Afternoon Delight

Author: Donald Duck
Published: Mar 10, 2008
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she wrapped her legs around mine, so that i was holding her up, while i freely explored her legs, hips, thighs...and finally...arse. and what an firm and tight, i was compelled to smack it, so i did.

Well, where to begin!!!

Well it was about one hour after school had finished, and i was on my own. I had left my homework inside the building, and I badly needed to get inside.

I sat there, in the rain, my mind unconsiously dreaming of Tammy, who i seriously fancied. She was sooo god damn hot!

"Hello" I looked up...and there she was, her gorgeous hips slung to one side, and her seductive lips slightly parted.

She brandished a set of keys and ordered me too open the door, as i got up, i noticed her riding boots...she was obsessed with horses.

I opened the school doors, immediatly noticing how quite it was.

I walked as slowly as i could, trying hard to hide my erection, Tammys only responce was to smack me with the whip. I pretended not to like it, secretly relishing the pain, my mind erection grew still further.

she spoke first...

"So, do you fancy anyone at the moment..."

I turned, here eyes immedietly noticing how hard i was...

"I guess i dont really need to say..." I was blushing incredibly...

she smiled coyly...and "accidentally" dropped a piece of paper, purposefully bending over to get it.

Her arse was so beautiful i could hardly resist going up to her and smacking it.

she pretended not to be able to reach...

"Could you please pick that up for me" she asked...reaching for her horsewhip... I could feel where this was goingi bent to pick it up...and shooting pain shot through where she hit me...

i couldnt stand it any more, i whirled around and grabbed one of her soft!

Cliche-ingly using my school uniform tie to pull me towards he she smiled, her soft blue eyes gleaming secretly.

she wrapped her legs around mine, so that i was holding her up, while i frelly explored her legs, hips, thighs...and finally...arse. and what an firm and tight, i was compelled to smack it, so i did.

she began to unbutton my shirt, while i undid her blouse, leaning her back against a locker for support, seeing as i was still carrying her.

i drew back her shirt to reveal pink and black bra and lingerie...i was astounded...she looked amazing, with her long brown hair, dark eyes, ample breasts tight arse and long legs.

"May i tie you up" she ventured...

i leaned back and closed my eyes..."you can do whatever you want to me!"

she led me to a classroom, and found a few skipping ropes.

within minutes i was tied up on the main desk, my limbs tied to the four legs of the table.

As i was still fully dressed, it was her turn to start to undress me, while i still admired her lingeried body...

soon we were both in underwear, silently agreeing it was best not to get carried away, however it was hard to miss my proudly erect penis, so she paid attention to it as soon as she had finished tieing me up.

i felt her lips enclose around, and uttered a gasp of pleasure, suddenly realizing how awkward it would be if a teacher walked in...

she climbed on top of me and we started kissing. she was amazing!!! her tongue roaming freely around my mouth

then she threw caution to the winds and ripped my my boxers, and her bra and panties off. Naked, she was better then i could have imagined!!!

she climbed on top of me again and she started to ride my cock faster then i would have thought possible..

" going to come soon" i stammered

she didnt even care!

this was going to be an unforgettable afternoon!!!!!!!

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