My First Gay Sex

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail
Published: Feb 24, 2014
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He stood up and kissed me again and I could taste my cum in his mouth and it made me feel hot and sexy all over again.

I was 18 and not very up on sex but it was strange all y friends were going on about how they wanted to have sex with a girl and so fantasized about having a older woman, and we used to go off across the field and someone would bring a sex mag along and we would all get our cocks out and wank off to the photos in the mag, but with me I could not take my eyes of my friends cock and I was amazed at the different sizes in length and thickness, and what made me cum was seeing them shoot there cum the way it spurted out.

It was that that made me think I was different and when I was about seventeen I was in Town and I had to go to the toilets and as I sat there I saw this shadow under the cubical wall and it was moving back and forth and I did not give it a thought but then I saw this bit of paper slid under the cubical wall, I lent forward and picked it up and it had would you like to suck my cock for me.

I was surprised and my heart started beating fast and did I want to do this or not lucky I had a pen on me and I wrote I don't know I have never do it before, I pushed the paper back and a few seconds later saying I don't mind lets see if you like it, I wrote back ok and pushed it back once more, when the note came back this time it said unlock your door and I will come round.

I unlocked the door and I heard the door next to mine unlock and then my cubical door pushed up and in walked this man I would say late 40's early 50's and when he saw how young I was he smiled he closed the door and pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips.

I then kissed him back and then I could feel him undoing my belt and lowering my zip and with one hand pushed my jeans and pants down over my ass and they fell to the floor when he pulled away from kissing me he gently push me back so he had more room and then he dropped to his knees and he looked up at me and mouthed the words My god what a cock you have.

My cock is 10" long and 5 and a half thick and by now it was rock had and the head was still covered by my foreskin and then this man took hold of my cock and to feel another man's hand wrap around my cock sent shivers all over my body and I just closed my eyes and let this wonderful feeling run though my body.

Next he kissed the top of my cock and as he did he pulled my foreskin back over the swollen head and as the foreskin peeled back he took the head into his mouth and my god it was mind blowing, I had to take a deep breath as this warm mouth covered my now naked cock head and he ran his tongue round the head licking the tip and pushing his tongue into the slit at the top I had the grit my teeth together to so myself moaning out out.

He cupped my balls in his hand and gently massaged them as he slowly took my cock into his mouth and he got at lest 7" into his mouth and then drew back to the tip before moving down once more and he set up a slow but steady back and forth motion and I was having feeling go though me like I had never had in my life and on and on he when, he let go of my balls and started to run his hand up and down my body and into my pubic hair and I could take no more so I whispered I am come to now and I though he would pull away but no he just got fasted and fasted as he sucked on my shaft and as I came he clamped his mouth tight round my cock and drank down my cum.

I must say this took me by surprise as I did not know that men drank other men's cum as I have said I knew very little about sex but shooting my load into this eager man's mouth felt good, he swallowed every drop and then licked me clean making sure he got every last bit of my cum from me.

He stood up and kissed me again and I could taste my cum in his mouth and it made me feel hot and sexy all over again and then he stood back and as I pulled up my jeans he undo his jeans and dropped his jeans and pants down the the floor, His cock was there just a few inches from me and as I have told you I had wanked my self with my friends but never touch another cock in my life so my heart as beating really fast and my hand was shaking as I reached out and curled my fingers round his shaft.

As I took hold of it it jumped in at my touch and I have to say it felt great to hold this man's cock in my hand and I started to wank him he was about 6" long and about 4 and a half think I would say and he had no foreskin so he big purple head was there for me to touch so still holding on to his warm hard cock I got down onto my knees and now I was very close to this throbbing cock.

As I looked at it a drop of per cum came out of his slit and I took a very deep breath and stuck my tongue out to taste it, as the pre cum touched my tongue I was surprised at the taste salty but not bad so I started to wank his again, and I was transfix on looking at it as I did so then I felt his hand on the back of my head and he gently pushed my head forward closer and closer to his cock that was just waiting for my mouth to wrap around it and suck on it.

Closer and closer and then the tip of his cock touched my lips if he had not had his hand on the back of my head I think I would have pulled away and said sorry I can not do this but he had my head tight in his grasp and his cock was pushing up against my mouth and parting my lips, even thou I fell scared and was breathing deep and hard I closed my eyes and started to open my mouth and as I did his cock entered my mouth fist his big purple head slipped into my mouth and he held my head there and I ran my tongue around the head as I felt it jump as I did and it tasted good.

Next he pushed on a bit more now I had about 3" in my mouth and he slowly started to fuck my face moving back and forth and he was still holding my head and I raised my back and took the first set of another man's balls in my hand my cock might be big than his but god he had a big ball sack and I did the same to him as his had done to me as he sucked my cock.

By now he was thrusting fast in and out of my will mouth and each time he entered a bit at a time and after a while I was taking the whole length into my mouth and when I let his balls go the slapped against my chin as he fucked my mouth and without warning he pushed my head forward and thrust himself forward towards me and I had every last bit of his hard cock in my mouth and I started to gag a bit but then with a grunt he emptied his cock down the back of my throat and I had no choice but to let it shot down my throat and after his cock had finished throbbing and the last spurt of cum had drained out of him he removed his cock and I started to choke and gag for breath.

But after a while it went of and I start to like the taste of the cum that was left in my mouth and he pulled up his pants and jeans and kissed me once more and he lent close to my ear and said if you ever want to take it further just give me a call I would love to fuck your virgin ass for you and you gave a great blow job for your first time I am sure it would be better in the comfort of my bed, I got close and said I would think about it as now I had tasted another man's cum I must admit I like the taste.

With that he opened the cubical door slowly looked out and was gone, I gave it a few moments and then I left, I had a big hard on for the rest of the day thinking about what happened in those toilets and by the time I had got home I had decided that I wanted to feel a cock opening me up and fuck me and as this man said he had a place to meet, I thought well he took my cum and he was the first cock I had sucked and the fist cum I had drank so it felt right that he should be the one to take my virgin ass as he put it.

I have phoned he and we are meeting next week will let you know how I got on.

deepprobsix@gmail, let me know if you liked the story and a photo of what ever you were doing while you read it (male or Female ) if you would like to.

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