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Dinner Date


Author: Newblooms
Published: 10-Aug-17 Revised/Updated 11-Aug-17

NOTE: This story is a continuation of Sunday Tea and a Taffeta Fucking.

* * * * * * *

Monday 09.30.

Paula has just left. We are going to dinner on Wednesday evening. Paula tells me she has bought a light weight dark blue dress so has borrowed a navy blue taffeta slip. One of my rare ones that has a lace edge instead of the usual plain one inch stitched fold over hem.

Wednesday 19.30 at the restaurant.

A behave yourself warning already. Paula didn't tell me the dress had a pleated skirt, that allowed it to move freely over her taffeta slip, exciting me with her every movement. The warning was keep your cock under control. Keep your hand off my arse, that will help.

We have been to this restaurant a number of times so get very good service. After excellent service of a good Italian dinner, we retired to the well appointed bar for coffee and brandy. Paula had mellowed because I have behaved myself and the wine,dinner and brandy was talking effect. She was getting playful. Deliberately swishing her skirt and slip and showing me it's lace hem. The taxi ride home was very cuddlesome.

As soon as the front door closed Paula said to me "Off to the bedroom with you. Get your clothes off what is on the bed is for you. Call me as soon as your ready"

I did as I was told. In the bedroom on the pillow on the side of the bed I usually sleep was a plastic bag. Opening it carefully, I knew Paula's tricks, I unpacked the tissue wrapped full length taffeta slip. Pale green and floor length. It Is a size 22. I was stiff already and had so far only unpacked it. My clothes very quickly piled up on the bedroom chair. The slip was A-line with a lace bust. It spread out quite full from beneath the bust. There was no zipper and it brushed over my legs cock and chest as I stepped into it. The label read " Slender form David Lewis St. Louis" I calledPaula as I got on to the bed.

"I found that in the city centre last week when I was shopping. Not everything green is a cabbage. Too big for me so I thought I would treat you. This is going to be a serious fucking with me in navy taffeta next to you in green. I see your ready so I shall get this dress off." Paula unzipped her dress and her slip swished as she stepped out of it, she unzipped her slip and took off her bra.It joined my clothes on the bedroom chair. Paula rustled up the skirt of her slip to unhook her stockings then changed her mind and let it drop with a taffeta whoosh.

Paula lay on the bed next to me and I put my arms around her waist. She turned towards me and grasped my cock and bunched the green taffeta slip around it. She wanked me slowly as I played with her blue taffeta covered bottom, slowly working her slip up to show her stocking tops and navy see through nylon panties. I put my fingers into the crotch of her pants as she put her mouth over the end of my taffeta covered cock and began to suck me. That was it I could feel myself very close to spurting but there was a lot more fun to have first, I excused myself for a pee. One pee later I was back on the bed growing again. I pulled up the taffeta slip and put my cock against Paula's cunt through her panties and started to push gently at the same time pulling Paula's panties looser so I could get further inside her through the pants. All the taffeta we were surrounded by was creating it's own rhythmic rustle as well, enhancing both our pleasures. I was about half way inside Paula by now as far as I was going to get with her pants on. I withdrew and took them off. I unhooked her black nylon suspender belt too and removed her stockings. We are both very excited and enjoying our taffeta shagging of each other so much our orgasms arrived almost simultaneously.

Thursday 0200 Paula's sitting room.

As we had ended up in the bedroom as soon as we got home we decided to have more coffee and brandy. We both look worn out sat here in dressing gowns and slippers. Both taffeta slips have been relegated to the laundry basket, like my cock damp slimy and in need of a wash.

Continued in Part 3 "Brown Leather Suitcase Filled with Sex".

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