Giving My First Blowjob

Author: Anon
Published: Sep 13, 2004
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This is a true story; it's about the first time that I ever sucked cock. There isn't much dialogue to it, and I can't promise that the formatting or grammar will be any good either. It's just a recollection of the events as I remember them.

He gives a blowjob for the first time This is a true story; it's about the first time that I ever sucked cock. There isn't much dialogue to it, and I can't promise that the formatting or grammar will be any good either. It's just a recollection of the events as I remember them.

I met him in a Yahoo chat room for gay, bi, and bicurious males from Ontario Canada. We chatted for a while off and on about what brought us there, and what it was we were hoping to experience. We both expressed an interest in sucking cock, and I also expressed my interesting in getting fucked.

Over the next couple of months we would continue to discuss those things, and attempted to plan on a few separate occasions a time where I would make the half hour drive from Kitchener to Guelph to pick him up, and then we'd find a place to park where we'd experiment with each other in the back seat. None of these times worked out, I don't know if he got nervous and made an excuse to cancel, or if he really couldn't make it.

After a while it seemed like I never heard from him anymore, he wasn't online and I began to believe that he no longer had any interest in meeting up to experiment anymore. I had begun to search for someone else who would be interested, with little success, when he suddenly appeared online again.

It turns out he had been in Michigan for the past little while and at that time he had decided that he wanted to do this. So we once again discussed what we'd like to do if we met up, and decided that the first time we met, we'd just blow each other and maybe if things went well, we'd try more.

Having made that decision, we decided that we'd meet up at a business in the industrial sector in Guelph and drive my car to a spot out of the way in that area, and get it over with. After finding a spot behind an old building, we first chose to try and find a spot outside in a semi-secluded field in amongst some pine trees which were just less than 6' tall, allowing us to keep mostly hidden, but still be able to see if anyone was coming.

We didn't go for it right away though. After finding a spot, I wasn't to sure about kneeling down amongst the pine needles and such, so we decided to go back to my car, and try it in the back seat. Unfortunately, I have a two door Cavalier, and there wasn't much room in the back, so we moved back to the spot again outside.

I kneeled down in front of him, and he pulled the front of his shorts down to reveal his cock. It wasn't very long, maybe 6" at the most, but it was quite thick, and had a bit of pubic hair around the base, not much since he normally shaved it, but there was enough.

Leaning forward I placed my right hand around the base of his cock, and moved my head towards him and put his cock in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a nice feeling having it in my mouth, and closed my eyes and began sucking, moving my head up and down on the shaft. I couldn't see how much I had in my mouth because I had my eyes closed, but from the feel of it I felt that I had about 5" of it in my mouth, and had I of moved my right hand away, could have probably taken the rest in as well.

It didn't take long for him to blow his load in my mouth, although I didn't really feel or taste much. The fact that he blew so early probably had to do with the fact that he hadn't gotten off in over a week, rather then my technique. I heard him groan slightly just before he actually did cum in my mouth.

Since I had hardly noticed though that he had already cum, I continued to work my mouth up and down his shaft. I continued to suck him for about two or three minutes, before I pulled his cock from my mouth to say that he'd have to tell me if I was doing it right or not. I wasn't sure if he was getting any pleasure out of it since he hadn't been to vocal throughout the blowjob.

He told me at that point that he had actually cum quite early, and that it was really good, that I gave great head. I wasn't sure how much I could believe that, since I didn't know at the time how many blowjobs he'd had in the past. I'd later find out that he'd had about ten already, and that I was even better then some of the girls who'd blown him.

He didn't get the chance to suck me off, since he had to be home soon. I didn't mind at all really, since I had just wanted to find out what it was like to suck cock, and I could honestly say that it was very enjoyable, and that I'd do it again if given the chance.

We parted saying that we'd talk again online soon, and that hopefully we'd meet up again. We have talked already since then, and although no date is set yet, we plan on getting together again so that I can suck him off again, and although he's said that he doesn't feel interested in sucking cock, he is willing to take me up the ass which is something else I hope to experience with him soon.

About: The author of "Giving My First Blowjob " is Anon. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Gay Erotic Stories section.

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