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Erotic Literature Acronyms Used by Authors to Describe a Story


Author: SexTails
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Published: 19-Jun-17 Revised/Updated 03-Nov-17

Ever wondered what all those abbreviations or acronyms mean when reading sex related stories? Here is a list of acronyms erotic story authors may use when conveying the subject or topic of their adult literature.

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NOTE: SexTails.com is creating the definitive glossary of erotic literature terms, if you can add to the list of tags please post your suggestions in the comment section below, and if appropriate we will add the term to our list.


1st - First time, or first MM or FF


BBW - Big Beautiful Women/Woman
BC - Black Couple
(B and D or B/D) - Bondage and discipline
Bear - Hairy male
Best - Bestiality - Sex with an animal
Bibl - Biblical - Bible based story
Bi - Bisexuality
Blackmail - Gaining sex through threat of exposure
Bottom/Submissive - partner who gives up control
Breast - Large breasts


Caution - M give away too much of the plot, offend some people
CBT - Cock and ball torture
CD - Cross-dressing
Cheat - Sex outside of the marriage commitment
Coll - College based story theme
Cons - Only Consensual Sexual Activity
Copr - Coprophilia
Cuckold - Humiliation of a male knowing another has/is had/having with his wife


D/S (D and S) - Dominance and Submission
Dream - Sexual activity while dreaming


Enem - Enemas
Exhib - Exhibitionism


F - Adult female
Fdom - Dominant adult female
F/F - Female couple
f/f - Teen lesbian sex
F/M/F - Threesome where both women have sex with the male but not each other
F/F/M - Threesome where everyone has sex
F/M/M - Threesome where everyone has sex
Fembot - Female robot
Fist - Fisting
fsolo - Masturbation by adolescent girl


GLBT/LBGT - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender
Goth - Gothic - Dark


HEA - Happily ever after
HFN - Happily for now
H - Hermaphrodite adult
Hair - Hair fetish
Hist - Historical theme
HS - High School-theme
Humil - Humiliation
Hyp - Hypnolove


Inc - Incest
Inf - Infantilism
Interr - Interracial


Lac - Lactation


Mast - Masturbation
MC - Mind control
Mdom - Dominant adult male
Menstr - Sex during female menstruation
MF+ - Male and multiple females
M - Adult male
M/F - male and female couple
M/M - male and male couple
M/M/F - Everyone has sex
M/F/F - Everyone has sex
M/F/M - Both males have sex with the female but not each other
F/M/M/M - Men have sex with female - she probably doesn't end up with one of them
M/F/M/M - Males have sex w/ female - she DOES end up with one or more of them
M/M/F/M - Males to the left of the (f) have sex with each other and the female. man to the right only has sex with the female. She probably ends up with 1 or 2 of the males
M/M/M/F - 3 males have sex with each other and the female.
MOC - Marriage of convenience


Nec - Necrophilia - Sex with a dead person
NC - Non-consensual Sexual Activity
Nosex- No intercourse in the story


Oral - Oral sex


PNR - Paranormal romance
Preg - Pregnant


Reluc - Starts as rape, but she ends up enjoying it
Rim - Oral-anal
Rom - Romantic
Rough - Consensually rough sex
RR/STR - Rural romance, or small town romance


SA - Stand alone
Sad - Sadism
SBR - Step-brother romance
Scat - Scatology
S and M or S/M - Sadism and masochism
S/M- Slave and Master
Sm - Sadomasochism (inflicting pain for mutual enjoyment
Snuff - Killing
Solo - Masturbation
Span (spank) - Spanking
Swing - Swinging
Switch - switches between roles of the dominant and submissive


TG - Transgendered
Top/Dominant - is partner who is given control
Tort - Torture
Toys - Dildoes and adult sex toys
TV - Transvestite
Twink - Young hairless gay male


VA - Verbal abuse
Veg - Sex with food
Viol - Violent
Virg - Virgin
Vore - Eating someone or something alive
Voy - oyeurism


Wife - Watching wife have sex with another partner
WS - Water Sports


YA - Young adult
Yng - Story characters are young


Zoo - Zoophilia


* The majority of erotic literature authors and publishers agree that MFM (or FMF) means two of the same genders are straight, and in the case of MMF or FFM the same two genders are gay/lesbian/bi.

* The Sexual Diversity website provides a related extensive list of Sex and Sexuality Word Meanings.

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