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Leather Hooker

Woman showing tits

Author: cjs7dust
Published: 29-Sep-09 Revised/Updated 08-Oct-09
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I then proceeded to tremble, erupt and explode a massive load of cum into her moth as she slowly sucked it out of me. It seemed never ending, I must have shot 7 or 8 good hard jets of warm cum into her mouth.

* * * * * * *

I have been married to my beautiful wife for 17 years. We are both 37 years old. My wife has aged a little more gracefully than I have she is still as sexy and gorgeous as she was back then. Me on the other hand have gained some weight, lost some hair and some confidence. We have only ever been with each other as far as I know. I have never cheated on her, and have never wanted to and I believe she hasn't either. We have always had a good marriage but I will be the first to admit she is the boss, I was never one to argue or confront her, it was typically her way, and I left it at that most of the time. In particular our sex lives. It has been pretty lack-lustre lately the past few years actually. She has never really catered to any of the things I fantasize about or desire. I go out of my way to please her and make her feel good and never has she done that for me. First of all if she ever does give me head, she will never let me cum in her mouth. She refuses to swallow. She even insults me saying why would I swallow that disgusting goo. Meanwhile I am expected to go down on her for hours at a time. It just bothers me that her own husband repulses her in that way. Also, I have always had a fetish for women in leather pants. Although she has never worn them or even considered getting a pair. She thinks that fetishes show weakness. That having a fetish means you are vulnerable and weak and she doesn't see weakness as being at all attractive. So, every time I see a woman in leather pants, I get worked up. And my wife is hot with an amazing body and ass and would look so incredibly sexy in leather pants, but she doesn't want to give me the satisfaction. Even still I have never gone off and cheated.

For some reason lately this has really gotten to me lately. I was online one night. My wife doesn't know how to turn on a computer not to mention surf sites, email etc. I decided to post my story and situation on craigslist in the Rants and Raves section to get some feedback. My friend at work told me about the site. I got a few emails in response but one in particular got my attention. She said she was a mid 20's escort and could give me some pointers. So I added her to msn . I wasn't sure if she was a dude pretending to be a girl, but we started to chat. She said she was an escort for the past couple of years, 25 yrs old. She told me she had some high roller customers, from biker lords to lawyers and cops. She said my wife was a high strung stuck up %^&*. That I should ignore her and find some other hobbies. She told me she loved sex, that she loved to swallow and that would do anything to make her men happy and most of all had leather pants, quite a few pairs she said. I was in heaven just talking to her. For 2 or 3 nights we talked, she asked me quite a few detailed questions about what I do most nights, and I told her we sit in the living room and watch TV. The last conversation I had with her was on a Sun night. She asked how long we go between having sex, and I said 3 - 4 weeks at least.

So..my wife and I were home one night about 10:00 pm. We were both in the living room watching TV, she was reading I was watching hockey. Suddenly, out of nowhere this blond girl in a long leather trench coat, leather boots, leather corset and leather pants, barges into my living room with a gun pointed at us. I said "who the fuck are you!!" She said "you know who the fuck I am now get on your knees both of you with your hands behind your head!!" My wife looked at me in bewilderment and "yelled WTF is going on , who is this crazy bitch!" I said that I had been chatting with her online last week. I said to the girl how did you find me. She said well, when your email is your first name. last name and you have a unique name, not hard to find. I asked again, what are you doing here. She said "well, you are going to thank me later." The girl, her name is Stacey, led us both upstairs she asked me to take with me one of the chairs from the kitchen. We got upstairs and she told me to handcuff my wife to it. She pulled some rope out of her jacket and said to also tie up her feet to the chair. Then she followed me downstairs and asked me to bring up another chair. She told me to take all my clothes off and sit on the chair. She handcuffed my hands behind the chair and also tied my legs to the chair. My wife was frantic, bawling and freaking out begging her not to kill us. Stacey said "I'm not going to kill either of you." I'm just going to teach you a much overdue lesson.

It's my understanding that you like to deny your husband pleasure he is entitled to. You rarely give head and you don't swallow and you won't wear leather for him. Why Before she could answer Stacey yelled "Because you are a selfish bitch!!! I have fetishes does it mean I'm weak Who's the weak one now I see the way your husband is looking at me right now all dressed in leather. Why are you so happy to deny him that. I asked him online honestly if he has ever cheated, you should be happy to know he said no. He would have no reason to lie. He worships you and you deny him this pleasure. "Please let us go, I beg you, I will do anything for my husband you ask me to" Tooo late Stacy said. I'm going to suck his cock dry right now in front of you and swallow every drop. "Please noooo I shouted!" "I can not have my wife see this, I can not betray her." "Please nooo my wife begged, we have only been with each other, I don't want that broken, I will do it, I swear." Tooo late Stacey snarled again. I pleaded with Stacy to please let us go, I felt so bad for my wife. Stacy got on the floor beside me and said "come on, I know this is an act, deep down you want me to suck you off sooo bad it hurts and I can tell by your raging hard on." I could not believe I was hard, through all this I wanted this girl to leave but deep down i wanted to fill her mouth soo bad while she was dressed in that leather. It was a fierce battle in my mind I could not live knowing my wife was going to see this, regardless of how she treated me my wife was very very possessive and jealous. My wife was crying, begging and I was pleading as well. My wife and I were sitting facing each other not 5 feet apart. Stacy was on her knees in front of me, she started to lick my shaft, it was pulsing stiff as it has ever been. I prayed that I could hold off and not cum. But she took me entirely in her mouth and sucked me top to bottom ever so soft and stopped, looked at me and said I know you want this. I begged her to stop, but she didn't, she sucked faster and harder, her blond hair was brushing my inner thighs and her sweet vanilla perfume was so sweet and her lips so wet sucking my rock hard cock and her beautiful perfect ass inn those pants. I had never in my life had a woman suck my cock and make me cum and shoot in her mouth. I could feel my balls tingle, that feeling that all hell was going to break loose. My wife begged over and over and I pleaded again. I knew it was too late, my wife knew too. I looked at her, my face grimaced and I said I'm so sorry. I then proceeded to tremble, erupt and explode a massive load of cum into her moth as she slowly sucked it out of me. It seemed never ending, I must have shot 7 or 8 good hard jets of cum into her warm mouth. I was trembling. It was by far the most intense orgasm I ever had. Stacy knew it, I knew it and so did my wife as she sat there in tears. Stacy looked up, at me and my wife, my cum was filled to the brim of her mouth, she wanted my wife to see my cum, then in one big gulp, she swallowed it and said mmmm lady you have no idea what you are missing. I sat there, my cock twitching, still hard, hardly believing that the most intense orgasm I ever had was in the stomach of a leather slut hooker. She looked at me and said, "I know you're upset but maybe now your wife will respect you. You will never see me again or hear from me again."" And by the way, it was a cop client of mine that gave me this gun to use, so don;t even bother trying to report this." She untied me and said she was going to leave and to wait till she left to untie my wife.

Deep down I am thankful for Stacy showing up, I think my wife is too. Things have changed and gotten alot better in fact she loves cum now and can't get enough.

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