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Old Age Can't Steal Your Memories


Author: Newblooms
Published: 11-Aug-17

This story was told to me a while ago by an old man in a nursing home. The basic story is true. I have used editorial privilege to remove names and improve its flow and put it in first person...

* * * * * * *

I have sat in this chair now day in day out for six months since I fell down stairs and my daughters decided I needed full time care in this nursing home. My body might be failing me but my memory is as sharp as it ever was. My sex life in my 40's and 50's was as good as it got. I was born in the late 1940's and I suppose my interest in girls was developing in the late 50's early 60's when the whole of female fashion changed. No more stockings or frilly petticoats to glimpse now it was all tights and mini-skirts. The only lights in the gloom were older ladies who wore longer skirts and slips. What really got me off about these older women was the occasional one who wore taffeta slips. You could hear the swish and rustle yards away and every time they moved they rustled.

My mother had a lady friend who always wore them and if I happened to be home when she visited I would deliberately hang around so I could hear her swish around and maybe get a peek of taffeta.

My mother asked me to visit her friend one day as she needed a few odd jobs doing in the house. Her husband a merchant seaman was away a great deal. After changing a couple of light bulbs for her and tightening up a book case shelf she offered me tea.

In her sitting room was a pile of washing she had ironed but not yet put away. On top of the pile was a taffeta waist slip that I could not resist having a feel of as she was in the kitchen making tea. She nearly caught me as she brought in the tray but I pretended to be looking out of the window giving my boner time to wilt.

"I see you like my taffeta slip" she said as she poured the tea. "I know you have been looking because it's out of it's ironing creases. I know you try and look up my skirts when I visit your mother" she said. "Now I know why. What's the attraction?" She asked.

"I love the swish and rustle as you move" I said. "I get a serious hard on just knowing your wearing taffeta."

She picked up the slip and said "This I would like to see" I unzipped my fly as she rubbed the slip together and had an instant hard on. "My husband is at sea a lot as you know." she said " I won't have sex with you and cheat on him but if sometime next week you want to come over and get yourself off I can get off at the same time. It gets lonely without a man around for months."

My hard on had died and I had finished my tea and handyman tasks so I left looking forward to next weekend.

Saturday afternoon came around very slowly that week but eventually arrived. Lidia showed me into the bed room and went across to her lingerie draw. "I can offer you a choice of slips to get off with she said pink, pale blue, white or cream." I chose pale blue. "My husband has been away at sea six weeks this time so I shall be enjoying myself too" she said, pulling up her skirt and waist taffeta slip I had got stiff on the week before. Her thin panties and stocking tops added to my excitement as we both masturbated ourselves to satisfaction.

It is with great sorrow that I lost contact with this lady a few months later when she moved to her married daughters house in Scotland after her husband was killed in a dockside accident. She was older than me and I never had sex with her but we did have a lot of fun with her taffeta slips. I even got her masturbating with them as well.

So what brought all this back to me you ask? You see the little nurse in green. Listen as she passes then you will know. There is snow on the roof but the embers are still glowing in the hearth.

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