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Spoiled for Choice


Author: Newblooms
Published: 11-Aug-17

Paula hooked the suspender belt around her waist. It was of nineteen fifties vintage and had arrived just in time for this evenings dinner and dance event.

* * * * * * *

The sheer nylon and pale pink Chantilly Lace of its construction was going to make it a pleasure to wear for both her and the lucky man who got to explore her intimate garments tonight. The almost invisible sheer nylon of her panties allowed the double layered gusset to look as though it were hanging in space. She attached the light tan coloured Hains, to the four long straps of the suspender belt and adjusted her seams in the mirror. Now she was going to have to make a decision she had been putting off all week. Should she wear the black silk taffeta dress and floor length A-line taffeta slip. With that combination she knew no one within ten yards of her could fail to hear her approach. Or would the dark blue chiffon and navy taffeta knee length slip be more subtle. Wearing either combination she knew would create a lot of trouser twitching. Paula thought, make up first then she would decide.

The taxi door was opened by the top hatted doorman and Paula stepped onto the pavement in front of the hotel where this event was held annually. The doorman had walked before her and tipped his hat as he held the door wide. That short walk had confirmed for Paula that her costume choice for this evening had been the right one. Leaving her stole in the cloakroom she made her way to the bar where the rest of her party was to meet.

A wave from Paula's left told her where her friends had placed themselves in the extensive bar. The rest of the party would be four couples and Paula's escort for the evening. She began her walk across the room towards them. Within three steps heads had began to turn towards her as the swishing of taffeta on taffeta began to turn them, stop conversations and clear her path. Reaching her friends and exchanging greetings was mechanical as Paula's thought was " That walk made a few cocks twitch. I bet more than half of them are still mentally undressing me"

Paula had worked for her finance company employers for a number of years. Her friends and their partners had been out together to events like this a number of times over the years and had great fun. Her escort this evening had joined the company about six months ago and had joined them at short notice as her usual escort was away on business. Let's see how the evening goes she thought, as she studied her tall well dressed escort. Dinner was well presented and edible if not great. Paula rated it adequate considering the hotels reputation in the area.

As the evening progressed and dancing partners swapped around, Paula took the floor with her head of department for a waltz. He was the oldest person in the party and she thought probably in his early fifties. Paula felt uncomfortable immediate as he had pulled her very close to him and she could feel the heat of his hand through her black taffeta dress. The dress left her shoulders bare and required the support of the thin nylon bra she wore under it and her adequate breasts. Adding to Paula's discomfort was the finger that she felt down the back of her dress, and the obviously swelling penis at her front. She had known that this dress would be very provocative as it was impossible to move position, sitting or dancing without the taffeta material it was made of and the taffeta slip underneath it screaming out their presence. The hand on her back moved down to her bottom and pulled her in closer. The swollen cock in front of her had now reached it's full extent and Paula thought if this dance don't end soon this guy will cum in his trousers.

The waltz ended and Paula quickly excused herself to the ladies room, not even allowing herself to be escorted off the floor. Her bosses wife entered the ladies and standing close to Paula said" Don't worry my dear that wanker husband of mine will get it at home. I saw what was happening. Sorry if he has spoiled this evening for you"

Her escort this evening had been attentive, if rather quiet. She wondered if he may have been overawed as a new comer to both the company and party. He had nursed one single glass of wine throughout dinner and the dance. People were starting to leave and Paula felt it was time to go too, as her prick of a boss had put a dampener on her evening. Her escort asked if he could drive her home, she agreed and he got her stole from the cloakroom. Arriving outside Paula's house he parked the car and opened the door for her. The short walk to her front door was silent apart from the loud swish and rustle of Paula's dress and slip. As he had been a gentleman all evening she decided to invite him in for coffee.

Sitting opposite each other drinking their coffee her escort sprang his secret on her. He had spent the whole evening listening to and absorbing every swish and rustle of her dress. It had excited him greatly as he had a taffeta fetish and loved the feel and swish of anything taffeta. He asked if she would allow him to have a feel of her dress and slip and wrap it around his cock. Without hesitation she stood and unzipped the back of her dress allowing it to slide down her slim body to the floor. She undid the button and short zip on her slip and let that swish to the floor too. Standing in a heap of black taffeta in her strapless see through nylon bra, lace suspender belt and stockings she asked her escort if he wanted her to rub him with her taffeta, he did not speak.

Stepping out of the taffeta pile, she gathered it up, making it rustle and swish as she did. She approached him and lay the slip and dress across his lap. Reaching under the taffeta coverings she freed his trouser fastenings and zip. Reaching into his open fly, she expected to find a swelling cock, but did not. Her puzzled face asked the question for her?

He put the dress and slip to one side, stood and dropped his trousers and pants. "Let me explain" he said " I was in the police two years ago and a bunch of lunatics wrote off my patrol car. I got trapped inside and by the time I was freed the soft tissue damage I suffered to my crotch because of the steering wheel was unrepairable. But built into what's left are bits of penis. So even though I don't have one anymore I still have sensation. As a lover of women in taffeta I can still get off mentally from the sounds and sensations it produces." Paula immersed his crotch in taffeta and gave him the fucking of his life.

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