The Illusionist

Author: Bob
Published: Jul 26, 2016
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I am a not sure how or when but I realized that I was now laying back in the seat totally naked and my legs were spread playing with myself...

At 20 I was working delivering soda for PepsiCo and had just gotten married to my long time wife.

One summer afternoon as I left work I knew the wife had gone to her sisters to get her ready for having a baby, so I decided to take the long way and go for a swim.

I stopped for a 6pack and then a Swim. It was so refreshing and I felt great, all I had was my work clothes or the shorts I was swimming in so I just stayed in the shorts.

About 2 miles from the highway my Jeep stopped dead. I couldn't get it to start, so pissed off about it I started walking towards my house. I had walked a little more than a mile when I seen a new shiny Lincoln coming from the other direction and then, it pulled around and up to me. As the window lowered a man in a suit and tie around ten years older than me asked me if I could use a ride and said that I must be burning in the sun dressed as you are. I suddenly realized that I was still dressed only in swimming shorts and no shirt.

I accepted his offer and got in, it was freezing cold compared to outside. He kept talking telling me about how he was heading to Las Vegas from Atlantic city, where he was a illusionist. He reached in a sack and handed me a beer and I gladly accepted, he asked me about myself and i went on a bit killing the beer ,and he handed me another, and I opened it. I am a not sure how or when but it was the craziest thing when I realized that I was now laying back in the seat and I was totally naked and my legs were spread and I was playing with myself as he was working a gloved finger in and out of my ass and slapping my balls around.

I have to say that I couldn't find the words to say stop,and just kept playing with my cock and balls then I heard him say that to sit up straight next to him in the bitch spot so I was sitting on his hand as he probed my ass, this went on for a short time when I was suddenly and unexpectedly told to lean down and open the zipper on his slacks and remove the hard and larger than me dick that was pulsing to get out.

I did so and I was pushed down until the end of it was against my lips he said something to me and my lips opened up and I choked as he was in my throat and pushing for me to take more. I am not sure why the fuck I started to work with him and he was getting much harder, and the first time I was able to get a good look at it I knew it was not like my 7 inch but at least 10 and it was as big around as a coke bottle.

He had me get over as soon as we pulled into a hotel where he went to a room and invited me or told me to get inside and have a drink, with the drink he was doing some coke and after wards he started undressing and I wanted to leave but I was not able to do it.

He then said I would love what he was going to do next and pushing me back on to a bed he rubbed himself on my chest and then pushing my legs over my head spreading my ass he poured something warm over and down my ass and I could feel him pushing in one then two or more fingers and squeezed my balls with the other hand he was finger banging my ass working in and out and still squeezing harder on my balls, for some reason my ass began to feel very numb, the more he probed, as I realized I was moaning and groaning and I was pushing up towards his hand and grinding against it, that is when he said that he new when he spotted me walking and saw my ass in those shorts that I would be a slut, and love to get fucked by him.

He stood up and told me to open my mouth and swallow it as soon as I felt it again this time my whole mouth went numb and I felt like I was floating, I felt him pull me over and I was on my hands and knees when I was split up the ass by his cock. Pulling my hair with one hand and squeezing my dick and balls with the other as he was getting started I could feel the throbbing of the cock and soon I felt his balls slapping mine and I have never had anything up my ass before.

As he was going on with it again I realized I was fucking him back and soon was working my ass off moaning and groaning he had me telling him that I was in heaven and how good it feels, when I started feel that he was going to blow his dick was making throbbing jolts inside me and I was out of it pain had turned to pleasure and I was not sure how, when he started cumming I felt like I was getting slapped on the inside and out.

All the sudden I felt myself as he was finishing start to go off. He was still squeezing my balls and cock as he came when I was rocked by my own orgasm and I screamed and passed out.

When I woke up I was laying in a pool of cum and it was running from my ass and mouth he was gone and I have never told anyone this until recently, I will not ever figure out how, but he was able to get me to do anything with him he wanted.

About: The author of "The Illusionist" is Bob. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Gay Erotic Stories section.

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