Thirty One Days - Chapter 10

Author: Ronan Jackson Jefferson Contact:
Published: Mar 26, 2014
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This is the 10th part of the story Thirty One Days, a challenge that involves sex, thirty-one women, and will take 31 days

It is Wednesday night at our usual place. The Double Eagle. It is near eleven o'clock. Three of us together. Myself, Rico of second night failure fame, and Donny, my fellow trooper. Danny has been thinking about Susie, and he is pissed at me. Perhaps he was too hasty breaking up with her, blah, blah, blah. Well, he'll get over it. Bros before hoes, right Wasn't she a wee bit of a hoe, fucking me the day after they broke up

My scorecard was out and ready. Hole three, Susie, seven, seven. Hole four, Charlene, ten, ten. The boys were very interested in this ten, ten chick. As was I. Interested in seeing her again. Many times again.

Trouble was brewing at our table. The black cloud of failure claimed the second of the Four Amigos. Rico the stallion is embarrassed about his quick exit. He wasn't talking much, mostly brooding. It was Donny and I left to carry the torch for the men of the world. I looked at Donny's scorecard. High fived him. Rico scowled at us. The 'fuck you both' scowl.

"Well, who is it tonight" Donny asked.

I sat back in my chair smiling. This was going to be classic. I was sipping a tall, frosty beer and looked too relaxed. I picked up my scorecard and a pencil. Began to print. Hole number five. Meena. Seven, and seven.

"Already got one in the bag," I answered, the giant smile spreading across my face.

"What" Donny exclaimed.

I handed the updated scorecard across the table. He looked at it.

"You're kidding me!"

Not at all, pal, not at all.

Meena was my number five. The new girl moving into my condo block. Apparently a student. An oriental girl. Another first. The raggedy girl was a first, and this Oriental girl would be a first. The Oriental would be much cleaner though. A meticulous race of people. Meena was another small one. Tiny, actually. Barely five foot tall. Almost no weight to speak of. Very pretty. Perfect, smooth face. Giant eyes. A China doll. Ridiculous high heeled shoes. Her jeans would fit a twelve year old. I loved her tight look. The raw, perpetually hungry look. Haggard and gaunt. Earned her a seven for the scorecard.

Her tiny father spent the day helping her move in. I pitched in after work as any Good Samaritan would. Wee dad and I hauled furniture up two flights of stairs for two solid hours. Then dad took his leave, thanking me profusely for the help. No problem daddy. I have a feeling your little girl will be thanking me later. The vibes flowing between us were apparent.

This was bonus. I didn't have to go out hunting. This one was going to fall right into my lap. She did, after I helped arrange her furniture and put her dishes away and build the frame to her bed. After daddy left, little Meena got into her four-pack of wine coolers. Anybody as small as her wasn't going to be holding much together after four coolers. Finally, we were done the moving job. No cable yet for the TV, no internet hookup for her laptop. Her and me, and no coolers left.

It was only eight o'clock.

I took her on a tour of our four story building. Showed her each floor, whoopee, they were all the same. The underground parking and lockers were kind of cool, dark and mysterious. I noticed her clinging tight against me down there in the dark, her heels clicking against the cold concrete. The sound gave my cock a warm feeling.

Outside in the back common space, she actually took my arm in hers. We walked around the rock gardens and fountain, stopping to count the orange and white fish barely moving in the water. While pretty to look at, the water must have been freezing. The bubbling fountain was the only thing keeping the ice from forming. We moved back into the building and I offered to show her my place. Of course she was game.

My condo boasted cable and plenty of booze. We sat on my big leather couch. We each drank a beer, my first, her first, but her fifth actual drink. This wasn't going to be fair. In no time, she was in my lap. I stroked her long, shiny black hair as she tentatively pawed at my crotch. As soon as my cock began to stir beneath my zipper, she made her move. The tiny fingers, the zipper down, the digging in the pants, the freeing of the cock. She sat back as she pulled it out.

I don't think she was expecting something this size. I mean, the thing looked gigantic in her baby hand. She stroked it, staring in amazement. When I got to thinking.

How was I going to get this monster into her

What did I have in the bathroom Or bedroom

Yes. The lube tube from the summer. Used only once. The chick with the rash problem. Ugh. Anyway, the lube might work.

Meena finished up her beer and got down to business. Her little mouth slid over the head of my cock. She was game, but she wasn't ready for prime time. She sucked and lapped at the head, it was all she could do. She moved up to my face, trying to kiss me on the mouth. Nice. Kiss me with my cock all over your mouth. Whatever. I obliged and the kissing began to turn her on. She began to moan, and wiggle, and for fuck sakes, she was nearly orgasming!

I easily picked her up, carried her into the bedroom, and lay her on the newly laundered sheets. The sheets were stained; the blood would not come out entirely. No big deal. As this quest continued, who knew what would end up on these sheets. The sheets would be heading to the trash bin on New Year's Day.

I dropped my jeans, underwear and shirt. Pulled Meena's clothes off. She possessed the body of a twelve year old boy. I rifled through a drawer, finding the lube. Climbed over the 'still moaning from the kissing session' Meena, and straddled her China doll face. I dropped my cock head back in her mouth, letting her fumble away on the smooth beast. With my hand I squeezed a big blob of jelly out of the tube. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and lay down over her. She pushed up on her elbows, ready for more necking. I let her kiss at my mouth again, which became furious tonguing, which begat her moaning, and wiggling, and groaning.

My grease covered fingers found her wet hole. One finger slipped in with the grease. No problem. Then a second finger. The necking continued. The grease was crackling and smacking as I worked. Two fingers were tight. Three fingers made it full. Packed full. I worked the three fingers. Meena was moaning loudly. I pulled my fingers out and pushed her back on the bed. Leaving her sucking at air with her mouth and tongue. I squeezed the jelly over my cock. Rubbing it from knob to base. Back and forth, the jelly noisy and loud from the friction. I put the tube at her pussy and squeezed more in.

Put my cock up against the door, and carefully began to push. A look of terror crossed her face as the violation began. Not officially a violation, but a big, juicy white man's cock. Going into a little Oriental girl's baby pussy. Those Asian dudes must have tiny dicks, if all their women were this tight.

When my cockhead pushed into her, she gasped. I stopped to let her accustom. After a minute, she slowly began to move down on me. I watched from atop, amazed as my long shaft slid into her lily white body. She was doing all the work. Of course, I was supplying the prime meat. She kept taking me, two inches, then three, then five. Then six. Seven. Eight. Finally, all of it.

All of it was in her!

Good girl. Was I impressed. With her.

I have always been impressed with myself.

This was pretty cool. Giant me on top, impaling this little eighty pound waif.

I would have ripped the shit out of her, but she was a neighbor. Her tiny, little old man might be from a Triad. Who knows. I definitely liked Meena, and she definitely impressed me with her spunk. Fuck, if I was a chick and I saw my cock, I would run for the hills.

I watched Meena pull back, and then move down. She got herself a good rhythm going. I pushed her legs apart, spreading her nice and wide. To my surprise, she reached up and grabbed at her legs, keeping them apart as she slid her pussy up and down my pole. I needed a camera for this. This chick was awesome. Soon, she was sliding back, nearly falling off my cock, my swollen knob the only thing keeping her on. Then she was sliding down to my balls. With every thwack, she yelped in pain or pleasure, or both.

This was a giant, psychological victory for her race, since our creator did not design the two of us to be fuckmates. With the yelps came moaning, and as she gobbled up my cock with her pussy, my brain saw something else. I was impaling another victim, eating another animal. Good thought. Too good for my brain. Too good for my balls.

I began to cum, lifting Meena clean off the bed. I held her in my arms, bouncing her on my cock. She screamed in orgasm, and pain, thrashing at me, a wounded beast. A very small wounded beast. As the juice poured out the end of my cock, the counter clicked to five. Five up, five down.

I felt bad for the next Oriental dude who tried her. Meena was cored out. The next guy would feel as if he was driving a Mini Cooper into a triple garage. The inadequacy factor would be off the charts for this dude. He might be diving off a tall building before the night ended.

Sucks to be him.

Awesome to be me.

There. My story was done. I took the high five from Rico. Sat back in my wooden chair. The bar action swirled around us. I watched a touch of panic spread across Donny's face. I was officially done for the night. I eyeballed my watch. Fifty-two minutes left in this day.

Donny best get a move on.

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