Jack and Kyle - Part 2

Author: Jake Rellin
Published: Oct 23, 2008
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Max bent his head and started to suck Kyle's pierced nipple, not bothering to be gentle. Kyle groaned involuntarily, his body trembling as he felt Max's teeth scrape of his sensitive skin. Max planted a trail of kisses down to Kyle's waist, loving the way he could feel Kyle squirming underneath him. Slowly, Max shifted so he was knelt between Kyle's muscular thighs and he lightly licked the tip of his tongue up Kyle's hard shaft.

Kyle moaned softly in his sleep and turned onto his side, draping one arm across Max's waist. Max smiled and gently put his arm around Kyle's shoulders, taking care not to wake him up. "Ohh..." Kyle moaned again, snuggling up closer to his boyfriend, his lips curved into a smile. "Oh Jack...." Kyle groaned and arched his back as if he was feeling some intense pleasure. Immediately Max tensed and he pushed Kyle away from him in a burst of anger. He'd always felt jealous of Kyle's close relationship with his best friend and this, this just proved it was more than friendship.

Kyle's eyelids flickered open and he glanced up, noticing the expression on Max's face. "What" He asked sleepily, frowning in confusion.

"Why do you have to lie to me Kyle" Max asked flatly. He crossed his arms over his bare chest and his voice shook ever so slightly.

"Lie to you about what" Kyle frowned. He ran a hand through his dark hair, sweeping his fringe away from his eyes. "I've got nothing to lie to you about Max."

Max forced a laugh and shook his head, his eyes glittering. "You and Jack. There's obviously something going on with you two so why can't you just fuckin' admit it Kyle! It drives me mad when you act all innocent like this because we both know damn well you aren't!"He sat up properly, his slate grey eyes boring into Kyle.

Kyle groaned, shaking his head vehemently. "Max for fucks sake, there's nothing going on with me and Jack, we're friends! Yeah, we're close but what's your problem with that You don't need to be so goddamn jealous! You're my boyfriend, not him but you're just gonna have to accept me and Jack the way we are."

Max only took in the first half of Kyle's words. He was too caught up in admiring how sexy Kyle looked when he got angry. His cheeks flushed and his dark eyes sparkled, his messy bed-head hair falling over his face. Without another seconds though Max lent forward and kissed Kyle's soft lips roughly. Kyle put both of his hands on Max's chest and tried to push him away angrily but Max pushed Kyle back so he was lying on the bed, not moving his lips from his.

Leaning his body over Kyle's, Max forced his boyfriend's lips apart with his tongue, sliding his tongue into his mouth and he gripped Kyle's shoulders tightly enough that his fingers left white marks from the pressure. Kyle fought against Max but to no avail. How could he be so angry at him then all of a sudden want to forget all about it A groan escaped Max's lips as he felt the small metal stud in Kyle's tongue rubbing teasingly inside his mouth.

His kiss became rougher and he bit down on Kyle's full lower lip, making Kyle whimper from the mix of pleasure and pain Max was making him feel. Max pulled back slightly, his breathing had quickened so he was on the verge of panting as he looked straight into Kyle's eyes.

"It makes me so hot when you kiss me that way." Kyle said breathlessly. He reached up to wrap his arms around Max's neck and pull him in for another kiss but Max grabbed his hands, pinning his wrists above his head.

A smirk passed Max's lips and he shook his head. "You can be such a slag sometimes Kye." He whispered hotly in Kyle's ear. Max leant over the side of the bed but didn't release his grip on Kyle's wrists. Kyle squirmed underneath him, trying to break Max's hold but his hands remained pinned above his heads. Then Max picked up his discarded belt from the floor and sat up again, his legs straddling Kyle's waist. He laughed at Kyle's confused expression as he looped the belt around his boyfriend's wrists and then buckled it around the bedpost, locking Kyle's hands in place so it was impossible for him to move them. Max grinned as he watched Kyle attempt to pull his hands free.

Max bent his head and started to suck Kyle's pierced nipple, not bothering to be gentle. Kyle groaned involuntarily, his body trembling as he felt Max's teeth scrape of his sensitive skin. Max planted a trail of kisses down to Kyle's waist, loving the way he could feel Kyle squirming underneath him.

Slowly, Max shifted so he was knelt between Kyle's muscular thighs and he lightly licked the tip of his tongue up Kyle's hard shaft. He breathed in deeply, Kyle's scent made him feel lightheaded and his eyes flickered shut for a moment. "Please Max..." Kyle moaned, his need for Max becoming more urgent.

Hearing Kyle beg was always a turn on for Max and he wrapped his warm lips around his hard cock, rubbing the flat of his tongue across the head in the way he knew Kyle loved. Kyle wanted to cry out as Max's wet, hot mouth slid down the entire length of his cock but no sound came from his mouth. Kyle tilted his hips just slightly but it was enough to push the head of his cock into Max's throat. Max groaned and the vibrations from the noise made Kyle shudder in pleasure.

He tugged furiously at the belt that bound his wrists, trying desperately to pull it off. Kyle arched his back, his moans becoming louder and more frequent. Sensing Kyle was going to cum soon, Max pulled away.

"Not yet baby..." Max muttered cruelly.

"Don't fuck about with me Max!" Kyle spat. Realising Max had complete control over him, and he was still angry with him for accusing him of being a cheat infuriated Kyle and Max was just making it worse.

Max could tell exactly how he was making Kyle feel and he relished being in control over this boy who wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. He leant in closer to Kyle, his lips just inches from his. "I can do whatever the fuck I want with you."

Kyle couldn't help feeling turned on by Max's forcefulness. "Fuck me Max. I hate it when you make me wait like this." Kyle tried to press his lips against Max's but Max leant back slightly; Kyle's bonds prevented him from being able to kiss his boyfriend.

Max couldn't pretend any longer that he didn't need Kyle as badly as Kyle needed him. Max reached up and undid the belt holding Kyle to the bed. As soon as it was undone Kyle instantly wrapped his arms around Max's back and kissed him roughly, his fingernails digging into Max's skin.

Max shoved him away, pushing him face down onto the bed. Kyle whimpered in anticipation as he felt Max push his legs further apart. He leant forward, pushing his tongue straight into Kyle's ass. Kyle screamed out in fierce ecstasy and his whole body shook. "Fuck me, ohhh goddd..." Kyle groaned, desperate to feel Max inside him.

Max groaned as he obliged, thrusting the whole of his 9 hard inches straight into Kyle's ass. Kyle screamed out from the momentary pain but it soon faded to give way to incredible pleasure as he felt Max deeper inside him with each hard thrust. Max slammed his cock harder into Kyle's ass, feeling the head rubbing up against Kyle's throbbing prostrate.

Kyle moaned as the pleasure intensified. His body shook and his breathing grew heavier. "Fuck, you're so tight baby, god I love this ass..." Max gasped breathlessly. "You're such a fucking slut Kyle." He groaned as Kyle pushed back into each of his thrusts. He grasped Kyle's hard cock, jerking him quickly in time with his thrusts. "You want me to cum in your ass Kyle Huh, sweetie" Max muttered hotly, pressing his lips to the nape of Kyle's neck.

"Yes, god yes Max!" Kyle choked out his words, the pleasure Max was making him feel was becoming almost unbearable. Max cried out in ecstasy as he shot his load deep into Kyle hard enough to make his body shake. Only a few seconds after Max, Kyle came hard too, unable to keep himself from moaning.

Both teenagers were hot and panting, their bodies filmed with sweat. Max rolled off Kyle, lying on the bed beside him. Neither of them said another word to each other, despite the session of hot fucking, the argument still stood between them. Max turned onto his side facing away from Kyle. He clenched his fists in annoyance, why did Kyle even bother lying to him Kyle turned away from Max too, he felt hurt that his boyfriend would even think that of him but he wasn't about to show Max how much he was getting to him.

To be continued...

About: The author of "Jack and Kyle - Part 2" is Jake Rellin. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Gay Erotic Stories section.

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