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BHM Swings with BBW at Swing Party


Author: Anon
Published: 12-Aug-17

One thing I've learned at swing parties, even when they're categorized as being for BHM/BBW select singles and couples, they can be intimidating for beginners, and one of the secrets of swinging is to let your social skills shine...

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As a single BHM who has been in the scene as someone who was coupled and as a single man, I know that the newbies and the single guys can have a hard time if they don't mingle. Some first timers don't even see any action because they're too nervous and too focused on learning the lingo.

At a party I went to recently, most of everyone went to the playrooms or another area of the house to play. I hung back in the "social area" where people usually remain to talk. There were a couple of other single guys sitting there nervous and I noticed a mature couple. A clean shaven and gray-haired stout man, and his BBW wife sitting in a sofa looking as if they were lost. I took my cocktail and walked over to them and introduced myself and sat in the chair in front of them.

"This is all new to us," the husband said, while the wife smiled and looked at me. "I had prostate surgery last year, and I'm not active anymore," the husband continued. "So, I'm here for her, but I think I'd like to be present if things were to happen." I understood and explained that I had known some older men who have been in that boat and have open relationships because of it. "It's been hard for us, but in a way, I've always thought the idea of another man would be a turn on in bed," the wife said.

After going on for about 20-30 minutes and having a variety of discussions on different things, the wife asked me, "You're good looking for a younger guy," I was smitten and smiled when I said, "Thank you." The husband said, "We noticed there was an older couple here but they didn't seem to pay attention to us." I said, "Yeah, sometimes people come to explore new and different things." The wife asked me, "What do you like?" I told her that I enjoyed BBWs of all ages, and have lately been enjoying the mature ones a lot more. They were interested and the husband said, "We didn't think we'd meet any younger people who like older people, we're in our late '50s, so we're probably not that appealing." I explained to them both I found them appealing, which led to the wife looking at me more and staring me down. We talked about it for a few minutes, and the husband wanted to be convinced I was turned on by his wife, and then he asked, "Could we find somewhere to go that's private and give this a try?" I nodded and told them to follow me.

As we walked by one of the playrooms where it was pretty much an orgy, one of the bedrooms where there was a gangbang scene, and another that looked like a couple was inviting someone in, we found a bedroom that was empty and went inside. I told the husband that at this party, closing the door was simply enough and was a sign that no one could come in to watch, or ask to be involved. All 3 of us undressed and the husband said he just wanted to "gently participate." When she laid down in the middle of the bed, I laid beside her and we began to kiss as I put my hand between her legs and gently played with her, her husband on her other side playing, licking and sucking on her tits as I did so.

While she took her husband's semi-hard cock into her mouth, I was eating her out and hearing her sensuously moan as I did so. Her husband telling her, "Good girl!" and "You like him eating your pussy, don't you? Tell him you like it and he might fuck you with that young cock of his" She took his cock out of her mouth to tell me she loved it and "please don't stop!" as I sucked, licked, and fingered her pussy. When she seemed she couldn't take it anymore and I was hard as a rock from the scene alone, I reached for the condom bowl and rolled a condom on, eager to fuck her. She laid face down, flat on the bed, with her husband's cock in her mouth as I took her from behind and began to hear her muffled moans. Her husband was turned on by it, telling her, "YES! TAKE THAT YOUNG COCK!" and "OH MY, HE'S FUCKING YOU GOOD!" as I aggressively fucked her from behind. I pulled her up on all fours and fucked her doggystyle as her husband looked into her eyes and said, "YOU LOVE IT! BE SURE TO CUM FOR HIM!" and she whimpered out, "I WANT TO CUM! I WANT TO CUM SO BAD! IT'S GOOD!" as I kept on plowing her from behind.

I aggressively turned her over onto her back, took her legs over my shoulders, and began to fuck her, harder and harder and heard her really start to moan and the cheap bed make squeak after squeak as the headboard also tapped on the wall, and her husband laid there next to her smiling, encouraging her. "Come on, you can cum for him!" and as the moans got faster, I realized she was there, and pushed forward on her a little more and her legs a little further back as I continued to fuck her hard, and suddenly I felt that warm feeling against me as she came hard and whimpered for a few moments that I gave her. Her legs and hands shaking, and I started again and kept fucking her as she moaned and moaned and moaned.

"My god, son! You have a cock of steel! I don't think she's been fucked like this ever," the husband told me as he squeezed on one of her tits. She reached up and put her hands on my side, trying to encourage me to cum. "Give it to me! I want you to give it to me!" she said, almost as if she was begging. I reached for as much as I could give her, and fucked her as hard as I could as the husband sat by shaking up and down on the bed from the vibrations, hearing her moan and practically scream, before I started to feel that feeling and unloaded inside of her.

When it was over, she laid there shivering and her legs a little wobbly, her husband took her into his arms and kissed her, and him telling me, "Wow, that was impressive!" She laughed and said, "I have never felt anything like that." When the husband asked me what my secret was, I said, "I know the zones to lick and finger, and I know how to throw my weight around, only explanation I have for it." Soon after, I gave her round 2 and round 3, before we opened the door and another guy walked in asking if he could have a shot given he heard, "Someone taking cock like a pro in here," and I eventually moved on and found myself leaving soon after.

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