cock went limp in my hand. Wow! I said, that was really something. I never had such a good feeling in my life before. Bill laughed and said, now you know what it is to be a man and can do this every time you get aroused and feel tense. After that, I beat off almost every day/night and sometimes more than once. The next time I was over at Bill's, he told me he had a surprise for me and introduced me to the girl from next door who was standing in the corner of his clubhouse. Johnny, this is Rena, Rena, this is Johnny and he has a real nice cock. I blushed as Rena looked at me and smiled. Hi Johnny, would you like to learn something new today Guess so I murmured, what is it She laughed and said, come over here and I'll show you. Rena pulled up her dress over her head and threw it across the room. Take my bra off, Johnny, and you will see my breasts. I undid the hook in back and it fell to the floor. Out popped a beautiful set of tits with pink nipples on them. You can kiss them if you want, I think you'll like it. I leaned over and kissed the nipples one after the other. They felt so warm and soft to my lips. Suck on them Johnny and make me feel good. I was in heaven as I sucked on her beautiful nipples. They were quite stiff and got stiffer the more I sucked. Rena then asked me to take off my pants and shorts so she could see my beautiful pecker Bill had told her about. I stripped in front of her and exposed my hard and throbbing member. OH! she panted, it's really a nice one, can I touch it Sure, if you like, I replied. Rena reached out and put her hand around my stiff cock and gave it a little rub. It reacted to her touch and jumped in her hand. She next moved her hand back and my foreskin retracted. Wow! Rena said, your cockhead is beautiful and I want to kiss it. She got down on her knees in front of me and moved her face forward opening her lips slightly. I can see you're getting excited Johnny and there's a little drop of juice on the end that I'd like to lick off. Her tongue darted out and captured the drop which she swallowed down. You taste nice Johnny. Rena opened her mouth wider and took my cock inside and closed her lips around it. Her warm mouth felt wonderful. Next her tongue started to lick all around my meat head and under thee ridge. At the same time one of her hands was stroking the shaft and the other was cradling my balls and massaging them tenderly. Rena looked up into my eyes and smiled blissfully as she pleasured my manhood with her mouth. A very pleasurable feeling was building up in my genitals as she sucked, licked and stroked my cock. She was moaning and humming as she continued to enjoy my member. Suddenly the wonderful feeling peaked and I exploded in her mouth. Her tongue went wild capturing every spurt of my cum. She then looked up at me with this look of ectasy in her eyes, gulped and swallowed my entire load down her throat moaning with pleasure. When my climax had subsided, my cock went limp and slid out of her lips. Johnny your stuff tastes wonderful Rena purred. Your mouth was wonderful, I said, and pleased me very much. She and Bill laughed and said, now you've received your first blow job, Johnny. Rena looked at me in a passionate way and asked. Would you like to lick my Pussy Wow, do you really want me to, I replied. Sure do, she said in a husky voice and laid down on the floor. She raised her knees and spread them apart exposing her pussy lips buried in her red bush. The lips were red and glistening with moisture. Get on your knees, Johnny, and move your face into my cunt, Rena directed. I did as she asked and soon was smelling her cunt odor. Now lick all around my pussy lips with your tongue and in between them. I began to devour her sweet smelling and tasty pussy. I was reveling in pleasing a girl in this way. Rena began to moan softly and push her cunt up against my mouth. Oh Johnny! that feels great keep it up. Her body began trembling as I lapped at her cunt. Her breathing became faster as I licked and her moans grew louder. Suddenly her whole body shuddered and shook and she began to scream. She had a little fold of skin at the top of her slit, like a little penis, and she enjoyed when my tongue glided over it. That's my clit, she cried, treat it nicely Johnny. After Rena reached the peak of her orgasm, she settled down and cooed softly. Oh Johnny, you really pleased me with your mouth, I love you. We laughed together and so did Bill. Now you've had your first taste a girl's Pussy, how did you like it, Bill asked. Wonderful, I replied, just wonderful. The three of us laughed.

I still beat off every day & night and couldn't wait to see Rena again. The following week, I went over to Bill's and Rena was there again, looking very beautiful & sexy. Bill and I began kissing Rena and feeling her wonderful tits & pussy and she used both hands to massage our hard cocks. Johnny, it's time for lesson number three and I know you'll enjoy it. Today we're going to fuck Rena, I'll go first and show you how. Oh goodie, Rena cooed, a double banger. She took off all her clothes and stood before us naked, what a beautiful sight. Next she undressed Bill and he was standing there with the biggest hard-on sticking out in front of him. Rena began caressing Bill's cock and he began fingering her pussy. In no time they were both breathing fast and groaning in pleasure. Bill guided Rena to the floor and she raised her knees and parted them exposing that beautiful pussy. Bill got down on his knees between her legs and aimed his throbbing manhood toward her cunt. It was throbbing as it touched her entrance. Oh Bill, Rena gasped, put on a rubber, I don't want to get knocked up. Bill reached over to his pants, pulled a condom from his pocket and handed to Rena. It was all rolled up. She put it to the end of his stiff cock and rolled it down to the base. They were both panting like dogs in heat. Bill again positioned his stiff member at Rena's cunt entrance. She reached up and grabbed his hips and pulled him into her in one quick thrust. Bill's cock slid inside to the hilt and Rena cried in pleasure. Then he began thrusting his cock back and forth in and out of her pussy. I could see her pussy lips clinging to his cock. Bill continued his thrusting, slow at first and faster as the pleasure increased in their genitals. The were both moaning loudly and telling each other how good it felt. Suddenly Bill's body stiffened, he grunted and pushed deep inside Rena's cunt. He spasmed as he pumped his load inside her. She was trembling and cooing softly as she received his warm stuff inside her. Bill slowed his thrusts as his climax peaked. Rena began shuddering and she was crying out with joy as her body racked with orgasm. After they finished coming down from the peak of pleasure, they found each other's mouths and kissed passionately. Bill's cock softened and slid out of Rena's cunt. The held each other in their arms and softly told each other how much they enjoyed the pleasure of fucking. After awhile Bill & Rena rolled apart and Bill got dressed. Smiling at me, the both of them said in unison, now it's your turn Johnny, get naked. I was out of my clothes in an instant and was standing there with the biggest boner sticking out in front of me. Rena got to her feet and came over to me. She reached over and took my stiff member into her hands and began stroking it. I reached down to her pussy and began fingering it. Our breathing increased in tempo and we began moaning in pleasure. Now it's time Johnny, get a rubber from Bill. She then lay down on the floor, raised her knees and spread them apart. Bill handed me a fresh condom I it to Rena. I kneeled down between her legs and positioned my throbbing member at the entrance to her waiting pussy. Rena put the rolled up rubber on the end of my stiff manhood and rolled it down to the base. My straining cock was pressing into the entrance of her cavern of pleasure. She reached up, grabbed my hips and pulled me into her in one quick thrust. I sank deep into her warm pussy and it felt like heaven. Soon I began thrusting in and out of her as Bill had done. The pleasure was incredible and increased as did our breathing and moaning. At first I thrust slowly and increased th tempo as the pleasure heightened. Rena began trembling and moaning louder and gasped, Fuck me Johnny, Fuck me hard. Soon I was thrusting like a speeding bullet and growling like a dog. Suddenly I felt a jolt of lightening in my spine, thrust deep into Rena's pussy and grunted as I exploded deep inside her. I continued to thrust at a slower pace savoring the wonderful feeling of her cunt. Rena was still trembling and moaning in pleasure as my cock continued to thrust. Soon her whole body was convulsing and she groaned loudly as she reached the peak of her orgasm. Oh, Johnny, she whispered softly, you're good, really good and giggled. We lay there savoring the beautiful pleasure in our bodies. My cock softened, grew limp and slid out of her pussy. We lay in each others arms and kissed each other's lips passionately. We then got up, put our clothes back on and kissed again. Bill smiled at us and said, that was your first fuck, Johnny, how did you like it. It was the best feeling I ever had and then the three of us laughed together. Rena told me I was really good for a first timer and she couldn't wait to do it with me again. That was my sexual awakening and I'll be always grateful to Bill & Rena for showing me the way.

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