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Sunday Tea and a Taffeta Fucking


Author: Newblooms
Published: 10-Aug-17

The sights and sounds encountered by a heterosexual male that enhance his sexual experience and relationship...

* * * * * * *

The Grandfather clock struck four as the front door opened. My cowardly cat vanished to her usual hiding place under the sofa. The day had been warm, overcast and very humid. Paula popped her head around the sitting room door at the same time unbuttoning her lightweight blue nylon raincoat. "Thought I better wear this" she said as she peeled it off her slim body. "It hasn't rained but it's close to it." She folded the coat in two and put it over the back of her usual chair. Walking over to me she kissed my cheek. I could hear the swish of her slip as she approached. As she turned to take her seat I could see from the kick pleat in her skirt today was a pale blue slip day. She smoothed her skirt, making it rustle against the slip, and showing her suspender bumps at the front as she sat in her seat. She took off her shoes and put on her slippers, giving me delicious flashes of her pale blue slip and stockinged thighs as she did.

Paula reached into the shopping bag she had put along side her chair and extracted a bottle of wine. "This still has a chill on it" she said " I will get a couple of glasses from the kitchen while you pull the cork" She swished off to the kitchen and rustled back in carrying glasses. She sat next to me on the sofa while I poured us both wine. She settled back adjusting her skirt and slip as she did. Swishing it gently smooth but leaving about an inch of blue taffeta showing below her skirt, I could see it was the double hemmed edge and the neat stitching above it. We settled back to enjoy our wine and me the slip view from above

I sat at the dining room table while Paula rustled and swished around the kitchen, making delicious noises with her slip as it brushed her skirt and stockinged legs, and gave the occasional pale blue taffeta flash as she bent or stretched to get food from the fridge and dishes and cutlery from draws and cupboards. We sat and enjoyed our meal and returned to the sitting room sofa with another bottle of wine in tow.

We sat relaxed, slippers off, spread on the sofa, feet up, digesting our tea and enjoying our wine, and each other's warmth. Paula adjusted her position by a few inches occasionally, making her skirt bunch up under her and displaying seven or more inches of pale blue taffeta. It must have been obvious she was getting me excited with her every shuffle as her every movement showed more slip and made my stiffening penis stab her in the back every time her slip whispered. Paula sat up smoothed her skirts, put on her slippers and went off to the toilet, taking her overnight bag with her to put in the bed room.

Around ten minutes later Paula returned to the sitting room. She had taken off her blouse and skirt and over her now fully visible pale blue, Marks & Spenser taffeta slip wore a floor length see through white nylon negligee. Kicking off her slippers and picking up her wine glass she rejoined me on the sofa, settling herself almost full length along side me. My penis that had relaxed during the time she was away sprang back to life as she made herself comfortable. I took the now empty wine glasses and stretched across Paula to place them on the coffee table, enjoying the wonderful swishing and rippling in her slip I had caused by making her move her position.

We snuggled back down together and I reached inside her negligee cupping her breast through the soft lace covered top of her slip. Paula turned towards me, massaged my crotch, unzipped my straining trousers and released my now rock hard penis against the warmth of her fully exposed taffeta slip. Adjusting her position so she could slide her slip up enough to gather a screaming handful of stiff pale blue taffeta she slowly began to wank me as I reached between her legs to her thin nineteen fifties panties. She was clearly as excited as me because already there was a moist patch growing under my massaging fingers on the front of her thin nylon pants. She kept up the taffeta rubbing of her slip on my penis as I pulled her nylon covered bottom closer to me. As it was very obvious I was not far from a huge spurting cum. Paula ceased her ministrations with her slip and reached to the coffee table for a bundle of tissues. "It will be cooler tonight so I can sleep dressed in taffeta if you like. But if you spurt all over this slip now it won't be dry by bedtime." She said. Very quickly she finished me off with her tissue filled hand. "That was a big load. Have you been missing me?"

We rearranged our clothing and I went to put the kettle on for coffee as the clock struck nine. The cat had come out from hiding and asked to be fed. Five hours already. Time does fly when your having fun. Paula went to the bathroom. ( As an aside I only discovered she had taken off her wet panties when we went to bed later). Cooling off a little we sat chatting about generalities and enjoying our coffee.

The film we had been watching finished. As it is now nearly midnight Paula has decided it is time for bed. I have unzipped her slip a little so she can take her bra off from under the slip. I have taken the cups and coffee pot back into the kitchen and rinsed them for morning.

Paula has taken her bra off and put it on the bedroom chair. She is in the bathroom cleaning her teeth and removing make-up. She will have zipped her slip up again as she is going to wear it in bed. Looking out of the window I can see that we have had a shower that will have reduced some of the humidity of the day.

"It is still very warm in here, despite the widow being wide open. As I promised to wear my slip in bed I have an idea to keep us cooler." said Paula. She has thrown back the sheet and the one thin blanket and spread her full length nylon negligee over the bed.

We are cuddled up spoon fashion beneath it now my stiff penis pushed against her taffeta slip nudging up against her bottom crack. I have one hand under her massaging her breast through the lace top of her slip, the other hand massaging her breast directly as the thin satin strap has slipped off her shoulder. "Before we get too involved to stop I'm going to take these stockings and suspenders off. I lost the pants earlier as you had got me soaking wet". She said. She rustled herself away from me and slid her slip up to unhook her suspender belt. I love the way taffeta slips crinkle and show the substance of their material when ever they move. Sliding back into position again under their own weight when the wearer stands.

Paula now stockingless climbed over me back to her spoons place, pulling the negligee over us as she lay next to me again. Pushing her bottom against me and my hands back on to her breasts. Massaging her covered breast I moved my other hand over the delightful taffeta material that made the deliciously sexy-skirt of her slip to massage her cunt lips through it, at the same time pushing my stiff cock harder against her arse. Paula turned over pulling up the slip as she turned. "Let's see if we can get a larger load than last time." She said grasping my cock with a taffeta clad hand. My fingers reached out probing her pussy lips and separating them so I could find her clit. I knew I had found the right spot when she stiffened and arched her back. Freeing myself from the delights of my taffeta wanking I put my head between her legs to lick her clit. Knowing that my head would be immediately taffeta covered and I would be deafened by swishing, crunching taffeta. As we both got more excited I entered her, pushing in as far as I could get. My hands gripping her taffeta covered bottom. Two more thrusts brought us both to climax. Her throbbing cunt locking tightly around my spurting cock.

We both curled up together satisfied with our respective taffeta fucking. At least for now.

...The story is continued in part two "Dinner Date".

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