Daddy - Part One

Author: James Blackwell
Published: Apr 14, 2009
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I have long, shaggy dark brown hair and bright green eyes. I have a bit of a tan completion. I am 6 foot and have a strong body build. My pubs are shaven including my asshole. My dick is about 9 inches long. I love to get fucked in the ass and love to get sucked and I don't fuck and suck badly myself.

My dad and I have not always been close until the night I had my first sexual experience at 16. I am currently 18 going on 19, so this story didn't occur that long ago. My name is James Blackwell. I have long, shaggy dark brown hair and bright green eyes. I have a bit of a tan completion. I am 6 foot and have a strong body build. My pubs are shaven including my asshole. My dick is about 9 inches long. I love to get fucked in the ass and love to get sucked and I don't fuck and suck badly myself. I grew up in a rough childhood. My parents divorced and refused to see each other. I often lived with my mother but she got remarried and I hated the guy. My mom didn't care that much for me either, so I decided to move in with my dad, David. My dad is currently 35 years old. He had a child with my mom at 17 so he is still pretty young and he looks even younger. He has a bit of a goatee or stubble on a angled chin. He is beautiful and handsome and muscular. He is very muscular and his dick is 11 inches long. His pubs are shaven clean. He has hazel eyes and trimmed, dark hair. When I moved into my dad's I began going to a school and never did very well. One day I came home from school and he was mad. "I got a call from one of your teachers, James. They are not happy." He glared at me. "I'm sorry. I'll try and do better." I really didn't care all that much and he knew that. He yelled at me a little, like he always did and told me that he would have a punishment for me. I waited for him to make up his mind and he finally called me upstairs, into his room. I headed up to his room and entered. He then walked from the closet and closed the door and locked it. I was greatly surprised of what he was wearing. He was wearing nothing but a black thong. His abs were exposed and a huge bulge in his underwear nearly ripped the fabric. In his hands he held a leather belt. He looked at me and smiled, lust i his eyes. "Take off your clothes or I'll whip you." He still smiled. He cracked the belt. I slowly and cautiously began to take my shirt off. I then undid my jeans and belt and pulled of my socks and shoes so I was only in my underwear in a dark room, with my dad in a thong and holding a belt. My cock began to swell in my underwear and I didn't want to take them off so he could see. "Take off your boxers, James." He smiled greedily. I then pulled them off and his smile widened. "Oh a little hard I see. Are you happy, James This will make it even better!" He said. "Now go lay on the bed." I did as he said and laid on my back with my dick sticking high in the air. He come over to me and lifted my hands up and handcuffed my hands to the bed's headboard. He then got on the bed and came on top of me. He pulled off his thong and a great 11 inch dick plopped out. He then sat on my chest and shoved his dick in front of me. "Suck it." he said. I kept my mouth shut, even though I always had fantasized about sucking cock. "Suck it James or I'll whip you." I shook my head again. He then grabbed my chin in hand and said, "Suck your daddy James. Suck your daddy's cock and drink my cum. Suck my cock and be my bitch." I finally gave in and I opened my mouth and he shoved his dick into my mouth. I closed my eyes and he smiled and moaned as I sucked and licked it. He moved his hips back and forth across my chest and fucked my mouth. "Suck me, James! Oh yeah! Suck your daddy!" He smiled and moaned. "You're really good at this! Have you practiced" I didn't answer though. I just kept sucking and it tasted so good! He finally came into my mouth and I was shocked and scared to swallow as he pulled his still hard dick from m mouth and squirted some more on me face. "Swallow, James." and I did and it tasted so good. He then got off of me and lifted my legs over my head and I knew what was to come. "Tell your daddy to fuck you, James want your Daddy to fuck you Tell me James. Tell your Daddy to fuck you." "Fuck me daddy!" I moaned as he teased me. "This is your punishment for getting bad grades, James. Your a bad boy aren't you." I nodded. He then thrust his whole cock into my virgin ass and I yelped and groaned as he shoved in and out. He moaned himself and he groaned. He rubbed my chest, he played with my nipples and then moved down to my waiting cock. He grabbed it in his strong hold. "You gotta a nice cock, Son." he said and began to jack me off. I moaned and groaned and it wasn't long until I finally came and shot my load into his face and he licked the cum off of his lips and then he finally came in me. It was warm and awesome and I groaned one last time s he pulled his dick out of me and then fell on top of me. Our dicks rubbed together and our bare chests and nipples slid against each other. "Give your daddy a kiss, James." And I did and his stubble tickled my chin. Our tongues danced in our mouths and licked each other. He then pulled away and began at my ear. He stuck his tongue in my ear and I giggled a bit. He smiled and moved down to my neck and licked. He moaned as he licked my neck and then went to my chest and sucked on my nipples and tickled them with his tongue. He leaned up and looked at me and smiled. He unlocked the handcuffs and as I laid there he took my still hard cock in his hand. He rubbed it and played with my balls. "Now you need to promise me to do better on your homework and in school, Buddy." He still sat, naked, on top of me and fondling me. I nodded. "So now you know that I'm gay and I just committed incest." He said. "Yeah. But I'm gay too, Dad." The words felt right in my mouth. "And I always wanted you to fuck me." I smiled. He smiled back. He took a finger and wiped some of my cum from his face and licked it. "So, Buddy, we need to take a shower." I agreed. He got up and pulled me from the bed and kissed me again. Our tongues touching once more. After about five minutes of smooching he asked me, "What do you want for dinner" to be continued...

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