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Baby Doll


Author: M.B.
Published: 09-Oct-17

This is my first attempt at writing. It started out as a text to my wife about a recent trip to a strip club that was already a lot of fun and very hot but as I began to write the text, my fantasies took over. After she read it, we did not sleep that night...

* * * * * * *

It really isn't just about sex. It is a deep seated obsession. This medicine brings all of my feelings, urges, and emotions right to the surface. Remarkably though, they are all good ones.

Like last week at the strip club. I didn't have one negative thought. But I wanted everything all at once. And it wasn't about a bunch of naked chicks. It was about my accomplishment of having the finest fucking woman in the world on my arm and ready to do anything. So bad I wanted to bend you over the bar and bury my cock in your pussy. While every (decent looking) girl started running their hands all over both of us. That hot bartender would start making out with you. The chubby girl would sit on the floor between my legs and lick your clit while my balls slammed against her chin. Some of the other strippers would grab their favorite customer and start pulling cocks out and sucking them. Pretty soon the music would stop and all you would hear is moaning and balls slapping on skin. Your pussy would be dripping like it does when I hold you down and finger fuck you while sucking that sweet little clit. Our stripper would stand up with your cum all over her face. And let me lick your juices off of her face. I have stopped fucking you but you are still bent over the bar because the second bartender is holding your arms down. The hot bartender comes around behind you and guides you to kneel up on a bar stool with your ass in the air. She gently parts your pussy lips and runs one finger up and down your labia, stopping with every stroke to rub your clit in a circle. As the other bartender makes you promise to be a good girl and not move, she lets go of your arms and runs her hands down your back. Now your face is right between her nice round, tan tits which she has just let out of her bra. You start to alternate between kissing her mouth and licking her nipples. You are gripping the edge of the bar. And your moans are almost like little cries or whimpers. Her hands run down your back to your ass and grip both of your ass cheeks just hard enough to make you squeal a little. She has a plan. She spreads your ass apart so her sister can lick your tight little asshole. She looks at me and says, "sis and I work as a team." And licks her lips. Her sister, the hottest one, is tongue fucking your asshole while finger fucking your pussy. She is reaching up to touch your clit from the inside. While slapping it from the outside hard with one finger. She has you bucking your hips and jamming your little asshole into her face. Your hands are trying to pull the top off the bar. Every once in a while you let out a little scream and pick up a glass or a bottle and smash it against the back wall. The whole bar is watching you while getting their fuck on or getting their dick or pussy sucked. Except me and this one guy. I am watching the hot bartender make my wife cum over and over while this little hottie owns your fucking G-spot. By this time, you have cum so much that there is a steady drip into a puddle on the barstool. The chubby little stripper has one finger between the ass cheeks of the girl eating your ass and the other keeps reaching back and running her fingers down my chest and across the head of my cock to touch the pre-cum that is dripping from the end of it as I stand there stroking it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy approach the whole scene. He has his cock in his hand and he looks like he is about to reach out and touch your ass. I grab his arm and say, "Look dude, this is too good of a scene, to interrupt with a fight." He backs up a little and I gently but firmly grab the chubby girl By the arm and stand her up. I look her in the eye and say, " hey little darlin', do me a favor and keep him busy so he doesn't do something stupid. I want everyone to enjoy this show." She drops to her knees in front of him and starts sucking his cock like it has money in it. He looks at me and smiles and says, "Thanks Bro". He puts his hand up for a high five, and I tell him, "you're welcome friend but no high five, you just touched your dick with that hand." Everyone laughs a little including the bitch eating your ass. You don't even notice because you are cumming yet again. The bouncer has a dry erase marker and he is putting hash marks on the menu board behind the bar every time you cum. The board says, "Allison's Orgasms." People start to notice what he's doing so they start cheering the girl on that is wrecking your pussy and ass. All of the chicks are working their clits like crazy wishing they were you.

As I am taking all of this in, the chubby girl reaches over and slaps my hand off my cock and starts stroking it while sucking ol' dude off. I'm not sure about it at first but I am so fucking hard that my cock is literally throbbing watching all this. She starts to alternate between his cock and mine. Pretty soon she has saliva and pre-cum dripping from her chin. She is gagging on both of our cocks. From the bar I hear you begging the girl to let you up before you pass out. She pulls her face out of your ass and her fingers out of your cunt. She turns to me and sticks her fingers in my mouth so I can taste your sweet juice. It is so good.

You lay flat on the bar for a bit to catch your breath while the two bartenders gently caress and kiss your body and run their fingers through your hair. The little slut is still alternately jamming our cocks down her throat.

You roll over and sit up on the bar and you are a little taken aback by seeing your man get his dick sucked. But then you get this devilish grin on your face and I know some real freaky shit is about to go down. You snap your fingers and say, "someone get me a drink and a smoke" I want to watch my old man cum on this little slut. 5 different people rush to get you a cigarette and there are 10 lighters in your face. Strippers, guy customers, their wives and girlfriends, hell, even the little old mexican lady that came in off the street to sell tamales is trying to hand you a shot of tequila.

That is all me and old boy need to hear. I grab the girl by the hair and hold her face up. We start jacking our cocks and we both blow thick loads of cum on her face, in her eyes, on her hair....

You are sitting on edge of the bar sipping a drink with a cigarette in your hand and your legs crossed at the knees. Those sexy, shiny sandals on your beautiful feet. The bartenders who now worship your body are sitting on each side of you like your little pets, gently caressing you and placing little kisses on your neck, chest, and nipples. All the while staring at you like a goddess.

You snap your fingers once again, put your hand in the air palm up, and say, "towel!"

The bouncer standing behind the bar grabs a towel, gives it a snap and lays it across your hand.

You look down at the chubby girl with my cum all over her face. She is staring up at you like she is under your control. You give her the "come here" finger and she slowly approaches the bar. You reach out and she flinches. She is kind of scared because she got carried away and sucked off your man. You take the towel and wipe all of the cum off of her face. You gently put your finger under her chin and make her look you in the eye. She looks like a pathetic little puppy. She starts to say "I'm sorry Miss Allison, but.." You put your finger over her lips and say "shhhh little one, don't talk. This can be settled but you all need to be punished." "Here is how this plays out..." You tell your hot little minions on each side of you to take me and the other dude up on the stage and strip us down. They comply and we are both standing there with hard dicks.

You command the girls to come get the little cock hungry slut and take her to the stage. As the three of us are standing there, the girl and I are nervous but excited. I am nervous because I feel like I kind of cheated on you but I know the punishment is going to get you off. You have the girls take the other guy and lay him down on the stage. Then they take little one and make her straddle him. One guides his cock into her pussy. The other leads me over by the dick and positions me behind her. The first one spreads her cheeks and the second one spits on and pushes my cock into the girl's ass. She lets out a whimper as my cock penetrates her. I think that I am supposed to start fucking so I start pumping into her. You shout, "stop!" No one moves until I say so!" You motion for your slutslaves to come to you. They rush to your side and you give them both a sweet little kiss on the lips and say, "Ok babies, take me to the stage" they hold your hands as you climb down from the bar. They escort you as you walk confidently across the room wearing nothing but your sparkly sandals and your choker. You step up on the stage with a pool cue in your hand. You stand over us and put the tip under my chin and look into my eyes. "You don't put your cock anywhere unless I tell you to. You own my pussy and I own that cock. Understand?"

I say, "yes, Kitten. Respect is respect.". You kneel down and grab her hair and say, " You slut, are going to take my man's cock in your ass. The other cock is just to fill your cunt." As we start to pump away, this bitch is screaming, crying and cumming all at the same time. I am drilling her so hard that, at first, I don't realize my balls are touching his. All of a sudden I stop and say, "can someone hold my balls up?" The bouncer starts to walk over, and I'm like, " uhh, no way dude." Everyone starts laughing and he holds up a beer coaster. He says, " I wasn't going to touch no ball sacks." He, carefully slides the coaster between our balls. The guy on the bottom with a face full of those big tits, mumbles, "thank you...."

I resume torturing this little bitch's asshole. I look up at you and you are staring at the whole scene while leaning back on the pole with one arm over your head and the other hand tracing circles around your nipples and reaching down to your sweet little box. Every other time your finger slips between your cunt lips, it goes up to your tongue. The bartender sisters are sitting at your feet each rubbing one of your legs and the other hand in their twats furiously working their clits.

The dude on the bottom is about to nut and he asks you if it's ok. You tell him, you don't give a fuck what he does but the ass assault better continue. As you tap the top of my head with the pool cue. I am pounding this whore so hard that sweat is pouring off my body. I look up at you and say, " It's time" You give me a nod and huge gobs of my cum shoot into her fat little ass.

She is completely exhausted and collapses on the dude under her. I stand up with my cock going soft but still very fat and inflated. You poke her with the pool cue and say, "Ok hun, I think you learned your lesson. Now you need to clean that cock up so my Mr. Matt can show y'all how a real man fucks his woman.

She lifts her leg and spins around on the bottom guy. He is thinking she is going to ride his dick some more but she sits that round little shitter on his face. His legs go up in the air and he grabs her ass with both hands and screams mmmpppphhhh. He finally gives up and starts eating her pussy and ass. I wonder to myself if he realizes that I just nutted up her butt. She reaches out and grabs my cock and starts to lick it clean and suck all of the lube, ass juice, and cum off of it.

Then I say, full of confidence, with blood filling my thick cock and sweat dripping from my chest and back and running down my body, "clear this fucking stage!" The little chubby one and bottom dude gather themselves and limp down off the stage to take a seat in the audience.

I walk over to you and pin you against the pole. I gently touch your face, and say "Does Kitten forgive Mr. Matt?" You very shyly nod with the tip of your finger on your bottom lip. I kiss you gently and take your hand and lead you to lay down on the floor. I kiss up and down your body. I stop to taste your soaking wet pussy. As I draw your clit between my lips and begin to suck, you arch your back, grab my hair and jam your pelvic bone into my face. I continue to suck and flick my tongue on your rock hard little love button as I slide my middle finger into your slit. I reach up and I remember what you said the other night. You told me to try to touch my finger (inside) to my tongue (outside). You are throwing your head back and forth. As you are about to come, I pull my head back and start flicking your clit a hundred miles an hour until the entire crowd sees you throw your head back and scream, "oh my God Matt, I am fucking cuummmmiiiinnnng!. A thin stream of, your sweet girl cum squirts from between your labia straight into my open, waiting mouth. It is fucking delicious. You are laying there breathing hard and moaning while gently pinching your nipples and moving your head from side to side and saying, "please...no more, no more....."

I look up at you and say, " you know the drill babygirl". You let out a little whimper that sounds like an "oh goody, now I get that fat fucking cock beating on the deepest part of my pussy...."

You throw your legs in the air and spread your lips apart. You look up at me and say, "Fuck your pussy." I take my hard cock and slap it on your clit. That makes your ass wiggle back and forth. You put your legs down a little so you can reach my ass to pull me deep inside you. I start slow as you raise your legs up to the sides of your head and I start pumping faster and faster. You are rocking back and forth on the center of your back to meet my thrusts. Everyone can hear the sound of my balls slapping against your ass until the sound of your first orgasmic juices start making a wet sound. You are looking me right in the eye, breathing, "fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, baby please keep fucking me!" I pump my throbbing cock into that sweet little cunt for what seems like hours as orgasm after orgasm rocks your body and you are begging me to fill you with my cum. I look down and say, " all this medicine, a case of beer, and two nuts, I am trying but it's going to be a while so buckle up buttercup, I am destroying your little twat tonight."

The whole crowd is still engaged in some sort of oral, vaginal, anal, or masturbatory sex. The room reeks of beer, smoke, cum, and cheap perfume. All I can smell though are your pheromones, and your sugar-like cum in my mustache. As I am pumping into you and the waves of orgasms rock your body, my cock starts to throb right up to the point that I am going to fill you with my cum and mark that pussy as mine, but then I don't quite get there and have to start pumping again. After the third one of these "near death experiences" you look up at me with sweat (mine) on your face, your eyes glazed over like you just smoked a joint, and little tears dripping from the corner of your beautiful, sexy, slutty eyes and you beg, "please Mr. Matt, I....breath.....can't....breath.....take.....breath....anymore!" Now screaming at me, "GIVE ME THAT FUCKING CUM AND STOP TORTURING ME MOTHERFUCKER!" Then sweet again with a fingertip on your bottom lip...." pwease Mr. Matt, I am going to pass out.

I tell you, "I'm trying sweet baby, I want to cum soooo bad". All the while still drilling away.

Just then, hot bartender, who had been watching this whole scene from over by the pole standing with both hands over head and her legs spread out while her sister sat under her licking her snatch, gets down on all fours and kitty cat crawls over to us and leans down to plant little kisses all over your face while gently wiping my sweat from your forehead. She says, "with your permission, Miss Alicia, yes I know your real name, I checked your I.D." She giggles a little. "With your permission, I think I can help. I am working my way through nursing school and I intern at a urologist office. Would you like me to finish this?" You slowly nod your head, about to cry from yet another mind numbing orgasm. Your legs are shaking. I didn't hear anything she said because I was watching her kiss and sweetly caress you, hoping that would push me over the edge. Then I notice her lean back. She puts her hand on my chest and pushes me back rather rough and my cock slips out of you with an audible "pop!" and a small drizzle of your incredibly sweet cunt juice runs out of your slit, down your ass crack and puddles onto the stage. She backs me way up and takes your hand and gently sits you up and guides you onto your hands and knees. She gently strokes your hair while she positions your knees at just the right distance apart and whispers to you, " this position will give you some comfort and help Mr. Lucky Fucking Asshole finish off."

She grabs my cock really hard and jerks me forward. She guides it between your lips then puts her finger in my face and she says, "now you pump in and out of your beautiful wife with long slow strokes and be gentle. DO NOT HURT MY GIRL. understand?"

I am digging this shit a little but, my pride takes over and I get really close to her face, while starting to pump all the way in and all the way out of you. I look her in the eye, and start to say, " Listen bitch, I know how to fuck my......woah oh my fucking god." While I was "proving my manhood" this little cunt slid two fingers up my ass and started massaging my prostate. I started going apeshit. She said, " slow down, pump slow." As I started to relax, this orgasm starting pumping cum out of my cock by the quart. I must have put equal to 10 loads inside you. It was running out on the sides of my cock. I pulled it out and sprayed cum all over your back. We collapse together on the stage to the sound of applause.

The DJ started playing music and folks started getting dressed as we laid there in a sticky mess.

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