Jack and Kyle - Part 4

Author: Jake Rellin
Published: Jan 11, 2009
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Mhmmm, that feels so fucking good," Kyle moaned, arching his back in pleasure as he felt Max filling him completely. Max pulled out so only the head was still inside Kyle then slammed all the way back in, making Kyle cry out in ecstasy.

Kyle was still lying on his bed when he heard a sudden burst of Trivium. He was confused for a moment until he realised it was his phone ringing. He grabbed it from the bedside cabinet and flipped it open without bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Hello" He asked, pulling the duvet up around him.

"Hey Kyle, it's me," Max replied, his voice not displaying any emotion whatsoever.

Kyle didn't need to ask who it was, he could tell from his voice. "Hi. Where were you this morning"

"Had to get off, didn't see any point in waking you up." Max said nonchalantly.

"Why are you ringing me Max" Kyle sighed heavily. He didn't want to drag this out he just wanted to get it over with.

"I was being stupid last night, forget it yeah"

That was about as close as Kyle was going to get to an apology but he bit his lip and hesitated before answering Max. Until this morning he hadn't thought about Jack in any way other than as his friend but things were different now. "Yeah, forget it." He mumbled.

"What are you doing now baby" Max's voice lost its hard tone and became flirtatious.

Kyle's dick instantly hardened just from the sound of Max's voice and he grinned, he needed to take his mind off Jack. "Right now I'm in bed, naked and hard as fuck," he answered, trying to distract himself from thinking about his best friend again.

Max laughed his throaty laugh. "Oh yeah Want me to come over there Kyle"

"You better. And make it quick Maxxie, I'm so fuckin' horny right now."

"I'm on my way." Max said, hanging up the phone.

Before long there was a knock on the door and Kyle got up to answer it. He wasn't wearing any clothing and his toned body looked as fantastic as ever. The silver piercing through his nipple and the tattoos on his chest gave the nineteen year old a sexily dangerous look. He pulled open the door and Max smirked, his eyes flickering over Kyle's body. Max pushed the door shut and kissed Kyle roughly on the lips. Kyle groaned as Max's body pressed against his, making him even harder. He could feel the bulge in Max's jeans and he deftly unbuttoned and unzipped them one handed, letting them fall to the floor.

Max pulled off his t-shirt, stepping out of his boxers and jeans and pulled Kyle to him again, caressing his chest as he kissed him deeply. Kyle wrapped his arms around Max's neck and let his tongue piercing rub against Max's tongue, knowing that he loved how it felt.

Kyle pulled away from Max's lips and turned to head towards the bedroom but Max grabbed his hand and didn't move. "I want to fuck you right here on the floor," he murmured hotly in Kyle's ear. "Get on your knees baby," he demanded, looking right into Kyle's dark brown eyes.

Kyle did as he was told and got on his hands and knees on the floor, the carpet felt uncomfortable under his bare skin but Kyle ignored it. Kneeling down behind him, Max pulled apart his ass cheeks, inhaling Kyle's addictive scent as he leant in to lick Kyle's hot pink hole. He teased him with light licks and Kyle responded by moaning and pushing his ass backwards, forcing Max's tongue inside him. "Oh fuck Max, get your tongue in my ass. Ohhh goddd that's it baby, harder!" Kyle moaned, he was gagging for it.

"You like that, huh You little slut." Max groaned, pulling his tongue away.

"Don't fucking stop!" Kyle panted, hornier than ever. "Fucking hell Max, I want your cock. Fuck me," he begged. Max always had this affect on Kyle, he liked fucking and being fucked but Max was usually the dominant one and right now Kyle had no problem with that.

Max pressed the head of his nine inch, thick cock against Kyle's asshole. "You want this baby You want it right up your nice tight ass" He started to push his huge cock straight into Kyle who screamed from the initial pain. "I know you want this you whore," he groaned, sliding further into Kyle's tight ass. Kyle moaned loudly, too caught up in what Max was doing to him to reply. "Yeah that's it, keep taking my cock, uhhh..." Max groaned as he shoved his dick even deeper into Kyle. He continued to push deeper until he had his entire length up his boyfriend's hot ass.

"Mhmmm, that feels so fucking good," Kyle moaned, arching his back in pleasure as he felt Max filling him completely. Max pulled out so only the head was still inside Kyle then slammed all the way back in, making Kyle cry out in ecstasy. He started to thrust faster, holding Kyle's hips tightly to support himself. As Max's cock thrust deep into his ass Kyle shut his eyes, seeing Jack's face behind his closed eyelids. He imagined it was Jack fucking his ass and his moans became louder. Max sunk his teeth into Kyle's shoulder, bringing him back to reality with a jolt. Both teenagers were hot and their bodies were sweaty from the passionate fucking. Max slid his hand between Kyle's legs and started to jerk his cock in time with his deep thrusts. Kyle threw his head back, moaning at the intense pleasure. "Ohh yes Max!" He moaned.

"Do you want me to cum in your ass baby" Max thrust faster, knowing Kyle was near to cumming too.

"Oh yeah, cum in my ass..." Kyle said breathlessly.

Both boys came simultaneously; Max shot his cum deep into Kyle's ass, as hot cum spurted from Kyle's cock. They collapsed together on the floor, hot, sweaty and drained.

"I gotta get to work, I'm already late..." Max mumbled, glancing at his watch. "You were amazing baby," he smirked and kissed Kyle's cheek, tugging on his clothes. "I'll see you later Kye." He kissed Kyle's lips quickly then left.

Kyle got up slowly, heading towards the bathroom for a shower. As he stood under the hot jet of water he realised that what he felt for Max couldn't be love, lust of course, but not love. But Jack on the other hand, he loved everything about that boy. He wanted to hold him in his arms and never let go. He longed to tell Jack how he loved him with all his heart and wanted to be with him and nobody else. Kyle had never felt this strongly about anybody before; he couldn't believe how much Jack meant to him. He had to tell him.

By the time Kyle had gotten out of the shower and dressed, Jack had arrived home. Just seeing him made Kyle's heart skip a beat and he couldn't keep the smile off his face. "Hey," he said, trying to keep his voice normal.

"Hey..." Jack mumbled, not quite meeting Kyle's eyes. God, he loved Kyle so much but kissing him earlier had been such a mistake. If Kyle knew how he felt it might change their friendship and that was something Jack didn't want to risk. "I'm sorry about earlier, stupid spur of the moment thing; I don't know what I was thinking!" Jack forced a smile. "Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you or something," he joked, trying not to show how much it hurt not to tell Kyle how he honestly felt.

Kyle felt his heart sink and all he could do was nod. He loved Jack and he had thought Jack loved him too. "No worries," he managed to choke out before turning and disappearing into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He sank onto the floor and curled up with his knees against his chest. Jack's casual dismissal made him hurt so badly, his chest ached he truly felt as if his heart was being ripped into two.

To be continued...

About: The author of "Jack and Kyle - Part 4" is Jake Rellin. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Gay Erotic Stories section.

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