Sperm Bank For Black Men - Part 2

Author: White Boy Toy
Published: Aug 14, 2008
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In Chapter 1 had had just began my gangbang with black men at an adult bookstore. The second man had just finished when in walks number 3. The biggest black man I've ever seen in my life!

Chapter 2 As the next guy came in the booth I was impressed by his very large size. He had to duck just going through the doorway. Wow! My heart began to race as I noticed the large bulge in his pants. Really big cocks get me hot! When he whipped out his cock I gasped in shock. It was huge! Every bit as long as Mr. Turner's 12" cock. It was so fat, and it tapered out at the base to at least the width of a beer can. He sat on the sofa while I knelt between his legs. I couldn't take my eyes off his large horse cock. "Most white sluts like you wimp out when it comes to fucking my cock. How about you slut, are you gonna wimp out" "No way sir," I answered. "I love a huge black cock stretching my asshole!" "We'll see," he said with a smile. "Start sucking boy! Get my dick good and hard so I can fuck you." He sure didn't have to tell me twice. I managed to to cram the head of his fat cock in my mouth. Even that was a stretch. I ran my tongue wantonly around his cockhead. I just couldn't believe my luck. My own cock was rock hard. I slowly worked my way down his shaft to his balls. One at a time I took each ball in my mouth. I sucked and licked each ball thoroughly. He moaned in appreciation... "Ooooh yes... that's real good slut." His cock was hard now and I was hot! "Okay white boy," he said as he put a little KY on his cock. "Let's see how good you really are. Climb up here on my dick. Show me what you can do." Gladly I climbed up on his lap and guided his massive black cock to my asshole. Slowly I slid down his cock. Every inch opened me up more and more. I loved it! I couldn't get enough. I reached back with each hand and spread my ass cheeks so I could get every inch. "Yeah... that's it white boy! You got it all slut! I'll be damned. Not many white boys could take it all. Your ass feels real good," he moaned. "How do you like it slut" "I love it sir!" I replied. "Your black dick is stretching my asshole to the max!" I began to ride him in long slow strokes. He filled me up so good. The feeling was unbelievable! I loved it! After a few minutes he was ready to take control. "Okay bitch, I'm ready to get down to some serious fucking. Lay down on your belly." In a flash I laid down as he spread my ass cheeks and rammed his huge black cock deep inside me. "Ooooh... yes... that's soooo good," he moaned. He laid down on top of me and I was impaled with 12 inches of hard thick black cock. He began pounding away at my ass. "How's that feel white boy" he whispered in my ear. "I love it sir... Fuck me!" I answered. I was so hot I couldn't believe it. I began to thurst back with each of his strokes. I felt an orgasm building inside me. "I bet you'd like some more of my dick when this is finished and you have some free time" he whispered. "Oooh yes sir," I whispered back. "I could go for a whole lot more of you!" "I live upstairs, I own this bookstore. Come by any night after 7:00 PM." All this time he kept pounding my ass. I was grinding on his fat cock. Finally I reached my peak! I began to thrash about as I came into a rag I held over my cock. His cock kept ramming my ass, I was in heaven! "Ooooh... sir, I just came from you fucking me," I said with a big smile. "That's good slut," he replied. "You cum just like a bitch. A big black dick really tuns you on like all white sluts! You're gonna get a lot of black cock tonight. There's more than 50 guys signed up to fuck you. And most of those will come back for seconds! Right now you can turn around and put a lip lock on my big dick. I'm ready to shoot one hell of a load in your mouth!" I grabbed his cock and held it at my open mouth. He shot a huge load of cum in my mouth. I had to swallow several times to get every drop. I loved it and I licked his cock clean. "That was real good white boy," he complimented. "We need to pick up the pace a little. I'll start sending in two at a time. If you keep your mouth and ass going at the same time you'll get twice as many cocks, okay" "Hell yes sir!" I answered. This kept getting better all the time. I was hot to trot and they just turned up the heat! ...Chapter 3 coming up!

About: The author of "Sperm Bank For Black Men - Part 2" is White Boy Toy. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Gay Erotic Stories section.

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