The Transexual Seduction

Author: Eric
Published: Dec 11, 2004
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There was this guy that was horny as hell one not so he decided to go to a bar to pick up some women. when he got there he looked around to see any gorgeous women. out of the corner of his eye he saw the most beautiful gorgeous woman he had ever seen in his entire life.

There was this guy that was horny as hell one not so he decided to go to a bar to pick up some women. when he got there he looked around to see any gorgeous women. out of the corner of his eye he saw the most beautiful gorgeous woman he had ever seen in his entire life. The woman he was staring at had long smoot legs long blobde hair blue eyes and was a wearing tight leather pants and a tank top. The guy without hesitation walked over to her and sat down. He looked at her for several moments hoping she would notice. A few minutes had passed and finnally the woman noticed someone was sitting there. She lookied at him and said, "Can i help you" The guy looked at her and smiled. "Well i just couldn't help to notice you were sitting here alone and i thought a beautiful creature like u should have some company. By the way my names john." He said as he extended one hand out for a handshake. the women looked at john azns smiled. She extended one hand to shake johns and their hands came into contact. "My names Ashely." she said as she smiled at John. "Nice to meet you Ashely. I was wondering what your doing here all alone when u could have any guy you wanted" asked John. "Probably the same thing your doing." said Ashely as she smiled at John. "Well maybe you should tell me what i'm doing cause i have no clue." John joked. "Listen why don't we cut the small talk and get out of here. somewhere more private." Ashely said. "Sure. Where do u hyave in mind" asked John. "Lets go back to my apartment. I'll show u how to have a good time." She said smiling. John nodded in excitement. Knew this is the moment he had been waiting for his whole life. He never told Ashely but he was still a virgin and he knew he was about to loose it. His pride and joy his virginity. They had finnally reached Ashelys apartment. John watched as she unlocked the door. Ashely motioned from him to come in. John entered. Behind him Ashely locked the door. "umm what are u doing" Asked john feeling a little tense. "Don't worry about it. I locked the door for a reason and that reason is that know one can come in and interrupt our little moment of privacy." Said ashely as she walked over to John grabbed him and started to kiss him sticking her tongue in Johns mouth. John kissed her back and than Ashely all of a sudden throws john on the bed. She crawled on top of him. John watch as he felt himself getting hard. Ashely started to pull johns shirt off as she kissed him another time right on the lips. Ashely threw his shirt to the side and started on his pants as she started kissing and licking his chest. Ashely pulled both Johns pants and underwear off untill his huge fat juicy slimy delicious 7 1/2 inch cock came into focus. Ashely moaned as she went in for a landing.she wrapped her mouth around Johns tasty cock and started to suck. John had never felt this feeling before and itg felt good to him. infact it was the bestg feeling he have ever felt in his entire life. John started to moan and groan as he grabbed her head forcing his cock to go deeper and deeper into Ashely's throat. She started to deep throat ghim and he groaned even loader. John was getting really horny. Ashely took the huge cock from her mouth and started to play with his balls with her nice tasty tongue. she got up and crawled on top of johns body again straddling him. She slid her shirt off revealing a red see through bra. John started to drool over the site of her huge tits. before she had a chance to take her bra off John sat up fast and started to kiss the outline of her chest. ashely moaned as he did it. While he was kissing her she unbuttoned her bra and took it off. She through it to the side. John sat back and stared at the amazingly huge tits. The biggest tits he have ever seen. Ashely grabbed Johns head and forced his head into her tits forcing him to suck them. As he sucked them he started to slide her leather pants off reveailing a rad thong. She slid out of them and threw them to the side. "I love you." John said as he continued to suck her tits. ashely slid out of her thoung and pressed her body up against him. john felt something huge pressing up against him were afhelys pussy should of been. He pushed Ashely off of him and sat up staring at her. "What the fuck was that" John demanded. Ashely stood up and John saw that she didn't have a pussy but instead had a huge cock. John couldn't beleive he had almost lost his virginity to a shemale. "Whats wrong baby" Asked ashely as she started for him. ":I can't do this. I mean your a freaking man." Said John as he backed up as Ashely crept closer. "I'm not a guy. Not anymore. Just pretend i have a pussy. It will all be fined." Said ashely. "I don't think so. john tried the door but he forgot she had locked it. Ashely grabbed him and threw him on the bed tieing him down. "Now relax. i'm gunna give u the best night of your life." Said Ashely as she jammed her cock into his mouth. That night ven tho John didn't want to loose it that way but he had lost his virginity to a shemale.

The End

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