First Time Sex

Author: Rich
Published: Jan 25, 2007
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My first male experience occurred when I was eighteen and I was moving from my bed sit in Dorset to a flat on the sea front. As I did not have far to go I carried my stuff and walked the usual half a mile without disturbance.

My first male experience occurred when I was eighteen and I was moving from my bed sit in Dorset to a flat on the sea front. As I did not have far to go I carried my stuff and walked the usual half a mile without disturbance. On a mild Tuesday night I was walking along the road with a backpack full of clothes and carrying a box. A car came to a stop beside me and when the window rolled down a man looking to be in his early forties asked me if I had somewhere to stay the night.

I knew what he was after but was intrigued where this would go so I said truthfully that I did not have a problem but the box was heavy.

He offered me a lift and when in the car introduced himself as Gerry with a G. He asked if I had far to go, I said that I hadn't but was going for a drink in one of the local hostelries. Gerry said that he did not live far away and had some beer in the fridge and plenty of spirits with ice.

I was right, I knew where this was going and I had to make my mind up now, did I want this man Gerry who looked in his early forties to have sex with me. Would I be able to go down on him. Could I take the taste of his spunk in my mouth. Would I be able to let him Fuck me. Would it hurt. Would he go down on me. All these things and more went through my head but I knew that I wanted to be used by this man and please him sexually. I agreed to go to his pad with eager anticipation.

When we arrived at his flat, it turned out to be a few minutes walk from my new flat. Very tastefully decorated and there was evidence of a woman who must live here although not present.

Gerry offered me a drink and I took a Bacardi and Coke with Ice. I had to put more coke in as Gerry had loaded it with Bacardi. We talked about various things, what I did, where I was from and other stuff. Gerry told me that he was happily married with a teenage daughter and that they were away for a week at grandmas. Gerry did not mess about and told me he would like to have full sex with me, I was a bit hesitant but the drink was working well. I told Gerry that I had had never been with a man or a woman for that matter and that I was fearful of being hurt.

Gerry told me that he understood and had come across this before although I would be his first "Virgin". Gerry went on to say that whilst he was very happy with his wife Silvia, he enjoyed the pleasures of young men, Gerry further added that Silvia was sexually active not only with him but also with others and that they had enjoyed many threesomes together with other men some of whom Gerry had had first.

I was getting very excited and sweaty and told Gerry this. He suggested that I might like to take a shower to which I agreed, he asked if I minded if he watch me undress and I said no.

As I undressed, I got aroused at the thought of being watched as I removed my clothes, boxer shorts were not around in those days and Gerry could see that I was aroused as soon as I took my jeans off. I stood there with just my pants on with an erection underneath. Gerry said with a laugh that I should maybe consider a cold shower!!!

Very nice Gerry said and I then removed my pants to reveal a full erect cock about six inches in length. Gerry approached me, reached for my cock and gently stroked it back and forth.

Gerry took me to his en-suite bathroom and turned the shower on. He said he would leave me to take a shower and that I was to join him back in the lounge. Gerry also said he would leave some clothes for me on the bed.

As I showered I felt shaky all over and my erection subsided. I must have been in the shower for at least five minutes. When I finished, I took a towel and wrapped it around me and entered the bedroom. On the bed neatly laid out was a red bra, red suspender belt and black stockings. With a white blouse and short black skirt. All very clean I could tell that the stocking had been used before and wondered who by and to what end. Needless to say my erection started to return and I slowly got dressed in these clothes enjoying every minute of it.

I proceeded into the living room to find Gerry just in swimming shorts which were very tight. I could see that he had a lot of tackle under the shorts although he did not have an erection. He was holding an instamatic camera and this just aroused me further. He said he wanted pictures of his "Virgin" before and after.

Gerry told me to remove the skirt and undo the blouse, then laying with my back on the settee in an upright position had me place my left leg over the arm of the settee with my right foot on the floor legs apart. Gerry knew what he was doing and this could be seen by my erection. He took just one picture with me in that position and then asked me t turn over where looking back at the camera he took another picture showing my arse in view.

Gerry then sat in an armchair upright with an arm on each arm. He beckoned me forward on the floor and as I got close he opened a space for me to knell in front of him. I reached forward and started to caress his chest and kissing it as well, over the next few minutes I did this whilst moving lower and lower. I now had my mouth just above the top to his shorts and I slid my hand into his shorts and felt another mans cock for the first time. As I stroked his cock, Gerry reached down and slid his shorts away to the floor. I was now looking at an erecting cock 8" minimum and without further ado slowly slid my mouth over its head and took his cock. I could feel it at the back of my throat as I went further down his shaft, up and down, up and down, this was great, I managed to hold his cock in my left hand whilst I gave him a blowjob and wanked myself with my right hand. I could not have believed this could be such fun.

Gerry laid back in the armchair and allowed me to give him pleasure which I continued to do until he came at 100mph in my mouth. In between the groaning all I could hear was swallow it Rich, swallow it. I don't know how much I swallowed but it was nice and I licked all the cum off his cock like sucking an ice lolly until there was no more. Still with my erection.

Gerry told me to stand up in front of him and he started to caress my cock. He moved forward and took my cock in his mouth and this sensation was just out of here.

After a while I could see his cock getting hard again and we moved into the bedroom where Gerry laid me face down on the bed. The suspenders were starting to feel a bit tight now and Gerry spread my legs apart. He then reached for some Vaseline and placed a large amount on my anus and followed this up by pushing a finger up my rear end. This hurt as it was going in but felt good when it was in and Gerry was pushing it in and out. I wanted more and more and something bigger so I shouted fuck me now, fuck me, fuck me!!!

Gerry removed his finger which felt weird and I could feel him getting on top of me on the bed and I could feel he hard cock on my arse as it got closer to my hole and then he was in me, increasing speed are he fucked me.

It was great and I managed to get my right hand to my cock and wank myself. Gerry had some energy as he fucked me deep and fast and what must have been an age finally came and I could feel the hot spunk up my arse. He banged away at me a few more times until he was spent and then slid out of me and collapsed on the bed.

I then lay beside him and continued to wank myself off until I came and then fell asleep on the bed beside Gerry. I woke up a short while later with Gerry standing over me with his camera and he took a further two photos similar to the previous except this time my cock was limp.

Gerry fucked me again and again in the night and in the morning by which time I hurt a lot and made my way home with back pack and box........................ I was to see Gerry again in the months ahead with Silvia as well and it was later when I found out that I had been fucked by a 48 year old, but it was good.

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