Master and Slave

Author: The Furry Bard
Published: Mar 21, 2009
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A nice little story for those who like were-creatures or furries. A little bit of bondage, a little bit of rape and a lot of good violent sex. Cause it's no fun if there is no blood. Me'lynn is a little weremouse who happens to be in the right place at the wrong time. She meets up with a weretiger and things get a little violent. She soon finds herself a not totally unwilling slave to the tiger...

Me'lynn finished her drink, still watching the weretiger. His dark hair and fierce eyes gave no misconceptions about his personality. He was cunning, fast and strong. Much stronger than he looked, though his muscles were well defined. He wasn't a large man, but you couldn't call him small. He towered over Me'lynn by almost a foot. She tried to sink farther into the shadowed corner, even though she knew that he had already sensed her and probably seen her. She knew at the very least that he had smelled her fear even from across the crowded tavern. She slipped out when his back was turned, hoping that he did not see.

But he had seen. And he knew that she had been watching him, following him for almost a month now. Several times he thought about confronting her. He laughed at himself. What he really meant was attacking her and asking why the hell she was following him, or maybe just killing her outright. He hadn't had good fresh meat in a long time.

Me'lynn walked around the corner into the alley. The crescent moon was high in the sky. It was almost the dark moon. Just a few more days. She hated the dark moon. She found the moon's light comforting, but then, probably, so did all other were-creatures. She glanced around to see if anyone could see her. When she looked behind her, she saw two men. One of them slammed her into the wall of the Tavern.

"Well what do you know. Just what we was hopin' ta find. A pretty little toy." His foul breath assaulted her senses. She struggled to free herself from his grasp, but the other man grabbed her arm, and yet a third who had been lurking in the deeper shadows came to hold her other arm. She was pinned to the wall. They had raised her up so that her toes barely scrapped the ground. She kicked at them with all she had, but they were deft and dodged her attacks. She tried to scream but all she managed was a fear filled squeak. The men were laughing and talking about what awful things they had planned for her. She struggled as hard as she could, but only managed to barely bite one of them on the arm. This earned her a strike to her head with a small club. She fought for consciousness as they ripped off her cloak and threw her to the ground. She wore thin white material that was wrapped around her small body. A white scarf was tied to her right arm and had she been standing, it would have hung to her ankles. The material that she had used as a sort of toga had fallen open revealing a long line of pale flesh on her left side. She scrambled to grab her cloak. They thought to try and cover herself again, but in reality she was trying to conceal a folded piece of parchment with 'Kain' written on it in large letters. It had fallen out of one of the pockets she had sewed into her cloak. She didn't want any of these men to find it.

The weretiger made up his mind. Tonight he would put an end to her, or at least to her following him. He walked out of the tavern and glanced around. He concentrated on his other senses, and felt her fear. Hearing hushed voices and malicious laughter he figured someone else had found her first. He walked into the alley just in time to see the men hit her as she tried to crawl away. Unconsciousness won over her with this second blow. Thankfully, none of them noticed the letter she held in her hand.

One of the men began to pull the material away from her body, and the weretiger attacked. She was his prey. As he jumped for the nearest man, he shifted his hands giving him massive claws. The fight was over almost as soon as it began. They were common street scum and could not contend with his strength and agility, much less his claws. One of them ran off, the other two lay dead at his feet. He looked back at the girl barely covered by the white sheet, and noticed the letter in her hand. His name was printed on it in a strangely familiar writing.

As he knelt down beside her, she moaned softly and began trying to move. He pinned her to the ground digging his claws into the soft flesh of her neck. He could feel her pulse quicken under his hand and he smiled to himself.

Me'lynn was hit with another wave of terror as she regained consciousness. She felt the tiger's claws digging into her neck. Fear filled her and tears began to fall slowly from her eyes.

"Please," She begged, "please don't kill me."

"Who is that letter for" He growled at her and she flinched and tried to pull his arm away from her, knowing full well it wouldn't work but she tried anyway. He repeated his question slower, and more threateningly.

"A-a friend...I hope." She whispered softly so even with his enhanced senses he had to strain to hear her.

"A friend Who Maybe I can help you deliver it." He laughed at her. She tried to look away, but he had a firm grip on her and she couldn't move her head so she closed her eyes. He dug his claws deeper into her flesh and she winced. Most people would have cried out in pain by now, he was amused that she was able to refrain from doing so.

"Why have you been following me"

"To-to give give it to you."

"Begging for help to save your poor village from raiders What's in the letter Why haven't you given it to me sooner"

"I was afraid."

"Of what"

"You...afraid that you would kill me."

"I may just kill you now. Why should I let you live"

"It-the letter, it's from your father."

Kain was stunned at this. His father had been murdered over a year ago. Kain had gone to gather firewood and when he returned his father was dead. He unconsciously dug his claws deeper into Me'lynn's neck at the memory.

"How did you get this" he asked after he recovered.

"I took it from your house." She choked. He tightened his grasp even more and Me'lynn began fighting for air.

"How did you get this!" he screamed. Me'lynn unable to answer gasped for air and pulled at his hand. He grudgingly released her neck his claws scratched across her throat. She filled her lungs with oxygen and breathed waiting for the stars to disappear from her eyes. Though Kain sat back on his heels, Me'lynn didn't sit up. She wasn't sure if she was that safe yet.

"I was in your house when the men killed your father. I saw him writing this to you, and I read a bit of it...not all of it." She added quickly "Just enough to know that if they saw it, they would have waited and killed you too."

"What were you doing in my house"

"I...It was getting cold. Too cold to travel and so I stayed in your walls. I was only going to stay until the weather warmed up."

"You were that damn mouse that kept eating our bread!"

"I was hungry..." Me'lynn said softly.

"I tried to kill you but you kept getting away, you're a fucking vermin!"

"You almost succeeded once...When you threw that poison dart at me."

"I missed." He said regretfully.

"No, you pierced my ear." She moved her hair revealing a tear in her right ear where she had ripped away from the dart.

"It was only a tranquilizer."

"But strong enough for a man, deadly to a mouse. I crawled back into my hole and fell asleep. I was sure I wasn't going to wake up."

"I thought maybe I'd finally scared you off. I didn't see you for almost a month. How'd you get the letter"

"While they were busy fighting, I pulled it off the desk and into my hole."

"Why didn't you put it back when they had gone" he said, eyeing the blood that was dripping from her neck.

"There wasn't time...after I was sure they were gone and weren't coming back, you came in."

"Why didn't you tell me then Give it to me then" he shouted.

"I was afraid. Afraid you would blame me, afraid that you would, would, kill me."

He laughed. "I would have killed you. But then, I might have felt a bit of remorse. I won't now." He ran his fingers over the scratches on her neck. "Now I'll just kill you because I like it."

She cringed as he brought his mouth over her throat. Her heart began to beat faster, her breath was shallow. He held her head so he could lick the blood from her neck.

"I can smell your fear." He said, nuzzling her teasingly. "I can smell your desire too." He laughed, biting down just hard enough to make her gasp. She began to shake, whether from cold or fear, she wasn't sure. Probably both.

He bit harder, making her wince. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. She knew that even if someone did come to help her, he would only kill them too. He continued to bite her, moving down her neck, to her shoulder, down her chest. She struggled and he held her head tighter. Any more, and he would have broken her neck, so she stayed still.

"Please don't kill me. I-I will do anything you ask...anything you want, just please let me live."

"Anything" He asked, licking from her breasts to her throat. Noticing as he did, a strange burn scar, almost like a brand over her heart. He dismissed it biting down again, his teeth growing sharper, bringing blood.

"Yes." She cried.

"You'll be my slave, in return for me allowing you to live."

'Find a strong man, Me'lynn. Become his slave, and he will protect you from all others.' Her mother's words echoed in her ears. Her heart lightened at the thought.

"Yes." She said, stronger this time.

"You might be good for entertainment for a while. I'll let you live, for now." He grinned an evil grin, and bit into her shoulder. His teeth sank deep, ripping flesh. She passed out from the fear and pain, but she would heal. She was a were-creature after all.

Me'lynn spent the night huddled on the floor at the foot of Kain's bed. She had used her cloak as a blanket, and her arms as her pillow. When she woke, she was smiling. She was owned. She had found her protector. Kain was still asleep in his bed when she sneaked out of the room to order breakfast.

She had seen Kain order breakfast many times over the past month. The same thing every time. She ordered his raw steak and fruit for herself. She took it back upstairs where Kain stood glaring as she walked in.

"Where were you" He demanded.

"I was only getting breakfast, Master." She lowered her eyes looking at the tray of food she held.

"Took the money from me I suppose." He opened his purse and quickly tallied the coins.

"No, Master. I paid with the money I had."

Kain managed a half smile and motioned for her to set the tray down on the small table that was in the room.

"Will I be getting a collar today" She asked almost brightly. Kain wondered what had made her such a happy slave.


"Yes. Don't all slaves have collars So that people will know that I am yours." When he didn't immediately answer, she added "I'll pay for it, of course." At this statement Kain began to wonder about her mental stability. If she was going to be this damn happy about being a slave maybe she would have been better off had he killed her. Maybe he would have been better off. He didn't like happy people as a general rule. He liked the idea of the collar though.

"Yeah whatever."

Finally it got the better of him and he asked why she was so damn happy.

"What's not to be happy about I have a master now. An owner."

"And this makes you happy You're head is seriously messed up."

"Think about your bow. Would you just give your bow up Let someone take it and do whatever they wanted to it"


"Why not"

"Because it's mine."

"Exactly. It is yours. You own it, and you will take care of it, protect it. And now you own me."

"But I don't really like you. I like my bow."

"But I'm still yours, and I know that just on that principal, you will keep me safe from all others."

"You're not safe from me. I'm more dangerous than they are."

"But if I'm good, and I do what you ask, I'm loyal and I never go against you, you're likely to keep me around. Even if it is just for...entertainment."

Upon asking around, Kain was surprised to find that there was a shop that specialized in slave collars. Apparently it was good business around this area. As they walked into the shabby building he shoved Me'lynn forward and said simply "Collar" to the weasely looking man behind the counter. The man smiled an almost toothless smile and rubbed his greasy hands together.

"Of course. What type of collar would you like" He gestured to the plethora of displayed collars around the room. Kain pointed to one at random. Me'lynn thought it was the most beautiful one there, almost like a necklace. It was made of highly polished steel and shined silver in the sunlight that managed to muscle it's way through the dirty windows. A ring in front left the option to attach a chain if the master was so inclined. It was small, but very strong.

"Good choice sir. And what crest should I put upon it Or Maybe simply a name"

Kain pointed to his headband which held his family crest. A half man, half tiger stood in front of a silver shield on a black field. "Put this on it."

"Might I have a closer look, or maybe you could take it off and leave it here so I might copy it precisely."

"No. I'll draw it out for you if you have a quill and parchment." The man obliged, though he looked quite disappointed.

"Will you be wanted hand and leg chains as well Or just the standard chain"

"Just the collar."

"Well, the standard chain comes with the collar at no extra charge sir."


"Very good sir. Would you also like to purchase one of our slave bracelets. They're quite common for this...type, of slave." He looked over Me'lynn with a crude smile. Kain glared at the man and thought about just having him for lunch, but decided instead on getting a bracelet with red and orange stones, though he wasn't' sure why. "It will be fifty gold, you can pay when you have inspected the work. It should take about two hours. Just leave your slave, and I'll have her fitted in no time." He began to put chains on her hands that attached to the wall.

"What's that for" Kain asked.

"So she doesn't try to run, sir."

"She won't run."

"Even some of the most well behaved slaves will make a break for it when they think they have the chance."

"She won't."

"Still, the chains. I won't be responsible for a lost slave."

Kain growled, and left the shop. He was beginning to think having a slave was too much trouble to bother with. Just when he was about to go back and kill them both he had a thought. She had been there when his father was murdered. She could identify the men that did it. At the very least, tell him how many men he should be going after. Maybe it would be worth it to keep her around.

The man watched Kain leave with a smile on his face. He set to work on the collar, carefully creating a beautiful rendition of Kain's crest just to the left of the ring. He may have been a scoundrel and a crook, but he took pride in is art. When he finished he took the two halves of the collar and welded them around Me'lynn's neck. She flinched as the magical fire burned her skin. There were no locks on his collars. His were permanent.

He smiled approvingly at the scars and scabs on her neck and shoulders. He liked to see slaves who were properly abused. Especially Quasi-Khan slaves. He had recognized her nationality as soon as she entered. He liked the way the 'church' ran that country. He planned to retire there.

When he had finished with her collar he closed the shades on the windows, not that anyone could see through the dirt, and locked the door. He pulled on the chains that held her arms, raising them high above her head. Me'lynn began to look around curiously, wondering why he had told Kain it would take two hours, when it seemed one had clearly been enough. He pulled down another chain from the ceiling, clipping it to the ring on her collar. It caused her to put her head back, unable to look anywhere but up.

"What are you doing" she asked, moving her feet around on the floor as much as she could, not holding still.

"Taking part of my regular fee." He laughed as he began to lower his pants. Me'lynn started to kick and scream, so he chained her feet. The screaming he didn't mind. No one in this district would run to her aid.

Kain wandered back to the slave shop. He wanted to know what Me'lynn knew now. He couldn't wait another hour. When he arrived, the curtains were drawn and the door was locked. As if on cue, he heard Me'lynn squeak in terror. He felt her fear rise and broke down the door to see the man exposing himself in front of her. Kain pounced, digging a clawed hand deep into the man's ribs. The man gasped, but managed to smile.

"Do you want to know why she's such a willing slave"

Kain was curious enough about this that he paused for a moment. "I'll kill you either way."

"We'll see." The man replied. Kain removed his claws from the man's ribs. He held the man at his throat, but allowed him to lean against the counter. "She's an exile from Quasi-Khan. You've seen the burn scar, no doubt. It's how they mark girls they deem unclean. When a young girl comes of age, she is sent to the temple in order for the priests to, ahem, usher her into adulthood. Most of the men got tired of getting the priests' cast offs though so any pretty young thing is taken whenever a man has the inclination to do so. Surprisingly some make it to puberty with their virginity intact. And some of them have the audacity to fight the priests. Those are few and far between because it means to be exiled. I'm sure you've heard of what it means to be exiled from Quasi-Khan."

Kain nodded at this. The man continued.

"But to be a slave, means that you are somewhat protected. A master is likely to take "payment" for a dead slave. It deters all but the most determined huntsman, when the exile is owned. My guess is your little slave is one of the few that fought the priests and was ironically deemed "unclean" and exiled. One of the few virgins to somehow escape that country."

"And you thought you'd have first bite" Kain growled.

"I figured you already had. Am I wrong" He sneered.

"Yes." Kain said as he ripped the man's head from his shoulders.

Kain took the chains off of Me'lynn and threw her to the floor. "Is that why you were so happy to be my slave Why you wanted my protection"

Me'lynn pushed herself up on her elbows, but he pushed her back down with his foot. For a while, she found it hard to breath.

"Is it" He growled going to one knee he grabbed her and with only one arm, pulled her up into the air spinning her so that she was face up. She landed hard on her back and couldn't speak for another few moments. Finally with fear and tears in her eyes she nodded slowly.

"Damn it!" he spat. "Not only do I have to worry about the damn anti-were people but now I have to worry about the exile hunters too!" He turned away for a moment punching the floor, and leaving a hole. Me'lynn took this opportunity to try to crawl away from his anger, but he grabbed her leg and pulled her back almost jerking her leg from its socket. She curled into a ball and threw her hands protectively over her head. Her dress had been pulled up revealing most of her small body and the marks where he had used his claws to grab her side and flip her over. Blood dripped ever so slowly from the wounds. He placed his hand over the marks and with a swift motion, turned them into huge bloody gashes in her side. Her body jerked, but she made no sound. He realized then, that she had been more afraid of the men in the alley, and the weasel from the shop than she was of him. More afraid of being raped than torn apart by tooth and claw. That angered him even more. He wanted to cause her more fear than they could. More pain. He licked the blood from her side and she cringed at the stinging pain. He ran his hand over the wounds and smeared her blood on her face as he grabbed her head. He pinned her arms over her head with his other hand and had the pleasure of feeling her fear increase.

"You will deny me nothing in exchange for my protection" He said quietly, calmly. The calmness frightened her even more. She tried to look away, and he jerked her head back to face her. She did not meet his eyes. He pushed his blood covered fingers into her mouth digging claws slightly into her lower jaw. "Answer."

Her heart beat faster, her fear continuing to increase and leaving her momentarily speechless. He jerked her jaw down, her head following, forcing her to look into his burning eyes. "Answer." His voice grew quieter, calmer.

She gave a slight nod, because it was all she could do. He smiled and took his claws from her mouth. She could taste, as well as feel, blood welling up inside her mouth. "Anything I want from you, in exchange for keeping you alive."

She nodded again.

"Good." He moved her head to the side, allowing him easy access to her neck. He raked his teeth across the skin, and once again he could smell her desire, and feel her increasing fear. What her body wanted most, and what her mind feared most, was the same. He knew, and he laughed. He took pleasure also in knowing that the desire was for him alone. The others caused only fear. He could bring her to the height of both, at once. "Mine to do with as I please." He untied the knot that was all that held the material on her body. She laid naked beneath him, trembling with fear.

"What he said is true then. You managed to escape, untouched." He whispered the last word in her ear, running his bloody hand over her breast, though now the blood had begun to dry. He ran his claws over it, hard enough to hurt, but not to break the skin. He watched her chest rise and fall with each fear filled breath. He saw in her eyes, the desire to run, to escape. The realization that this time, she couldn't, and the tears that followed. She had found a strong man, become his slave, and got his protection from all others...but no one could protect her from him. She had naively thought that once she became his slave it would be like her father and mother. A strong man, a good master, and a loving husband. Her mother had been his slave, collared, before he took her as his wife. She slaved for him happily, and lovingly, and he took care of her and their child. Kain was not going to be a good master, or loving husband. He would be her owner. Master, and slave.

Kain picked her up and tossed her effortlessly into the air. She landed in a pool of the dead man's blood. He tossed her again, throwing her against a near wall. He pinned one of her hands to the floor and used his remaining hand to hold her head once again giving him access to her neck. He bit down leaving deep bruises and her shoulder went numb. Bloody rips covered both of her sides. He threw her again and she landed near the door that now hung only by it's bottom hinge. She tried desperately to crawl away, but he grabbed her collar and drug her back to the hooks in the floor where her feet had been chained. He grabbed the locking chain from on top of the counter and attached one end to her collar, the other to the floor. He held the key in front of her, taunting her, then placed it just out of her reach. She sat against a near wall hugging her knees to her chest. Tears streamed down her face, and Kain laughed. He pulled her leg sliding her out to lay on the floor. The steel collar bit into her neck forcing her head up. She crawled backwards. He only let her get far enough to allow her to move her head, then he crawled on top of her and whispered "anything."

Kain straddled her, pinning her to the ground with his legs. Her arms free to move she brought them in front of her, covering her chest. He pushed them back to the floor, and then pulled off his shirt. She looked at him with more fear, more desire. Fear caused by her desire for him, and desire, caused in part by her fear of him. Trembling she reached out a hand. He caught her wrist, but then smiled, and let her go. She had his permission, to touch. She ran her hands slowly over his chest, feeling the muscles beneath the skin. He took her wrists and held them once again pinned to the floor. He moved his hand behind her head, and kissed her a hard deep kiss. He took her wrists in his hands and moved her hands over his body, down to the waistband of his pants. He slid them down, then laid on top of her, sliding them completely off. He raised up just enough to slid himself over her. She looked away, embarrassed, afraid and crossed her arms over her chest again. She tried to bring her legs up, to protect herself from him. He forced her hands above her head and held them with one large hand. He grabbed her head with his free hand and forced her to look at him. When she closed her eyes he squeezed her jaw, causing her to flinch, but she opened her eyes and looked into the depth of his dark soul.

He forced her legs apart with his legs, and began rubbing over her again. He could feel her squirm beneath him.

He rubbed himself against her spreading her wetness over his shaft. At first she had tried to resist, but at last gave in. He couldn't be stopped. He felt her body relax and ran his hand from her wrists down her arms, over her chest. He massaged her breast gently and kissed her behind her ear, down her jaw line to her neck. He bit her with increasing hardness, until she gasped in pain. She forced herself not to fight because she had promised, in exchange for his protection, anything. He laughed. He had broken her. She was now truly his.

Pushing the tip of himself against her vaginal lips, he felt her body stiffen. She let out a gasp. He kissed her, then moved his mouth over her breast, sucking on her nipple, biting it, playing, then he pushed himself harder against her and her gasp was louder. He pushed again, the tip of him barely entering the opening in her. He pushed again, and again, going farther and farther until a moan escaped her lips and her body relaxed again. He pumped himself in and out, slowly at first. She let out small cries of pain as he went deeper and deeper inside her. Bits of blood confirmed the loss of her innocence. He began to thrust harder against her, her cries echoing each thrust. He growled in ecstasy of her fear, pain and desire.

Me'lynn felt only pain the first few times he had pushed himself inside her, but the longer he pushed in, pulled out, pushed in, the better it began to feel. It was like nothing she had felt before. The touch of his skin against hers, the feeling, as if some one was filling a hole inside of her, the pleasure that raced over her body...but under it all was still the fear. She knew that he would probably kill her like this. Maybe not now, not today or tomorrow, but someday, he would rip her apart.

He threw his head back, flexed his arms and growled again. He dropped his hands on either side of her head, narrowly missing her. He growled softer, and thrust harder. He bit her cheek, her jaw, her neck. She struggled to get away from him, away from the painful thrusts, the bites. But he moved with her until her head was against a cabinet and there was nowhere else for her to go. The chain was a cold pain in her back, then she felt her body stiffen. Overwhelming pleasure mixed with the unbearable pain. She cried out and tried to push him away, but he pushed into her harder, faster. Her body began to jerk as she hit her climax. Muscles she didn't know she had contracted and tightened around him. He moved faster and faster until she was sure one of them was going to explode. He suddenly jerked his head back and growled fiercely, when he came down he bit directly into her throat. She wanted to scream, but his teeth were crushing her windpipe. Just when she thought she would die, he relaxed and fell limply on top of her. She would have tried to push him off, but her muscles wouldn't move, and she felt strangely safe and happy laying there underneath him.

About: The author of "Master and Slave" is The Furry Bard. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Fetish Sex Stories section.

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