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Woman Friend

Author: Intrade
Publish Date : Apr 14, 2008
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Young man visits older woman friend. Starts off innocent as their meetings usually do but on this occasion the visit takes a turn for the better.

* * * * * * *

They made plans to hang out as they'd done in the past. They'd been out for dinner, always friendly, nothing ever inappropriate. Sure there had been innocent flirting she enjoyed and he knew it made her feel good. They'd always split the check so it was always a casual friendly evening with never the thought of anything more.

On this night instead of going out to eat they decided to hang out at her place. He'd been there before but never for an extended period of time. He thought nothing of it. He stopped by the store on his way over to pick up a bottle of wine. There was a red wine he always talked about that she wanted to try. She lived alone. She'd been divorced for many years, never had children and enjoyed the opportunity for company.

He arrived early in the evening wearing a dress shirt and pair of khakis. She was casually dressed in jean shorts and a button down shirt. She had put out some appetizers. Cheese, crackers, fruit, etc... and he popped the cork on the wine. They hung around the kitchen talking for at least an hour. He made her feel young and he loved that for her age she had a young spirit even if she didn't realize it.

As the night went on the wine continued to flow and they continued to talk. Past relationships came up and they learned alot about each other. As they talked and the wine was downed he became more aroused and desire that he had built up for her but never let come to the surface out of respect was becoming hard to control.

He flirted more confidently than in the past. The look he gave her was different. She could sense it but did not let on to him that she did. They sat on opposite ends of the couch until he moved closer to her. In the middle of the conversation he put his hand on her knee. His flirtation was now obvious. He was surprised at how smooth her skin was. He attempted to move his hand up her leg but she got up from the couch to turn on some music.

She was drunk. The wine had hit her fast. She was a very petite woman and hadn't had that much to drink in some time. She turned the music very loud. It was reggaeton and she wanted to dance. She moved her body, shook her hips and he looked on. He was aroused watching her. She grabbed his hand to get him up to dance. Maybe she was unaware of my flirting he thought. Maybe this was innocent after all and they would just dance. He had decided once he touched the smooth skin of her leg that he wanted more. But he was willing to let it play out. Although he was not much of a dancer he danced along with her.

She was enjoying herself very much. She had the attention of this young man and she had an idea of what he wanted but the wine was getting to her and she hadn't decided what she wanted to do. Would this go further than dancing. Honestly it didn't matter to her. She felt alive was enjoying herself and her company. A few times he tried to grab her close and grind against her but she kept distance between them and danced around the living room.

At one point after many songs she decided they needed another glass of wine and a change of shirt as it had gotten a little hot. He had removed his dress shirt and had an undershirt underneath. He poured the wine and decided to venture into the bedroom as she was changing her top. This was a bold move. When he entered she had already changed but he put the glasses down and reached for her. He went in for a kiss but instead of a sexy kiss she instead gave him a playful bite on the lip. He wasn't sure what to make of that. Was she playing Or trying to keep him away he wasn't sure. They went back to the living room, danced and drank a little more. He had actually gotten tired and was laying on the couch and trying unsuccessfully to get her to join him.

She asked if he was ok to drive home. Again he became confused about where the night was going or had gone, was this it he thought to himself He called her bluff and said he was not ok to drive. She excitedly said he could stay the night. She asked him -where do you want to sleep, on the couch or in the bedroom With the option he chose the bedroom. With that she said she was going to freshen up and headed to the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. He got himself off the couch and walked into the master. He began to undress. First his t-shirt came off, next his shoes, socks and pants. He lay on the bed in black boxer briefs. He wasn't sure what to expect but regardless at least he was comfortable if sleep was what would take place. She came out in a green silk nightgown. He liked what he saw. Her petite body under the smooth, silky material. He was still unsure if that was her normal sleep attire or if she was trying to be sexy for him. Perhaps he was being naive but they had always been friends and didn't want to cross the line if it wasn't what they both wanted.

She climbed on the bed next to him. She looked at his body almost naked. He was very aroused and it was clearly obvious to see the bulge in his boxers. She lay still for a moment and then said - can I touch you Yes you can touch me he responded. She ran her hands over his chest, down his stomach and wasted no time grabbing at his package through the cotton material. She quickly grabbed the waist band and pulled the boxers down his legs until he was fully naked, his hard cock standing proudly at attention. Her hands fondled his balls and work its way up and down his shaft. He enjoyed her touching him and lay still in amazement at what was happening for a minute. Then he looked over at her. The strap of her nightdown had fallen off one of her shoulders and her sexy breast was in his view, She had dark sexy nipples and he could not resist turning his body toward hers.

He reached out to cup her breast followed quickly by his head lounging forward and taking the breast into his mouth. He flicked his tongue wildly over her nipple. This took her by surprise but sent shockwaves through her body she had not felt in a long time. He releases his mouth grip from her breast as she had started jerking his dick harder and now he needed to lie back. She looked in his eyes and said - I like what you just did - she had fire in her eyes now. She was hot and ready for this encounter. With that he jumped on top of her. Again sucking her tit into his mouth. He pulled the other strap down to expose her other breast and suck and lick that nipple. He flicked his tongue in such a way that drove woman crazy. Then his signature move, in mid lick he raised his head and dove in for a passionate kiss on the mouth. She obliged this time shoving her tongue into his mouth. Lips smacking, tongues swirling. He kissed and licked down her neck, to her breasts again, down her stomach and belly button. He bypassed her panty covered pussy to bite on her thighs, first her right leg then her left. He reached for the band of her black satin panties and pulled them down quickly. She had just a small section of black curly hair above her clit. This turned him on. The woman his age all seemed to shave their pussies clean so this was something new. He pulled on it with enough force to get her attention before diving in with his mouth and tongue to eat her out.

She tasted sweet and was extemely wet. He licked her pussy lips up and down. Pressed hard on her clit with his tongue then sucked it hard slirping her juices. She was moaning yesses nearing climax. He placed two fingers inside her and licked her clit side to side. That was it. When his fingers entered she reached climax. Ohhhhhhhh is all she could say followed by heavy breathing.

He did not want to stop the momentum. He quickly whipped out a condom, rolled it over the engorged circumsized head of his cock and down the shaft. He put her legs on his shoulders and entered her. Oh yeah baby he said. Yes honey she replied. Honey, honey, so good. She moved her hips better than anyone he'd been with before. She was so hot he thought. He was thrusting into her, already about to cum so he turned her over on all fours and entered her from behind. He gave her ass playful smacks. Yes honey she moaned. Baby, he would say back. So good baby. He pulled her hair and thrust hard, he was cumming and it was so good. Way better than he could have expected. They lay next to each other breathing heavily. Not a few minutes went by before they had both passed out. In the morning she tossed a bit and they both woke up.

They made eye contact and she kissed his chest. That was all it took for him to be aroused again. The sheet covering them could not hide his erection. She kissed down his stomach and pulled the sheet back. She grabbed his hard pulsating cock in her hand. She sat up and moved to his hips. She lowered her head and while she caressed his balls she licked all the way up his shaft from the base to the head. She took it into her mouth and sucked expertly. She was alternating sucking with licking the head to licking up and down the shaft and taking his balls in her mouth. It was by far the best blowjob of his life. This little woman was a freak he thought to himself. He could not take much more and after a few more seconds of exquisite sucking he was shooting his hot cum into her mouth. With the first shot he could hear her say Oh Honey and he continued to cum into her mouth and she swallowed every last drop of it. He was ready to pass out again but he did managed to almost inaudibly let out one more Yes Baby.

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