The Male Midwife

Author: Ben Chambers
Published: Mar 7, 2013
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I ask Chad to drop his pants and his huge cock falls loose. We kiss some more before I take his cock into my mouth and I run my tongue up the length of his cock...

My name is Karina, I am 45, relatively attractive for my age, but I have never been married. I wanted a baby and I had conceived through IVF. I was now close to my due date and I could sense the baby was coming. As the contractions started I drove to hospital. I was assigned a birthing room and removed my clothes in order to put on a more comfortable gown. Before I could put on the gown I had a contraction and as I was riding a contraction (completely naked), in walks a young, very handsome man in his late 20's. Clutching my clothes to my body and a little embarrassed I suggest he has the wrong room. He introduces himself as Chad, he is a male-midwife! He asks me some questions and then inquires about my birthing partner.

I explain I am single and on my own. I feel another contraction rippling through my body, I ask him to hold me. He approaches my naked body from behind and wraps his hands around me. My initial feeling of insecurity vanishes and I want him to hold me more. He holds me as the contraction works its magic and as it subsides, I feel him up against me and the bulge of his cock between my ass.

He asks me to lay down on the bed so he can look to see how far along I am. I open my legs to reveal my neatly clipped pussy. He explains he needs to insert his fingers inside of me for a visual inspection. He slowly slides his fingers up my pussy. I flinch and then relax. His hands are gentle and the site of this young guy with his fingers deep inside me makes me horny. He tells me that I am 3cm dilated and it may be some time. I am emotional and I ask him to hold me. He wraps his arms around me, I reach up and kiss him on the lips. I pull back quickly and apologize. He smiles and assures me it is ok. He tells me to relax. He then kisses me back, he kisses me hard and our tongues connect. Just then another contraction surges through me, he holds me through it. We kiss some more and I put my hand on his crotch. I feel his rock hard cock pulsing against my hand. Chad suggests that there is a way to speed things along. He informs me that sex is a great assistance in labor. He smiles and winks. He suggests that as I am alone, perhaps he could help. Without another word, I kiss him again. He then kisses me down my neck, across my breasts, down to the landing strip between my pussy. He gently kisses the lips of my pussy and flicks his tongue across my clit. I want him so bad.

We wait for another contraction to pass. I ask Chad to drop his pants and his huge cock falls loose. We kiss some more before I take his cock into my mouth and I run my tongue up the length of his cock. I then take him into my mouth and suck his cock, I take his full length down my throat and lick his balls. He is begging for more, but I don't want to waste the opportunity.

Chad is now rock hard and feels like he is ready to blow. I pull his cock from my mouth. He climbs onto the bed and I climb on top of him. His cock enters my pussy, I slowly ride his cock taking care between contractions. I arch my back for maximum penetration and feel his cock deep inside me. I start to cum, it is a long drawn out orgasm. Chad senses my orgasm and shoots his load inside of me. He cums, and cums, and cums. As his semen pulses into me I feel a surge of ecstasy through my body and a rush of fluids through my pussy. My waters have broken all over Chad. My waters, mixed with his sperm are all over us. He smiles, kisses me and says not to worry. I climb on top of him in the 69 position and I lick his cock clean. The sweet taste of our juices mixed with the scent of labor.

I am now transitioning, the baby is coming. The pain is intense. We lay on the bed together and he holds me as I ride the contractions. In between contractions we kiss and he reassures me it will all be over soon.

I then have an idea, I ask him to fuck my ass while I give birth. I want to experience the sensation of orgasm during childbirth. He looks at me and asks me if I am serious. I tell him I am totally serious. He grabs some ultrasound gel and sits on the bed. He tells me to sit between his legs with my back to him. He carefully caresses my bump and my breasts while he recovers from our previous session. I rest my head on his shoulder and he kiss some more. As the time nears for the baby to be born he starts to rub the ultrasound gel into my ass-hole, he then finger fucks me through my contractions. Shit, it feels good. He then hoists me up and slowly lets my ass slide down onto his cock. I gently ride his cock with my ass. The contractions are coming long and hard now and I continue to fuck Chad. I can feel his cock and the baby pushes against my g-spot from different angles and drives me insanely crazy. As the baby head crowns I feel another orgasm coming. As the intense orgasm hits me the baby shoots out and Chad again cums inside me. The baby lets out a cry. It's a girl, cries Chad. I hold the baby as Chad pulls himself off the bed. I lay back down, cum dripping from my ass. I put the baby to my breast and he starts to feed. Chad kisses me hard on the mouth again and then cuts the babies cord.

Chad throws on his scrubs and calls for a nurse. He asks the nurse to watch the baby while I go shower and he washes himself. He takes me to the showers and we shower together. We kiss with the warm water running down our bodies and I thank him with another blowjob. This time I deep throat his cock until he cums down my throat. I kiss him with his semen still in my mouth.

I ask him to be my daughter's godfather. He agrees.

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