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Office Play


Author: Ameilia Dawson
Contact: ameilia.dawson@outlook.com
Published: 11-Sep-17

Erotic story tells of a provocative encounter between two colleagues in the store they work for...

* * * * * * *

It was Monday morning, I walked into work dreading the week ahead! I was in sales for a medium size family owned business, I was under paid and over worked, the overtime I had been doing lately was killing me and my social life was just as full on, unfortunately that didn't include a man to fulfil me but basically I had no opportunity for rest and relaxation....

I turned on my computer and opened my emails, reading on what would become of my day. The phone rang, 'Good Morning this is Charlotte speaking' I answered. A friendly voice was on the other end chimed in, Troy was from another one of our stores, 'hey there you, how are you?' I asked with excitement in my voice, the truth was I had a little bit of a crush on him, well .... you could say I was highly attracted to him, he was 38 and I was 25 so yes a bit of an age gap but there was something about him that got me a little flustered, maybe it was how inappropriate he was when he joked with me maybe it was because he would pay me compliments and appreciate me ...either way he was in another relationship so I would just have to deal with my fantasies myself.

'I'm great, I'll be coming to the store this afternoon for a meeting with Jonathan, did you need anything before I leave?' He mentioned, I was barely paying attention, my mind was wondering about all the things I could be doing to him, 'ahhh, nothing I can think of, I don't think I need anything ' I managed to get out, 'I can think of lots of things I could give you that I think you need' he teased, I giggled back into the phone before ending the call and resuming my work.

The day dragged for what seemed like forever, I had my head down buried in a quote when I heard someone approach my desk, 'sorry can I help you there' I asked politely, but standing in front of me was not a customer but Troy, he looked really good today, he was a little early so he hung around to chat for a little while.

Besides the fact that I was aching for his attention we were actually quite good friends considering we didn't see each other very often, he would always ask about my love life and I would always have the same answer, 'nothing serious, just a few flirtations, if anything it will just be a one night thing if I'm even interested' I nervously said, his eyes widened, 'well in that case those guys would be very lucky indeed' he said with a cheeky smile. It made my body quiver to know he could think of me like that, I was daydreaming thinking what fun could be had when Jonathan popped his head out of his office and called Troy in, I smiled while he walked off giving me a wink.

I continued on with my quote I had another phone call from a customer, 'Hi there, I was hoping you might have the Hampton Occasional Chair in stock in Navy' a voice spoke, 'no problem let me find out for you' I said putting them on hold and jumping up from my chair to pay the warehouse a visit.

It was late in the afternoon so most of the warehouse staff had already left for the day. I was hunting around to aisles looking for stock, I ran to the phone and grabbed the customers number to call her back, this was taking longer than expected, my mind was still in blur from my conversation with Troy, I often caught myself staring at the bulge in his pants, it looked quite impressive, I was quite innocent to look at but I did have a very healthy sexual appetite, and I was an real flirt. I just couldn't take my mind of him, I could feel my body ache for him, it was becoming unbearable I needed a release, 'what's the harm in a little fun at work alone with myself, who would even know', I thought.

I found a quiet corner, it was a little darker than the rest of the warehouse and a lot cleaner, I sat myself of a large box of stock and allowed my hands to explore my body, I unbuttoned my blouse revealing my large breasted cleavage peaking through a black lace bra, I was just feeling so good about myself I lifted my skirt and opened my legs giving my full access to my panties, I ran one finger gently over my crotch, It appeared I was more excited than I thought, my panties were wet, just the idea that I was that wet made me want to explore myself further I pulled my panties to the side and traced a circle around my shaven wet pussy, I tickled my clit turning me on completely when sudden, 'fancy running into you here' said a voice from beyond.

I jumped up and adjusted my skirt as Troy walked around the corner, 'What are you still doing here Troy I thought you had already left' I mumbled, 'I was just about to leave but you were not at your desk so I thought I'd come look for you to say goodbye' he said with a smile on his face his eyes shifting looking at me, I smiled back 'Well that's n.. ' I couldn't finish my sentence before he interrupted me 'Charlotte, are you aware your shirt has come undone' I looked down in embarrassment and quickly buttoned them before apologising to him 'I'm sorry, these things never stay together', I looked up at him again as he laughed 'you don't need to apologise, that was quite a sight to see, I didn't know you wore such provocative underwear' he joked 'well there's a lot you don't know about me, I'm not as innocent as you may think' the words came out of my mouth before I could take them back, he laughed at me again 'so what were you doing just now before I interrupted you', 'I was just looking for stock, I couldn't find it so I just thought I'd take a moment before returning to me desk' I answered, 'Charlotte, I saw what you were doing.....' my eyes widen, embarrassment hit me like a train, I opened my mouth to apologise before, 'and I liked it' he bragged, I was in shock.

'You know I could probably help you out with that' he noted, I blushed and smiled and fell silent, the innocent me was out, I didn't know what to say, finally I was getting the attention I wanted from him.

I could think of nothing else and then my provocative side reared her head 'show me how helpful you can be' I looked deep into his eyes so he knew I wasn't kidding, he approached me slowly and cautiously, aware of his surrounding, we were at work after all, but he stood in front of my grabbed me by the waist and twisted my around so my back was to him, he threw my pen to the floor, 'Pick it up' he demanded, I did was I was told, I bend down retrieving the pen slowly, his hand running up my thigh and grabbing my ass, he pulled me toward him, I felt something else against my ass but it was not his hand, the bulge I had been fantasising about was hard and pressed against me. I moaned loudly and I slowly stood back up straight while he still appreciated me.

He didn't say anything and threw the pen back and on floor, I knew what I was to do to I bent over to pick it up a second time, this time much slower, his hand moved from holding my ass cheek running his thumb against my pussy, feeling the wet fabric of my panties this time he moaned, and before I could stand up straight he had slid his thumb underneath the fabric rubbing my clit. I could not believe what was happening, he removed his hands from there position up my skirt and put his thumb in his mouth and sucked it clean, 'you are so sweet' he said 'I need to eat you this second' and with one motion spun me around so I was facing him and lifted me up on to the box I was previously sitting on, he opened my legs pulled my panties to the side and buried his face between my legs.

His tongue was long and fast and was drawing circles around my clit, it felt incredible, he was eating me just like I had imagined he would, I was close to cumming so I grabbed his face with my hands and pull in up to mind, I kiss him sucking on his lips that tasted just like me before pulling away, 'I want you inside me, I want see that cock of yours' he smiled and unzipped his jeans, his huge cock springing free, I gently grabbed it with one hand directing it to my aching Pussy, I needed him now but I wanted him to beg for me, I rubbed to tip of his cocked against my soaking wet clit, that was almost enough to send me wild but I held off 'do you want to fuck me' I moaned, and he impaled me with his cock without even opening his mouth to answer me.

He was so big, 'make me cum' I screamed and he pounded my pussy, harder and harder with each growing second, he completely filled me up and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming, I wanted him to cum inside me so I pushed him away got on my knees sucking him clean before bending over to receive his cock from behind, again pounding into my pussy, my pleasure growing with every second , 'baby I want to cum inside you' he groan barely holding himself together, 'YES PLEASE' I screamed . His thrust got more aggressive as I started to cum, 'ahhh ah ahhhh ' I was cumming so hard I didn't want it to end and with that thought he pulled his cock from deep in my pussy and came all over my ass.

I cleaned myself off and adjusted my skirt, I then dropped to my knees to clean that beautiful cock of his, I gently sucked me off of him before pulling up his pants. I returned to my desk to call back my customer, 'Sorry, unfortunately we don't have that one in stock at the moment' said before hanging up the phone, I was all flustered I could not believe what we had just done, I looked up from my trance and Troy was standing in front of my desk, 'there you are Charlotte, I've been looking everywhere for you, I've just Spoken to Jonathan and he said you will be filling in for us next week while we are short staffed, don't worry I have a lot of jobs that you will be working on for me'

Troy joked smirking at me, 'I'm sure you can teach me a lot Troy, I look forward to seeing you next week!' ....

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