first smoking fetish encounter

Author: Anon
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Published: Jun 30, 2009
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She too also unleashed an orgasm that squirted cum, to my surprise, all over my arm and her legs. We both just laid there for a few minutes, then she started rubbing her pussy and lit another cigarette. I followed and would cum 2 more times to her countless ones, she even squirted a few more times.

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I was 17 and had just moved in with my brother who was in the army. It was 1978 and everybody smoked.

I wasn't getting along with my dad so my brother offered for me to stay with him and his wife. He was in the Army, stationed in Columbus, GA at the time and had a 2 bedroom apt. I eagerly accepted. I was from a small town in toad suck Missouri and was fairly naive.

I quickly found work in the apartment complex doing pool care and cutting grass. I kept in pretty good shape working outside every day and looked old for my age.

Since my brother had traveled pretty much the world, he had made many friends along the way. One evening I came in late after a long day and was introduced to "Cindy", a friend of theirs they knew from Germany that had just been transferred to Columbus. I didn't think much of her at the time, fairly cute, kind of medium build with short brown hair, and dressed in camouflage. Not really my type at 16. I excused myself and headed for the shower.

As time went on I became "friends" with Cindy as she was around quite often. She had a great sense of humor and since I had no car, she was a fairly good source of transportation to the mall and such. I never really felt attracted to her but enjoyed being around her and she with me.

One evening I came home and my brother asked if I minded helping Cindy move into her new apartment. She was moving Saturday and my brother was tied up at the base and couldn't help. I told him I didn't mind and to just let me know when she would pick me up.

She arrived at the apartment around 8:00 the next morning and we headed for the base where she was staying until her things arrived from Germany. The big stuff was already delivered to the new apartment but she had lots of boxes that were her responsibility. Most weren't heavy, clothes, records and general stuff. We were finished by around noon.

It was a pretty nice place and had cable TV. I was 16 and had never seen cable until then so I was pretty interested. Cindy said we could grab some lunch in a little bit and that she needed to hit the bank for some cash to pay me for helping. I told her I wouldn't take her money and that it was no big deal, but did accept the offer of food. She agreed and asked if I minded if she showered first. I told her no problem.

I heard the shower start and think it lasted 20 minutes or so. I was pretty wrapped up in some movie that was showing gratuitous, uncut sex so time was unimportant. I heard Cindy say something so I muted the TV. She asked me if I could bring her cigarettes to her from her purse. I said OK and went to digging through her purse. I soon found her pack of Benson & Hedges Menthol's and lighter and headed down the hall. The door to the bedroom was cracked open but the bathroom door in her bedroom was closed. I knocked and she said to just bring them in and set them on the floor by the bathroom door. I did as she asked and left the room, heading back to the TV.

Not even 10 minutes later, she called me again. I muted the TV and asked her what she needed. She said she had just painted her nails and they were not dry and if I would mind lighting her cigarette for her. "No problem" I said and headed back down the hall. I pushed the door open and found Cindy lying on her bed naked, slowly rubbing her pussy with an unlit cigarette in her mouth. I couldn't say anything. It was the most awesome sight I had ever seen.

She told me to take the lighter from the nightstand and light her cigarette. I did as instructed. She took a very long puff, held the smoke for a few seconds and slowly exhaled a very large plume of smoke. She moaned with ecstasy as she exhaled. I must have looked like I'd seen a ghost because she smiled and told me not to be afraid. I told her I wasn't afraid, just surprised. She said "I can tell that, I also see you seem to be happy" She was right. I had a painful erection in my shorts that I really hadn't noticed until that point. She asked me if I wanted to take my pants off and I nervously said yes. She said she was aware I was only 17 and that she wasn't going to be able to touch me, but she would tell me what to do. I agreed.

I want you to lie down beside me but with your head at my feet. I want you to watch me. I did as instructed. Then she asked if I smoked, I told her I had a few times but just goofing around. She told me to take one of her cigarettes out and put it in the ashtray next to her on the bed. She handed me a bottle of lube and told me to poor some on my cock and spread it around. I did as she asked. "now, as you rub your cock, light your cigarette and take a long drag and inhale deep". I wasn't sure if I could but the menthol smoke was very smooth and went down easy. Within a few seconds, I felt a "rush" and felt like the bed was spinning. She could see the effect it had on me and began rubbing her pussy again with more vigor, taking deep drags of her own cigarette. "Watch me play with my pussy. Do you like that" "very much" I replied. Keep watching me, keep smoking and rub that cock until it explodes, she said. I did as instructed and soon unleashed a load of cum Ron Jeremy would have been proud of. It landed all over her legs and she took it and rubbed it on her tits with the hand she was smoking with. She too also unleashed an orgasm that squirted cum, to my surprise, all over my arm and her legs. We both just laid there for a few minutes, then she started rubbing her pussy and lit another cigarette. I followed and would cum 2 more times to her countless ones, she even squirted a few more times.

We both showered separately and then went to lunch. Our conversation was unchanged as was our relationship. What happened, happened. We never spoke of it again but every time she came over to our apartment and lit a cigarette, I would instantly get hard, sometimes excusing myself to the bathroom for quick relief. She knew the effect she had on me. I could see it in her eyes as she would blow the smoke seductively toward me.

We moved about a month later and I never saw her again but to this day am drawn to women that smoke. Not all women, and I can't tell you why, just some and there's no particular "look" that gets me. That is how my smoking fetish started. No matter how hard I try, I cannot shake it. I suppose it will be with me for life.

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