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Erotic Sexual and Sensual Sex Stories for Women

Woman reading bookA collection of tasteful erotic stories that will apeal to female readers of erotic fiction and women who enjoy reading sexy stories online. Women's erotica is defined as any erotic material that caters specifically to heterosexual women. When erotica is directed at lesbian women, it is referred to as lesbian erotica.

The first series of books to feature erotic short stories for women was Herotica, first published by Down There Press in 1996. Author and sex activist Susie Bright founded the series and edited the first three volumes. A similar series is Best Women's Erotica from Cleis Press which has appeared annually since 2001. Internet-based publisher Ellora's Cave produces what it calls "romantica" - romance novels with explicit sex scenes. The company originally produced e-books but has now moved into printed publishing.

The erotic stories listed below are of a more sensual nature for our female readers who may not be interested in the more hardcore variety of story in our other categories.

List of Female Interest Stories
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1 - Summer Rain - One warm rainy summer night I finally get to fuck my lover.
2 - A Bachelors Night to Remember - Pulling my head back into her breasts, she used her waist to roll herself against my erection.
3 - Wine for Two Means Fun for Trois - After a moment of teasing, she sucked the whole nipple into her mouth and continued rubbing outside of Katies panties.
4 - Trouble at His Place - Her legs were in the air and she moved her hips up so he could push in as deep as possible....
5 - Almost Alone - Her back was arched, pushing her breasts up into the air as they jiggled from his thrusting.
6 - Playing with a Pirate - He grabbed her elbow and pulled her back to the bed with him, pushing her dress down so she could step out of it.
7 - Clothing is a Barrier - He circled his middle finger around while she clutched his shoulder, unable to stop the sounds of pleasure she was making.
8 - Embers - Sample Chapter - His mouth found its way to an erect nipple, his tongue flicking it playfully, shooting quivering thrills through her.
9 - Devoured - In this erotic story Sandy is at a business convention finding herself aroused by the main speaker and she tries to satiate her dark desires without letting him on.
10 - My Toy Boy Ooh la la - I stripped and got into the shower already I was perked up with a half erection with the thought of what was soon to be.
11 - Mrs. Warren - In this story a horny housewife has great sex by the pool with a younger guy half her age.
12 - Dancing Instructions - He went on and sucked my boobs as he fingered me too he squeezed them he made love to my body all over.
13 - Mature Relationship - Kissing and touching and showing how much they cared for one another could always wait.
14 - Liz Makes Out - As they crawled in to the bed Liz felt the dampness in her vulva and her nipples stood at full erection..
15 - Brent and Tina on Shukat - The touching and familiarization under the spray was washing away pieces of latent emotional baggage leaving the two free to come together in perfect harmony.
16 - Our Breathy Sweaty Embrace - I feel his fingers slide inside my pants and discover the juices all over my pussy..
17 - April Surprise - He had cum prematurely While it eased and spread everywhere against her flat soft belly but she loved it..
18 - Sexy Text to My Wife - I will do the things that make you orgasm before I explode on your hot, erotic, and sexy body.
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NOTE: We are always looking for more Female Interest Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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