His First Time

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: Mar 9, 2014
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I then very slowly took the head of this wonderful cock into my mouth and just kept it there while I ran my tongue around it licking it all over.

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I was travelling on a train to London and was reading the Paper and did not take any notice of the person that had just got on the train and sat down opposite me, I finished reading the paper and looked up and right into the eyes of this tall, black man sitting in front of me he was hansom and I smiled at him and he gave a small smile back and the turned to look out the window,

As the journey continued I noticed that he kept looking at me and I could not be sure but thought he might like me so to try and find out I put my foot up against his to see if he moved it away, he did not so I ran my foot up and down his leg and he smiled at me and did the same to me, I put out my hand and said Hi my name is Peter he replied Joseph as he took my hand and shook it.

We started to talk and he told me that he was over here on Holiday and was travelling up to London to have a look at some of the sights as this was his first time in the UK.

We kept on talking and as the train pulled into London I asked him if he fancied going for a coffee and he say he would love that and we went for a coffee and I found out the he was 26 years of age and that he had never had sex with anyone and he was not sure if he was Gay, or Bi-sexual or just straight but he said that he liked looking at men as well as women and he went on to say that when I had touch his leg his heart had skipped a beat and got him all excited.

I was in London just for the weekend as I sometimes just spend my time just looking around so I asked him where he was staying and he said a hotel near the station so I said if he wanted I could meet up with him later and show him around the city.

He said that he would like that so we arranged to meet at 18:00 I would go to his hotel as we thought it would be best as he did not know his way around, so we went of and at 18:00 as I arrived at his hotel he was standing outside waiting for me, I must say that I did fancy him he was tall, Black and bloody good looking.

We caught a tube over to the embankment and walked alone and I showed him some of the sights alone the river and then took him to Buckingham palace,

I said have you eaten yet he said no so we walked and found a nice restaurant and we sat chatting and I asked him right out if he was up for spending the night with me and we could see if he wanted to have sex with a man or not, I told him I would not pressure him into anything and if he wanted to leave or just not do want to carry on then it would be fine with me, he said he would like that and it would see if he really was into men, thou he thought he was but would love to find out.

So we found ourselves back at mu hotel room and I always book a double room as you never know and I am now glad I did, Joseph and I sat on the soaf and I undone a bottle of scotch and we had a drink or two and I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him to me and my lips touched his and we kissed gently, and he moaned softly Mmmmmm as we kissed and then I pushed my tongue between his lips and he parted them and I put my tongue into he mouth and our tongues entwined as we kissed.

While we were kissing I took the glass from his hand and placed it on the table and brought my hand back and placed it on his leg and ran it up and down his leg getting higher and higher as I went and in the end I was touching his cock and balls though his trousers and he gave out a big long Mmmmmmmmmmmm as we were still kissing.

With my one hand I undone his belt and managed to undo his trouser button and was just able to lower his zip, I then pulled away from him and got Joseph to turn round and sit on the sofa so he was sitting upright and I knelt down on the floor and pushed his legs apart and I looked at him and said if you want to stop at anytime just say and I will and I will not force you to do anything you do not want to do.

He said ok so I lent forward and took hold of his trousers and he lifted his ass of the seat so I could pull then from under him and as I took them of I pulled his pants down to, as I pulled them of his big cock sprang out from it's hiding place and I just looked at it and said Wow very nice Joseph very nice and I soon had his trousers off and threw them across the floor.

I looked at him and said you ok he just smiled back and nodded and I moved in between his legs and took hold of his long thick black cock and I must say this is the first black cock I have ever had so if we went all the way it would be a first for both of us, I lowered my head and as I got near the tip of his cock I could see a few drops of pre-cum and I stuck out my tongue and licked them of the top and it tasted so good I was now hopping that Joseph would not say he wanted to stop as I could not wait to taste his cum and have this big black cock inside me pumping away filling me fully.

I then very slowly took the head of this wonderful cock into my mouth and just kept it there while I ran my tongue around it licking it all over and by the way Joseph was breathing he was enjoying it and at least I knew if nothing else I would be tasting his cum as he was not going to stop me sucking him of as he was enjoying it so much.

After a while I started to take more and more of this rock hard and twitching cock into my mouth and in the end I has the whole thing in and down my throat and I could feel the big head of this cock opening my throat as it went down then I started to move my head up and down and I took it out of my mouth until just the very tip was touching my lips before opening them again and sliding all the way down, Joseph was saying yes yes Peter god that feels wonderful yes yes and each time I pushed my head down to take his cock back into my mouth he pushed up with his hips, I cupped his balls in my hand a I must say that he had one big ball sack and I was hopping that it would give me a load of cum when I did get him to shoot it.

I started to get faster and faster and Joseph was thrusting up harder and harder and I knew it would not be long now and I was right with in a few more strokes of my lips he let a very load YeSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssss as his cock was thrust as far as he could get it in my mouth and he let his load of cum spurt and spurt down my throat if felt thick and creamy as it ran down my throat and the taste was out of this world WOW was it good.

When he finely stopped shooting his cum I pulled up his cock just a bit and started to lick it clean making sure I got every last bit of cum from him and I knew I was the first to ever taste it and I wanted as much as I could get, Joseph was sitting with his head tilted back breathing very heavy as I sucked on his cock getting every last drop from him.

When I knew I could not get anymore I let his cock come out of my mouth and I sat next to him and kissed him again, then said well how he you like your first blow job Joseph, it was bloody fantastic he said, So I said did you want to go on to the next level or did you want to stop there it's up to up.

I want more he said so I reached over and removed his t-shirt and he was now naked and I could see that he must work out as he had a mussel ridden body and I though he is going to fuck me hard with that wonderful looking body and I stood and took his hand and pulled he up and lead him thou to the big double bed and told him to lay back and I would get undress and be with him, I slowly removed my clothes and lay down next to him and I kissed him and and lowered my head and took one of his nipples into my mouth and sucked it and flicked the top with my tongue and he moaned in pleasure again as I did this.

Joseph was rock hard again already and as I kissed down his dark wonderful body I reached his cock once more and just licked the top and carried down the full length and licked his balls and he pushed up as I did this and then worked my way back up to end kissing him again, I got some gel from the bedside cupboard and placed some on my ass and covered his big black cock with it and I sat over him with a knee either side of him and lent forward and kissed him and as I did I reached round behind me and took hold of his cock and held it up so it was right up against my ass and it found my hole, I pushed back and the head of his cock popped inside my ass and I gave out a soft sigh and it popped into me and as I sat upright I slide all the way down on his cock and took the whole 9" inside of me as I looked down Joseph had his eyes close and I could see by the look on his face he was in Heaven.

I started to rise up until it was just inside me before ramming hard down and I done this a few times and with each down thrust Joseph rammed upwards forcing his cock into me as hard as he could, I took his hands and placed them on my nipples and get knew what I wanted him to do and he started to pinch them heard and twisted them while pulling on them, I saw moaning Yes yes "O" my fucking god yes, I was now ridding him hard and fast we were both hot and breathing hard Joseph took one hand from my nipple and placed it on my cock which was jumping up and down between us as I rode this big cock, feeling his hand around my cock made me take in a real deep breath as I felt so good.

Joseph said god your cock feel wonderful Peter it is the first man's cock I have ever touched Wow it feels nice, I smiled and said it will feel even nicer when I am ramming it up your ass in a while,I do hope so he said as my cock feels so good in you I never dreamed it would feel like this but I am sorry to say I will have to shoot my cum soon, God don't worry about that I am sure we can do it again if you want we have all night to do it as many times as you can get hard I will take it if you can give it and lent forward and kissed him again.

When I sat back up and took him fully inside me and I moved up and down his hard shaft and I felt it start to swell and knew he would be filling my insides very soon on and on I rammed down on him and he was pushing up just as hard and Joseph Screamed "O" fuck YESssssssssss as his body went ridged and I felt his cock throb and spit of his juicy cum inside me I could feel the warmth of it on my insides more and more seamed to be shoot out of this cock that was still ramming into me he was amazing and he carried on fucking me as he shot all his cum up my ass.

On and on he went and he just sated hard I told him to hang on and I got off and got on all fours and he got behind me and just took hold of my hips lined up his cock with my hole and rammed forward splitting me hole open and his cock rammed home as our body's slammed together he was now going at my ass like it would be the last fuck he ever had, on and on he went I was in fucking heaven this man was a super man and for his first gay sex god he knew how to fuck he lent over my body and put his hands on my chest and found my nipples and gripped then really hard and pulled then I was getting so out of breath with all the moaning of pleasure I was doing that I was getting black spots before my eyes.

God I had never had someone fuck me like this before,Yes Yes I was screaming "O" my fucking god YES YES YES ram that cock in hard that's it fuck my ass, Joseph was now grunting and moaning and once again I felt his cock swell and it was not long before he gave one very hard thrust hell on to my hips and held his cock fully inside me as pump after pump of his cum filled me up again Joseph just collapsed on my back panting for breath and my legs and arms just gave was and we both just lay there trying to get our breath back.

Once we had rested for a while I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him and he said yes but was afraid that it was going to hurt, I say I will not tell you a lie it might hurt a bit but only for a short while and if it get to bad I would always stop, he said ok I have had my mind blow way by what you have let me do to you so lets try it.

So I asked him to lay on his front and spread his legs open which he did I said again if this hurts to much then just say stop, so I knelt between his legs and ran my hands over his smooth black skin and just made him feel at ease, I then lent forward and pulled his cheeks apart and kissed his ass running my tongue up his ass and stopping on the hole and moving my tongue around then carrying on the doing the same again, each time I placed my tongue on his hole Joseph moaned with pleasure and pushed his bum up so I could get to it better.

Then after a while I let some spit fall from my lips right on to his hole and I got one finger and eased it inside him gently pushing easing it in slowly until I had my whole finger inside him, I started to fuck him with my finger slowly pulling right out then back in and each time I pushed a bit harder and faster until I was really fucking him hard with my finger and Joseph was now moaning loudly and with out warming I pushed another finger in and as he had relaxed in slipped in along side my other finger.

I applied some gel as I was doing this and took out one finger and replaced it with a finger from my other hand and as I rammed my fingers into this virgin butt I was pulling it open opening it up as far as I could before planting my now rock hard cock into it, I added more gel after I had taken one of my fingers out and worked that into his virgin hole and then once that was done I removed all my fingers and started to slowly kiss up his back with each kiss of his spine he shivered a little and softly moaned Mmmmmmmmmmmm that's nice until I reached his neck and by now I was laying no top of him and my cock was resting between up in his ass crack.

I whispered in his ear are you sure and he just nodded his head, so I lifted myself up and with one hand placed my cock right over his well lubed hole I felt the tip of my cock hit the centre and lowered my self back down onto him and held my ass up in the air not wanting to put to much pressure and force it in to hurt him, once I was in place and my cock was still sitting there with it's head resting on his hole I kissed and licked his ear and tried to relax him as much as I could.

Once I felt him relax I gave one small shove forward and at first I felt a bit of resistance but then the head of my cock popped into his ass, Joseph took a deep breath as this happened and threw gritted teeth he said "O" my fucking lord that hurt but I did not pull out just let it rest there for a minute, I said you ok now and he said yes the pain had gone and so I pushed into him very slowly then I took some of the pressure off and rested before going on again and after a while Joseph had my whole 10" fully inside him and I just held it there before pulling back and pushing it forward once more, Joseph said it hurts a bit but not as bad as he thought it would and it was OK for me to carry on.

I said ok now your ass hole is opened up I am going to take it out so you can get on all fours like I did then I am going to fuck you good and proper, no sooner had I taken my cock out of this hole he was up on his hands and knees in a flash so without waiting I pulled his ass open placed my cock onto his now open hole and pushed, and I pushed slowly until my cock was 10" deep inside him, then I took hold of his sides and started to piston in and out of this wonderful hot ass to which I had just taken it's virginity.

Joseph was now saying "O" Peter "O" Peter my god that feels fucking good "O" my god yes, I was now ramming home hard and fast and he was pushing back onto me so I was ramming in even harder, I felt my cock head start to swell and knew it was not long before I was going to explode inside this warm ass, I gapped his hips and slammed into him shouting YES YES I'M CUMMIMG and I pulled him back onto me and held him there as his ass took the first lot of cum it had ever felt.

Joseph shouted out Your right Peter you can feel the cum up inside you WOW it feels good, your cock is throbbing inside in and I can feel every little bit of cum squirt out and filling me up "O" my god it's wonderful, but unlike Joseph I could not stay hard and keep going so I just held my cock inside him until it went limp and slipped out of him, I lay down beside him and we kissed I was surprised when he got on his knees and took my limp cock into his mouth and licked it clean, he said after that he wanted to see what cum tasted like and he liked it.

We fucked each other twice more thou the night and finally got out of bed at lunch time, Joseph and I talked for a while then he said that he had to go and he said thank you for showing him what pleasure you can get from another man and he will never forget this wonderful night we spent together, with a kiss on my lips he left and I have not seen that wonderful tall black man again.

If you enjoyed this story please let me know and send a photo of when you were doing while reading it, male or female would love to see. deepprobsix@gmail.com

About: The author of "His First Time" is Deepprobsix - You can contact the writer at deepprobsix@gmail.com. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Gay Erotic Stories section.

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