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Fucked in Her Wedding Dress


Author: Newblooms
Published: 12-Aug-17 Revised/Updated 13-Aug-17

Paula wondered if she had made a terrible mistake by marrying this man with a ten inch penis. She had never had full sex with him as he wanted her a virgin on her wedding day.

* * * * * * *

She had had sex with other partners but had never had such a huge cock inside her before. Her previous romps she felt were nothing to do with him. Her friends had shown mixed reactions when she had told them that the furthest they had been together was mutual masturbation. One friend admired his restraint whilst another had said she had been fucked on the way to the reception. Most agreed it took all kinds.

Her wedding dress had arrived about two weeks before the wedding and had hung prominently in her bedroom awaiting the big day. Unusually her husband had chosen it for her. He had had it hand made from layer upon layer of fine silk taffeta. It was off white and the huge full circle skirt swished and rustled with her every movement. Under the three layered taffeta skirt was a crinoline petticoat that was stitched together from row upon row of of transparent taffeta each row just three inches wide. It stood almost unsupported next to her dress.Her lingerie for the day was also made of this transparent taffeta with the finest lace edging the bra, suspenders and full bum panties. White silk stockings completed her ensemble.

Paula was not tall at only four foot seven inches and her slim figure suggested she would never need to diet. Three days before the wedding and everything was in place, from the flowers to the fully furnished house they would live in once married. Visiting the house two days before the wedding Paula was surprised when a box arrived from the dressmaker, who insisted on giving it into her husbands hands. Perhaps a secret surprise she thought and dismissed it.

Saturday dawned bright and warm and assuming everything went smoothly it promised to be a great day. Ten o'clock the hairdresser had left and there was an hour to go. Time to get dressed. Paula slipped into the taffeta bra and suspender belt for the first time. They fitted perfectly although she thought the material a little stiff. The panties rustled up her legs as she slid into them again a little stiff. A filling of cum will soon fix that she thought. Into her petticoat and dress. The fantastic swishing and crackling of this material is going to deafen everyone she thought not to mention the cock twitching it's going to cause every time I move. The ceremonial went like clockwork. As did the reception with its usual risky and over praising speaches. Paula and her new husband were going to spend the night in their new home and fly out on honeymoon on Monday. It was now early evening and the party was reaching its natural end.

The car dropped them at their new home and Paula was carried across the threshold. Resting in the sitting room Paula wondered what had happened to her new husband he had been quite a while in the bathroom. Open on the sideboard was the box the dressmaker had delivered its tissue spilling over the side. Paula heard a call from the bedroom and gathering her dress and petticoats around her rustled up the stairs. Opening the bedroom door she saw her new husband his ten inch cock rock hard stood by the bed. He was wearing a pair of pants in the same taffeta material as Paula's own. His cock encased in a taffeta sheath stitched in the front of the pants. He pulled her towards him and they got onto the bed.

Paula wanked his taffeta covered pole while he explained to her he had the taffeta pants made as he didn't want to get cum on her dress at least not the first time he fucked her. Her dress slid easily off her shoulders and he massaged her nipples through the taffeta bra. Paula shifted position and lifted her skirt and petticoat, pushing his stiff cock against her pussy through her pants. The full skirt of her dress she draped over his waist and hips. Together they were getting a slow rhythm going making the material surrounding them both create its own swishing rustling tune. Paula was well lubricated by her juices and her husband pushed his huge hard cock into her around the edge of her taffeta pants.

Her new husband pushed slowly further in making Paula wonder how much more of this huge cock she could take. Her new husband was taking his time and as this first fuck progressed Paula's now very well filled cunt was stretching to accommodate him. She began to orgasm, a huge hot wave of pleasure passing through her, followed by a second as her new husband withdrew. She had not realised her husband had cum too because the taffeta panties with the cock sheath had acted like a condom and captured all his spunk.

Untangling themselves from the heap of taffeta of her dress and petticoat that had wrapped around them as they fucked, Paula undressed. The dress,petticoat,bra, pants, stockings and suspenders covered a bedroom chair in a huge rustling,shimmering heap. The cum filled taffeta pants her husband wore were dropped by the bed. It had been a long day and they quickly drifted off to sleep. Paula had some thoughts before she drifted off, a number of questions needed to be answered very soon in their new relationship. For now she was satisfied knowing that she could take a ten inch cock. She would probably know it even more next time she tried to walk.

It had been the experience of her lifetime. A wondered two weeks of cruising and lazing around on Caribbean beaches. The boat had dropped them at Southampton and they had taxied home as it was getting late in the day and weariness was getting to them both. The M25 was as usual horrific. It was now nearly ten p.m. and they needed sleep.

She awoke early and got up to make coffee leaving her new husband to sleep. She reflected on her first two weeks as a married woman over her first cup. Apart from the first night he had fucked her in her wedding dress and he in the taffeta pants he had not entered her and had gone back to masturbation. Time I asked those questions she thought. She didn't mind a kinky husband but he needed to tell her about it for their mutual satisfaction. As Paula poured her second cup of coffee her new husband came into the kitchen. She poured him coffee then said " Now we're home we need to talk." Paula expressed all her concerns to him. He took a deep breath and began. He had always been a big boy and as he had grown up his aunt who was only a few years older had practically raised him and his sister as his mother was disabled and frequently ill. His aunt always wore taffeta underwear and that always helped him to get off now twenty years later it was a part of having sex to have swishing rustling material around him. That's why he had designed her wedding dress and underwear the way it was.

Paula told her husband to enjoy his coffee but come when called.

Paula put on her wedding stockings, petticoat and dress and called her husband. He was hard immediately at the sight of her dressed up. This time he had to go bareback as the taffeta pants were still in the laundry basket. The swish and rustle got more frantic as his huge ten inches bored it's way to the hilt inside her. Paula thought she would struggle to take his huge cock last time. This time she was getting a real hammering. She felt his hot spurting cum start to pump into her as she began to orgasm and wondered if he would ever stop shooting. He collapsed on to her exhausted and drained. He withdrew slowly and she lay there letting the spunk drip out of her.

Now she knew his kink and how to make it work for her Paula's worries drifted away.

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