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Brown Leather Suitcase Filled with Sex


Author: Newblooms
Published: 11-Aug-17

NOTE: This is the 3rd part of the story, you may wish to read Chapter 1 first.

* * * * * * *

Paula has washed the navy taffeta slip and the pale green taffeta slip we had great sex with after our dinner date. Beautifully ironed and folded. She has told me she is going to sort out the brown leather suitcase that the taffeta slip collection is stored in. She is going to do a count of the ones that fit her perfectly. The sixteens and eighteens too. The smaller tens and twelves she suggests we put on eBay, see what they will raise besides my cock. There are probably 20, so that's about £150 at £7.50 each (average). Some of the rarer ones may bring in far more. I never say no to money.Paula has been down four times already asking me what I think, each time in a different taffeta slip. Sorting them could take all day at this rate. Each time she's been down I get rustled at to get me hard, but as I reach for her she swishes away and says she better get on.Fifth time in a black taffeta slip.

"This black one feels different. It's very stiff, probably never been worm before. Time it was used creatively after perhaps forty years." She said. "Coffee first sorting out that suitcase is thirsty work." Paula is sitting in an arm chair with one leg on a foot stool, legs parted just enough to give a view of her stocking topped thigh and pink nylon panties. Framed by the black taffeta slip this picture is getting me as stiff as the slip.

Coffee over I have followed her to the bedroom. The taffeta slips have been sorted into sizes and stand in groups on the bed and bedroom chair. The few unsorted ones Paula is now spreading out on top of the duvet. I am rapidly throwing the sorted stacks back into the suitcase.

Paula is lying on the bed on top of the spread out taffeta slips that are swishing under her as she moves. My clothes have formed a pile on the floor. Naked and stiff I join Paula on the bed, the cold taffeta of the slips is swishing, rustling and sliding against each other underneath and around me. "We will have a snuggle now" said Paula " As I'm stopping over you will have to wait until we come home from the pub for the full treatment" we are cuddled up close together my hard on surrounded by taffeta against the cheeks of her pink nylon covered bottom and a hand massaging each breast through her slip. We must have drifted off to sleep as the light is fading. Time we dressed and met our friends for an evening drink. The grandfather clock is striking eight as we leave the house.

Quiz night in our local pub is a lively affair. The team I am in however must be composed of some of the thickest people in Britain as we never win a thing. The great company and good beer make up for our lack of knowledge. Our freshly cooked fish supper eaten with relish on the walk home rounds off a great evening out. A fresh hot coffee and we can get back to the rustling climax of our evening.

Paula had kept on the black taffeta slip she had worn all afternoon getting me stiff very quickly for the third time since she had put it on. She has kept on her thin nylon panties and is wet and ready to be fucked. I am buried deep inside her around the edge of the nylon pants, and the swishing of the taffeta slip is going to make me cum very quickly tonight. Our shuddering orgasms prove me right. Saturday morning already. Too early to get up, time for another snooze and perhaps a dream about a taffeta fuck filled week.

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