First Time on the Golf Course

Published: Aug 14, 2008
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I always knew that i liked men. I loved to look at pictures online while i beat off, imagining sucking on a nice erect penis. That thought came true one afternoon on the golf course.

I always knew that i liked men. I loved to look at pictures online while i beat off, imagining sucking on a nice erect penis. That thought came true one afternoon on the golf course.

I went to the course early, before most people arrive, and got the first tee time of the day. The proshop paired me up with an older gentleman named dave, he must have been 55, maybe 60. He was a little overweight, hairy, and had a full beard. I was imagining what his penis looked like in his tight golf shorts.

We started the round and he was a pretty good golfer, we were keeping up with each other. So, on the fifth hole, we both hit a pretty long drive right up the middle of the fairway. As we were walking to our balls, dave asked if i had a girl friend. I replied "no." He started talking about when he was a kid, and how he used to get blown by this cheerleader. He asked if i liked getting blowjobs. I said yes, i did. The nodded, and then asked "can i give you a blowjob" I was surprised that he would just come right out and say it. I thought for a second and said yea, sure. We decided that we would take a break on the next hole and hid out clubs and go into the woods.

We Found a nice covered spot and hid our clubs in some bushes. We walked into the woods. We found a nice spot with a fallen tree. I sat on the tree trunk, i was really hard, and my erect penis was bulging in my pants. He reached down, and touched the bulge in my pants. I jumped, i had never had another man touch me. It felt good. I undid my zipper and my penis jumped to attention. He kneeled down, and stated sucking me. I could feel his beard on my penis, it tickled. He was going up and down, his beard rubbing on my pubic hair. he was moving his tongue around, stimulating m head. It felt amazing. It didn't take long for me to cum, i shot my biggest load ever into his mouth, and he swallowed it all. He stood up, and looked at me. He asked "do you want to suck me" I was so hot, and said yes, almost as soon as he finished his sentence. He sat on the log and unzipped his pants. He was about 5 inches, and cut. I moved my face close, and held his cock with my hands. He wasn't hard yet, so i moved my face down, and put his flaccid dick im my mouth. It felt so good, and tasted salty. I could smell him, and it turned me on even more. It was a strong musky smell. I was sucking, trying to move my tongue around. I could feel him getting hard. Pretty soon, he was hard as a rock. I bobbed my head up and down, i could feel his head, and i spent a little time licking his head, and slit. he started moaning, and said to go faster, I went a little faster, and took his whole dick into my mouth. I gaged a little bit, but it was ok. He started moaning harder, and i was getting really hard myself. He shot his hot load into my mouth, and i swallowed all of it. It tasted good, somewhat salty. He said that was great, i agreed. We left the woods, and finished the round. He gave me his number at the end, and told me to call him if i ever wanted to do it again. I said id call him. We met a few weeks later, and i got fucked for the first time, but thats another story...

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