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Caught Wanking My Cock in Sisters Panties

Woman showing tits

Author: Jake
Published: 20-May-06 Revised/Updated 12-Jul-17
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You get to delete the pictures yourself from the camera. But before you do, you're going to finish what you started. And we get to watch...

* * * * * * *

I was sure, at that moment, I was alone.

We were traveling, my wife and I. Staying with my mother-in-law, for the Christmas holidays. They had all gone shopping while I stayed behind to unpack and take a shower.

Now, I should explain.

I'm a guy. And it's rare that I take a shower that I don't relieve myself, more than a few times in a week, even when we're at home. But in this scenario, my libido had revved even a little higher.

See, my wife Molly is an attractive woman. But she also has two attractive sisters.

Her older sister Nathalie is tall and curvaceous with long dark hair like my wife's, and with the same penetrating brown eyes and very full lips. Twice I have accidentally walked in on her just after she had showered. One of those times, Nathalie was fully naked and leaning forward looking in the mirror at something, and had seemed so absorbed she didn't jump or anything in response to me looking in.

It was this moment that first came to mind there in the shower.

Molly's other sister Diane is younger, with long brown hair almost always in a pony tail. She's more tomboyish and lean, but also tall and with tight tshirts and attractive breasts and a warm, flashing smile.

Images of all three girls flowed through my mind as I started to stroke. And I would probably have finished then and there, but I thought I'd heard something. I stopped the water and leaned out to listen. Dead quiet.

I was still hard but decided it would be more pleasant to get out, towel off, and finish in the guest room just before getting dressed. Then I had an idea.

I poked my head out into the hall, looked around, and snuck -- still naked and my hard cock bobbing for attention -- into Nathalie's room, just across from the bathroom. She would never know and I could feed my fantasy (and it was just a fantasy after all, right) live and on the scene.

Her closet was partly open so I stepped in. This was pretty dirty, I thought. I imagined being in there watching her dress after a shower. Or even lying on the bed touching herself, maybe even thinking about me and my hard cock. Then I saw her laundry hamper.

I opened it and there were some of her panties. I couldn't resist taking them out, touching them. And then I stepped over a line and took a deep sniff of the crotch. I imagined I was there between her legs, taking in her scent. I started stroking harder with my other hand. I put the panties to my nose again and drank in the scent, while I continued to stroke. I was about to cum...

"Oh my God!"

I opened my eyes just fast enough to see a glimpse of Nathalie, with a look of shock and even panic, as she slammed the closet door shut.

"Oh my God, Oh my God... what are you doing in there!"

There was no instant explanation. I was naked, with my cock in one hand and her panties in the other, and a long distance from the towel I'd left on the bathroom floor.

"Jake, were you... oh my God..."

I didn't know what to do. I froze. How was I going to get out of this. Then I heard her start giggling. "Holy crap... Diane, you've got to come see this!"

Diane This was going from bad to worse.

I heard Diane's voice as she entered the room. "What's so funny in here"

"You have to see this... Jake, you can come out now. Come on, let's go. You're so totally snagged..."

What could I do Sheepishly, I opened the door, covering my now semi-inflated cock with the only item of clothing in my hand, the pair of panties. I could have grabbed something else from inside her closet, a dress or something, but that only would have compounded my humiliation.

As the door swung open, I first saw Diane's shocked and beaming smile. "Oh... my... God..." she was saying. And then as it revealed Nathalie, there was a flash of light.

She had grapped her digital camera from the desk behind her and had taken a picture of me standing there, naked and emerging from her closet, panties clutched over my crotch.

"THAT's going on the Internet! Were you jerking off in there, Jakie boy And with my panties no less... you little pervert."

"Check this out, Nat," said Diane. "It looks like he's still got half his hard on. Did we catch you before you could squirt one out, poor little fella Take away the panties and let us see..."

"I... I thought you were out shopping with Molly and your mom. I wasn't... uh..."

"Yeah well, we were done and came home early. You knew we went in separate cars, numbnuts. So this is what you do while we're out Whack off into my dirty laundry" said Nathalie with a smirk.

She looked from my face down to my half-hard cock, smiling the whole time and shaking her head, like she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

I was feeling self-concious, naturally, still naked and now in the light of the room and in front of them, no denying what I'd been up to.

"Numbnuts is right. What's the matter Jake, Molly the Ice Princess not giving you enough" said Diane, "Or is this just one of those standard hot sisters in a pile kind of fantasies"

The both burst out laughing.

"Nathalie, I'm sorry... I was just... please delete that picture."

"Are you kidding This is gold. You're not getting off that easy... literally!" They laughed again. "No, if you want this picture destroyed I think we'd better make you earn it, right Diane"

"Right... and first order of business, you're going to take your hands away from your cock and let us see what Molly has to work with. C'mon now."

I gave one last longing look toward the bedroom door, wishing for the towel I'd left in the bathroom, then spread my arms and gave them a full on view of my crotch. Flash! Another shot from the camera.

And to compound matters, my cock started to reinflate all on its own. Slowly it rose to half mast and then to full, straining, erection. Sticking straight out in front, pointing at the two sisters, who were now in hysterics over my predicament. They and I both started turning red as they howled.

Diane leaned over and whispered in Nathalie's ear, while both never took their eyes off my dick. Nathalie giggled and whispered back. This was not looking good.

"Okay buddy boy, here's what it's going to be," said Diane, "Get over here and lie down on the bed. Ah... ah.... ah... not so fast, bring the panties too because you're going to need them."

They had the pictures on the camera, so what could I do I went to the bed and lay down.

"Oh no you don't," said Nathalie, "not on your stomach. Lie down face up. We need full access to that rod of yours."

I flipped over nervously. As I did, they pounced on my limbs and tied them off with some belts and a bathroom sash, strapping me spread eagled and fully exposed on the bed. My cock was now standing straight up.

They pointed, laughed, snapped a few more pictures. What could they possibly have in mind I was about to find out.

"We're going to be nice about this," said Diane. "You get to delete the pictures yourself from the camera. But before you do, you're going to finish what you started. And we get to watch..."

"But my hands, I can't..." I started.

"Not so fast, buddy boy! Don't interrupt. I'm explaining the rules. We'll free one hand for you to wank with, but it's going to be wrapped in the panties. No negotiating that. And one other thing... we get to control when you're going to cum."

Now, this was already quite a situation.

My cock still stood tall, straining. But remember, twice I'd interrupted my stroking at close to the moment of cumming. So I was almost ready to erupt. Not even I could control it. So how could they

"Here's what we're going to do," said Nathalie. "You're going to tug that filthy little cock of yours and we're going to laugh at you while you do. If you getting close to cumming, you're going to stop and ask if it's time. If we say no, you have to stop touching it until you've relaxed and contemplated a little on what you got caught doing here today, comprende kimosabe Cum before we give the okay, and I'll put these pictures up on a website right now... while you watch... then email the link to my sister's work account. Got that"

And so it began.

They freed my left hand and wrapped the pair of panties around it like a mitt. They made me sniff it a few times for the camera, then they made me start stroking. Every time I came close to the brink of cumming, I'd ask 'is it time' and they'd deny me. Each time, stopping got harder than the last.

And they didn't help matters any.

They would lean in and breath on my face, whisper in my ear, even run their hands on my chest. At one point, Nathalie flashed me her breasts. "What's the matter, Jake... is this turning you on" And they would keep on laughing. I didn't know how much longer I could hold out.

"I can't... I can't stop from cumming soon..."

"Well you'd better, you little perv. Or you'll be famous in ways you never wanted to be. I can get these up and linkable in less than 15 minutes," said Nathalie.

"Aww, don't be so hard on the poor boy," said Diane. "I've got an idea for giving him a breather." She whipped around, laughing. Nathalie burst out laughing too. Suddenly, I saw why.

She had taken something from the nightstand. It was a huge rubber cock. And with it, a kind of harness. Oh God... some sort of strap on device. She put it on and within seconds, Nathalie was snapping more pictures as she rubbed the tip against my lips.

"Open up, Jake!"


Had I known what was coming, I wouldn't have considered this the ultimate humiliation. But it was bad enough. Still, if I wanted to end this, I had to play along. I reluctantly opened my mouth and started sucking. They had never seen anything funnier in their lives. Diane humped my mouth.

"Di, take off your shirt... just down to the bra... I want this to look real," said Nathalie. And Diane did. Her breasts heaved inside her bra. I was getting even more turned on and now desperately wanted to cum. I took my cock in hand and started stroking.

"Yes, yes!" said Nathalie, "Go you little pervert, go!"

I looked up and could see Nathalie had taken off her shirt too and was in her bra, and laughing hysterically at my misfortune.


"What the fuck!" It was Molly.

She was standing in the doorway with shopping bags in hand. Nathalie and Diane jumped up, in panic, no shirts on and the rubber cock still bobbing where it was strapped onto Diane. My hand was still covered by the panties and wrapped around my cock, but still I hand not yet had the chance to cum.

"What the fuck is going on here... Jake, why are you naked in my sister's room... and tied to the bed..."

"Molly, we caught him. We caught him red-handed, jerking off all by himself in the closet... with his face in a pair of my undewear," said Nathalie. "This little perv husband of yours..."

"Perv husband!" said Molly, "Perv sisters I'd say... and what's this," Molly snatched the camera from Nathalie's hand. She flipped through the screen of pictures on the back.

"Oh boy. Incredible."

"We were just trying to teach him a lesson, Molly," said Diane.

"Yeah, a lesson... right," said Molly, "I'll teach you all a lesson." Molly closed the door behind her and took of her coat. "Mom dropped me off and went to the market, so she's not going to be back for another couple hours. So here's what we're going to do, and then -- maybe -- I'll consider wiping the slate clean on this..."

[to be continued...)

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