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A Stocking Encounter

Author: Stocking Lover
Publish Date : Sep 17, 2009
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An old high school couple reunite at a hotel. The handsome man's hand retreated from the comfort of her honey pot and slid its way back into his pocket fumbling aimlessly for something. She opened her eyes and noticed immediately why her tight and much needed orgasm would not happen now. Fire burned in her eyes as she glared at the prick checking out the other woman.

* * * * * * *

The man and woman sat at their table in the veranda of the hotel awaiting their food. Both eagerly excited to see what would be concocted from their initial orders from the menu. As she twirled her honey colored Pies porter in her fishbowl-sized glass, bored by her companion and the lack of their conversation, her eyes scanned the restaurant looking from one couple to the next searching for a true match made in heaven. The 5-star Tuscan-based restaurant nestled itself quietly in the center of the hotel. Hundreds of rooms overlooked the broad style and finish of the highly eloquent eatery. Reservations were taken months in advance. He had made them several months back as a surprise for their 10th anniversary. Neither knew that the night would fizzle even before they set foot in this quaint hot-spot. An argument had ensued in the car about how damn long it had taken her to get ready. He was such a tight ass about being to the destination early. She disregarded his complaint and told him to loosen up. He had already hit the red zone for high blood pressure. Upon entering the hotel, he still relentlessly did not ease up. This made for an awkward dinner conversation.

Moving her head, peering at other couples as if she was a surveillance camera sweeping her head slowly back and forth from side to side, she saw no one worth giving her full attention to. Loosing concentration of her swirling motion of her glass, she got clumsy. Some of the sweet Pies porter shot out of the glass and dotted her large chest just below her aquamarine colored pearl necklace. She quickly turned her attention toward him to see his reaction. He was still pissed and unamused. He showed little tolerance for her and just sat there and let the sweet succulent drops slowly slide down between her breasts. She decided to see if he would trash his attitude from the car ride over and playfully follow the descending drops down into the canyon of desire. He did no such thing. He grabbed his cloth napkin from his lap and tossed it across the table toward her, motioning for her to mop herself up. Livid, she tilted her head back and guzzled the rest of her sweet tasting wine in one quick motioned fell swoop. Announcing, "I'm going to the effing bar to get something a bit more powerful". He waived her away without a hint of remorse. With his back to the bar sitting at the table, and her back to him as she approached the bartender, she figured it was time to break out the heavy alcohol to drown her sorrows quickly and effectively. Summoning to the bartender that she would like a double shot of Crown Royal and a Martini-stirred with 2 olives-she lopped her purse on the counter and stood there waiting for him to comply. Suddenly, she felt 2 very muscular hands place themselves on her hips and slowly side around to the front of her abdomen and gently make their way toward her C-cup breasts. She smiled and thought that it was about time that he came and apologized for treating her like shit on this very special night. A warm breath nuzzled up to her ear and bit at the lobe and whispered softly to her in a sensual way, "I can't believe how sexy you look and how stunning you smell right now. How is it that your husband isn't even the least bit attracted to you right now"

She spun around on her right heel and faced him for the second time today. His sexy smile immediately melted her all over again. She had casually bumped into him earlier at the grocery store while purchasing some milk, lipstick, and a nice bottle of Aussie Merlot. He had nothing more than a pack of gum and a mega family size box of condoms. She snorted at the idea that he was arming himself with so many. She figured he would be dating the an entire WNBA women's basketball team tonight. His smile lightened up when he saw her eyes question the box of condoms. That smile instantaneously made her knees melt. That encounter at the store was the first time she had seen him in about 15 years. They had gone their separate ways out of high school and decided to see where life took them. Ironically, life had given them a chance encounter.

Now, staring into his hazel eyes with her own questioning deep blue eyes, she smiled and then spilled out, "What the eff are you doing here" He retorted, "I'm checking you out. I just had to follow you because I couldn't get enough of your beauty earlier." Cracking another smile he confessed the truth. It turns out that his friend was getting married in one of the banquet rooms in this very same hotel. He was being bombarded by single women to dance and that just wasn't his thing. He needed some space and air and upon walking out of the banquet room saw the last 5 minutes of her interaction with her husband. He dually noted that it looked awfully unpleasant. He snuck a quick look at her again and remarked at how gorgeous she looked completely dressed up. It made her blush and he loved doing that to her. She also didn't mind hearing sexy compliments about herself that she never heard anymore from her husband.

Looking her over he noticed her liquid satin sky blue colored Donna Karan sundress that was covering only one shoulder. The other shoulder was completely nude and showing off a fetching tan. The dress dipped halfway down her bust line showing off her well proportioned and natural C-cup breasts. Her hair pinned up and giving way to all the secret spots of her neckline. He commented on her aquamarine necklace and said that it added a touch of class to her naughty demeanor. "What do you mean" she commented. "I knew the sexiness you portrayed in high school with the entire line of fancy underwear you wore on a daily basis. Did you forget we once dated Naughtiness like that doesn't fade with the person through the years, but rather it strengthens with age. I know what you're donning under there", he whispered discreetly. This caused her to crack a smile. Her heart picked up the pace as his eyes dropped southward to her long and toned tanned legs. He cracked a smile showing his white teeth and motioned without saying anything with his mouth, "Thigh-Highs". She laughingly shook her head no and said, "In your dreams." He whispered, "I'll bet you your panties right here and now that you're wearing nude thigh-highs and not hose." She shook her head signifying "NO DEAL". "What's the matter", he quietly whispered, "Are you afraid of loosing to an old boyfriend and having to dish your undies to the guy you still think about" Stepping closer, he faintly whispered even quieter, "Seeing you today in the store reaffirmed my idea of why I never got married myself. I never gave up hope that one day we would meet up again and the sexual chemistry would ignite this burning feeling I've got growing down here." He motioned effortlessly to his crotch. She so badly wanted to grace it with the tips of her fingers. Her tongue protruded from her mouth and lightly licked her bottom lip. The deliciously naughty thoughts that were being tossed around in her head created a spark of her own. She felt the moistness between her legs growing. She knew she had to stop this before it sent her over the edge and cause her knees to buckle. She stepped backward toward the bar as his hands graced her leg and began moving north to investigate if, in fact, his accusation of her stockings was in fact true. She casually batted his hand away and swung her hips and sidestepped her old acquaintance making her way back to the table empty-handed. The smile that was exploding from her mouth was larger than life. As she sat down at the table facing the bar, she dared not to look up at him again. Her pulse was beginning to level out. "Where the eff is your drink" the prick-of-the-night beckoned. "I slammed it at the bar and decided to come back to apologize to you for being late tonight. I really don't want to argue on our anniversary. Please forgive me!"

Her husband actually turned away her apology and began going off about her lack of decency and respect for others. His anger flared, obviously not willing to let her actions go. Not believing his temper or words being thrown out at her, she took the abuse and listened to what he had to dish at her. In the middle of his thought, he was interrupted by the ex-boyfriend. "Excuse me", looking solely at her, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I think we went to high school together." Her concentration broken now, she couldn't believe what her ex was doing. It took some major balls to do this-yet he was a master at it. "Yes", she gracefully said, "I think I we did. You look awfully familiar." Flashing his killer smile that melted her every time, he reintroduced himself to her. She couldn't believe he was doing this. His confidence was so attractive and sexy. Turning to her dirt bag of a husband, he kindly introduced himself. The husband glared at him before taking notice of his 3-button navy Ralph Lauren suit. His mint lightning-patterned tie coordinated perfectly with it. He donned a slip-on Kenneth Cole midnight black square toed shoe. The husband recognized that this guy was suave and sophisticated. He felt a tinge of jealousy that Don Juan here had once dated his wife-that is, until he noticed his wedding ring. The husband had to clear the air, "So you're married" The intruder nodded and smiled again. She motioned for him to join her for a few moments to catch-up. The husband did not object. She knew damn well that the ring was a decoy to ease the husband's mind and place him in a realm of comfort so he could feel better that this showboat was not bringing on competition. He slid into the chair next to the prick and began explaining that he was here for his friend's wedding. She was diagonal from him and contorted her body to face him head-on. He also added that he would be a guest here tonight at the hotel because he did not know as to what time the wedding would be over, nor the condition he would be in to drive. Her ears and attention swiftly perked at the mention of that important fact. She smiled and he winked at her.

The next few minutes were a blur for him as he began telling the husband about how he and his ex-girlfriend were inseparable in high school. They did everything together. He even mentioned the prom. As he went into the funny story about their prom and how they both ended up getting kicked out of the dance for their lewd conduct of placing "I'm an Asshole" tags on the backs of the head and assistant principals, he felt something beginning to snake itself between his legs and lightly rub around feeling the dimensions of what he was hiding beneath his pants. It was her right nylon encased foot. Apparently, she had slipped off her cream Alfani four inch pump and was irresistibly teasing him beyond his wildest expectations. This lit him up and caused him to rise to the occasion instantaneously. She felt his enormous bulge balloon up and continued to work her magic with her feminine size seven foot. Her smiled never wavered. Since the linen from the tablecloth hung low over his crotch, the husband was never the wiser. A few times, the gentleman's voice cracked while telling the husband one of his stories due to the ongoing pleasure he was receiving from his reintroduced friend from across the way. She would pretend to laugh at the right times, but secretly she really laughed at how he was handling himself. She knew she could keep this up all night. The question was, how long would he be rising to the challenge She was so incredibly turned on with his debonair good looks and confidence that was radiating from where he was sitting, that she found herself being attracted to him all over again. She didn't give a shit about her limp dick husband or his pussy attitude that he brought to the evening. Unknowingly, she began to grind between his legs harder and with more intensity. He looked as if he was going to explode. His face began to twist in an awkward way and he stopped mid sentence on one of his stories. The husband croaked, "Hey, are you okay. You look effing messed up." The gentleman ignored his comment and waived him off as to say he was fine. He casually slid his left hand below the table and gently grasped her foot. She was smiling widely, clearly enjoying this. He figured he would repay her and begin massaging her nylon engulfed foot. He loved the feel of the material. It was so sensuous and silky to the touch. He deeply wanted to know her secret of whether she was still a thigh-high girl or not. His guess was that she still was.

He told the husband that he would finish this last funny story he had to tell about her cheerleading days. He promised to be quick. Glancing over in her direction quickly, he could tell she was enjoying every bit of what he was doing to her. The waves of pleasure were being received fully and with great enjoyment. The look on her face said it all. Her eyes closed, her lips pursed together and her breasts heaving with each heavy breath. He knew he had her. Suddenly, the husband exclaimed, "What the eff is the matter with you, honey You look like your ready to climax or something." Her foot immediately retreated to her side of the table back into her expensive shoe and her eyes busted open in shock. "What What was that" she said. "Ohh, oh no. I'm okay. I was just reminiscing of the old times." The husband didn't buy it. His suspicions rose. The handsome guy looked at her and asked if she would like to see some current pictures of his wife and kids he had in his wallet. Skeptically, she agreed. He stood up to take a seat next to her, but she suddenly remembered that he would still be erect and a dead give away to her husband. To deter her husband's attention from any notice of what the handsome guy might have pointing in his pocket like a pencil, she purposefully reached out and bumped his glass of wine, knocking it over and onto her husband. He was less than thrilled by the chilled liquid cascading down the tablecloth and onto his pants. Instinctively, he pushed his chair back to avoid the wine and stood up. It was too late. He was doused with about 10 ounces of sweet liquid. The look he gave his wife could have killed her right then and there. Excusing himself, he made way for the restroom to clean himself up. He ordered her to get him another drink by the time he came back.

The handsome man sat calmly next to her and whispered, "You're husband is a naive and pompous effing prick." She nodded back to him, "Yeah, what a way to spend my anniversary. I'm surely not giving him any satisfaction of any kind tonight." Placing his hand gently on the bridge of her knee and slowly sliding it north under her light dress to investigate, he muttered, "He may not be getting any, but I'd sure like to rekindle some of this sexual tension between both of us. My God, did I tell you how incredible you look." Looking deep into her large blue eyes, he whispered, "You're more beautiful than ever." His hand suddenly stopped at the top of her stocking on her thigh. It answered his prominent question posed earlier. He smiled and said, "I was right, you haven't changed a bit. You're lucky you didn't bet me, because right now I'd be demanding my prize-your panties." He continued to glance in the direction of the restrooms checking to make sure that the prick wasn't going to steal any of these precious minutes with his rekindled sexpot. Snickering slightly, she bellowed, "Looks like you're the naive one, stud. You don't remember anything about me from the past other than my love for thigh-highs, because...", she leaned in close and nibbled on his earlobe and proclaimed, "when I get dressed up, I don't prefer to wear any panties." Melting lower into his seat, he closed his eyes and his lips pressed together and curved into an upward curved smile. With that, his manly bulge grew large again. She then placed her hand on it to further investigate it, while slightly stretching open her legs. He immediately took notice of this and walked his fingers further up her thigh to investigate. What he found was an eye-opening and energetic boost of desire for her. He could feel her honey pot drenched and emitting desirable signals to explore at will. The man's fingers covered in her juices exuberated great warmth and moisture everywhere. He was loving every minute of it. He decided to take a chance and give her special spot a soft flick with his index finger. "Ohhhh...do it again", she purred in his ear, responding with a handful of his pants in her grasp as she began to really clutch his manly loin and pump it this way and that. Instinctively, he did it again and got glorious reviews from her hand. He applied a little pressure to her nub and began rubbing it in a circular motion. All hell broke loose. Going stiff as a board with her legs, she clutched the table with one hand and squeezed his cock with her other hand so hard that he thought it felt like a vice grip. The blood and circulation flow was completely cut off. Add to that that she yelped out, "OHHHHHHH......HOLY SHIT!" All talking in the restaurant ceased instantly. People focused their eyes on the two of them. Immediately his hand pulled away from her sweet spot and went limp. He thought he hurt her and was deducing a way to help. "What did you stop for" She bellowed, "That felt effing amazing. He hasn't touched me like that in years. Do it again, please. I want it again, now."

He was shocked that that was all it took for her. As couples around them turned their conversations back to one another he skillfully he made his way back to her sensitive area. His pinkie grazed her mound and he took note that she was donning a neatly trimmed one-inch wide landing strip. He loved art displayed in the most intimate areas. He snickered and using his ring finger applied a bit of pressure to her spot. She tensed up again and closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure he was bringing to her. It was taking her breath away and bringing her back to the days when she had regular orgasms without having to think about them. He decided to find out if she would enjoy this experience if he would take it a step further. While his ring finger made circular motions, his index finger parted her lips and entered her ever so slowly. Her eyes cracked open as she turned her head toward him and gave him her approving nod that agreed with what she was doing. A few more seconds of this erotic play and it was over.

Just as the fun had begun, the dick of a husband was making his way back from the restroom. Though he was taking his time, his attention was focused on the hostess and her short black dress in which she was showing quite a bit more cleavage than she should of. The handsome man's hand retreated from the comfort of her honey pot and slid its way back into his pocket fumbling aimlessly for something. She opened her eyes and noticed immediately why her tight and much needed orgasm would not happen now. Fire burned in her eyes as she glared at the prick checking out the other woman. Quickly she turned to her stallion and tried to tell him that she wanted to finish what had now started up between them again, but she stopped when she felt his hand re-enter under her dress again. He found her garter strap and gently slid something smooth and cool between it and her skin. All at once he removed his hand from the undercarriage of her dress, stood up, buttoned his coat to hide his erection, and placed his hand back into his pocket. Just then the husband made his last turn and advanced on the table. The handsome man thanked the husband for allowing him the opportunity to say hello to his ex-girlfriend. Turning to her, he winked and said his goodbye wishing her luck in the future. He strolled outside of the restaurant and disappeared past the bar. The husband sat down and asked what had happened while he was away. "We just caught up on some things", she said with a slight smile. Her hand nonchalantly moved to her garter and felt the plastic credit card like shape tucked securely in there. She couldn't believe he had given her his room key. It was a confident move on his part. The question was looming in the back of her mind as to whether she would like to pursue this avenue tonight. She knew she wanted to, however, could she bring herself to morally do it

Dinner for her was a disaster in every way. The food turned out to be atrocious, the conversation nonexistent, and the atmosphere too quiet and uncomfortable. The straw that broke the camel's back came when the husband announced that they had better get going so they could make it home in time to catch SportsCenter, and then he had plans on trying out a new sexual move on his trophy wife that he heard from one of his golfing buddies. She had enough! With that she stood up and barked loudly so that the entire restaurant could hear, "Eff you asshole. I'm not some mail order bride that came to you years ago so you could order me around and treat like shit. I'm your wife and this was supposed to be our anniversary dinner that celebrated our wonderful years of marriage. Obviously you don't respect me enough anymore to treat me as such. Have fun jerking yourself off to SportsCenter! I'm going to spend the night at a friend's house, dickhead!" And with that she stormed away from the table and exited the restaurant looking for the restroom. A few of the busboys chortled, while the rest of the restaurant cliental and wait staff clapped wildly for her outburst, including the scandally dressed hostess. The dickhead husband received verbal booing and dirty looks from people closely seated in proximity to him. After cleaning herself up from the few tears that happened to fall, and getting her blood pressure back under control, she pulled out the room key card from her garter and decided that there was nothing stopping her now. She wanted and needed someone to treat her the way she ought to be treated. She had needs and was damn well going to make sure they would be met tonight.

As the elevator came to a stop on the fifteenth floor, she took a deep breath, stepped off and turned right toward room fifteen oh seven. It was about fifty feet down the hall on the right hand side. She stopped at the door and nervously thought whether she should be doing this. It was all or nothing. She stuck the card in the key strip and waited for the light to flash green before proceeding into the room. The first thing she noticed was the lush scent of roses protruding from somewhere in the room. Secondly, she noticed that the room was quite chilly. It gave her goosebumps and sent her nipples into an erect state. The last thing she observed was the layout of the room. This room was obviously a suite, because she was standing in the living area taking in the sights of the mini bar, 52 inch plasma television affixed to the wall, the recliner and extra long sofa bed. Somewhere down the hall must be the bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she again felt nervous about the idea of doing this. As she made her way down the short hallway, her nervousness transferred to a faint wave of anxiousness. The door to the bedroom was partially cracked, showing a faint amount of light in the room. As she pushed it inward, she noticed the soft white sheets on the king-size bed, to the left side of the room, were neatly turned down for the night. Past the bed was a small coffee table and two chairs. Directly facing the bed was another plasma television-though this one was significantly smaller. Next to the television was a closed door which she figured was the bathroom. Before she knew what was happening, she felt someone pop out from behind the bedroom door and grab her gently from behind. It was him and his body was on top of her in an instant. He was naked except for his Ralph Lauren suit pants being on. She instantly picked up the Davidoff Cool Water cologne scent that had been sprayed onto his face and chest. The sensual scent placed her engines into overdrive. From behind her, his hands reached around her front and began fondling her already erect nipples. His mouth was caressing her neck with heavy kisses. He whispered, "I'm so happy you decided to come tonight to this room. We're both going to remember this forever." All her fears and anxiety melted away. She marveled in the moment. His left hand slid away from her breast and inched itself down her stomach and toward her crotch. Instinctively, she reached around behind her and felt for the loin that she so desperately craved before. Enjoying his kisses on her neck, and now his sucking of her earlobe, she fumbled with his zipper of his pants and cascaded it southward. Her hand snaking into the hole and found what she wanted more than anything right now. She pulled him out and began to slowly jerk him off. Her breathing was heavy and concentrated. She took notice that he was also not wearing any underwear. The smile on her lips formed. He hadn't changed from high school either.

His right hand moved up to her mouth and he inserted his index finger into it for her to suckle. She had no problem with it, nor did she object to his left hand unfastening her dress at the shoulder and unzipping it before letting it slide to the floor. Aside from her 4-inch heels, nude stockings, emerald green garter belt, and her aquamarine pearl necklace, she was nude. His right finger that was spending time in her mouth now trailed down between her legs to perform its magic. His other hand was stroking her left stocking leg. He couldn't have been more turned on at this moment. As she spread her legs slightly and allowed him access to her goodies, he took full advantage to delve into her wetness that she had. Excitedly, she stroked him harder. A full set of moans exited her lips and made him know that she liked his exploration process. His left hand retreated from her stocking and joined his right hand in parting her lips wide. He slowly made circular motions on her love nub again. The coldness on her skin from the room was now transferring into waves of heated passion. She was getting worked up in every sense and enjoying it tremendously. He was good with his hands, but better with his fingers. He knew what he was doing and his experience made all the world of difference. As she began to get that jittery feeling between her legs that told her that a climax was not far behind, he stopped cold. He bent her over doggiestyle while she was still standing so she was looking up between her own legs at how enormous he was. With a quick unbuttoning of his pants, they slid to the floor effortlessly. She could see he was shaved clean all around, except for a small patch at the base of his shaft. In his hand she could see one of the many condoms that he had purchased earlier that day from the corner store. She was excited to see how he would begin this act of sex.

He slowly edged the tip of himself toward the moistness that was raining down from between her legs. He teased her first by sliding the entire length of himself past her honey hole toward her nub-slightly grazing both. Feeling this anticipating motion made her quiver and shudder with pleasure. A few more times he repeated this action just to tease her and lube himself up with her wetness. She had enough, and moaned, "God, please stick it in me! I want it so badly." Her command gave him the okay to proceed. The tip of the condom slowly came in contact with her dripping lips. As it carefully pushed itself past the threshold of innocence, and into adultery, she felt his gaping girth part her tight entryway and deliver a satisfaction that was unlike anything she experienced in the past 10 years. Joyful moans came instantaneously as she relished with pleasure. His length kept pushing into her wetness deeper and deeper. She couldn't believe how well-in-doubt he was. She was loving every inch of him. It felt so good to be filled up like this again. As he fully entered her, he stopped for a second to give her a chance to accept everything that was there. "Oh my God. Ohhhh...now I want you to sex it up and show me how it works", she grunted. Like a flame that ignites a cigarette on a cold night, he suddenly came alive and found a contrite rhythm that showed her waves of pleasure. His patterned movements had her moaning loudly as she was bent over. He was working his manhood like a handheld saw determined excavate a tree limb. In and out he rocked, on the balls of his feet. She was thoroughly enjoying what he was giving her. "Harder...c'mon, give it to me harder...oh yes, deeper...oh my God, yes!" she would bellow. Responding to her every whim he pleased her accordingly. His hands pawing at her ass for leverage and grip, as she continued to urge him on. As she began to get close, she reached underneath him and grasped his balls in her left hand and fondled them. In return he licked his thumb getting it wet and slowly inserted it into her anus. "Ooooooo...yes, you certainly like to play dirty there stallion," she cooed. Her breathing quickened and her moaning changed into a screaming as she reached the beginning of her long orgasm. The feeling of her fingers massaging his balls felt great to him, but it was nothing compared to her screams of pleasure. He couldn't believe how loud she had gotten. "Oh my God...yes, yes, yes...oh yes...oh it feels incredible. Yessssssssss...oh yes. Harder! Give it to me...oh yessssss! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss! Don't stop. Oh my God, you're terrific! Yesssss!" was all she

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