My First Full Gay Sex

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Published: Feb 27, 2014
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We were now both naked and his cock looked bigger than I remembered it when I had taken it in my mouth three days ago.

If you read my last story you will know that I was in the toilets in town and I had my first time with a man and got sucked off and I sucked him off and took his cum and swallowed it down, Just before he left he said that should I ever want to have full sex he had a place we could go to and he would gladly take my virgin ass and he gave me a number to call should I want this.

So over the next two day I could not get what happened out of my mind and kept getting a raging hard on every time I thought about it, so on the third day I did phone him and found his name to be Bob and we talked about him taking me for the first time and that I was very worried but he said that he would take his time and this was on a Wednesday we arranged to meet on Friday at 2 O'clock.

Friday morning came and I was wondering if I had done the right thing and was very nervous it would take me about half an hour to get to Bob's so I caught the bus and off I went and the nearer and nearer I got to his home the more and more nervous I was getting, Was I doing the right this , This is Crazy, what if it hurts will he stop, things like this going round and round in my mind and twice I nearly turned round and went back home but I thought if I do not do this now I will never get to try.

So here I was standing on the door step of a man I only knew by having him suck me of in the local toilets, I ran the bell and a few seconds later Bob answered the door and invited me in we went thou to the lounge and he told me to sit and asked if I would like a drink I said tea please but he said no I meant whisky or something like that to clam your nerve's as you look frightened, I said whisky please and yes I was very nervous he said don't worry you ran me so you must have liked what we did the other day, I said yes I have not stopped thinking about it and I think I have had a permanent hard on since.

Bob brought over my drink and he sat next to me on the sofa we just sat there drinking and talking the Bob placed his hand on my leg and started to run it up and down my inner leg stopping just before touching my crotch,

Then he brought his hand higher and rubbed my cock and balls though my jeans and my cock was straining at the seams and he said my god you are hard, I just smiled and he placed his glass on the table beside the sofa and undid my zip and belt and took my cock out of my boxers and it felt good to have it out of the confined space of my jeans, Bob picked up his drink and while holding his glass in one hand and was rubbing up and down my cock with the other.

When we had finished our drinks bob got up and pulled me up by my cock and led me thought and up the stairs and we entered the main bedroom, my heart was beating so fast I felt giddy as Bob turned to me still with one hand on my cock and kissed me on the lips and pushed his tongue inside my mouth forcing it open, I pushed my tongue into his mouth and we kissed like this for a while then Bob pulled my T-shirt up and off me and lent forward and stated to kiss and suck my nipples.

Boy did that feel good and he bit on them making me moan in pleasure as he did this then after he had done this to both my nipples he started to work his way down my body kiss and licking me as he went, I was now breathing so hard that I had small black spots before my eyes this felt so right as Bob took hold of my cock and placed the tip in his mouth pulling my foreskin back over the now swollen head as the big purple head came out of it's hiding place from behind the foreskin and Bob sucked the rest of my very sensitive head into his mouth and licked the pre-cum from it.

This made me take a real deep breath as the feeling of pleasure ran thou my cock and up my whole body, Bob then pulled down my Jeans and I stepped out of them and now he I stood for the first time in my life naked in front of a man and that man was on his knees sucking my cock if you had told me a week ago I would be doing this I would have told you to piss of, but now I was in heaven as his head went back and forth taking my cock into his mouth he brought his hands up and placed on my ass and pulled me to him and with out even gagging he took the whole 10" into his mouth and I could feel the back of his throat open up as the head of my cock pushed it's was in.

When Bob stood back up we kissed once again and he took me to the bed and told me to lay down and he got on the bed and stood over me with one legs on either side of me and he was looking down at me and he lifted this t-shirt of and threw it on the floor, Once again I was breathing hard but this time it was with pleasure not fright Bob slowly undone his jeans and lowered them down and took them off then he did the same with his pants.

We were now both naked and his cock looked bigger than I remembered it when I had taken it in my mouth three days ago, Bob was still standing over me and I reached up and took his stiff cock into my hands and started to work on it I saw Bob close his eyes as I did this and a soft low moan came from his lips.

Bob laid down beside me and we just kissed and played with each other for a while and then he rolled me over and started to kiss down my back my god that sent shivers down my spine and when he reached the top of my ass crack he spread my legs and got between then and pulled my cheeks apart and then holding them open he kissed from the bottom of my spine down to my puckered ass hole and placed his lips on it and kissed it gently, I had to screen OOOo my god as he did this and then he pushed his tongue into me and I just could not believe what he was doing I had never thought that someone would want to kiss my ass I just though he would get on top of me and fuck me I never dreamed it would ever be like this.

Bob moved his tongue around my ass hole kissing and pushing it in making my hole wet and slippery I then felt him reach over to the bedside cabinet and take something for the draw, I then felt some cold gel and as he applied the gel he slipped a finger inside me ass and I jumped and my ass tightened up as he did this and he said relax relax, So I tried and he pushed his finger further inside me and he was working the gel right up in side me, having his finger inside me felt great and he rubbed his finger against my prostrate and the feel that gave me made me light headed again and I was now moaning yes yes O that's good O yes.

After he had worked a lot of gel inside and around me ass it was getting near to the time I was going to have my first cock up my virgin ass even thou I was moaning in pleasure I was still worried about how much this was going to hurt and I turned my head to one side and said god I hope this will not hurt to much Bob he just smiled and said as long as you just relax and not tenses up up should be fine it's not to late to back out, No I said after the pleasure of your finger has just given me I want to se what it will feel like with your cock deep inside me.

Bob pushed my legs even wider and he slowly started to kiss up my back taking his time and then as he reached my neck I could feel the head of his cock nudge the crack of my ass and I felt him push forward and up and the head of his cock opened up my crack and found my puckered hole and he lent forward and nibbled on my ear lope and pushed upwards again and I could feel his cock trying to open me up but I saw now panting and was I must admit scared of how it was going to hurt and started to say No stop please stop it hurts.

I was glad when I felt Bob pull away and roll over on the bed beside me he said ok give it a few minutes then we can try again if you want, I said yes that's fine and I am sorry Bob, he said there's on need to be sorry the first time is always the worst once you do it a few times your ass just relaxes and let it slip in.

We tried once and Bob applied more gel but again I had to stop him and I was getting fed up and angry with my self for keep stopping Bob and I kept saying sorry, Bob took my head in his hands and said stop saying sorry it's fine then kissed me on the lips once more when we finished kissing he said it might be the position we are in so would I like to try it another way to see if it helps.

I said yes that would be great as I really wanted this and I wanted to please him and he said ok lets go thou to the lounge again so I followed him down stairs and we went into the lounge and he moved all the chairs away from the table and told me to stand up to the table and as I did my cock was just resting on the top and he said right lean forward and lay yourself on the table keeping your feet on the floor and put your arms up over your head.

He said once more this will be the last time I ask you are you sure you want this and you want me to fuck your virgin hole, YES YES YES I said I just wish I could take it I am trying to relax but my ass just tightens up when your cock get near it your finger was out of this world so I just don't know why I can not take your wonderful cock But YES YES I want to feel your cock inside me and I want you to fill me with your great tasting cum.

OK Bob said and he moved round to the other end of the table and took one arm and tied a robe over my wrist and tied that to one of the table legs and then he done the same to the other arm , so here I was my feet on the floor my cock squashed between me and the table and me arms pulled up to each top corner of the table.

Right then Bob said let fuck that virgin ass of your and he walked around behind me again and I felt more gel and a finger fucking my ass once again and that felt as good as the last time then Bob pushed another one inside, Bob said O I forgot and then pulled one leg open and tied it to a table leg and then the other leg so my legs were now spread well apart and Bob started to finger fuck me with two fingers againwhen I was screaming out YES YES OOOO that's so fucking good he took his fingers out of me and I knew this was the moment I was going to feel his cock try to enter me once again.

Bob stood up behind me and I felt him place his rock hard cock up against my ass as he had done up no the bed he pushed forward and it entered my crack and found my puckered hole once more and I felt Bob take his hands of his cock where he had been guiding it into the right place, I felt his hands grab my waist and then I felt some more pressure and it started to hurt again as his cock tried to find it's way though my tight ass.

Bob held it there with the pressure on and then he pushed a bit more and I felt the tip of his cock open my hole just a bit Bob pushed harder and harder pulling me back by the hands he had on my hips and pushing forward by now half of the head was pushed into me and I was shouting out the pain the pain stop Bob stop but this time he did not stop he said if you don't relax and fight me it will hurt like hell but I did ask if you were sure you wanted this and you said yes so you are going to get it no mater what.

Still shouting out for him to stop and the pain was really bad as he pushed on then all of a sudden I felt the head of his cock pop inside me and he took the pressure off and did not push anymore just let it stay where it was and slowly the pain went away and then it started to feel nice the way my hole had been opened up after a few seconds Bob pushed forwards again and I had a little pain but no where near as bad as before bob was now half way home and he pulled it right out and pop it back again and he do this many times so my ass got use to feeling it enter me.

The he pushed more and more until his balls were banging my against mine and he started to move back and forth once more and he was very gentle with his fucking and by now the pain had gone completely and all I was getting was shear pleasure with each probe of his cock and as he thrust his cock into me I was being forced to rock back and forth on the table and my cock was still trapped between me and the table.

Bob was getting really work but and he had moved his hands from my hips and placed me on my shoulders so he was now lent over me and really banging hand into me and by now I did not care as I was now in heaven I could feel the head of his cock slid over my prostrate and every so often he would let his cock come right out of me before ploughing back in from tip to rock hard bottom.

It was not long before with all this rocking back and forth on my cock I gave one big OOOOOooooooooooHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh fucking hell as I shoot mu cum between me and the table and my ass tightened around Bob cock as it my cock pulsed cum and he knew that I had shot my load and as he was leaning over me he said I hope you know your going to be licking that cum of my tabe before you go, Yea I said will be a pleasure.

Bob was getting ready to cum as well as I could feel his cock swell and his breathing got harder and on and on he pounded into me our bodies slapping together and with one last push and he pulled me back towards him at the same time he held himself as far into my ass as he could get it and he shouted at the top of his voice YYYYYYYYYyyyyyyEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSSSSSSSssssssss as his cock exploded inside my ass, I felt his first spurt of hot cum slpash my insides and then throb after throb I felt his cock twitch and spurt his cum I could not believe how I could feel his cum filling up my ass, it was warm and it gave me such pleasure knowing that I had his cum inside me, Bob kept his cock hard into me as just rested there, I could still feel his cock twitching as he got his breath back and he say to me, well was it worth that pain Yes it fucking was I replied got I did not know how good getting fucked could feel, well dose that mean you will be back for some more, If you will have me then yea I will be back but we have not finished yet have we, No said Bob with a laugh.

After a while his cock went limp and slid out of my ass and he dropped to his knees and watched as his cum oozed out of my now stretched hole, then he lent forward and licked his cum from all around my ass and even pushed his finger in to try and get more out and placed his cum covered finger into his mouth.

Bob walked round and said well you did have a tight ass but no more god you were a good fuck I am glad we meet and with that he came up and stood so his limp cock was now level with my mouth and I knew what he wanted me to do but as I was still tied to the table he took hold of his cock and placed it in my mouth and it was a strange taste I must admit knowing that this cock had been fucking my ass hole and had that and his cum covering it but after a while I was getting to like it and was sucking his cock into my mouth and licking around the head.

Bob under done the robes and said I want you to lay on the table so your ass is just resting on the edge who saw I to argue after Bob had just given me the best feeling I had ever had, as I got up from the table there was a pool of my cum the was sticking to the table and my lower gut so I done as I saw told I lent over and licked the table clean then got onto the table as I had been told I lay back and my ass was just resting on the edge and Bob came up and licked my lower gut clean Oh yes he said just as I remember the taste from the other day.

By the time Bob had licked me clean he was getting hard once more and he opened my legs and then lifted them up so they were sticking right up in the air and resting no his chest as he lifted his cock up placed it up against my hole and pushed and this time even thou he was not fully hard in slipped in me without any problem and this time no pain just shear pleasure ran thought me I said Ohh God Bob that's wonderful, God that you for this I did not know you could get such heavenly pleasure from sex Wow just lay back any enjoy Bob said and I did.

Bob was soon rock hard once more and thrusting hard into me he had his arms wrapped around my legs keeping them tight against his body as he fucked me harder and harder and then he first reached forward and took my now tender nipples between his fingers and thumbs and twisted them hard and the pains of pleasure ripped though me and my ass tighten around his thrusting cock.

When he had finished playing with and twisting my nipples he stood upright angin and he took hold of my now hard cock and pulled the foreskin back once agin over the head and started to wank me he match the strokes of his hand on my cock with the strokes of his cock going in and out of my ass, going in his hand came down my cock and pulling out his hand slid up my cock.

I was now breathing harder and harder and I was getting very light headed again and once again I had spots again in front of my eyes I was panting Yes Yes Oh My God Yes it's a wonder the table did not break with the way Bob was fucking and thrusting to hard into me.

Soon I could feel myself getting ready to cum and I said thou gritted teeth i'm cumming Bob and with that he sped up and as my cock gave the first throb of shooting cum Bob pulled out of me and bent over and placed my cock into his mouth just as the first spurt of cum left the slit of my cock, Throb after Throb by cock spat cum into Bob's willing mouth he was drinking it down as fast as it saw being shot from my dick.

When I slowed and then stopped he got up and had cum dripping down from the corner of his mouth and he licked it back up and said I don't want to waist any of this fuck good cum of yours, Then he lifted me legs and replaced his cock inside me and started to fuck me again, after tasting my cum it was not long before his cock started to swell and then once more I felt him shoot load after load inside my warm wet tunnel, once again when he removed his softening cock he licked up his cum from my weeping hole and then I licked his cock clean once more,

The time was now getting on and I said good bye and would it be ok to meet up next week, sure said Bob and how would you feel about fucking me, well I said as I went out the door I would love to give it a go as I know what it's like to be fucked I would love to know what it's like to have my cock buried inside you.

But that's another story so keep watching -

Let me know what you think to my story and I would love to see a photo of you and what your doing while reading this (male or female)

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